I wrote the lyrics and melody for We Are Strong, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me. I then made a music video, with some technical assistance from Eno Productions:

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Song Title: We Are Strong

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We Are Strong

Verse 1:
I can't hear it anymore
the whisper of a dream
that lay once at my door

In this world slowly dying
can't we all just get along?
We are strong
We are strong
We are strong

Verse 2:
I can't see it anymore
a vessel bound for glory
has washed upon the shore

But with the power of faith
and the beauty of a song
We are strong
We are strong
We are strong

They say only in darkness
a light will start to shine
that nations have a heartbeat
just like yours and mine

And heroes walk among us
they don't just leap and fly
search to find the hero
that comes from deep inside

When this land of hope and freedom
is the place that you belong
We are strong
We are strong
We are strong

We are strong
We are strong
We are strong

We are strong
We are strong
We are strong


Reviews of We Are Strong (song score: 6.8 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • This song did a good job of getting me hooked in the beginning. I'm also a fan of the singers voice. He's got that certain something that makes him stand out. The production is great, the arrangement is great and the overall quality sounds like this band is professional and well established. Great work.
  • The guitarist is very good at slowly introducing the song but the singer kind of just jumped into the song very quickly and didn't give the listener the chance to get to know the song a little better and start feeling the beat. A slower intro would be recommended.
  • Really happy and full of soul in the beat. The instruments are played really good. you have a froggy voice but it's unique. I don't personally like it but it could make it big. I don't like this song though, I myself don't. Others may, but it's not my taste.
  • I like the sound of the instrumentals in the opening of the song. I think that the vocals compliment the instrumentals. I like the variety in the song. I think that the overall production of this song is great. This is definitely something that i would listen to.
  • Good intro, I like how the bass line sits in. The echo in the vocal doesn't do the mix very well. Strong voice in the singer, good lyrical content. It has a catchy melody and good guitar riff. I like the chord progression and backing vocals.
  • This song was a very cool song to listen to. the singer was very good. He has a very good voice. The background music was outstanding, it was so good. this song is definitely the best song i have ever listened to. my rate is a 3.
  • The echo on the voice takes away from the music. It's really distracting and makes it sound so muddled. The instrumentals compliment his voice wonderfully. The guitar is very soothing and easy to listen to. The lyrics aren't very memorable because you're trying too hard to focus with that echo.
  • This song started out really good. The singer did a good job keeping up with the beat. The melody was really good. The lyrics told a good story with a very positive attitude. The drummer was really good. I especially like the guitarist. He did a good job with the tune.
  • Instantly fell in love with this track. The vocalist's voice is superb. He has this nice tone in this voice, not too overpowering but goes in unison with the backing track so perfectly. The backing track is well put together. There's a nice soft guitar riff which matches the mood and genre. The track is beautifully put together and if this available anywhere I'd buy it and tell my friends to!
  • I like the sound a lot at the beginning of this song, but then the vocalist came in and it just doesn't sound right. The voice is too loud and he doesn't have the right voice in my opinion. The lyrics are well written and I can understand them, but I think they should be sang by someone different.
  • Nice beginning. It jumps right into the lyrics. The lyrics are clear and the story is good. Good catchy hook "we are strong." The instruments sound good. It sounds like this could be played on the radio with some better mixing. Overall I would give this a seven.
  • The vocals are strong, unique and beautiful. The main voice and the background vocals work so well together, it's hard to separate them. The instrumentals seem professional and also compliment the vocals very well. The production is perfect and clean. I would not say anything needs to be changed. The song seems ready for release and to be played on the radio.
  • I really love the production in this song. The vocals are very crisp and loud. HIs diction is great i can understand the words very very well. The lyrics have very good meaning. I love the instruments. The harmony is pretty good. i love the mix and the fade out at the end . Good song.
  • The background music is great, its calming and relaxing. I did not think the artist did well with staying up with the beat of the song. The guitar on this track sounded well and the message was positive. I would give this artist more of listen in the future.
  • I like the guitar at the start and I also like the vocal transition with the back up vocals and the main vocal. The pitches vocals and patterns are all good. The pitches are good the go very well with the guitar pitches and I like how there is a good pitch difference between the slight piano in the back and the guitar.
  • Okay now its kind of a country music which is good. Yhe singer is saying we are strong and overcome the world with faith. I love the drums in the background it makes me feel strong. This song makes me want to change the world.
  • The song has a very powerful and inspiring message but does not strike me as a chart topper. I think the song would be great for the younger generations, especially those who need encouragement. The artist has a very young and fresh voice and the instrumentals have a nice soft rock style.
  • This vocal is really great and he sounds natural when he sings, he does not sound like he is forcing his voice and himself. The vocal sounds relaxed while he is singing. And the instrumental is relaxing as well. it goes well with the vocal. The lyrics is the main point, it makes the person who listens to it feel inspired and re-energized from a bad day.
  • The start of the song comes on very slow and soft and then the song comes in very loud. I really like the artist voice in the song, this kinda of songs like auto tone to me but I like it, Look forward to hearing more songs like this one.
  • I love the instruments used sytaight away. There good quality sounding and very clear. The vocals are good with a tinny sound to them but in a good way. The lyrics are good and well written. Everything seems to flow well. I like the backing vocalists that come in in parts. This builds the song up. Its a good tempo throughout.
  • A maturity can be seen in the song and in the voice of the singer. A strong and powerful vocal used with a great instrumental and background effects. The melody is rich and powerfully made. Nice tone too. An understandable and well defined lyrics. Overall a good performance.
  • The guitar instrumental in the beginning has a nice touch with the vocals. The style of the singer has a good downbeat and sense for timing. The quality is good, maybe take the bass down a tad otherwise its a great tune to sing along with.
  • The intro is terrible. i like the voice you should apply this skill to the voice tv show. this has great quality. you express yourself in this song. you should put this on youtube. the piano is average to mid average in decensy. this makes people jealous.
  • The song is upbeat and has a good feel to it. The instruments have a good balance and add to the song. The vocals are nice and are in tune with the accompaniment. The lyric are deep and meaningful and the production is done well.

