I wrote the lyrics and melody for What It Takes To Be A Man, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: What It Takes To Be A Man

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What It Takes To Be A Man

Verse 1:
with just one touch
you say so much
emotional stuff

Verse 2:
All day I sweat
I work, I bleed
push to the limits
go full speed
king of my castle
and the ruler of this land

I sip black coffee
from my cup
hear country music
pump it up
this house so strong was built
with my own two hands

But all of that, you say
just ain't worth a damn
you help me learn
you help me learn
you help me learn
what it takes to be a man

Verse 3:
every day we try
as time is passing by
like storm clouds in the sky

Verse 4:
I pay the bills
I call the shots
when it comes to friends
ya, I have lots
On Sunday I'm the world's
biggest football fan

I smoke cigars
and cuss and spit
when things get tough
I never quit
livin' this life according
to my own plan

But all of that, you say
just ain't worth a damn
you help me learn
what it takes to be a man

and faith
Holding out
a helping hand
is all it really takes

The rest you say
just ain't worth a damn
you help me learn
you help me learn
you help me learn
what it takes to be a man


Reviews of What It Takes To Be A Man from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.1 out of 10):

  • The melody to this song is amazingly good. The lyrics are original and very well written. Instrumentally, it sounds great and fits the style of the music. The introduction wasnt very long. I personally like songs that relates to love. It is probably the best love song that i've heard the entire day!
  • The lyrics are well written and entertaining. I like the audio filter on his voice. The lyrics are deep and compelling. The guitar in the background harmonizes well with his voice. The drums add a nice beat. The melody is even and enjoyable. The song is a bit too slow. I enjoyed the guitar solo.
  • This song starts off really fast and smooth. That is why I really like it I think that your should be able to go pretty far in your music path. I like how your voice is varying throughout the song. Also the tone of the song really gets you into it and makes you want to listen to it a lot and very often. I think that you should be good just try to put more voice in your high notes.
  • Wow nice rock and rock song! nice song! nice smoothing a nice fast and slow beat. I like the insttruments such as the beats and the otheres! I really like his voice it has a nice 1990 sound! i really like it. its very soothing and nice and smooth! i like the touch to it! it is amazing! its kind gets old if u listen to it alot of times. more for a adult or grandma song. not for kids haha! its a okay song im gonna give it a 7! not the best song but its good for your grandma and your fellow old friends.
  • Wow. This song has really good lyrics. I personally love this song. It's like a country pop sound. I love it. I hope it comes available (seriously) for iTunes. The lyrics make great sense and are really cool. Keep it up, your great. I'm not saying this just to get a couple pennies. I mean it. You're amazing!
  • I like this type of song. It has that beat to it. it kinda reminds me of blues. I love Blues. Blues and country are my two favorite genres of music. Some rap and rock if it's done well. By done well I mean great story. Every song has a story to it. Me, I think a song has to have a great story. That's the thing i look for in a song. This song has it!!!
  • I love the alternative feel to this song. It's a very nice, almost ambient feel in a weird way. I like the experimental style of the lyrics and singing. It's something different in a good way. I think the songs about putting in effort everyday, trying to get what you want out of life. That's just my take tho. The instrumentation has a nice steady feel. I enjoyed listening to this song, as it was something refreshing and new to me. I like the echoey reverb on the vocals. It's a great song overall! I see real potential for radio popularity on an alternative station. I gave it 10/10 for originality. Great work!
  • The song starts off slow with a nice guitar play a few chords and then the vocals start with a really quiet sound that gradually gets louder while adding some nice bass lines. this song sounds like it could be a house/religious song because it says "you help me" and he says all the things that ha has done bad, this song could also be a song that describes what he had went through with depression and his love life. although i don't listen to these types of songs i could see myself starting to enjoy this one, i can also see this song becoming a hit.
  • This song puts me in the mind of 'The Beatles', it is very mellow, but at the same time it is a little too slow. Overall the song it pretty nice and I would encourage the artist to keep working on their music. I am not sure if this song is something I would seek out on the radio, but if someone else wanted to hear the song I would listen.
  • I like the upbeat tempo to the song. This song will make you want to ride on a tractor into the sunset. I do not like how the song actually plays out and then they go out and make this bad song? Nothing against the artist but the song isnt good, i would rate 6/10. Its not bad but its not good either.
  • I like the guitars at the beginning, it sounds pretty nice. This guy has a cool voice, it doesn't sound too country. He's kind of Bob Dylan-esque. I don't really like all of the echoes throughout the song, they sound sort of silly. The drums get a little too loud sometimes, they could be dialed down a little bit. The lyrics are better than most country music songs I hear. I can imagine this on the radio.
  • This artist has a nice sounding voice but the whole songs sounds like it is underwater, sub par quality, he could be a great singer but its hard to tell with the distracting background music, I don't think this is the song for him, he has a masterful voice and a different sound but he needs to find the best venue for him, he could be radio ready with a little tweaking and the right music, want to hear more but not this song, keep trying you are marketable needs a little work rough around the edges.
  • The song has a good starting point but could use some base guitar. The lyrics sound very heart felt and feel like there is a deep meaning. The song sounds a bit old school when it comes to the genre of the song. The singer stays on pitch throughout the entire song. The song also sounds professionally recorded and sounds like it was mixed professionally.
  • Rather splendid and catchy guitar introduction to this piece of music. The instruments are played very well and without errors or the need for irritating distortion effects. I tend to think that the vocals are too blended in to the music. I can not tell if they have a distortion effect or if it is just the singer not performing the vocals loudly enough. the lyrics are okay. A bit simplistic and there is nothing really new or interesting in how they are sung. They seem to follow a very similar and familiar pattern of delivery that I have heard many times before. By noe means a poor song. It is good and I listened throughout right until the very end. I just feel that there could be more soul and passion in the singing, and more creativity in the delivery of the lyrics.
  • The intro of the song is very nice. The way the rhythm starts is kind of nice. The vocal of the song is not that nice. The hook is kind of nice. The lyrics does not suite with the beats of the music. The slow starting and the using of metals in the middle is nice but the lyrics does not suite to the rhythm and the. If the artist changes these factors then he could take his songs to a new level.
  • The lyrics are a little loud towards the end, otherwise, the lyrics are very meaningful and touching, as well as warm. This song sounds like something one would sing to their significant other to serenade them and perhaps show their appreciation for them. The instrumental is decent, it doesn't get in the way of the lyrics so to speak, which is good. The vocals are clear, although a bit slow for my taste.
  • The lyrics are very interesting. It reminds me of a combination of three doors down and matchbox 20. The harmony is also very nice and his vocals match the tone of the song very well. The melody is a little strange and I'm not quite sure what he's trying to say but its catchy. The arrangement of the song seems like it wants to tell a story yet while I can't follow the story, the sound of the song and words are awesome. The instrumentals are subtle and perfect for the tone of the song.
  • I think the singer has an old sound that is out of tune. Definitely sounds like an older person still trying to make it. The guitar is definitely all I can hear. I think the lyrics are sort of dated and the singer trys to rhyme because he ran out of words to come up with. I don't really care for this artist or this song.
  • The rhythm was very unique and had me feeling in a good mood. The tone and harmonies are soulful and imaginative. Vocal melody is solid and dynamic. Instruments are gracious and optimistic. I really like the way the recording quality sounded. The song should be played on the radio and in music videos as well.

