I wrote the lyrics and melody for What If, but do not sing or play any instruments, so I hired Hoo-Hah Songwriter Production) to record it for me (Music, Production & Vocals by Jonathan Wood). The version he did came out very catchy and was very well produced, but was a little more country than I envisioned it, so I had Green Raver do a dance remix version, which you can listen to below:

Song Title: What If

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What If

Verse 1:
I walk these streets
the sites and sounds
souls of the lost
search for higher ground

No weary rest
no place to hide
the light of change
must shine from deep inside

What if there was love
what if there was peace
what if those without
had everything they need

What if hate and kindness
both walked hand in hand
and mighty waves of hope
swept across this land

What if there was love
What if there was love

Verse 2:
The years they pass
I watch them fade
just memories floating
in life's parade

We fight the fight
but at what cost
nobody wins
when faith is lost

What if there was love
what if there was peace
what if those without
had everything they need

What if hate and kindness
both walked hand in hand
and mighty waves of hope
swept across this land

What if there was love
What if there was love

What if there was love
what if there was peace
what if those without
had everything they need

What if hate and kindness
both walked hand in hand
and mighty waves of hope
swept across this land

What if there was love
What if there was love
What if there was love
What if there was love

Reviews of Green Raver's dance remix of What If on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.4 out of 10):

  • I feel like this song has a very summery pop vibe and I'm not sure if country is supposed to be the genre, but I think it could do well on either the country, pop or top 40 charts. The electric beats reminds me of the 1980s and pop music and the guitar has really nice melodies that contribute to make the song successful.
  • This song was something I liked from the moment I heard the first two beats. It has such a care free tone and I love the drum and guitar harmony. I love the singing too. It's a nice beat that belong on the air. I like the message of the song.
  • The beat for this song is steady but a bit weak in tone. The vocals are simple and seem a bit too old fashioned for a song with this atmosphere. The chorus changes your mind a little bit on this point. The lyrics are very positive and inspirational. This is the type of song that may have worked twenty years ago, but seems very cheesy by today's standards.
  • I had hopes for this song, because the intro was great. It fit the category of electronic/trance. All of a sudden, the singer opened his mouth and started singing...and the song turned to mush. It became a boring rock song that would become forgotten as a potential one hit wonder. Maybe. The chorus made sense, but the lyrics didn't. The bridge and transition from parts of the song were done quite well though.
  • Pretty little beat in the intro makes me happy when I listen to it all. I find the summery feeling here is in the air and the tune captures the moment. His style reminds me of the more current tunes out there now so he would get in now perfectly on the radio. Harmonies are lovely, somewhat low keyed. Somewhat louder vocals would not hurt. You could even dance to this little song if you wanted to. Words written in the lyrics are outstanding.
  • This song has a great message and has a great run of instrumentation. The singer has a smooth voice and has the perfect amount of range without overdoing it. The mix is outstanding. The implementation of the piano fits in nicely. The beat of the drums are spot on and carry a consistent and persistent vibe. This song is very enjoyable to listen to and has the potential to be a top ten hit for a week at the least. Vocally and lyrically, there is no modification or change needed as this song is as near to perfect as it can get. The hook is amazing and runs into the verse lines fine. The harmonies in the back up vocals are right on target. The message is well presented and this is a hit in the waiting. This is a very solid and tight tune. Great job.
  • The original introduction is fresh but original. The harmony in verse 1 is sung perfectly and throughout. The melody is perfect along with the tone and rhythm. The chorus is exciting but original. I would add a variety of instruments into the chorus and sound effects to create a dramatic change to keep the song interesting.
  • The intro sounded like some sappy Taylor swift song until the vocals came in. the vocals were sort of out of key until the verse actually started and then it was okay sounding. the lyrics were kind of a turn off an did not match the style of music this song was. i would not recommend this song to others. the balance was a little off and the background music was too loud.
  • This song will get a lot of attention on the radio. The song is very positive and has a great melody. I like that this song is cool and well balanced. The singer sings in key and sounds totally clear. I like his style, and the direction this song is going in. Very skilled artist and band.
  • The vocalist is too composed and soft. The song needs to be more bright and clever. The beat and tempo is varied and steady. The vocalist is decent. The artist could have done better. He needs to be more clear and clean cut. The song overall is good and appealing. The vocalist put a damper on the song.
  • The song is upbeat and fun. Once the artist starts singing the mood of the song changes though. The song goes from being upbeat and fun to more relaxing and comfortable due to the artist tone and pitch. The melody and beats used for this song I feel don't match the lyrics used and don' fit the lyrical styles used.
  • This song definitely has high production values. Everything is loud, clear, and mixed well. The vocalist is in key, and his lyrics go with the beat of the song without falling out of tempo. The layered instruments sound great together. There is some skilled songwriting present, and everything changes in the right spots.
  • This song has a great buildup to it. The message is interesting, and the lyrics make you feel certain things. The vocals are good and the beat and guitars are very catchy. It sounds like it could take hold of the listener and make them pay attention to what the singer is saying. The band is obviously having fun, and I was too while I was listening to it.
  • I wish the intro could be a little more unique. Like maybe a guitar glide into the percussion. I think that would make this song a bit more memorable. The percussion is really nice and spiky. I like the vocal harmony that would come in. It really helped the vocal melody out. The guitar also played a really cool melody. If you listen closely you can hear quite a few instruments really giving this song more ambiance. I think I heard an electric keyboard that gave the song like a wind effect. That was a really smart addition.
  • The first few notes of the song were appealing and make the listener want to continue listening; nevertheless, as soon as the singer begins, the song loses its charm. Flat vocals. The lyrics may have something, but the delivery does not give them the chance to shine. The overall pace of the song is nice, but is missing extra elements to add complexity.
  • This song is alright. I wouldn't listen to it again but I recognize the talent. The melody is okay. I am not that amused or impressed with any of it to be honest. The lyrics have some good meaning but I am still not connected.
  • Something about the chorus reminds me of something Tom Petty would write. That's not a bad thing, but it's definitely a dated 80's mainstream rock sound that people aren't really going for right now. The singer has a strong and attractive voice that translates well to mainstream pop rock music if that's what they want to do. The song lyrics have a touching message, something people aren't writing much about these days. It's almost too naive or sweet though with the line "what if there was love" repeating over and over again, we do live in cynical times!
  • There is a very happy and hopeful sound to this track, which is uplifting to listen to. the melodic tune is quite bouncy as it paces forth with a positive energy that can be felt by the steady rhythmic beat. the male vocals sound very mature in tone, singing in quite a sincere and tender hearted way to engage the audience with his honest nature.
  • Song from the beginning sounds like a christian song, especially when the vocalist comes in and starts singing the lyrics as well. The lyrics give an uplifting meaning and melody is cheerful making this a song I could see a christian radio playing like k love or other mainstream station.
  • I love the drum mixed with the music in the beginning! The lyrics are really relateable and different than other songs. The melody fits well with what is going on in the background. The voices of the vocalists fit well with this song. I love that the lyrics tell a story.