Below is an acoustic version of We Are Strong by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of We Are Strong on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.5 out of 10):

  • I like how this song encourage people that 'we are strong'. But I am mentally strong! I like the melody and the guitar playing! The harmony in the song which makes me feel relaxed. I think you have created a great song that can encourage people that they are strong no matter what! I think that your band didn't have drum. You should add some more effect like soft sounds.
  • The music from the guitar is really slowing up the track, it is a mellow sounding vibe for me to listen to.but the singer has a sleepy tone to his voice that sometimes makes me bored to listen to. The ballads are always pretty to listen to but being this is not my level of favorite music I feel I'm a little biased on what I like and not like about this song. Harmonies always seem like they need a little lift and pizazz to them. His melodies are dragging me down some as in making me feel sad too. I think the chords of the chorus are his strongest element in the track, no pun intended.
  • The guitar is nice in the beginning. It did not take long for him to start singing. The pace of the song is moderate. His voice is a little deep and soft. It sounds very good in this song. His lyrics are very sweet and nice.
  • Very socially conscious song about the problems with the world. "A world that is slowly dying" We hear the powerful lyrics but we don't feel the emotion. The performance is definitely lacking emotion. Great lyrics but better music could be needed. It's boring. Thankful the song was short and we wont have to listen to more of the artist singing "we are strong" over and over again.
  • Good song, i would love to have it on my driving playlist, or my chilling okaylist, great sound, voice is amazing, and lyrics are good, too repetitive but the message really got to me, gave me a relaxing mood as soon as it started playin, just wanted to lay down and think about life and smile all the time without worries.
  • Beautiful lyrics and I really love the way the melody portrays that. I can pay very good attention to the meaning of the lyrics which are carried well within the rhythms and beats. This song is nicely composed and I would not mind purchasing a copy for myself. This song makes people think - it has good message. Simple instruments are used, but works well for this song.
  • The lyrics to this song is very powerful. I wouldn't change anything with this song. The voice is perfect. The acoustic guitar is great. One thing i would add to it is maybe drums and it should be longer, but other then that, the song is perfect in my opinion and it should be heard everywhere.
  • This is very beautiful acoustic music that sounds like it was greatly influenced by musicians like Bob Dylan and specifically Neil Young. The lyrics are very inspirational but not cheesy in any way. The vocals are pleasant. It is very simple but very nice to listen to. I think many people could relate to these lyrics and would appreciate this song.
  • This song reminds me of my time at a cadet summer camp. I did not like the lyrics to this song because it was religious. I did also enjoy the singer's voice because it is very smoothing and calming. I enjoyed the instruments in I overall give this song a 6/10.
  • This track starts off very simple. The instrumentation of this track would do a lot better if it were fleshed out a lot more. The vocals are passionate and have a lot of expression. The lyrics of the song are well written and religious listeners will find this song very appealing. The chorus is catchy and easy to remember.
  • The strumming pattern you used was quality, the slides you did on your guitar from chord to chord sounded effective. The types of chords you used such as the seventh/minor chords to change the mood of the song, really worked well. I liked how the Tempo was fairly slow and the Rhythm was steady. The chord progression sounded good because as the lyrics and pitch changed, the chords would change and resolve from a minor to a major.