Below is a version of What It Takes To Be A Man by Elliott Sheridan:

Reviews of Elliott's version of What It Takes To Be A Man from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.4 out of 10):

  • A straight ahead guitar opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the song.
  • A little lite and slow to start the song. Not what I except from this genre. The instrumentals were good and in tune however.
  • Beat and rhythm are pretty good overall. The vocals are not bad for the most part but again could be more feeling to them to feel more.
  • I got used to a specific style with Borgos, so this song took me by surprise. I did not like the cursing in it. The vocals and music were good, but I just did not like some of the lyrics.
  • I like the direction of the song from the introduction to the ending. The singer has a nice simple voice that caught my attention well done.
  • I like the rhythm and beat of the music. The vocals are good and blend with the flow of the music. I like the lyrics and they fit with the music.
  • I love the lyrics to this song. I feel like a lot of people could relate to get and could be very popular. Good song.
  • I really like the melody in this song and the way it flows. Very pretty vocals and lyrics and the song structure is simple but works here.
  • I really liked the guitar playing in this song. I thought it was very chill and easy going. I think the vocals and lyrics were both really well done as well.
  • It had me humming to the beat real quick and it was my first time listening to the track. Producer did a very good job in putting this together.
  • It sounds like a great country song, but I'm afraid it would really only appeal to men on the radio. The lyrics just seem to be very 'male' focused and female listeners might not enjoy it as much.
  • Not a bad song, not bad at all. The vocals are good and the lyric definitely fit the title and tone of song. The instrumentation is well performed and the production is perfect.
  • Now out of all of this guys songs I like this one the best. It has more variety in tone and pitch and is reminiscent of maybe the late 90's type of rock.
  • The instrumentals were soothing and laid back. It was really easy to listen to and enjoy this song. I would not mind hearing more. Thank you.
  • The intro was very good, but then it went completely downhill. It was very, very simple much like a children's song. The lyrics were pretty good, but the rest of it... Pass.
  • The singer's voice did not sound good and distracted from the instrumentals. The instrumentals on the other hand, actually sounded really good and felt like they would be something I could really appreciate.
  • The song is a bit boring, and the singer's voice only makes it sound even more boring, because he doesn't really sing with a melody, his lyrics are very flat and monotone. The melody is okay, but gets a bit boring.
  • This is not a bad song at all. The sound quality is pretty good overall. I would not consider this pop or dance music at all. But it is still pretty good for what it is.
  • This song makes me want to reflect on my life and just enjoy my life with my partner. I would seek more this artist. His vocals are different, his voice itself sounds different from any artist that is mainstream at the moment.
  • This song was too slow for my tastes. Overall though, it was a good song. Rather light, but kept a good beat. Artist is skilled at singing and the instruments are good too.

Below is an acoustic version of What It Takes To Be A Man, by What It Takes to Be A Man by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of What It Takes To Be A Man by Douglas Haines from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.8 out of 10):

  • The guitar is good and keeps the song steady. The song is nice and refreshing. It reminds me of america. The lyrics are really good and calming, if not thought provoking. It reminds me of being a man. It has a good structure. The melody is good, and pairs well with the melody. Over all a great song.
  • Good vocals and like I never said that before. The problem is what am I supposed to say? I can only say it how I hear it. I guess we are supposed to be Hemingway. The song does have a nice consistent feel yo it. The song is about life and the thing the singer seems to go through. The guitar is acoustic and has a nice tempo to it. Slower song, but has a nice pace to it. I love the chorus also as it brings the song together. That all there is guitar and singing.
  • A nice smooth soothing start to the song. an amazing vocal voice, keeps up with the instruments very well, nice pitch in his voice. instruments are well played extremely well, very catchy and nice to listen to, a important meaning to the song make it that much nicer to listen to. lyrically its a great song but i think the instruments could be a bit louder but overall a great song to listen to.
  • The strumming is really calm, yet upbeat, really giving you an inside to the theme of this. As he sings, you can really hear the message of this, while still listening to the constant guitar notes. This keeps the same type of theme throughout the track, making this a well put together song. I feel the background vocals really complete this track as well.
  • The intro with the guitar is pretty nice. The vocals are also really good and the lyrics are easy to understand and have a good meaning. The singer in this song has a really good voice for this type of song. Really good song to listen to when you're relaxing or just wanting to hear something. Good clarity. There's nothing that you should work on other than trying to add more instruments in the middle of the song.
  • Song begins with some guitar which is always pleasant. The singer has an alright voice could use a couple lessons. The instruments in the background sounds nice and goes well with the singer. The lyrics are clear and make very well sense, thats great! The melody is nice and stay alive and keeps you listening. The artist sounds okay and could work this song a little bit better.
  • The music is light and attractive.the male voice is very nice and warm. i like the lyrics even if they are not very clear. the guitar's sound are simple. it seems that it is a happy song. i love to listen to it very music.
  • Clean guitar with sweet rhythm. the mixing in of the vocals in the beginning contains no mix but that is okay because this track picks up quickly. the Lyrics are strong and enjoyable. Volume of the guitar needs to be picked up a small amount, as well as the back up female vocals. this rhythm is sweet and cute.
  • Folk rock acoustic opening accompanied by solid vocals. His voice goes off key at times but you can really hear the emotion that he feels about his music. The chorus is quite good with a few catchy lines that are easy to remember. The structure is really great as the piece teeters between light country and rock. Overall this piece is a solid folk-country song with a simple easy to follow and relate message accented by the real emotion that can be heard in the vocals.
  • Guitar music has never sound so good, the acoustic is rather settling as the mood gets tamed down in a tranquil way. This is a performer who I have noticed a lot of change and improvement in. His voice is really more and more pronounced. His emotions under control as he sings with connection but tends to leave out the sad singing vibes too much. I am loving the softer tone in his voice as always. But the energy is still somewhat too low in this one. He might want to carry some more tempo in his voice too as the music gets faster.
