I wrote the lyrics and melody for You Won't Lose Me, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: You Won't Lose Me

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You Won't Lose Me

Verse 1:
You wake up each day
but feel dead inside
trapped in the wreckage
when worlds collide

Nobody knows
the truth from the mask
they walk right on by
and don't ever ask

Boarded up windows
won't let in the sun
just close your eyes
the damage is done

When all hope, is gone
and your dreams
drift out to sea
come take my hand
you won't lose me
hold out your hand
you won't lose me

Verse 2:
Packed up your bags
but nowhere to go
all these years living
with nothing to show

A book of blank pages
which can't be read
no pillows to fluff
in an empty bed

You look up at the heavens
and scream to the sky
just two wounded souls
here on Earth, you and I

When the stars, go out
and there's no more
air to breathe
come take my hand
you won't lose me
baby, hold out your hand
you won't lose me

In the shadows and smiles
I'm all around
that voice deep inside
without a sound

When all hope, is gone
and your dreams
drift out to sea
come take my hand
you won't lose me
come take my hand
you won't lose me
just hold my hand
and you won't lose me


Reviews from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall song score: 6.2 out of 10):
  • The introduction is quite mellow and old school, it sounds like the introduction to some sort of children's song. The vocals do not seem to match the backing track, which is the fault of the production of the track. The lyrics are, however, quite thought provoking. The change in instrumental at 0:40, if pursued, would have been successful in modernising the track. The backing vocals holding a continual note add a profound sense to the track.
  • This beat had a nice rhythm and stayed on tempo. It was very nice and was produced good. The vocals and lyrics were meaninful and artistic. There was many diffrent transition that stayed on rhythm. This was a good work of art and had a great melody. Keep up the good work. This has lots of comercial potential and is well written project.
  • Nice beginning, nice to listen while you're trying to sleep or chill. I would definitely put this song to my grandparents when they're trying to sleep or calm themselves. I like it though, not for me to have it on my playlist but it's nice. Nice vocals. The lyrics are good.
  • I like the introduction but it could be a bit longer before the vocalist comes in. The lyrics are not very original and the melody needs to be worked on. The singer needs to project a little bit more. Needs more instruments to have more depth to it.
  • The instrumental is very cliche and has a cheesy feel to it. I also don't think it matches the sombre and depressing lyrics. Sometimes this contract is successful but in this case, I dont think it is. It is, however, quite catchy; very 90s boyband feel to it.
  • Great rythmic introduction. The tambourines and drum beat usher the groove along nicely. The easy flowing guitars are a breautiful compliment to the male vocal parts. The words are not catchy or sang with much passion. More drive and charisma are needed to really make this mellow track sale. Nice rough draft. Build the hooks up bigger with harmonies "Hold Out You Hand".
  • Sounds like a song you'd hear at jcpenney or kohls. Not for me at all but it's not horrible. The lyrics are silly but the singing and guitar playing are on point. It's got a very coffee house feel to it. Wouldn't be out of place on a star bucks compilation.
  • Very calming beginning. The combination of the soft instrumentals and the soothing voice is almost too much and makes the songs very cheesy sounding. The drum machine beat is too much as well, I think something without so much maraca sound would be better. I like the vocals and the guitar separately, but together it's just too much cheese.
  • 1. The beat tells me that this is a type of country music, but the beat itself is very melodic and soothing. 2. The singer sounds very in tune with the song and doesn't feel out of place, but he doesn't sound like he's really singing. 3. Vocal/Lyrics are sharp, clear, and alright.
  • This artist sounds like they could sing a little better. Make the voice louder and raise up the high notes more. The guitar is very good. It's a very simple song. It has a relaxing vibe to it. I think this artist can definitely be good.
  • Nice strong and smooth instrumentals at the beginning. Nice voice but it could be more smooth. Nice content and nice vocals. The uptempo beat feels a little too loud for the vocals. The guitar sounds good. Make vocals louder or beat slower. A nice sad song.
  • The instrumental is preety good the vocals are ok not the best. I feel like this song would be for people going thru a divorce or something complicated. I would listen to this song if i was sad or depressed. I would rate it 5/10.
  • The instrumentals are soothing, the sad lyrics change it from soothing to sad. The lead singer is okay, I feel like he could sing better. I got kind of lost toward the end of the song. If you're looking for something that makes you think, this is good, if you want something simply to listen to, pick something else!