Below is a version of What If by Chris Davidson, which is much more like how I originally wrote the song (as compared to the Hoo-Hah Songwriter Production version above):

Reviews of What If on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.7 out of 10):

  • The intro to the song has a really good meaning its not like most songs that just enter into it with a guitar solo or something. There is still a guitar in this song but it sounds different. Most guitars just have one melody that they stick to and this one has multiple and it is really nice. I like the singer a lot he has a great voice and sticks with the drums really well and doesn't let them go. I like the way his voice sounds. The song is really well done and everything about it is just amazing.
  • I think the song could use a bit of an intro before the lyrics. The song delves right into a strong chorus quite quickly-- I think this song needs to take its time. The lyrics sound a bit sad, so I think it doesn't quite follow the melody. The instrumentals themselves sound beautiful so that doesn't need any work in my opinion. The vocals are average, I think they could use a bit of work especially in the higher ranges.
  • i liked how the song started off as a spoken word. his tone was calm yet string. the chorus that had the drums and piano made the song seem loud and powerful. he seemed to be really into the song. the song overall was okay.
  • Decent groove, the vocal effects seem a little overdone at some points, I think the song could overall benefit from being a bit more raw. I like the drums, they really drive the song through the verses. Appeals to a John Lennon crowd for sure. What If There Was Love- a catchy hook, one that would stick in my head for a while. The lead guitar is perfectly mixed, the solo/bridge/instrumental break is very well done and definitely the highlight of the song. I could definitely listen to this when I was relaxing or high or trying to fall asleep. A "sit on the ridge with your arm around your girl" song. I like it a lot.
  • The artist starts with a very weak voice, only to overpower through it and come in very strong, showing great vocal control. The music doesn't quite blend in well with the singing and seems to almost be competing with it in ways. It's quality is a little shoddy at places, seeming almost shaky at times. Overall I would say this song is good, but needs improvement on the pairing of music and singer.
  • I'm not sure what genre this would fit into. I think it is probably more of a niche market style song. The melody is unique and very good. I do enjoy the sound. The vocalist is very talented and has a nice vibrato to his voice. The song is very thought provoking and inspirational.
  • It has a very deep story behind it, and it is very easy to notice. The backdrop gives you an awareness of the depressed, dark story that rests The beat is subtle and easy to listen to. This song would be great to slow dance to and would be popular with alternative music fans.
  • I can't really say this song has a message because all the singer does is as multiple questions. The other lyrics do not seem to answer the many questions he posed. Yet I do have to give him credit the melody is acceptable and the harmony is not mediocre. Although the acoustic and his voice don't really sit well they are passable together, while the song wouldn't quiet earn a recommendation from me its pretty decent.
  • The vocals and lyrics of this song which is sung by a male start right away followed by a nice guitar in background and then suddenly the guitar picks up and the drums kick in, and the singing picks up. It has a pretty relaxing yet up beat song, It makes ya happy and sad at the same time. Its a really nice song and would fit into a funeral I reckon or if ya just want a nice song to listen to.
  • The beginning sounds so sad and it sounds like a song that i would listen too when im having a bad day or if someone broke up with me. The singers vocals are really good and i really like the drums in the instrumental. The lyrics are good but him saying the "what if" gets annoying after a while but the lyrics after sound great.I would rate 7 out of 10.
  • I do not prefer this music. But this is a pretty good song. The instrumental part of this song i think is better than the singing but overall an ok song. For someone not liking much of this music i like this song and would listen to it again. The lyrics are ok but not the best and his voice to me sounds pretty dumb. Thats why he gets a four out of ten from me.
  • The song is sweet and full of soul. The song is original and full of love. The singer is amazing and fun. I love the singer and his music it's great.It"s a wonderfull song I like the song. I love this music.
  • I wasn't really feeling the slow intro to the song, but when the beat picked up I understood the intro. I enjoyed the song when the beat picked up, the beat and lyrics are smooth. The repeats in the song come in a good place that make the song very easy to listen to and I think anyone who enjoys good music would like this.
  • The vocals of the song begin with depth and emotion. The lyrics are meaningful. The melody flows smoothly. The lyrics also create a picture. I can imagine a couple walking together hand in hand on the beach, smiling at each other. The instrumental bridge is consistent with the emotion of the song.
  • This song is very eerie. I like it a lot. It's a type of song I'd listen to when I feel like being alone. It makes it the perfect song just to relax to. The lyrics paint a lovely picture and have truly wholehearted meaning to them. The song reminds me a bit of Vampire Weekend slowed down. It's a nice track. I like the theme of love in the song. I also appreciate the peace aspect. The artist has a very nostalgic and almost sad sounding voice, but it is pleasant.
  • I like the vocals. The lyrics are impressive and I like the transition to the chorus. The percussion is slow and soft which goes with the mood of the song. The live audience adds to the atmosphere of the song. The guitar riff is simple but melodic. I feel like the song is a bit too slow paced for me and I would only really listen to it if I was in a dark mood. But as for as this genre of music is concerned it is definitely a solid composition.
  • This voise seems to be very relaxing and soothing to the mind and soul. The beat seems to be very slow and calm though. The guitar and drums are in great harmony with each other which is very awesome. The melody of this song would be well suited for a camping trip.
  • I don't think this song would sell very well on public playlists, I think it would be great for a movie soundtrack because the chorus is absolutely stunning but the verses are really needing more substance to it. The song would have Major appeal to the people who enjoy singer songwriter music or Indie sad songs though.
  • I think this is a very nice love song. what is there was love. this could be a nice song for couple having problems that would bring them together. The male has a pretty nice voice and the lyric sounds real good. Goes along with the causal beats. I rate it at a 7 there could be a little more feeling put into it.
  • Vocals are weak, but instruments are decent. Lyrics are decently catchy, but female back up vocals are not a good addition. Easy, hippie rock feel. Sounds like something out the 60s. Clear vocals at least. The build to the chorus is somewhat sudden and noisy.
  • The artist has a nice soothing voice. The vocals mesh very well together with the rhythm. Lyrics are repetitive and a bit cheesy. I think I heard a phone ring in the middle of the song? Because it wasn't mine. Unfortunaely, that's unprofessional, but it's probably not the artists fault.
  • Lead vocalist has a unique voice. Back-up vocals were just right. Not sure I loved the lyrics. The drums and bass were great. Guitars were great. The musical composition as a whole was very good and made me want to sing along. Tempo worked well with the song by conveying the emotion to match the lyrics. Very good song.
  • Intro: The intro had a strong beginning. It was very strong and energetic. Vocals: The singer had a very strong and powerful voice. His singing was very clear as well. Instrumental: The guitar tune was very nice. It made me feel like I was being drawn into the music. Overall: I could see this being played at some sort of night club. The song was very nice and inspiring.
  • What if this song told me exactly what I wanted to hear in a different way that I haven't already heard. You aren't bad or anything, but there's something else it needs, another chorus piece, another singer, another songwriter, but I like this song and that's why you're getting a seven. You have potential to make a lot happen for yourselves. This track could use more instrumentals on top of your great voice.
  • This song sound so sad coming on as intro. I like the gita that was playing. The artist has a nice voice with music. I like the rhthym of the music would have been nice to hear some soft bass. There is a little work that need to be done not a lot.
  • This song didn't have an introduction but that is okay because the beginning of this song was beautiful. The guy singing has a beautiful and hard hitting voice, this song has a great balance. The lyrics were beautifully written and it sort made me have some good moments.
  • Reminds me of a song that would be found on a movie soundtrack or in the credits. Could easily get someone in their feels. Possibly sadness, most definitely not joy. The lyrics are decent, the vocals kind of outplay the music some, not by much. Very, Very nice guitar solo, lightens the songs feel. The dynamics throughout the song are nicely broken up. The song resembles a song from the 60s based off of the musics flow. The tempo is kind of slow which brings out the emotion of sadness, it would possibly be a better track if it was speed up slightly.