  • The guitar sounds nice. The singer doesn't have a good style of singing though. It doesn't match the background too well. The singer sounds like he has potential to sing better with the song but he does not completely so it doesn't work well. The lyrics aren't that great either.
  • This song had a nice and smooth guitar intro, it however did not catch my attention very well. The singer in this song did not have very much conviction in his voice and sounded very plain. When I hear an artist sing I want to feel how thy feel about the song and I was not able to feel his emotions. The playing of the guitar was very consistent, but did not have very much variation. This song was overall mediocre it had a simple, but well executed guitar beat, the singing was also simple.
  • The introduction music starting with guitar rhythm is very nice. the melodious vocal entry and the continuous rhythm of guitar sound really great. the vocal is very perfect and heart touchable. the credit goes to the song writer also. every words are great and meaningful. this song is somehow better than other normal song. i think everybody will enjoy it really.
  • I like the guitar bit during the introduction. It is very Goo Goo Dolls, whom I love. Will I ever come across their music on here? Anyways, his voice is not appealing. I am not drawn in by anything other than the guitar and MAYBE the melody. Is this supposed to be country? That is what the lyrics imply, but let me tell you that this is not country and never will be.
  • The intro to the song was very nice in creating in awesome mood a the guitar used certain notes and rhythms to effectively to create this theme as well as one of mourning to a certain extent. The lyrics also helped to create this mood, thought the tone of voice which was slightly sad, something at times, i felt did not really fit the guitar.
  • This song was very heartfelt and romantic. The guitar had a nice melody and didn't overpower the vocals. I think the male singer has a nice voice and he sung with passion. The lyrics seemed to come from the heart and had some meaning therefore the song felt quite moving and deep.
  • I love the guitar sounds in this song. This song sounds like it would be something for anyone, young or old. He has a great sounding voice for what this song does sound like. The song is not very upbeat, but that is alright. All music does not have to be upbeat and sounding like a dancing song.
  • Guitar intro is nice. Opening vocals are great. sounds like the song is trying to connect with the listener. "Coffee" Is this Country? If it is, it is different than standard country(which is) Chorus is pleasent. very good for a duet and guitar only.
  • I enjoyed the beginning, the chords are a bit simple but I think that's fine. I would like it if there was a bit more ruggedness with his voice. Surprisingly, I didn't cringe away from this song, seeing as though I do not enjoy country music. I could see this on the mainstream.
  • I enjoyed the acoustic guitar in this track very much as it was gentle and lovely to listen to. The lyrics were a little bit unusual for my taste and I didn't really like the artist voice. I just thought the accent was a bit too heavy. I would have liked some drums in the track?
  • A set of acoustic strums is pretty much the standard ballad opener for most of these folky country types on this forum today. The sincere sounds of this working man are a little pedestrian as he beefs about his 9 to 5 to rather staid music. A less interesting scenario is hard to come up with as this tired and formulaic heartland rumination has no beat or real band interaction. Honesty and earnest thoughts need at least a hook or some kind of fun to draw listeners in, and this has neither.
  • The start of this song has a very powerful guitar solo and a nice country feel. The artists vocals are just wonderful, very sweet and manly at the same time. Also, the artist has a way of really selling the story of the song too and makes you really listen and wonder what he's singing about. The tune is beautiful and I would personally buy this song and listen to it when chilling at home or on car rides with friends.
  • Slow rock song, or maybe country? Not a fan of acoustics. Good vocals, and lyrics. If your into this type of music please give it a chance you'll like it. sounds to be a motivational song, and could be used on a movie. This is a very good song. Give it a listen.
  • I liked the length of the delay before the voice. I like that the gutair slowly speed up and slowed down at some parts. I would play this at dances for most small ages. This song seems like it has a lot of good effort!
  • The acoustic guitar at the beginning is a beautiful lead in for the male vocalist who exudes his love for a young woman. The song lyrics are very simple, and you can almost see him sitting next to here strumming his guitar. Another singer enters during the chorus, joining the male vocalist before the second verse continues on.
  • The lyrics need work. "you say so much emotional stuff" thats just stupid you can do better then that. The instrumentals are really good. It has a nice tempo, you might want to try adding some dynamic to the pitch it feels as if your pitch does not really change. It almost sounds like you are talking, not singing. I would probably listen to this song, but I feel like if you made a few changes it would be a lot better!
  • The guitar at the beginning of the song made me want to raise my hands in the air and wave them back and forth. The song was kind of cool in the way that it caused me to have images in my head based on the lyrics. For example the artist mention something about being the king and it made me think about royalty. The song was kind of cute and I loved it! :)
  • It begins with acoustic guitar strumming that honestly isn't very special but it's a proven formula that always works. The vocals have a bit of country twang but the fast tempo and endearing lyrics lift the song out of being a typical country song. It's like if country went a little indie pop and all they're missing is a brunette with bangs playing a cello. If you like relaxing, maybe borderline boring acoustic guitar calls to action (Be A Man the chorus repeats) then this song could very well be for you. Who knows.
  • Nice and catchy. easy to understand the lyrics and repeat them which is something i always like in songs. the only down side is that it is a tiny bit boring and very similar to lots of other country songs so it does not stand out. In saying that, it is nice and relaxing and easy to listen to.
  • The beginning of the song sounds very relaxing and calm. The artists' vocals blend in nicely with the slow melody of the song. While listening to the lyrics, there were some I did not at all care for. I feel more thought could have been put into the writing of this song. However, it is an easy song to listen to. Overall, the music and vocals went well together and I really do not have anything extremely negative to say about this song.
  • Acoustic guitar that's pleasing to the ears starts this track. It's followed by some singing that overwhelms the background music. The background music doesn't change during the track and is very simple. The singer does a good job of singing but I'm not a big fan of country. This track thoug is pleasant and relaxing.

