Song Title: You Suck (with MC Inadequate)

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You Suck

Verse 1:
[MC Eric B's Sings This Part]
Hey MC Inadequate
I heard ya calling me out
trying to get me on your record
to give it some clout

You said you wanted feedback
well here it is
your music's so bad
you ruin the whole rap biz

I'll kick your ass
in any rap battle
I'll hog tie you and brand you
just like a head of cattle

Your rhymes make you sound
like you're still in first grade
your lyrics are stupid
hackneyed and cliched

Your talent is lacking
your voice is cracking
the force of my flow
will send you packing

Your whole new CD
I soon will be hijacking
so get ready for me to give ya
a whoopass verbal smackin'

'Cause you suck
your songs makes me wanna upchuck 'cause you suck
if you died I wouldn't give a fuck

You're totally useless
like a lame duck
is your face naturally that ugly
or were you hit by a hockey puck?

[MC Eric B's Sings This Part]
Man You suck
You really suck
You totally suck
Don't you know by now how bad you suck?

The CIA uses your songs to torture terrorists
The sound of your voice makes my dog vomit
My computer shuts itself down when your songs come on
If there was a "people who suck" club, you'd be the leader

Verse 2:
[MC Inadequate Sings This Part]
Dear MC Eric B
What the fuck?
Why you dissin' me
When you're the one that sucks?
I couldn't get a record deal
Even if I wanted
But you know I got the skills
So you know I'm gonna flaunt it

So you'd better recognize
Before I kick your fuckin' ass
'till the fuckin' sun rise

Go ahead, keep talking,
It makes me look good
I'd deign myself to retort
But I don't think I should

Cuz you're a dick
But you ain't got nuts
So how you gonna come at me
With these lame ass cuts?

You can't,
Because you ain't got skills
My verbal intercourse
Will make that ass run for the hills

When I step in the place
I see the look on your face
You start to run
And I give chase

I grab you by the throat
But I keep my cool
As I pull a Mr. T
'Cuz I pity you, fool

[MC Inadequate Sings This Part]
Yo Yo Yo, you don't even know what the fuck is coming your way mother fucker
You never should have started no shit with me bitch
'Cuz I'll fucking grab my fuckin' ruler and then I'll do that little thing
where you slap it on your fuckin' forehead.

It'll leave a welt and it won't heal and it will get infected
like a mother fucker and get all fucking' hospital and shit.

Verse 3:
[MC Eric B's Sings This Part]
Dude, my rhymes are killer
in concerts I'm the top biller
your part of this song
to me is just filler

If brains were dynamite
you couldn't blow your nose
the 1980's just called
they want back your clothes

Yo momma's so ugly
she trick or treats by phone
your dad's so poor
he uses Lysol as cologne

Man, you're a failure
a big time loser
when I'm done beating ya down
you'll be a degenerate boozer

So crown me the king
of this lyrical war
and let's hope the music world
hears from you nevermore

'Cause you blow
people boo everywhere that you go
'cause you blow
the title of dork onto you I bestow

You're such a lame excuse
for a nerdcore hip-hopper
you should be working Burger King
serving me fries and my Whopper

[MC Eric B's Sings This Part]
'Cause you suck
You really suck
You totally suck
By now you gotta know how bad you suck
I play your music to scare away burglars
Your gravestone is gonna say "Here lies MC Inadequate, he sucked"
If I go to it shows your photo
Man, you just plain suck