Below is a version of What If by Cam Jones:

Reviews of Cam's version of What If on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.8 out of 10):

  • I loved the soft guitar introduction into the song. The singing was very good and I really liked the lyrics and tone of the singing. The voice of the singing was very peaceful and had a "sexy" tone to it. I really liked this song and would like to listen to more of it and possible a whole album from this particular artist.
  • I love the guitar chord progression of this song. It really supports the fantastic male vocal. The tone of his voice is nice to listen to. It has an almost soulful quality to it. The overdubbed chorus vocal allows for good harmonies. To improve the song I would suggest a little more variation in the second verse. Perhaps in the instrumental accompaniment. Overall I loved this song.
  • The song takes a different route with an eerie solo having the realistic vocals of the singer. the elicate touches of the guitar and masterful symphony hit the bull’s eye and opens up new horizons of musical experimentation. This track would surely take the listener to a detour beyond boundaries with an everlasting impact. overall good song, good base and tune.
  • A nice song but a bit dull. Sometimes you just want more than nice. The music and vocals did not change much all the way through the song. The lyrics are ok. I just wanted the artist to add something more. The song could of had different instruments or a few twist in the vocals.
  • The balance and EQ are good. There is a lot of feeling in the vocals. The guitar could be more intricate in the beginning and follow better dynamics to keep it interesting. The percussion at the chorus sounds really good and adds dynamics. The chorus is very rich with emotion and feeling with the vocals and lyrics. The backing vocals keep the song from getting boring and come in at the right time. The song sounds very acoustic, raw and unpolished.
  • Nice sweet guitar introduction, created an honest impression for the vocalist entrance. the lyrics were sweet. the harmonies were nice, but it soon started to get too repetetive, and could definitely do with changing up a little bit, or adding some more complex variations in the backing. it was nice, but a little too basic to be memorable.
  • The intro has a gentle guitar play. The singer sounds like he might have a good voice, he is just unfortunately too quiet at the start. The singing progresses to sound a bit like Jason Mraz. The lyrics are pretty good and can be picked out. Should be quite easy to sing along to. The singer should be careful with the "What if there was loooove" part, the love goes a little out of tune. The drum creates a nice beat throughout. The song follows a good structure with a clear chorus that could be sung by the crowd at festivals. I think personally I'd have this song on my iPod.
  • The guitar and the intro makes me feel relaxed and his voice makes it even better! His voice is really attractive and it makes me feel like he means everything he says when he is singing. The lyrics sound so pretty and mean so much to him. They make sense and that is a big thing for me because if they do not then its a no. The music sounds so sweet together they are not too slow. and not too fast. And it works perfectly with his vocals. I think he could make it big time if he can get people talking about him.
  • The track has a nice start and i liked how easy the acoustic guitar set in after the first ten seconds. The singer has a very virtuous vocal and he does a good job in the first verse. The chorus was a little boring though and i did not get the lyircs here either. The thing which i enjoyed the most when listening to this was the soft guitar riff. This was an OK song but not great.
  • The soft guitar introduction would make the listener close their eyes and just listen as the music reaches you the same way John Lennon managed to do. It is a unique sound that not many people can replicate but the artist has done a great job here. The lyrics are meaningful to everyone who listens and it gives a happy vibe off to the listener. Great work!
  • The song has a chilled out vibe. I like the use of the guitar it puts me in a calm mood. This song has a good hook and a very nice beat. The tempo starts off slow and speeds up a little as the song continues. I thought the lyrics were beautiful and lively. The vocals were fairly good but could be better. Possibly a future hit.
  • I like the acoustic guitar and like the singer too. This is a pretty good feel good song. It's clean and deserving. It also has the right bass that it needs. A great slow song kinda between country and slow rock easy listening that people like to hear. This would appeal to a lot of different people. I like it.
  • I love this intro, it's nice and atmospheric. It sounds 'natural' I also love the harmonies and how the tempo of the song is. It's nice and relaxing and this is a song that I would listen to in my own time and I am a very picky person with the songs I like to listen to. The vocals were nice and tuneful. They were quite interesting also. The rhythm was beautiful! It has a solid beat but usually it's on drums but not in this song, it was the guitar. I LOVE this song and I especially love the ending when all the instruments stop and there's no instrumental but the guy repeats the last line again. I think it would've been great if there was a harmony at the end too!
  • This song is also very soft and difficult to hear. though i really rather enjoy the beautiful acoustic tones of the guitar. the singers vocal tones suite the acoustic guitar rather well. i like the subtle drum beat to accompany the guitars melody. the singer is alright, they dont have an extremely beautiful voice, but it works out alright anyways.
  • Guitar sounds very good in the beginning. the vocals sound fairly good as well in the beginning. the instruments do not drown out the lyrics, neither the lyrics drowning out the instruments. when the drum joins in, the song goes slightly more up beat. even though the vocals are good, they are limited as its fairly low to medium pitched throughout the entire song with the exception of a few parts.
  • The music was awesome! The guitars were nice and the drums sounded skilled and professional. The vocalists sang loud and clearly. I could hear dynamic changes. The message of the song perfectly fits the mood of the song. I could easily make out what the artist was trying to say here. It sounded very comforting, and I would listen to it again!
  • The melody of the song is very nice and the pitch is correct and the extensive use of the melody and the pitch of the song is very good, I like the use of the vocals and the use of the Guitar and I think it is very good, I like this song.
  • A simple but effective song with a nice melody from the start. A catchy and sing along chorus with nice harmonies is performed extremely well. A nice story told with passion in his voice. Excellent track, we'll written, structured and performed. A big song along ending to top off a great song.
  • The introduction was a little slow and boring for me. I do find the recording quality of this song to be quite poor, however I know that cannot always be helped. The vocals definitely have a live sound to them. However, he really has a gorgeous soulful voice I enjoyed listening to.
  • It doesn't have that much beats but it is fine. It feels like classical music, it has guitar, and couple of other instruments like violin. It talks about love. It says "What if there was love!?" I think he is talking about a girl he loves truly to his heart and must have gone away. It sounds a little bit of sad too.
  • I like the guitar intro. The beat is good. Good relaxing music. This guy isn't a bad singer..not the best..but not the worst. I like the harmony. I like the words. The instrumental is good. Don't think I would add this to my iTunes music. Makes me want to slow dance.
  • Acoustic guitars start this song out in sedate folk style and a sedate singer searches the streets for salvation of love. This is classic 'save the world' folk and is at least empowered by a steely beat and soulful singing. At times this hairy dude cops Motown-worthy vocal gestures that feel powerful and nuanced. The call to salvation and world love feels genuine in its stark simplicity. Perhaps a string arrangement towards the end could really dress up this cut and flesh out the minimal feel of its current guitar/drum/vocal state.
  • I think the song has an acoustic and sad vibe to it. The vocals have a lot of emotion to them right from the start. It is very melodic and harmonic in the chorus. What the song lacks is a better mix and master to give the track more energy.
  • Guitar solo was good. Lyrics touched me because they talk about things we need in this world. The beauty of love and peace. Both vocalist have interesting tones to them. Should let the second vocalist sing a little more. But this is a beautiful track and keep working in this.
  • A cruisy pop-guitar track that's obviously been inspired by flower children like John Lennon and U2. This is a positive, upbeat song, but nothing that really hits the heartstrings the way the aforementioned artists have. This may be due to the very simple nature of the song. The lyrics don't stand out, the voice has a very limited range, and the guitar chords are repetitive and never challenge themselves. There's a wonderful message behind this song, but it's the kind of song someone who's just picked up a guitar would create. More time and dynamism could make this a beauty, but in the meantime, I can't see much that's special about it.
  • These vocals are very good and are appealing to me. I like it when an artist knows how to tell a good story and they do just that. The rhythm is easy going and simple. It's perfect for the mood they have created. The slower pace in the tempo has just enough speed to keep this flowing smoothly. I like the gentle dynamic changes. Great tune.