Click Here to listen to a remix version of Chris Davidson's version of What It Takes To Be A Man by Ghost Produce.

Reviews of Ghost Produce's remix of What It Takes To Be A Man from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 4.5 out of 10):

  • This song has a nice kick drum in it. I like the vibration that it provides in my headphones. The way that the singers voice echoes and makes cool noises and just sounds good is awesome! I really enjoy the way that the sound of this record is so happy to! Really nice touch, overall good song and nice melodic tun age.
  • The best part of the introduction is the steady beat with the guitar playing here and there in the background. Unfortunately, the best part of the song is the introduction. Once you actually get into the song it sounds rushed. It is hard to tell the difference between the verses and the chorus. These transitions could be much better and make for a much better song as well.
  • Good bass line to start with, liking how it went slightly quiter. But then the mans voice started and spoiled it, terrible voice does not flow or suit the rest of it or with the sound effects. Really quite boring and depressing. The voice and lyrics are really depressing, they need to change the lyrics, singer and look at the bass line, terrible.
  • I love the beat to this track and the echo on the vocal. The melody is really tuneful and I love the way it moves. This song is really going places and the singer has a good quality voice that's also clear. I like the way the harmonies dip to minor in places. This track has a lot of variety and a lot of identity.
  • I like the beat of the song during the intro. Its good because you have time to bring your friends out on the dance floor before the song really starts. The vocals are okay but Im much more into the beat of the song. Im picturing dance moves people could use for this song and Im coming up with a lot of them which is always a good thing! This song is very positive because of the lyrics and its very uplifting.
  • The music is very danceable! has a nice steady beat. The words don't really match the beat, but that's alright. It would be a good dance song if not for the fact that it was a Christian sounding song. I'm not sure it would be very successful on the radio. The chorus is droney and irritating.
  • The beat in this song was strong, therefore I thought it was a good build up to the vocals with I very much enjoyed from the pitch. Well listening I noticed that the music stayed in the same beat. I found the lyrics went very well with this. Further into the song the beat increased as the vocals improved within the song. There was various off tones in the music which I found more catching.
  • I like the disoriented beat in the beginning, The mans voice is okay. It's pretty plain. Not really good or bad. Just right for the song it seems in my opinion. I like the techno feeling of the song. Makes you want to dance. I like the guitar with the techno beat its a good mix.
  • The record is a pop song with a lot of feeling and I love the way the bass comes in so heavy. the keyboard is very much the main term of the song. the acoustic guitar seems like a odd addition of the song and the vocals are very weak and non interesting. the dude singing has a so so way of holding notes. the song also has lyrics that are repetitive and boring. the beat is too good for this. start over.
  • I like the beat in the start of this track it tells me it's going to be a fun track. The lyrics contradicted what i had previously thought because they made me feel sad inside literally. The vocals sounded very not well done. The artist needs a voice coach in my opinion. Other than that it was a great track nontheless.
  • This song has a harsh beat that is clearly heard over the synth instruments. There are effects on the vocal sometimes giving an echo effect. The backing is repetitive. This is a stripped back dance track with less instruments than usual. It contains simple lyrics to accompany the simple backing. Sections are repeated giving a typical structure.
  • I really enjoy the beat that this track has, with the low bass sounding guitar in the background. The thing I appreciate about this track the most is the way that the mans voice blends in with the futuristic beat. As basic as the lyrics are they are pleasent sounding The mixing on thistrack seems ideal too. Especially with the way that the beat doesnt overpower his voice, that can only be described as "trippy". Even though this isnt my ideal choice of music, it is enjoyable and I wouldnt skip it if it came onto my shuffle.
  • The song has a great techno/dance beginning. This is a great song to play at a club or at a dance or party. Great lyrics and beat. The lead vocalist has an amazing voice and it is shown in this song. It would be a better song if there were less auto tune and the artist relied more on his own voice and let it shine through. Overall great song.
  • This song is not good. The beat is generically pop sounding, and though I understand the electric-Indy feel they are trying to achieve here, it was just not well done. The vocals going out of tune is not attractive for the ears to listen too and just makes the song sound bad.
  • Jazz starting was nice, the vocalist really knows how to play his card, the music flows in smoothly. the instruments was played very well. the lyrics is amazing and i like the recording. The timing of the guitar is nice and flows smoothly. This is a nice song, it can be used in movies, virtually anywhere. 10 of 10.
  • Duran Duran meets Depeche Mode? I like that you can hear the influences, but the chorus comes off feeble, thin and needs strength and to be much more full. Any honest effort that needs a serious restructure and overhaul. Good luck on the musical journey.
  • Good deep sound to the introduction, a nice bass line produced in the introduction. clearly indicts the song to be a possible club track. The vocals are good but i think the song would be better with a female vocalist. The lyrics of the song are strong and meaningful. The melody of the song feels like it dies down a bit compared to the introduction of the song, i expected a bit more from the melody after the intro.
  • Ok so this song is a dance song and fast paced. it's a guy singing he's voice is ok. I'm not sure about the lyrics. is this a pop country song. it needs to be put together better and then it would be ok.
  • To be honest I thought that the lyrics to this song were very cheesy and also sounded very old fashioned. (But not in a good way.) This song is very boring and I bet you that any amateur music writer could come up with something even better.
  • This song certainly reminded me of a few people i knows past which really helped me connect with the song! the vocals really went well with the melody, and the instrumental had a really great rhythm! overall i would certainly listen to this song again! awesome song track!
  • Honestly in my opinion this song needs a lot of work. The engineering is average. But the beat is very plain , and the artist lacks any enthusiasm , emotion, soul nothing. It seems like this song was just a track to fill the album and ended up being a hit. If so congratulations to them . Its a smooth flow but it just need a little better lyrics.