  • The beginning was pretty dull, but good nonetheless. The mellow parts of the song were soft and felt like they fit the vocals quite well. The sad vocals fit the lyrics pretty well, but were a bit cheesy. The melody was nice and soft, but it could use a stronger beat. The lack of digital effects was quite a good choice. The instrumentals were not many, but they were good.
  • The music and lyrics go well together. I like the guitar I hear. The vocals are strong. I really liked the song. I heard some mistakes in the music part of the song. I think for the most part it was a really good song. He has a nice voice.
  • I like the brightness of the guitar right of the bat, but I think there should be more of an intro before the singer comes in. I think drums should come in on the second verse before the chorus, because the guitar gets tiring after a short period of time. The harmony helps with that a little bit, but I think there should be more harmony, and it would probably sound better if it was sung by a woman.
  • The way the male singer drags out the words are pleasant, quite pretty sounding lyrics as well. His singing is a bit overwhelming though, taking over the music, sort of putting it in the background. The women's voice sounds pretty, but is not that audible, I wish they would have presented her voice a bit more and made it flow a bit with the male's. The song delivers a nice message, also showing their confidence showing how they are strong. It is also uplifting, and I would listen to it again. It is something you would play while riding a truck through the back roads, very country sounding. The lyrics describe a relationship, the ability to withstand anything as long as they remain strong and committed to one another.
  • I like the vocalist. He has a nice voice. I like the message and the positivity of the song. It was very short but that's okay. It's a nice change from the everyday. I like the simplicity. A little hippy/folk music is good for the soul!
  • I love this song, a modern "We Are The World" type song. The man has a very pleasant voice and if he is the one playing the guitar he is also a very talented musician. This song has that feel good vibe to it that makes you want to go out and plant a tree or hug a stranger.
  • I like the guitar and the vocals. He's singing of being strong in our lives and getting along so it's inspiring not inapproriate. Not much of an introduction for this song though. His pitch and key are pretty good but may require a little work but definitely a great start for sure! I don't think there's drums but maybe bass and percussion? The flow of the song is good, it's happy and carefree.
  • A heartfelt song which lacks some production value but still hits the heart just the same. Wonderfully arranged chords keep the song interesting and afloat. The vocals sail on top for the guitar strumming and guide the song faithfully. The song feels a bit to short when the ending comes around. Overall, a very sweet song that feels a bit melancholy but doesn't get too heavy. Just the right combination.
  • The song starts off with basically every type of country music even south side country. The melody sounds so country style and guitar playing theming. It sounds smooth and soft like it feels like you want to go to sleep. The lyrics of the song basically reflects on life and the challenges of it and that you are strong enough to overcome it.
  • The intro is great the song sounds country so it will appeal to the country music lover, southern style artist, and fans. The guitar riffs are good, but I feel they could be better although, your lyrics work best with the guitar riffs. Your lyrics have a powerful message so many who listen to lyrics as much as the song itself will truly love your style of playing and words from the heart. Overall the country and folk feeling bring a power sound to my ear.

Below is a piano version of We Are Strong by Frankie Simon and vocals by Matt Greco:

Reviews of the Frankie Simon/Matt Greco version of We Are Strong on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.7 out of 10):