Click below to hear Caruano95's dance remix version of the What If.

Reviews of Caruano95's remix of What If on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.8 out of 10):

  • The song began with a beautiful beat that had a great instrumental aspect. This melody was then further progressed and complemented by the artist's voice. His gritty but sweet voice combined with the melody to create a great country song that I could definitely see playing on my car radio at any time. I will definitely be hearing this again!
  • I like the slow and empowering start to this song. It's a very strange country tune to be honest and it stands out from the other songs in this genre. I think that there could be some more positive lyrics in the song that would make it sound a bit more happier. Too many special effects also. Perhaps holding the note for a while longer.
  • This song was very good. I like that it was simple and has great lyrics. The song will get the attention of many listeners on the radio. I like the style of the artist and the structure of the song. Very positive track with direction.
  • The beat and the rythm fits perfectly into the same structure as the beat as light as they al are. They bring in something extra to the musical abilities of the musicians. There is this personality of the artist kind that expresses hims singing with ease. The tone to this singing style is amazingly bright and fresh. Pitch is perfectly used to make his voice heard even if it is somewhat too gentle in ways.
  • The instrumentals are gorgeous and really make a great introduction for the song. The vocals and lyrics go hand-in-hand I really creating a depth to the song and meeting as well! The band really shines in the song and everything sound authentic and well played. The melody and rhythm are also outstanding and with the flow of the vocals everything mix as well!
  • This is a cute tune. I could see myself nodding along to this on the radio. The vocals on the music remind me of Woodstock. Just good simple music with a good message, which is something we're missing in music today. I would love to see this group in concert, like Hangout Fest or Bonnaroo. This is just very good music. Yea!
  • The melody in this song had a really nice tune to it that got me really happy when I heard it. The vocalist of this artist needs to sing with more conviction because he sounds really boring as of now. The lyrics in this piece of art has a really cool and unique message that I barely hear now a days.
  • This song makes me want to drive around or to the beach with the windows down. Very upbeat background music. Only downside is the lyrics being sung are hard to understand, not every word but some of them. The voice is very low and not much change in pitch or range of tone. The chorus section is easy to understand.
  • This song is really nice. I like the rhythm and the way the song has been made. It has a nice melody and the lyrics are beautifully written. This song has nice instruments that sound very nice together. This production has a commercial potential and the rhythm is very good to listen to.
  • With a voice very similar to that of the lead vocalist from Shinedown, this song is a great piece of music. At times the vocals can falter, mainly during high pitched segments (but hey, what man can keep his voice high too long?), but they do not ruin this track as the music nicely compliments it. This song is a masterful piece of work and I would love to hear more.
  • The melody grabs the listeners attention because it's unique but catchy and memorable and accompanied by strong and distinctive vocals that make the song what it is. The lyrics are thought provoking and meaningful so they were definitely created by a talented and accomplished artist.
  • The drums and the guitar sound very good but they are to high in volume and are not balanced correctly, I can hardly hear the singer. The singer is kind of rough and gruff sounding its not super appealing but its not bad, but over all it doesnt matter because I can hardly hear him. I would not choose to ever listen to this song on my own.
  • Ok the beat was getting catchy but the vocals of the song is a bit off. Idk if it's just to deep for the upbeat tune or what. I like the message in the chorus. Advertising peace and love is a beautiful thing and what I think are music needs. The message in this song is very beautiful what if.
  • The tone of the song is inviting right from the start. The vocals on this track are great. The singer has a natural talent that Most of their audience will enjoy. I love the sound of the keyboard in the background. The melody sounds really pretty. I like the lyrics, simple but meaningful.
  • Loved the boppy intro. The vocals are clear and it's nice to be able to understand the lyrics. They are meaningful. Great voice control and an enjoyable song to listen to. The instruments create an interesting sound and they don't overpower the vocals which is nice. A great, even balance throughout the song.
  • Feel good tune. Nice blend of tones. However the vocals and the lyrics give this a different feel. I don't feel the music matches the vocals and lyrics. The vocals are deep, maybe a little too deep for the up beat feel of the tune. The lyrics sounds like it has more of a romantic theme going on as to where the tune to this doesn't give that off.
  • I love the intro to this song. It just makes you want to dance and smile. I was a bit surprised by the singers voice at the beginning but when he started to get into the song near the chorus it tied together greatly. I love the words too, they create such a great meaning and help the happy-go-lucky feeling of the whole song. I could imagine John Lennon singing this song.
  • Simple yet effective drum line, guitar faded a little into the background, which, I don't think was the intention. Lyrics were sort of typical of a psuedo-Christian message. This type of song isn't for me, but I can understand how it would appeal to a certain demographic. Well written, and performed, just not for me.
  • Great keyboard work on the intro. Love how the lead singer and drums come in together and on time. The chrous line is great. The combo singers on the melody and three part harmony is wonderful. Love the constant and steady beat. This has a great fun piece very 60's feel. The message it provides is great. The bridge is great break in the lyrics.
  • I love the intro it sets the mark for the song the beat is great. The lyrics are great too. This song has a powerful expression on me. The lyrics have meaning and the vocals are not over powered by the instrumental. This song has a high commercial potential. The percussion is great. Keep it up. This song is marvelous.
  • This is a remarkably pleasant rock songs with shades of early Springsteen and Mellencamp seeping through every sonic pore. The song itself is not an intellectual piece. Just sit back and enjoy it. Everything that was meant to work together works together. The vibe is a mellow hopefulness that anyone can love and should love. It's wonderful. Just wonderful stuff.
  • Soothing. I like the guitar. It sounds like a road-trip song. Especially a mountain road trip. Vocals are decent. The song is very catchy. You could dance slowly to moderately to this song. Not bad. Good for videos or picture montages. Sounds like a song that would apply to a lot of people.
  • I like the melody and the musical instruments in the song. The lead singer has a nice voice to listen to. Easy listening. Also the words have a nice message to it. I could see myself listening to this sitting by a campfire and relaxing. It puts me in a more relaxed state of mind.