  • It started off sounding like an EDM track, then the vocals turned more, country like. I was actually surprised. It seems to work decently but the vocals were kind of lack luster. It just wasn't done right in my opinion. The singer kind of falls off beat at certain points as well. Overall this just wasn't done correctly. If done right, I'm sure this song would sound a lot better. And another thing, with songs like these and a composition to make the vocals pop more, you sure did not put any real effort into the voice. No layering, no diverse effects, no chops, no nothing. Try again, do it right, and then we'll see if it's radio ready.
  • Good beat straight away, a good dance sound to it, not too keen on the voice, the lyrics could be better, I feel like the lyrics and the voice doesn't fit the beat of the song at all, no connection what so ever. The lyrics don't really make sense, it's little to inspire true feeling, no emotion what so ever!
  • The intro is very punchy and i can't help but bump my head to it. But the vocals is ,unfortunatly, unbearable. It's so bright, that it's hard to distinguish the beats in the background. The vocals also sound a bit bland towards the climax of the song. This is because when the guitar is included even that is unhearable as it is distorted with the vocals. Thus leading no actually build up being heard.
  • The beginning of the song is very upbeat and gives off an awesome vibe. I like the lyrics of the entire song! A backup singer could be useful, but is not necessary. The song puts me in an upbeat mood and makes me want to dance and jump around.I like the addition of more beats and electronic sounds as the song progresses. The acoustic part does not really work for the song, so I would take it out, but other than that the song is great!
  • I am not overly keen on this song. The backing is uninspired and overused and the melody and vocals are bland and drull. The song lacking inspiration and the musical arrangement is very limited and basic. The tempo of the song is also set too slow and the rhythm of the song does not work either. The lyrics are poorly written and have no meaning to it. Overall this is a very unsuccessful song which will need to be rewritten in order to be of any success.
  • The beat is a very groovy club sounding beat! It's a rather good tune! The artist has an awareness to his vocals! The vocals are decent but not solid with confidence! It seems the artist didn't put his all to it or put enough passion behind vocals and lyrics! Its not a bad song! But I feel the artist had lack of passion with pitch's,vocals,and lyrics!
  • Wow this sounds like a good club song . this is a song . that could be great pumped in a night club . the beat and sound are perfect for dance. the smart and clean techno feel with a hint of country . that sounds like a winning combination.
  • The beats in this song at the beginning is very fast and have the same pitch all the way through out the song. The singers voice sound very techno, however you can still all the words and understand what he is singing about, he has a low singing voice which goes well with the beats.
  • I love the pounding beat the song opens with. It quickly changes with the introduction of singing, but is not so sudden it doesn't flow. The rhythm matches the best of the words well. The song has a hint of techno with pop, yet isn't so upbeat that it would just be dance music.
  • First off I love the instrumental. It caught my attention right off the back but I can't hear what they are saying. Not really feeling the echo in the background and would be better if you could speed it up a bit. Well done though.
  • The lyrics to this song were atrocious. I don't know if he was trying to me funny or clever, but it didn't work. It sounded like the singer was inside of a closet singing because of the horrible echo on his voice. This did not disguise the fact that he just didn't have the chops to be a lead singer. The music was cheesy. The tempo was slow moving. This song will not be a hit and honestly, I do not see potential for this artist.
  • This is a definitely a song I would listen to. The beat was fast enough for me to the point where you want to hear the song, but also start dancing to. Kind of sounds like a mixture of Lana Del Rey mixed with some Kygo.
  • I like the guitar with the beat. I liked the intro, but the first verse seemed a little loud. It made my speakers crackle a little. The song is getting a bit repetitive at over 2 minutes. To be honest there isn't much to this song. I recommend you listen to Phil Collins and try re-doing the electronic beat. Add some piano, make the guitar more prevelant throughout the song, and add a climb. I would also add more to your chorus. 3/10. Solo work is pretty tough. It takes a lot to make a song.
  • Too repetitive of a song. It says the same thing over and over. I guess that works for pop music. The best part to me was the coda. It had a nice tropical sound and vibe to it. I think that the way the singer sings also puts me off of this song. He is very nasally and un-enthused in his delivery.
  • I love it. From the opening notes of this clip, I was transported to another world. I see myself using this as a song to escape reality. The instruments and the vocals blend nicely, even with the techno-vibe. The lyrics are good. There is something unique about this song. I could fall asleep to this song, take a walk to this song, and have it playing in the background as I work on papers. It is a song I can jam to. It is a song I won't get tired of or bored with, one that I will go into my playlist and play.
  • Some of the lyrics were hard to make out due to the distortion of the pitch. It seems as though this was done to mask the pitchy vocals. The digital effects used on the voice make the song almost annoying and difficult to listen to. The melody of the song was well balanced and original. The best part of this song was the instrumental outro. The vocals undermined the quality of the music.
  • Catchy opening-very upbeat. I felt like I was listening to a professional. "You helped me learn" is a great hook. I loved the instruments that were used for this. It really accentuated the background and tied into the song as a whole. Nice finish. Good song to listen to at the end of a long, hard day. Once again, this was great!
  • I love the slow beat at the start of this song. It has a nice house music style beat with a really nice soft toned lyrical voice an the eco voice in the back round makes this song, It sounds like an old school lyricist with a more modern beat that's what I personally feel gives this song a nice twist. I would listen to this song again.
  • In the introduction, the baseline stuns you into enduring the remainder of this musical farce. Packed with lyrical cliches and bass drops, there was little original material to inspire a deeply emotional response. the listener's reaction is synthetic, The aim of the lyrics is unclear. The sinister merry go round effect, whilst ingraining stereotypical gender roles, towards what I hoped was the end of the song, was particularly nauseating. I hope never to endure this bile again for as long as I live. The singer was flat. the beat was dull. I didn't enjoy this song and I couldn't imagine when it would be appropriate to play it.

Click Here to hear a remixed version of Chris Davidson's version of What It Takes to Be A Man by Caruano95.