  • The sound of this song is really, the singing started a little late. The singing is pretty bad, another person should of been chosen to sing this song. The lyrics are kind of confusing also. The beat of this song is very enjoyable to all age groups.
  • The sounds at the start of this song sound very original and catchy. The singer sounds good and has a clear voice. The guitars have a nice melody that they maintain throughout the song. The drums help keep a nice tempo. The lyrics are also very well written. Good song!
  • The begining is nice, it starts out a little to abruptly. The artist, has a nice voice, but this was not a good pairing for him. He is off key and the tune is allmessed up withhis low tone against the beat. The lyrics are off and a little odd for his voice.
  • This song is very spiritual. The vocals could use some work. It has a touch of country. The production of the is song is good. I think this song would be good for people who are looking for a spiritual song. The lyrics are meaningful.
  • It has a very peaceful and relaxing introduction to this song. The guitar sound just puts a smile on my face and if I'm not wrong the piano goes well throughout the song. Unfortunately I'm not too sure with the selection of lyrics as it's not quite my taste but a very relaxing song in other words.
  • The introduction is strong and beautiful. The lyrics join quickly, but are so fully supported by the instrumentation that it feels like one could listen to this song consistently for hours. The lyrical sadness is tempered by the lovely melodic lines and the gentle percussion.
  • Use of tambourine at the beginning gives the song character. Varied amounts of instruments at certain parts. Harmonies in the background go very well with the music. Main melody seems slightly broken and a little bit boring. The second verse seems a lot like the first verse.
  • The song is quite good. It's a bit too slow. The vocals are good and definetly match the melody. I like how there are backing voices aswell as instrument to make the melody. Although i'm not sure what genre this song would fit into, anyone would like this song.
  • Really well recorded. All instruments are clear in the song and all play their part for a thoroughly enjoyable song. Very easy listening. Good when you need a sob on the sofa! Emotive singing supplements the emotional lyrics from the depths of a man's soul. Very Very good song.
  • Love the waterfall intro with the different sounds right away. The singer has a voice that is as smooth as butter and easy to understand. The background sounds really complement the tone of the piece. The shaker sound keeps a nice beat, and the back ground singers are really good with their different pitches and sounds. This song is something that could almost be played at a type of worship or something just with the vibe it is throwing off.
  • It starts off with a great guitar sound and continues with this all through the song. The vocalist is typical like most other country songs. But it isn't dis likable an I find it nice and soothing to hear him speak his message. The guitar solo was a bit short, and I would like to hear more of it when he pauses to play.
  • good beat at the beginning the lyrics are good the singer is good and the beat is very smooth. The vibe tbis song gives out is very relaxing which i like in songs like this good job to thethe person who made hope to hear more.
  • This song sounds really catchy, i kinda like it and am not really into this type of genre. Sounds really mellow and smoothing. Sound like a track that could relax anybody's mind . Sounds like a track from a indie genre i believe. It sounds really well put together.
  • Starts off a bit slow, background instrumentals are very quite and mellow. Vocals could be tuned up a bit. Not my style of music genre but it's not bad. Lyrics are understandable and production did a decent job on this one. I give this song a 6 out of 10.
  • The opening strum catches your attention and sounds good. Nice opening line that catches your attention. I enjoy the backing choir thing that goes on nice and subtly during the verses. Get more drums in the song, especially in tbe chorus. Good job to not make it boring.
  • i like this song. its kind of soft and mellow with a country style added in there. the story is great and the artist really made this song come to life with his patient voice. its one thing to just deliver but to deliver with such detail and perfection must have taken some effort. thumbs up.
  • This Folk/Rock song is one that almost puts me in a hypnotic daze. The singer has a smooth and endearing voice that grows on you as the song progresses. Calm guitar with warm tones and smooth vocals are what make this track really shine. Great job.
  • The beat is catchy and wonderful , it totally makes the song alive and the vocals are worth the song and making it very amazing, everything about this song is both gentle and amazing even the instruments , the singer can make the song alive with his voice and that is worth the song, its simply touching.
  • It reminds me of "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton. The sound has a beautiful sadness. It is honest and I can respect that. The vocalist has a deep, darkness to his voice reminiscent of a song I heard on the Natural Born Killers Soundtrack called "Waiting For the Miracle" by Leonard Cohen.