  • This song is a bit upbeat but the background instrumentals overpower the singer. I have to concentrate to understand what he is saying over the music. The instrumental is also very basic so it makes the song a little boring, because that's mostly what you hear. I like the lyric content, about a better world, but I wish that I could actually hear it without concentrating.
  • Love the intro music! It gets me hyped up for the nice country vocals! The song has a very positive message, and makes a good love song. It tells a story, which is neat to see. He is trying to make a change in this world. I love it!
  • The straightforward tempo in the intro drew me into this song but unfortunately the vocalist was faded down too much and the music overpowered him through most of the vocals. The lyrics were quite hard to make out due to this but they sounded like typical boy band lyrics to me that didn't have much depth or emotion. The beat and instrumentals are decent enough but as I said, overpowered the vocalist to the point where his contribution is largely unmemorable.
  • The guitar and piano almost drown the vocals, which is a pity, because the vocalist is quite strong and I wish the song was a bit less cluttered. Though I will say that the way the melody is composed is very interesting, so it's hard for me to say how this could be achieved. I find the lyrical refrain "What if there was love/What if there was piece" a bit corny and difficult to listen to - while the idea is nice, it makes me want to roll my eyes a little at how blunt and on the nose it is. There are more intelligent ways to express the sentiment. I enjoyed the melodies and vocals but I feel like the lyrics need to be improved on.
  • Good strong drum and guitar intro. This song has a sort of folksy feel to it, which works well with the song topic. The chorus is catchy, What if There Was Love? If you were looking to add something to the song I would take out one of the chorus' and instead make another verse but other than that it's a decent song.
  • Long intro very catchy beat. Guys voice started out deep very unique . Harmony are really good. High notes are on point. Lyrics are very catchy. Lyrics aren't very clear but I like pop vibe to it. Beautiful song would recommend it to all my friends.
  • Folksy sounding. it sounds like a well written song. The recording quality is a little bit lacking but it makes up for it with the lyrics and vocal performance(s). It's really hard to write a good christian song so bravo. I liked the intro, it was a strong way to draw the listener in. My only critique is getting the production quality higher. nice demo.
  • At first I thought it was the song Hallelujah which i absolutely love! It sounds like a song I would hear at my church or on the religious radio station. It isn't really my favorite type of music. I'm sure it would be a very popular song for religious music stations, but it would definitely not be on a top hits radio station. The piano adds a nice touch. His voice sounds nice, but needs more specificity.
  • The introduction sounds very happy and seems to set the tone for a upbeat atmosphere that would be present in the song. The introduction did a good job of telling the listener what to expect and to create a feeling of joy from the beginning. The lyrics seem to tell a story and an optimistic one at that. The vocals aren't anything too impressive, but are solid and really step it up in the chorus. The melody does it's part and overall this song will make it because of the strong chorus and the way it makes the listener feel.
  • This introduction is very nice with the use of the guitar and the foot pedal on the drums. It is kind of hard to understand the words are being sung. Maybe if the volume of the instruments were lowered and the volume of the voice is raised? The mesage of this song is very nice and uplifting and brings me a feeling of joy and happiness.
  • Wow, I loved the flawless music in the beginning followed by singers sweet vocals. The beats are scattered in the best way it should be. The lyrics are good too. The instrumentals are but a little louder, the singers voice seems low because of the music strength. The beats are awesome too. The artist is an expert, the music is excellently wonderful. The lyrics are meaningfull.
  • Very upbeat. i like the piano and the percussion. Unfortunately the chorus is quite repetitive, and even with the lyrical content, there seems to be an aimlessness to the song. It was nice to listen to, but I do not think that I would listen to it again.
  • This is pleasant so far. The lyrics are nothing crazy but there not boring either. The chorus is corny though. It kind of ruins the rest of the song. It's tolerable, but there's nothing interesting musically that's going on. This sounds like every Christian worship band ever.
  • The song work smoothly with a few beats, simple elegant it is. Though not many people might not like this since it's not exactly catchy and the recording of the voice is pretty poor. Though it do sound quite nice but the voice is pretty scratchy. The lyrics is well though which probably would grab some fans. Nonetheless, I think it might be a hit.
  • I love the beginning 8 bars of just drums and guitar picking and then the rest of the band joining in. I like the tamborine beginning with the harmonies as well. The "what if there was love" pre chorus part has lovely harmonies. that harmony brings a lightness to the vocals that is much needed to match the music playing. I also really enjoy the fading out but I feel like it could have lasted longer as a fade.
  • Great guitar intro, as it really set the tone of the melody and setup the song very well. The artist has nice powerful and soft voice. With that, the vocals he used went very well with the lyrics he sung. This reminds me of a classic rock song with a tad of folk to it. I liked how the artist was asking the listener the question "what if there was love?". In my case I was able to come up with my own answer to this, and I am sure it is different from every one else's answer.
  • This song is something I can see my dad listen to. Its not a bad song, I just think it would do better with people in their late 30s. I couldn't really listen to the lyrics as the music was louder than the singer. I feel like this song would be something that they play at the grocery store. Song would have to have a more up beating beat for me to listen to.
  • What a thump! It really makes the fact that the song is only a mid tempo a lot more energetic, than it would have been, without it. The vocals are good, and the lyrics deliver a great message if you listen to them closely. The story it tells might have brought a tear to your eye if the enlightening music didn't lift you up so much. Everything is nice and clear, and the guitar melody mixing with the piano sound make the song feel more real and heartfelt.
  • Very interesting twist on a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' style. Nice pop melody with pop style recording i.e nice double vocals, vocal fade out. I would suggest a lead or another hook over the instrumental break before the final pre-chorus. Sounded as if the recording had squeels and some distortion in it, which drastically effects the power of the track. Definitely should look into a strong intro and hiring a pedal steel, guitarist, or doing a vocal harmony over the instrumental break to give it that feeling of continuity. Fatten up the production with a little master but make sure the master meter is not clipping!
  • This song has a fun as well as a bit gentle feel to it that leads it wonderfully. The music in this song emphasizes on the feel it gives off, powering it wonderfully. The singer has a good strong voice that stands over the music, almost as if showing its power.