Reviews of Caruano95's remix of What It Takes To Be A Man by Douglas Haines from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.1 out of 10):

  • This spaced out sound is not really well executed. I get the vibe they're trying to go for, but it feels more like a bad recording, instead of pulling it off successfully. The singer is sort of bland, and monotonous. There are no real catchy hooks or grooviness that catch my attention at all. Sort of boring, uninteresting song overall .
  • Love the haunting lyrics and vocals to begin, but seems to rely too much on the range of the vocalist instead of focusing on the strengths of it. A very eclectic piece that seems to lack coherence when it comes to the underlying theme of the song.
  • In the beginning of this song the instrumentation is really interesting. I like the lyric about "I sip black coffee from my cup" it is very descriptive. The song takes acoustic music in a different direction. The melody line us quite accessible and yet there is a complexity to it as well. I like the way it fades out at the end.
  • WOAH love the beat so far. oh my god this song is great !!! i dont understand what the singer is singing. its a little confusing and time consuming. my ear phones are exploding papi. this is loud. i love the energetic tone. im so inspired by the texture and quality of this song.
  • Melody - I like the way that it flows but nothing exceptional. Vocals-It's a nice enough voice but nothing outstanding. Lyrics - They are pretty good and some nice repetitive. Instrumental - The repetitive synthesizer in the back is gross. Artist - I'm not even sure what genre this is but it's not something that I'd listen to.
  • Pretty good intro with the drums that builds the song up. I think starting the lyrics earlier would help as the intro sounds a bit repetetive. The lyrics do kind of overpower the music at certain parts but overall the volume is decent. The lyrics are also a bit hard to understand but still work well with the music. I think adding a solo for the guitar cold work to make the lyrics more important later on in the song.
  • I think the beginning beat starts off too suddenly and it doesnt really go with the singers voice, I kind of expected a female singer. You can hear the singer but the words are not all understandable and the music is loud and at some parts overtakes the singers voice.
  • The opening beat sounds quite standard and not anything special. The way the song is sung makes the reviewer not want to listen to the entirety of the song. The lyrics save the song from being a disaster. The message in the song make the reviewer want to give the song another chance.
  • The light tone of this song is welcome, with the instruments sounding fine. However, the production sounds very unprofessional, sounding very cheap, but the lyrics are very nice. The subtleties about the song, like the synth, really make it sound unique among many songs like it.
  • Sounds like a really good chord progression going on. nice drum beats to hold the song together. and a really nice bass line. I love this vocal style its simple and has good lyrics to back the whole thing up I really enjoy this song and I like the intricate keys that are so subtle in the background.
  • The intro is nice. The guitars make it sound upbeat and pretty. The man's voice is very nice, however he is awful with storytelling Not enough metaphors in this song. He is boring. He just lists the things that he does. The tempo is the same and the beat is the same. There is no point to this song at all. It does not sound like a love song.
  • Great recording. Vocals are good and a bit different which catches your attention. Lyrics are clear and tell a story. The instrumentals are quite powerful and may even be overpowering and detract from the singing and the lyrics. This dong has a different style and may be successful because it is different. The accompaniment needs to be toned down a little and the musical arrangement may need a little work. At times I felt the music and singing were out of sync.
  • I love this song. the vocals are amazing and the intro is a very smooth and relaxing intro where i can just lay on the beach and relax. the beat is beautifull it has a very nice ring to it. the voice is just gorgeus it is just amazing the singer must be really gifted.
  • Very dreamy and techno music, love it. Enjoyed his voice and the techno melody a lot. The continuous background sounds are very nice and remind of Balun, a hispanic electronic band. The lyrics are not bad and his voice tones plays well the tones of the music. Would definitely listen to it again.
  • The intro could have used a little more build up but the melody is nice and tuneful with shapely strong sounds. The vocals have a nice warm tone and good vibrato with convection! The lyrics are inspirational and rich with deep expression and nice delivery! Good production on this track.
  • This song has a cross between folk and European pop to the beginning. The singer sounds old fashioned, with a style similar to Elvis, but the echo that's synthetically introduced clashes with the melody and is distracting. There isn't a lot of room for a song of this type on the radio, but perhaps with some work it will do as a soundtrack or commercial song.
  • This tune has an old time feel in the intro, so it reminds me of stuff before I was born. The melody is dreamy and puts me in another world. The vocals are cool and a bit mysterious. The lyrics are not clear but it has something to do with country music. The chord changes are nice. The production is better than most country hits. This is a genuine smash. The melody is awesome.
  • Not my type of song. It has a Katy Perry type of beat, but for some odd reason I love the vocals in the beginning, but I'm not really liking the song. There's like a nice electron tune in the song that's really catchy, it almost sounds like a video game tune.
  • Oh, I like this one. It makes me think of a photograph. I think it has a lot of potential, but the echo is a little overbearing. The vocalist is unique and could easily catch listeners ears on the radio. It's a bit slow to be a huge hit, but you never know. I do like the lyrics, but the echo is definitely a bit off. It's interesting how the techno keyboard sound is mixed with the old time type lyrics and slow tempo. Nice twist.
  • It sounds very j-pop like at first, but the voice makes you think otherwise. this person has a rich, deep voice, and is full of emotion. it makes you want to fall asleep. its extremely calming. i don't like how the music overpowers his voice. i also don't like how his voice sounds extremely auto tuned. overall, this song is nice, but definitely not something id listen to, since I'm not a fan of country music at all.
  • The person singing is basically just talking in this instead of singing. He has a great voice but he needs to be more with the music and sing. Relax enjoy and have fun just sing. Plus through out the song its just off with him singing and the music. The music needs to match him.
  • I like the fun and happy guitar that is in the beginning of this song. This is immediately upbeat and joyful to listen to. I like the singer's voice, and how it echoes. I like the indie feel of this song. I also like the lyrics and how simple they are, especially the line about black coffee. I like how I can hear the tiniest bit of piano in the very background of this. I also like the electronic beats mixed with the classical guitar and piano.
  • The beat at first sounds like a Christmas song. The beat and vocals sound original. The sound effects are great. I like the crisp and clear voice of the singer. The song sounds like it belongs to a movie. I can't find the message to the song.
  • The music does not match the tone of the vocals at all. It seems like the artist/producer was trying to take an indie song and turn it into a Top 40 hi by putting in awkward techno beats to a song with very nice lyrics. The lyrics are nice, but the auto tune is absolutely unnecessary. Tone it down to maybe a solid acoustic tune.
  • In the begining it sounds like music from a commercial. The guy that is singing this song has a nice voice. In my oppinion it is not a bad song. I just don't like the song a lot though. The voice of the singer goes perfect with the tune of the music though.
  • Perky old school guitar rock gets a modern facelift with some echo and a bit of electronica on this new wave sounding cut. It comes on a bit like if the Traveling Wilburys met in a wreck with Depeche Mode and got sideswiped by Crowded House. Theres a touch of homemade innovation as if this dude just discovered all the 'sound effects' in his Garage Band program. The toylike quality of the music is belied by the melancholy sound of the singer. His warbling seems defeated in contrast to the shimmering pop textures he applies to the song. It rides out to the finale on some tastefully subdued guitar playing. Its interesting, if a bit on the pinched side musically.
  • The intro music was interesting, but seemed very unoriginal. It had the same indie, hipster feel I've heard a lot before. The artist seems rather tired or expressionless. The lyrics are coming off as emotional but it sounds as cringeworthy. The beat seems rather monotone as it stays at the same level for most of the song. It lacked contrast.
  • Love the tune of the beat in the introduction, however the vocals were very immature. This vocalist has potential but possibly with different lyrics. The sound of the vocals swayed my opinion. The beat sounds similar to that of a video game causing the lyrics not to correspond well with the sound. I would recommend this artist put a little more effort into making his voice sound stronger with the beat to this song. He does not sound confident enough to make an audience believe what he is singing about.
  • I literally started laughing as the tone changed in this song. The music behind the lyrics is very distracting. Very hard to understand and take seriously. However, it is also clear that this song has a serious meaning to it. I'm not sure what that meaning is but this beat is really distracting me from getting an understanding for this song. Seems humorous and important. I wouldn't personally listen to this on a daily basis, but I'm sure I'd listen over and over to simply understand it. This reminds me of some kind of old folk music with a slight religious twist to it. I'd give this song a solid 4/10 because I simply don't understand the song well enough with the instrumental/background clash.
  • This is a good one. I think the music and percussion blended well. The words are as good as the music. The vocals are a good match as well. There really is not anything bad to say. This song will be on the radeo some day and I will be listening for it. Tempo was perfectly flowing with the key it was played in and went very well with the chord progression chosen. Over all a good song.
  • I love the intro music I got me into a good mood it is happy and uplifting which I appreciate but his singing kind of cut it for me it's not clear and I don't enjoy that . The singer sounds passionate so I think if you're trying to make a passionate song it should have a differnt sound . Because the sound gives me a different vibe .it also sound like the artist is like competing with the music since the music is so much louder than the actual singing. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the others but it's not a terrible song period.
  • The song is a bit catchy but i like the lyrics. from the intro of the music it sounded good but after i got bored with it. don't think I will listen to it again. i do recommend it for anyone that's into folk.
  • The chorus of the song and its beat gives off a kind of vibe that reminds me of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. I love that song and the vocals seemed to match it which I also enjoyed. You did not just keep one flat pitch, but fluctuated and really showed off your vocal range. It was a bit hard to follow the flow of the lyrics in the beginning, I vaguely remember something about a coffee cup and being a king. The beat was very laid back and easygoing, evoking the image of the beach.
  • The start reminded me of R.E.M's "Shiny Happy People" but the singing is much more appealing than that. What great effects on the expressive vocals and smooth keyboards. Beat is uneventful, but does blend in to the mix. Tune begins to get repetitive after a time. This song needs more added to it, some variety in composition for the instruments. Guitar solo is boring and too simple. It fits, but isn't original. Ending was anticlimactic. I felt the piece was tasteful and suited the mood, it just lacks interesting bits. These performers did a good job, I just feel that more creativity needs to be written into it.
  • This song is definitely a song that touched my heart in every way possible the lyrics spoke to me and were filled with such passion and joy that it was very easy to continue listening to this song. Melody and vocals were strong. Overall a 7/10.