Below is an acoustic version of You Won't Lose Me by Douglas Haines:

Reviews from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall song score: 6.9 out of 10):
  • This is an amazingly well crafted song. The lyrics are superior and spectacular. The vocal has such a warm and expressive quality to it. This is excellent song writing. The simple production works for this. The guitar playing comes across as accomplished. This a wonderful, soft, low key song that I think is a hit. This artist should already be famous.
  • The guitar is nice and has great sound. The vocal effect is to much and takes away from the feeling of the song. The lyrical content has a warm feeling and the delivery has nice conviction. The track needs to lowered some. Some of the song sounds like it is peaking!
  • Uplifting guitar intro. Vocalist sounds like bob Dylan. Describes a situation or a place. Lyrics have emotion and are quite catchy. Needs more of a main chorus. Seems like a good song for an album but maybe doesn't quite make the grade. Nice enough indie track, lacks a little substance.
  • I don't like this song. I think the artist has a beautiful voice. I like the background music. I don't like the lyrics to the song personally. I think it just don't appease me. Artist is very talented and shows much vocal strength from beginning to end of this song.
  • The acoustic guitar work is very intimate and beautiful, and the vocals are a good blend of country and folk elements. The structure is atypical compared to many modern pop or folk songs, and the descending chord progression during the chorus is very well-executed. This is a great slice of modern folk music that benefits from sentimental lyrics and a minimalist sound.
  • There is a good chance the song here is a good amatuer attempt at being something that it is not going to be and that is a hit song. There is a flat and weakened tone to the singing as it is. I don't think the song has much over the top pitch to the singing or the harmonies, they sound very subdued in fact. It is not the best kind of vibe musically. I wanted the song to be something of a more brighter and happier tone too but I understand why it isn't.
  • The vocalist is too loud over the music on the track. Some of the musical qualities on this track are well executed. The vocalist has a very warm and welcoming sound. He is very heartfelt and expressive throughout the song. There was a lack in transition and change up it the song and it kept the same format, I was looking for a bridge.
  • I do not like the singers voice and the song sounds really irritating and repetitive. The whole song sounds a bit monotone in my opinion. The lyrics are not catchy and I do not really like the way they sound. At least the singer is sort of on pace with the instruments, but that is probably the only good thing about this whole song.
  • Vocals are great and have a soothing quality to them. There were no breaks in his voice and he kept perfect pitch throughout the song. He has a bit of a country twang but this song seemed more folksy to me. When he says "Hold out your hand, you won't lose me", it is believable. Great lyrics that convey idealistic love that we all dream of. Instrumentals, specifically guitar, are smooth and perfect for the lyrics. The music and vocals were evenly matched and I never struggled to hear the words he was singing. He sells a love story that is a like a fairy tale and I'm buying. If you're a hopeless romantic, this song is for you. What a touching song, would be great for a first dance at a wedding reception.
  • I like the easeful notes which are being played by the guitar. I think that the vocalist has a great sound to his voice. The mood of this song is very mellow and there is a really emotional feel to this song and this is also clear through the lyrics. I really like the detail which is clear within the melody of the guitar. I think that this song would be better with a more varied pitch.
  • Quite sad backing music and sad lyrics. Gentle and lyrical tune which was enjoyable even if it did make me feel a bit weepy. The lyrics had a poetic story in them, I felt the singer conveyed the lyrics well. Very emotive, great if you need a good weep. The person who wrote this song writes quality words, I felt this song quite deeply.
  • This song has a nice flow of energy. I like how smooth the rhythm is in both the instrumental and vocals. The lyrics are so true. All the dreams drift out to sea. The tempo moves at the perfect speed for the story he is telling. I think people are going to relate to a song like this. This is describing my life. I like it a lot.
  • This song was a classic country song with an acoustic touch to it. The lyrics were decent and the story told by the song was decently executed. The slow tempo had a nice lull to it. IT was a very heartwarming type of song, and it had a bit of the feeling of leaving home. A slight lonely feeling to it.
  • "You wake up each day." They recorded the singers voice in a tech echo type way. Sounds like he is singing in a big open room. The song has some pretty lyrics about not losing him. The song seems to only consist of an acoustical guitar. It has a nice slower tempo guitar strum. The song sounds good and relaxing. Not one of those boring slow songs.
  • This warm and tender hearted track has a pleasant demeanour to it, conveying quite a lot of love in a genuine and honest way. the acoustic guitar is played in a calm and soothing way, creating a tone that is suitable for a lullaby. i also feel that the use of rhyme in the composition is consistent to this, sounding very mild and easy to listen to. the vocals of the singer are soulfully endearing as he tells the audience to take his hand, sticking to the melody with his harmonic tones.
  • This is a gloomy style. The whole thing sounds sad. The tempo is slow and impressive, but it's so bittersweet and heart-warming sounding. And the lyrics are deep, and tells a story on how love should be. I was focused on the message the whole time. You have a beautiful singing voice that's paired up great with the soft and slow beat.
  • Strong first note and clear vocals bring us right into the song. Words dripping with emotion, I can imagine listening to this alone in my room during an emotional time. The song is so comforting and easy going with a guitar line that supports the vocals without being either boring or overpowering. Absolutely 10/10.
  • A well-shaped melody on the acoustic guitar accompanied by a warm, expressive male vocalist performing lyrics of comfort in times of disappointment, a positive loving message. This memorable ballad is performed in a heartfelt manner by the vocalist. The skillful guitarist provides perfect accompaniment in this simple musical arrangement. A charming song that is easy to recognize and remember. It is the type of song to sing to the one you love, even a lullaby a parent would sing to a child. This song would have much appeal with folk music lovers, country and western fans, and even rock fans who love a simple love ballad every now and then.
  • The lyrics sound clever and thoughtful right from the introduction of this song. The artists vocals sound rich, warm and expressive but he should try to sound more strong and powerful to get even more feeling into his singing. The melody is not overly complex and this is really effective in this genre and song. The artist is very talented and with a few minor improvements can go very far!
  • The voice went very well the other parts of the song, including the lyrics that were used. I liked how the feeling of the song remained consistent over time. The instruments you chose were perfect, like the acoustic guitar because they were not too loud, and did not make it hard to hear the words.