Click below to hear an acoustic version of What If by Douglas Haines.

Reviews of the Douglas Haines acoustic version of What If on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.2 out of 10):

  • This song as a bit of an echo to it. the guitar is great, and the vocals are good. the words make sense. the two voices blend together at the right times in the song. the song is a little slow, it might benefit from being a tiny bit faster.
  • The intro started straight away and it was a guitar intro nothing else. The singer started singing almost instantly so did not have time to create a build up. This is not very catchy if they added more sounds and they sing quieter it could catch some ears. This track is not for me maybe for someone older but it seems to bland and boring for me.
  • Intro quite slow but the guitar is soft and sweet. Clear and rich vocalist with brilliant dictation. The lyrics are thoughtful and force the listener to think. The harmony vocals soft tones enhance the melody. The guitar being the only accompaniment takes away from the potential of this song. The tempo of the song loses its tenacity. Overall performance well put together but a definite verse chorus form would also add to the song. Maybe consider adding another instrument and taking a look into adding digital effects.
  • I love the sound of a good instrumental beat with great guitar and bass sounds. This song had a great blend of different genres because I hear the country but acoustic sound of the artist. Overall, it was a very magnificent song to listen to and I loved the artist's voice. You could definitely hear his intensity and devotion in every word.
  • The guitar is really calm and slow in the beginning so you can easily tell that the song will be very slow and easy. it is a nice song to fall asleep to because it is soft and quiet. the voice is very good for the song because it isn't too loud or too rough for it. he has a really good vocal range.
  • The guitar is the instrument of choice that is used in the intro. His voice goes with it very well I would like to hear another musician or singer accompany him and see how much it changes the entire song to better improve it moreso. He sings like he has natural talent. The song was written nicely as it sounds very beautiful and meaningful. I like the clearness of the vocals as well. His tone is always very tranquil and calming.
  • This song is way too slow, the tempo needs to speed up a little bit. I do understand that isn't suppose to be like a upbeat song. However, I do enjoy the message in the song. The lyrics are very thoughtfully written out and appreciate the story of it. It has a lot of potential, but I think that the song should have a more younger twist like for example if the Artist was younger, to make it more appealing to the mass audience.
  • This is strange introduction. I think that the singer could have some rhythm in his voice, perhaps adding some background instruments. There is a lot of different harmonies throughout the song that make cheerful. I find the singer to be somewhat quiet and should speak up throughout the entire song. Great job!
  • The guitar at the beginning made me think it would be a sad song. The vocalist doesn't have the range a song like this would need to make it really spectacular. I think a stronger vocal and maybe the song sped up a little could really make it a hit in the country music genre. I could see Garth Brooks or Tim McGraw singing a song like this. I think the song has a really good message and has the potential to be a hit but there need to be some changes made to the vocals.
  • The acoustic performance by the guitarist is just lovely. The lyrics are so deep and the vocalist puts so much emotion into it. The song carries such a great message that we all need to hear. The track as a whole is well put together and has such a great sound throughout.
  • Great acoustic guitar chords in the beginning of the song. The male singer has a deep and low voice which is relaxing. This song does not have a lot of background noises besides from the acoustic guitar. So, this is a simple song with just nice lyrics and a good melody. Because it is simple, it is a perfect song for when you just want to slow down and rewind at the end of the day.
  • This was not a song for me. The singer was really weak and has no strength in his vocals. The song did not get my attention. The guitar in this song was not attractive. The artist did not make this song cool to listen to. Not a special song to share with anyone.
  • Loose the fill/effect on your voice. It makes it sound cheesy. Good harmonies. Really like the message behind the song. Could be great as just the acoustic guitar and voice. The effect is killing me. Don't push so hard when you are singing either, this could be a really soft song because of the message. Great words. Please, please drop the effects.
  • I like how smooth and effortless the singer's voice is, the guitar riffs are really good. It is a good song for bible music but I would not listen to this on my own. The lyrics are good and fit well with the tone of the song and the tone of voice that the man is singing with.
  • The chord progression catches the listener off guard with the combination of major and minors. It is a lovely mix that flows well. The acoustic guitar is front and center with a lack of any additional instrumentation; however it is not needed. The vocals are tender and full. Harmony vocals are performed very well with no awkwardness. This piece gives hope to the listener and is very uplifting.
  • I like the intro it is very nice i love the guitar intro. I love the lyrics ity has a nice tone. The guitar has a very nice part. The song is very beautiful. I love how they sing about peace. The harmonics are kind of off key doe. But over all i love the song. This is a very nice tune.
  • I really do appreciate the chord progression. The melody is strong, but the guitar mix is too "girthy", too much reverb. I also cannot connect with the lyrics as they seem extremely typical and almost naive. The human condition needs to be explored in song and the human condition is much deeper than this. The song could be directed at school children as an introduction to meaningful song writing however.
  • This song I love! It reminds me of my old high school days when we would be relaxing by the river after being up all night partying! Country is one of my favorites! Great message and great tune! I enjoyed the lyrics and the artists!
  • This song has great potential. strong vocals excellent production, I mean what else can you ask for. I definitely see this song in a romantic love movie. please keep up the work for the upcoming tracks. put your all into every track like you did this 1.
  • This piece of music has a slow tempo and not too much of an upbeat, again, it sounds like country music and I do not like country music. The artist did a good job with the lyrics but this song is not to my liking in terms of genre. I do not like this genre at all. Overall, I would recommend this to someone who likes country but to someone like me.