Click Here to listen to a dance remix of Chris Davidson's version of What It Takes To Be A Man by Green Raver.

Reviews of Green Raver's remix of What It Takes To Be A Man from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.1 out of 10):

  • The colorful vibe of this tune really just makes me happy! I love the way that this number just makes me feel good and happy. The joyful lyrics sound realistic and positive which guides my mood in an optimistic direction. I also really enjoy the retro sounding synth that just glues all of the instrumentation together in this song. Great job!
  • As far as the introduction, I like the beat but I would use a different snare drums because it is kind of hard on the ears. As for the lyrics, it is hard to tell what the singer is saying. One reason for this is because the music is doing way too much in the background and should be toned down a little. It also sounds like the singer is too close to the microphone and makes his voice sound blotchy. If this song had better production quality it may sound better.
  • This track really gets off to a flying start with the beat and the guitar and keyboards in the background. The lyrics are powerful from the start and meaningful. The song does sound like something I have heard before, in fact it sounds like the last song I heard but with some differences to the harmonies and the backing music. Hmmm interesting.
  • The volume of the build up on the introduction was at a slandered level. Although I found that well the vocals started that they were a bit to quiet for the beat behind. For what I heard in the music I found that it was a good tone within the voice itself. Therefore I noticed that there was a echo in the background improving the music and beat together.
  • I love the instrumentals a lot. They are light and airy... This song is a remix. The voice sounds far away and like its in the background, so it is much much better than the original song! This singers voice was not made to be the main point of a song. I still do not think the song is very good or would be successful.
  • I like the beat so far. Sounds nice. I like the man voice. Like a whisper singing tone. Sounds good even when he goes higher with his pitch. The song is nice. But I feel the beat is too loud drowning out the mans voice a little. But other wise good. I like the song and the vibe to the song.
  • The track that comes in has a nice sound to it at the start. the piano that plays has such a beautiful way about it. the beat is pop mixed with indie rock to me. the singer is a dude and his voice is very soft yet commands your attention. he puts you in a trance with the way he sings the lyrics. the words you help me learn I guess are talking about a woman that loves you and teaches you how to love them. the song is interesting.
  • The beginning of tho track is really groovy and mellow i love that aspect. The vocals were smooth and meshed well with the production in my opinion. Love the the lyrics to this song goes great with the production. Very easy to get used to the vocals and love this sons. I would definitely give this track another spin. Loved it.
  • Like the vibe, energy, and the chord progression on this tune. Sounds a bit like modern day Duran Duran. Production value is strong and would just tweak the drum part and drum sounds. Good solid effort and wish to hear more from this band. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
  • First off, the re-verb on this song is way too much, no matter what sound they're trying to achieve. I can see the 80's pop inspiration in this piece but I do not think it was reached welly. The beat is generic and borderline insipid, and the vocals are just not helping in any way.
  • Wow! i could certainly see myself listening to this in the car! the beat was absolutely amazing! the song had the perfect amount of editing, not to much, and not too little. the vocals sounded absolutely amazing! the insturmental had a great melody that didint sound flat at all! amazing piece!
  • The introduction left me torn, part of me liked it but part of me felt like it was too typical and be heard before. The vocals are clear to listen to but not the type of vocals that get me excited for the song. The lyrics of the song are not very catchy, i found myself getting bored with the song. The melody of the song i thought would have had more variation to it, all i could really hear was the constant same beat throughout the song.
  • This is an upbeat track with a soulful vocal. The sound is very rich overall and I like the thickness of the musical layers of sound. There's something almost discordant about the backing tracks but it works well. The vocals are well sung and the lyrics are intelligently written. What it takes to be a man. This is something to remember.
  • This song includes multitracking to give the effect of more voices. In my opinion the voice is to quite compared the instruments in the background. It uses simple instruments with a repeated patters throughout, and simple vocals. It contains aspects of dance but aspects of Indie (relating to bands such as Coldplay)
  • From the start I like the tempo and the sound of the music. I like the kicks as well. I'm enjoying the techno sound of this music. The only problem I have with music is the performer's voice and his deliverance of the lyrics, I don't think this is the best genre for him.
  • Nice feel good melody as soon as the song starts, ruins it a bit with the techno when the voice starts, the lyrics are actually quite good and connectable but it's drowned out by the melody, the voice doesn't sound too bad, but can't hear it properly, definitely need to tone down the melody.
  • The bass in this song was not mastered or mixed well. It's fuzzy and distorted. It blocks out certain frequencies in your vocals and mid track leading to the whole thing sounding unfinished. The piano and the synths just aren't that great to listen to either. The vocals are plain and unappealing to listen to. It needs more energy more passion to it. It sounds like the singer is treating it more like a job than a passion. More like an activity than a performance. Try putting yourself truly into the words you sing and write, mastering the song for appealing public release, and then we'll see where that takes you down the road.
  • The start to this track is strong but catchy enough, the keyboards and beat are merged together quite well, the beat gives the track some consistency though its strength looses the beat a little. The vocals are ok but they have an odd effect applied to them, as well as an unhelpful echo, that take away from the delivery of the lyrics. there is also a lack of variety in the track, the melody uses the same few notes over and over whilst the beat, consistent as it is, also never alters. The basic tune in this track is not bad, but it needs a lot more variety to stand out.
  • The intro accomplishes something that I never heard. It's a mellow tone with a punchy bass. It's a very unique introduction that kept me in anticipation for the rest of the song but this artist unfortunately repeats the same problem. The vocals are just unbearable to hear. This time the instruments are just electronic and drum sounds, but even that sounds as distorted as the vocals are. The artist really needs to work on making a mellow tune with vocals that are not too high but at just the right volume.
  • The intro for the song is good, but I was not expecting the voice that I heard when the singing began. More voice, less music; the beat if the song covers up the singers voice. One of the better versions of the song that I have heard, because the singer doesn't have an issue with monotone or slurring words together. The beat of the song makes me want to dance at an 80's party with a disco ball!
  • In the introduction it starts of with a various amounts of instruments that soon build up to the vocalist. The vocalists tone of voice is not that great, it sounds very band and uses no different tones in his voice. The beats are the same as the beginging in the middle, and they don't really grab you in to listen to the song again.
  • The tuneful beat is rather nice and soft. The fast vibe from it is nice! The artist vocals seem to be a bit too slow for this beat! He sounds good with vocals, but this beat was a wrong choice! The pitches are good, vocals are great,lyrics are lovely! It has an amusing strong vocal points! Nice song, just wrong beat!
  • I can't quite hear the music because the background music is a little bit loud. But other than that it a pretty decent song.I appreciate the concept of the song.I really like the lyrics of the song.though they are somewhat confusing.
  • I really dislike this song. I listened to the whole of the song hoping the song or melody would improve, but this never happened. The music is so unoriginal and so bland and is just not a successful mix. The vocals are in tune but is set to such a bad tune and tempo is easily forgettable. This song looks like not much work has gone into it and you can tell.
  • The backing track was overpowering the vocals. The singer was repeating the same line so many times that it sounded like the song was skipping. The echo effect on the voice was awful. The tempo was also too slow. Paired with the halfhearted vocals, I think that this song was very drab and not something that I would ever listen to. It actually made me feel pretty sad and that is not something that people usually look for. I do not think this will be a hit.
  • Hmmm... drummer doing great! Sense love in the air. I like this song, the lyrics is amazing. the instruments playing in the background is nice, but i suggest you try make the instruments like guitar, be more hard from start, let it be heard! it brings the soul of the music out! i love the song arrangement well! it's a great song. 9 of 10.
  • Good beat, great rhythm. The instrumentals are great. They are consistent, which is fantastic. I could do without the techno-vibe in this song. It is too powerful. Other than that, I like the different sounds layered together to create the overall tone. Right now I am rocking out to this clip. It has an interesting and memorable beat that makes me want to put it on repeat!
  • Very calm song that is easy to listen to. Calm yet semi-upbeat tune with a nice blend of instruments. I enojoy the artist's style of singing using a very narrow range to his benefit. Good lyrics that cause the listener to think about them a little bit, wondering what they truly mean or if they even have a deeper meaning. Yet, if the listener doesn't want to listen too intently or think too hard about what they are listening to, they can still listen to this piece. It doesn't demand attention or multiple listens to acquire a taste for the tune or style which is very nice.
  • This song is amazinnnnggggg! I feel so energetic when listening to it. The beat is amazing, and the transition in the beginning of to song towards the end was amazing. If I were to enter a club, and lets say that the dancefloor were dead. If i gave the DJ this song, I would bet that every single person would jive and groove to this song. Overall rating 9/10.
  • Nice start to it with the beats. Vocals are good and lyrics work out great making it a nice song but some of the edits ruin the vocals and lyrics making it hard to hear and enjoy it. The lyrics are nice, not to short and not to long with the repetetiveness in the song which is good for the listener. The mix however for the audio overall is very nice and could very well see this song going places later. Keep this up in the future.
  • The intro has a nice funky upbeat mentality to it. The singing didn't take too long to start which is great. What wasn't great was the fact the singing was awful. It sounded like the singer was having a lot of pitch problems and couldn't stay consistent. The lyrics are incoherent and just make the song that much more annoying. The beat is sloppy and very choppy. The instruments or sound effects used don't clash well together to make a shapely beat. Instead the beat sounds like 5 different beats. Vocally the song needs help as well as the beat needs editing.
  • Great song, with a very chill vibe. Awesome for a night where you just want to chill out and read a book with some nice calm background music. Lyrics are great and the lead singer has an awesome voice. The song is really great and there is honestly nothing that I found wrong with it. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to hear more.
  • I like the introduction. Either the beat or the instruments are too loud. The audio quality is pretty bad. To be honest the music isn't to my taste. The parts of a song that create a song's anatomy were almost all there; there were verses, a chorus, and maybe a bridge within the chorus? Hm, I would work on the chorus more.

Click Here to listen to a 2nd dance remix of Chris Davidson's version of What It Takes To Be A Man by Green Raver.

Reviews of Green Raver's 2nd remix of What It Takes To Be A Man from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 4.8 out of 10):