  • While this is not my cup of tea, I can respect the simple quality. Wasn't overawed by the harmonies; they were correct but I felt they were not well mixed into the overall song. Nice tone on the acoustic guitar and a well metered. Could have benefited from some keyboard pad sounds to fill out the background. Nicely thought through lyrics.
  • The singer's voice blends well with the guitar. The tone is serious yet inspiring. The lyrics are meaningful, although they may be cliché. The rhythm is maintained nicely and the chorus is chilling. I appreciate the quality of the production behind this song and the simplicity of the message.
  • The guitar introduction really set up the song effectively: a standard chord progression, with a country twang. The lyrics, describing the hope for a more positive world, are very effective, shining light on some of the bigger issues in the world today. The chords and melody are a little "standard" and expected, but I think that the message in the lyrics helps give the substance that the generic chord progression doesn't.
  • The lyrics are laden with cliches, discussing love and hate, passing years, memories and wide open roads and "fighting the fight". These ideas have been seen again and again in reflective, acoustic pieces and add absolutely nothing to what is currently out there. It borders on frustrating to listen to due to how maudlin and contrived it sounds. The vocalist's voice is thin and lacks the quality necessary to carry this kind of song. The harmonies are utterly uninspired, and the guitar playing is sparse and extremely basic. The guitar could be excusable in a different context, but given that this song is acoustic and hence guitar plays a central role, the fact that this song is merely basic strumming that a preteen could play after 6 months of lessons is deeply disappointing.
  • I immediately like this. It is rich and soulful. For those people who say music is about making you feel something: this is a great example. Simple, crisp chords telling a story. The chorus is super sweet, and this is coming from someone who doesn't listen to music within this genre on a regular basis. The voice is tender and experienced, it reminds you of a great storyteller who only wishes to transmit anecdotal love. Great lyrics, it brings your imagination to a time where things were a bit more innocent and time moved a bit slower. I would have enjoyed hearing a solo somewhere in the track, the chords at one point can lose their effects after so much repetition.
  • I like the guitar in the intro with the lyrics. The vocals soft and makes me calm. The lyrics are about loving someone from deep inside. I do not like this song too much, but I am going to give it a 6/10 because it has good instrument and you can tell a lot of effort went into it. I wish that there was drum beat in the background.
  • The opening guitar is very somber. When the vocals accompany the guitar, they manage to keep the same tone. This song is very sad, and it carries across well. The chorus made my ears ring a bit. I think the only way to improve this song would be to slow the instrumentals and vocals down, and drawing out more of the words near the breaks in the lyrics.
  • The introduction of this song has very nice guitar playing, that seems to be what the melody heavily relies on throughout the entire song. The lyrics kick in and they are solid, and very caring. The vocals do a good job of handling the lyrics with care, and embody the beautiful nature of it. But from a pure musical talent standpoint the artist did not stand out in any way. In conclusion this is an average song in most aspects, having only above average lyrics, and will struggle against competition.
  • This song is a nice country song. The guitar in the beginning had a very nice tempo while being played, and didn't have a repetitive beat. When the vocals started to play, the beat lined up perfectly with the tempo of the music. The volume ratio of vocals to instruments was perfect allowing me to be able to hear what the singer is saying. To be honest though, the vocals aren't the best. They sound almost mashed together like someone was singing without there dentures in. The singing didn't sound like something professional because the voice was not very original, it just sounded like sitting around the campfire singing. This song has a great base beat, tempo and instrumental wise, but the vocals could use some work.
  • This a very beautifully written song. The lyrics are beautifully written and the artist gets across his message of love and peace being important in the world. I really enjoyed this song and the message it sends and would definitely recommend it to others when they need an uplifting positive song.
  • LOVE the instrumental medley that is played throughout the song, it sets a sad mood for the song. The vocalist's soft tone is strategically used to make the listener feel what he is feeling. While listening to this song I imagine a sad cowboy who has experienced some kind of heartbreak strumming on his guitar wondering about how life could be. The overall song is lovely, it really makes you think about how screwed up our society is and how much better it could be "if there was love." Country type music like this really takes me back to my childhood... great song !
  • It sounds good. I am reminded of a movie when I listen to this. I think the tempo is good and is inline with the words .The artist sounds very professional and the track also seems very well put together. I think it would do great as the score of a movie or simply a stand along song. it doesnt sound like its missing anything.
  • A reflective song, at its core, but in the end rather cliché and lacks a sense of authenticity. The song is comprised of 4 chords, and fails to compensate for its lack of musical creativity with a rather boring set of lyrics that sound like a knock-off of a Beatles tune. The singer's voice gives a certain country-like feel to the presentation, but also limits himself to this stereotype: just another country singer. Unfortunately put, the song would serve a wonderful accompaniment to another activity like cleaning or the sappy moments of a film, but would not please many as a stand-alone presentation. More creativity is needed to grab an audience who will sit down and give attention to this. If you would like to listen to music that will not ever run the risk of distracting you from something else, but will also provide an underlying current of music that has a repetitive, reflective feeling, then have at it! However, one should understand that when the opening of the song is heard into the first 4 chords, you have experienced the entire song. The structure lacks any sort of unique twist, and seems more of a meditation on the "what ifs" of love, which have already been contemplated and better assessed by other artists. The instrumental interlude at the beginning will sum of the whole song. The recording quality is high, as is to be expected with the ability to get professional recording equipment right at home. 2/10.