  • The tempo and the beat of the harmonies here make me think the creative part is not overlooked. The tone of the singer is powerhousing the intense structure of the lyrics and how he sings them. He sings like he is a tough one, his louder and clearer singing tone is really different though and would love to hear more form this artist. Originality is his thing. The componants are somewhat repetitive in the music.
  • Cool begining seems to be a electronic song. i love the gene. good voice and vocals had a great tone to your voice. but i would work on the beat it got very boring. but overall nice song i enjoyed it alot im a fan :)
  • The beat was great at the beginning of this song, and was consistent throughout. The vocalist's voice was also quite strong and I really enjoyed that. If the sound of the vocalist's voice was more consistent, I think it would sound better. The lyrics are also somewhat weak and could be worked on. Overall, not a bad song, you just need to find what works better.
  • The intro has a good drum and guitar rhythm. The male vocalist is haunting, and stylish. The lyrics are original and clear. At times the singer sounds monotoned and boring. While the beat is changing it keeps the song interesting. Try working on the singer explore different ranges to match the music. The music is more interesting than the singer right now.
  • The instrumental to the song seems really empty and doesn't offer anything interesting to the ear. The vocals are also really echo-y and incredibly lackluster. I don't think the singer has much range to sing anything. The quality of the song seems like it was recorded by someone's phone in a public bathroom. The singer isn't even really singing they are more speaking into the song and I don't think this song would work well in any market.
  • The beats were catchy and it had a nice rhythm from the start. The voice of the singer had a dated quality. It seemed vintage and interesting. The lyrics were too simple. The lyrics were weird and didn't make sense. They lacked meaning. I don't like the tempo and how it changed in the middle. I also didn't like the repetition by the singer. It doesnt have commercial potential. It could have been clearer.
  • I like the hip-hop sound. The electric guitar is the perfect addition to your background electric feel. The vocals were a shock, they didn't match up to the feel of the song at first, but I really loved it when you began singing, it was beautiful and I enjoyed it very much so. I love the beat all through, but the vocal strength jsut fades throughout it all. Work on your tone and strengths and weaknesses in the music.
  • I really like this song despite the genre of it! The tempo was at the perfect pace and it was at a speed where I could take in the entire song. The artist really has potential, he has such a nice melodic voice in this piece. The acoustics in this piece had a good instrumental to it, awesome job here.
  • I quite like the intro, the 80s vibe, but the moment the vocals starts the song goes a little down hill. There's something echoey and distant about the sound that makes it seem very disjointed and out of place - it could be production value, but the song does not mesh well with the backing music. The backing drums sound a little like one of those default tracks that you can activate on an electronic keyboard. The singer's vocals go flat at times and overall I wouldn't rate his singing very highly. It might be helpful for him to sing in a lower register as he sounds like his voice thins on the higher notes.
  • A climbing bass riff and simply percussion begin this piece. The vocals come in overly confident but full. As the song goes on the vocals become flimsy, flat, and out of key. The voice does not match the genre or the rhythm of the song. There is potential in the vocals. The song is quite boring with nothing new or original going on. There is a complete lack of organic instrumentation or uniqueness.
  • You can feel the progression of this song as it begins. His voice really draws me in and gives me the flock of seagulls feeling. The lyrics are a little corny and I didn't really like them too much. It would be better if it was rewritten with different lyrics but the same beat and the same singer. I also think that his vocal track overshadows the beat.
  • The beginning of the song sounded like it was going to be an electronic song. The deep voice threw me off. The vocals are good and the music is good , the lyrics are good too. I just don't feel like the music matches the voice. It just makes it feel messy and confusing.
  • The beat is very catchy right away, makes me want to dance. The vocals can be improved a bit. The rhythm is exciting and very tuneful. Lyrically, it is difficult to follow what the vocalist is saying because his voice is flat. If he varied his voice more then the lyrics would be easier to follow. Personally, I wouldn't listen to this song on my own time nor would I download it onto my phone or other devices.
  • I like this song because of the moving beat and bass. The singer's voice is great and the lyrics are clearly heard. I'm not sure of the meaning song so because it sounds like nonsense it sort of takes you out of the song. I do enjoy it as a whole though.
  • Very techno and good beat to the song. I like the singers voice as well. Something very house techno sound to it which is very different and new. Sounds like a Lady Gaga song but the male version. I can see this song be a great with the ravers or so. Not bad at all I would recommend this song to others.
  • The song begins with a rhythmic melody, it is of the house/electro/dubstep genre. I enjoy the simple melody. The vocals are not integrated in the song itself. They are of a different sound and just have no place in this song. The vocals don't pick up when the beat does and there is no drop. The lyrics are not deep too, they are also boring.
  • Upon the first few notes I was nodding my head anticipating the singer lead. I immediately thought that this would be a good song. Then when the singer finally did come in it was slightly overpowering making the sweet base just die. It was decent vocal but they were so overpowering and had a slight echo that almost made it sound like the song was recorded from the middle of a silent karaoke game. The lyrics were good, and the instrumentals were good.
  • The song starts with a very simple instrumental which is probably created in digital software. it is in a normal pace. the vocal artist needs some improvement, the melody was not on point and the singing was not upto standard. which fails to impress. therefore work on the improvements.
  • This beat is hot! I started dancing as soon as the beat came on! This song can be a hit overseas top ten. I like the vocals on this song as well. I think the chorus is good because it is catchy and easy to remember. I also like the lyrics because they have a positive uplifting message. I think with the right marketing this can be a huge commercial record! I would like to see A music video as well as a live performance.
  • I like the upbeat sounds of the beginning. The synth is in a cool rhythm. The voice of the singer is a bit unexpected but it sounds cool and different. This is a very unique song and I like the lyrics a lot. The techno starting about 30 seconds in sounds great with the style that the song has.
  • Keyboard loops, and drum machine working together to create a killer groove. 80's flavored Depeche Mode influence, at its finest. The piano line that kicks in only brings out the nostalgic sense more. The vocalist in the forefront is really trying hard, though slightly off note in a couple of parts. Nice broad echo, making the sound big. All in all great mix!
  • The music from the instrumentals are at quality standards. It is the lyrics that fall below the standards in the music. The chorus in the song is one that is below the quality standards of the industry. The vocals have a quality edge to the that meet the bar. The song does not meet the high standards to make a hit.
  • I like the bass that is thrown in your face. I feel like if this came on the radio i would immediately want to listen. The bass drives the song. The male vocals is better when he stays with the low and slow singing, but as he continues it gets a bit like he's shouting. The song could use a melody or counter instrumentals to add to the bass because it gets repetitive and boring. It starts good then it just gets worse. The lyrics are alright but are a bit literal.
  • I love the lyrics to this song. Dance music is the best music to me. This song when I played it I automatically started dancing. This song has great instruments in it that pop. I had to play it multiple times. I love the snare that they are using. Greatly produced I would refer this song to my friends.
  • The intro of the song is good but at the same time the intro of the song is pretty basic. This song sounds like some song from the old times to me. The vocals are weird i guess. Not the best. My feelings about this is i dont really like it BUT at the same time i wouldnt skip over it if it were in my music.
  • The instrumental base has a good groove and a great beat,I love the bass and the simple melody that is create by the keybords wuth a lot of electronics effects. I don't like the vocals that,for me,worsen all the composition,I think that are tedious a little bit out of contest and very higher than the rest of the base. The equalization is a little bit strange and wrong for me:There is to much space and volume for the voice and no valorization of the base in some moments,when the voice is off or when it return in line with the composition the equalization become perfect. At last I can define this song good with a little bit of problems.
  • The underlying beat to this song is very smooth and entrancing to dance it out. The bass feels right, and with the piano accompanying it, there is no wrong. However, when the voice is concerned, it could be more on beat. It sounds to be a little before the beat of the song, making it seem off and unpleasing to the ear. Besides the timing, the voice is pleasant and the lyrics are engaging. Overall, if the voice of the song was to occur on beat, this would be a fabulous track.
  • An 80's synth pops and bounces along as the thumping bass drum keeps it all in time. The vocals soon come in and are clear and soft, much like The Pet Shop Boys. Once he rises a register, Simon LeBon of Duran Duran came to mind. But it's all keys and a male vocal. Similar to Depeche Mode or Soft Cell. Dark Wave or Synth Wave. A great steady beat never veers away and this could be a favorite in an 80's dance club somewhere.
  • The music at the beginning had me nodding my head as soon as it came on. When the artist began singing I cringed. Very uncoordinated in my opinion. Music, lyrics, and voice did not match each other. It's, unfortunately, not something you would catch me willingly listening to. It was headache inducing and not good at all. Hopefully the next will be better.
  • The song is okay. I can't distinguish where the chorus part comes in. The song is pretty much lacking a chorus verse. Around the middle of the song, you started going out of pitch and out of beat. Then you got back right on pitch and on beat again. That is a problem. You need to redo this song again by adding at least 3 to 5 choruses on to your track. Also, you need to sing the whole song on pitch and on beat.
  • The introduction sounds like it's trying to get the listener hyped up for something it doesn't know what's it coming. The melody of the song uses repetitive notes of music and basic not very good sound of base to the beats. It crumbles the song already now and in then. The lyrics of the song explains that the artist is getting tired of someone being emotional about a little problem. Overall, i think this song should work on making the melody sound more better and less repitive but it did a great job at putting meaning into the lyrics of the song.
  • The music is interesting and intriguing. The song sort of has this 80s vibe which I can appreciate. The singer's voice also vaguely reminds me of Billy Idol so it adds to the 80s sound. The lyrics seem kind of random to me and don't really make sense. The lyrics actually make me less interested and intrigued in the song. At some points, the lyrics and the music don't really go well together. I think the lyrics overall don't really go with the music. I feel like this was performed at a club and the singer is doing a spoken word piece to the music. I also think the song has poor sound quality. I really want to like this song but I don't.
  • The intro was great . The beat was good . The lyrics is what I don't understand. the harmonies were great . His vocals were too. He sounds very talented . I wouldn't buy the whole album . This sounds good but not all that . Its not something I'd listen too. I love R&B Rap Hip-Hop this okay though I say 8 because its not bad.