Click below to hear Jonathan Wood's original version of the What If, which was later remixed into the dance version.

Reviews of Jonathan Wood's original version of What If on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.5 out of 10):

  • I love the chord progression that opens this song. I found the lyrics to also be very deep and mature. I like how he is singing about some serious social and environmental issues and looking to make a difference with his music. The blend of acoustic and electric guitars was also terrific and added to the inspiring nature of the track. I think this track should be a hit.
  • Talented artist, and he sounds accomplished the music is very tune full as he sings the main part I like the lyrics and the message is positive and filling, I like the tone of the singers voice as he holds the notes in the first and second verses, this can be a hit with a new twist, you want to attract the younger generation, so they will get the message as u want them to, the beat is solid as it goes to the end of the song, very nice just think about those implimintations for the future.
  • Song doesn't stand out to begin with. The male sounds horrible. Not a very good sounding voice for the singer. When the singer sings maybe its another singer doesn't sound bad but the first one sounds very bad in my thoughts. This song is kind of boring sounds almost like a Christian song super dull you've lost my interest I don't care to jam out to a song about peace or anything like that kind of boring unless this is a Christian song or something then not bad but yeah not a great song and then the pause between singing is about 3 counts too long but other then what I had mentioned before good job on this track just needs some minor improvements and you guys could sound much much better then you currently do.
  • The song is introduced with a very pleasant mixture of piano and soft percussion. This is a brief introduction before the instruments are joined by the vocals which are very smooth, confident and pleasing to the ear, especially the harmonies in the chorus which aren't spine-chilling but still lovely. The vocal melody isn't very original but this is redeemed by the piano which is very interesting and while repetitive, is varied and keeps the song fresh and keeps it from being boring throughout the song. The pre-chorus is very catchy due to the repetition involved and clearly gets the message across, the vocals also reflect the meaning of the lyrics very potently. Overall, a nice song to listen to while in any mood.
  • Right off gave the the High School Musical/Disney vibe. Was a little thrown off when the singer had such a low voice but it is generally enjoyable. I'm not a huge fan on spiritually uplifting tunes but I was pleasantly surprised although I did feel it was a little preachy. I think the chorus would be better if it had a string instrument added in to give it a little more body and volume.
  • The following song sounds like a loud love song. I give the artist props for his vocals as his voice blends in with the beat. Not bad for a chiller song. I also like the chorus, it's sounds catchy. I give this song a 6 for the tune.
  • The sound track was mediocre.One Part that made this song good was how clever the lyrics were, I also liked how much meaning his lyrics had.I dont think this song could go big though just because its to plain.
  • The artist has a great vice. I really enjoy the slower beat. At times during the song, the tempo speed up which was great. The message that this song gets across is very good and can speak to just about anyone. I really enjoy this song. This is a song that could potentially change the world. What if there was love? This song has a great bet and a great voice to compliment it. I believe this song should be published as soon as possible.
  • pretty interesting. the song has a neo jazz feel in the beginning and with a beetles feel to it. i think its pretty good and it should have the potential to be a hit. the lyrics are also great, and i think that it sends across a beautiful message, compared to the contrast of rubbish played on the radio.
  • This song has kind of a country ballad flavor. The singer has a good storyteller voice. The chorus has too much harmony on the vocal. It sounds super cheesy. The chorus would sound better with just a singular voice. The lyrics are good and the melody is decent. I don't think this song is a hit cuz it's not entertaining enough. "What if there was peace" is a good theme but it needs musical magic to go with it.
  • I love the soft shaking of the maracas. The other sounds are good but the vocals are just nothing short of a tragedy. There's not much of a good rhythm. Everything stays the same and there isn't anything that makes this song come to life. Sounds like something mild and back from the late 60's.
  • The midi equipment on this arrangement is very dated. As a contemporary arrangement you must be more dynamic in your vocal delivery. The lead singer is tuneful and melodious, but he sings the verses to stiffened. The "What if there was love and peace" needs harmonies. Its a nice modern hippie track that should gain you some college Radio Airplay.
  • The keyboard and other instruments at the start of this song comes off sounding very water down pop in the way it starts out. The male singer has a very well good singing voice with some okay range in his notes. The subject matter of the song is about if love was there while roaming this world. The pace of the song is well paced out good by a beat per second.
  • The shaking of the instrument, that shaking sound is steady. The guitar is open. The chords are even. The sound of the guitar accoustic is relaxing and easy. The sound of all the strings make the song tolerable. The piano is a great support for the drums. The lyrics are fair. The song is missing something. A vocalist that has a dynamic range. Song is a work in progress.
  • Vocally, there are too much going on with the artist's vocal. The background voice that keeps joining in when the artist is singing, is not helping him at all, rather it is just over lapping, and complicates things. The artist needs to be expressive, so that his lyrics do not have a plain and dull vibe to it. the artist lacks controls in his song, because of the random background noise.
  • I like the morracas that were played at the intro of this song. I really liked the vocals of this song, it sounded like the vocalist had a big of an accent also. I think that the lyrics were inspriing and made me want to make peace and love in the world.
  • The instrumental intro before the vocals come in, complete with the transition, is shaped well. The bass line during the introduction is really punctual and drives the song well. The vocalist has a very nice tone to his voice. He also has a slight grit that could work well with harder genres as well. The vocal melodies are smooth and fit within the home created by the rhthym section. The lyrics are fun and thought-provoking. The rhyme scheme works well and the hook lines are memorable. I would have liked to hear some more range within the vocal performance of the singer. However, overall, the song is well done and above average for the genre. There is a high marketablitiy with the song, with the band having the right look. I could see my friends listening to this in their free time. Good work.
  • I'm not really into this type of music but I'll go with what I'm listening too. This song is just to slow for my liking. This song made me bored really fast. This is just my opinion so keep up the work.
  • bland, dull and unappealing sums up this song for me. From the vocal of the artist, to the melody, to the opening and ending of the song, nothing synchronizes well with one another at all. The artist have a low raspy tone that do not show cases his lyrics at all. instead, it is challenging to understand what the artist is saying through out the song because of this.
  • Right on par with an intro in under ten seconds. The tapping percussion sets the rhythm just right, and moves the song forward nicely. The bass guitar needs some compression thrown in it, just to boost that low end. The vocals are rich and smooth sounding. The harmony vocals are adding a nice sound to them as well.

Click below to hear Eric Yanis': version of the What If

Click below to hear Minstrelsmethod's version of the What If

Click below to hear Caruano95's remix of Chris Davidson's version of What If

Reviews of What If on the Muse's Muse songwriting forum (lyrics only):
  • I like this song a lot it's very good and meaningful. I repeated it over and over and found myself at the end adding "would that be enough" Just a thought. - waiata
  • I like the lyrics in the verses including the lifes parade line I have used similar lines myself although this song seems to have more of a christian rock feel rather than country/pop especially the chorus. - jim55
  • Love the lyrics. Strong and powerful. One suggestion for second verse...maybe change when faith is lost to when love is lost. Good job - Don Snow
  • I have mentioned elsewhere that I enjoyed the feelings evoked by this lyric, I really do enjoy it immensely. Reading through it again there is only one verse that I don't absolutely love; Verse 2:
    The years they pass
    I watch them fade
    just memories floating
    in life's parade
    and I think the reason for that is that the word parade brings to mind 'images of a parade' which takes me out of the lyric. 'Of choices made' fits better in my opinion (but of course that is your choice to make) :) I think the chorus is really grand and I love the 'everything they need line'. I really admire this work and will listen to it on your blog. I'm so glad that there are writers like you who can tap into such positivity and humanity for those of us (like me) whom it usually escapes. :) Thank you for the uplift :D - starsinmyeyes
  • I like the lyric and the message it portrays but I don't know if it would connect with the younger generation. I also classify a lot of my stuff as pop but it wouldn't work with the youngsters. Good job though. - joewatt
  • 'What if' was in my top two favorites from the contest. Should have finished higher in my view. I really like the message and think the lyric works the way it is. The lyric's potential is unknown until the music is applied. Which begs me to ask, where is the completed song? I looked on your website and blindly couldn't find 'What if'. Would love to hear set to music. You asked what others thought about the use of the word 'parade' in your lyric? Well, it works fine for me and so does 'memories floating'. - spanishbuddha