  • I do not favor this artist's song. He sounds like he should be on broadway or a movie's soundtrack, not on my radio or heard casually in the mall. He definitely has raw talent but not edgy nor does he have the type of voice that would make me go out and buy his CD.
  • The soft growth in the sound really works, the raspy sound that the vocals give the track sound beautiful and give more of a feeling to the vocals and the lyrics really give you something to relate to. The chorus is great and very simple. The length of the track was perfect, as sometimes they go on for too long.
  • Nice intro. Nice vocal. Nice piano. There is not a strong hook that makes me want to continue listening to the song nor play it again. Its good but I know I would never download it or listen to it on the radio. I keep waiting for a bridge or change that pumps up the emotion. This song chugs along and at the end I feel like it was nice but thats done. Next.
  • From this song, I think the best part was listening to how the singer was able to drag his words to make it sound sad and depressing. Hearing the artist sing was amazing and I would definitely recommend him to other people because of his skills.
  • The lyrics are inspiration and the words are powerful in my heart.in my own opinion i would listen to this because the tone is nice steady and on going also the melody is not to hard yet impeachable.i give this lovely piece of work a rate 9/10!
  • The singer sings with a clear, light and strong voice. It's quite pleasant and I really enjoy it. The lyrics are wonderful they can relate to others. This song has a nice pattern to it. The style texture of the beat is amazing and flows really great with the song. The lead singer sings with a nice soft voice the whole song. This song is extremely short but it was good while it lasted.
  • Good intro with the strong,raw piano and the slow and low melody. Clean,deep vocals fit perfectly with the instrumental and the lyrics that are rich and meaningful, bringing into the consideration the bad and good sides of the human kind giving it that meaningful vibe. Very good song amazingly mixed with everything fitting perfectly in the spectrum, and an engaging composition with the sad mood prevailing in the track.
  • The song starts with a gentle voice of the vocalist singing of the world's love. The song has a beautiful sound to the music. The tone and quality of the vocalist is tremendous in the middle part with the constant playing of the piano in the background. the sound of the music is hopeful.
  • A very stern and serious sounding beginning with the piano keys, but they were a little rugged in the way it came across. I thought the male vocalist was nervous and dated in the style of the singing. Have more rounded and softer singing, to really drive the meaning of the song with the words.I thought the background sounds are an important part of the song and they need to be helped, with other textured sounds. Maybe you could have a subtle light drumming in the background, but also have some more controlled higher pitched tones with the voice.
  • This sounds like a musical song. Its well constructed and timed really well. I think could add guitar into this and maybe drums to add more of atmosphere at the we are strong bit. Could also add some harmonies in there to. I really enjoy this song.
  • Piano opening gives off the feel of other songs. Seems this singer is passionate about their message. The song has a religious feel to if for sure. Not a song I could see being played on the radio, or out in a store. Very simple and plain song. Great for religious gatherings or young children due to sing-along nature.
  • This is a very Billy Joel-ish song. When you are a solo artist on the piano, being compared to the "Piano Man" isn't such a bad thing. The vocals are spot on, great vibrato and a strong delivery. When the singer feels strongly about the words being sung, the result is something as strong as the words of this song turned out to be. This is a great song, and it is something that will likely inspire a lot of people. It is well recorded, well mixed, and well mastered. If there was one thing constructively to say about this track, it is that the piano seems a bit muddy for the first few bars on the low chords.
  • I like the sound of the piano, it is easy listening, but once the vocals start i turn off. The male vocalist cannot sing, and the lyrics are silly, dull and boring. Its like a song you listen to when your feeling low. it does not improve the mood or make you feel upbeat and good.
  • The soothing bass added to this music is great until the vocalist sings.The vocalist is vey bad and boring but however the lyrics are good because they convey a story.The harmony and melody is just there but something that i cant put my finger on is missing.The arrangement and production is well ordered therefore making this good music.
  • The guy has a decent voice but if it's going to be piano and voice I'm hoping for more colors in this painting. It would be nice to hear some bass lines going on in the background. Also maybe some more voice backup. Maybe the artist wants it to just be his voice but my attention isn't sustaining. If the mix were a little tighter I could get behind it!
  • Catching piano chords at the start of the song. A very unique voice of the singer. Not too keen about the lyrics, I do not think they are that catchy. However the chorus sounds a lot more catchy. This song needs more instruments involved, such as a drum to give the song a bit more of a catchy rhythm.
  • This song starts off with a piano melody. It is a ballad you can tell that right away. The lyrics are too mushy. While the singer has a good voice, he seems to be trying to hard. The repetition before the chorus is tiresome. And the chorus itself is very cliche. I would not recommend this song.
  • I really enjoyed the arrangement and lyrics of this tune. The vocals were a bit weak , it sound as if the vocalist was straining to belt out the notes. I can see this being a very uplifiting ballad if it had a much more solid vocal performance. The lyrics were very well written.
  • The track begins with well played piano which then provides the score for the entire track. The singer sounds like Matt Greco. The vocals are well done; the singer has a well balanced and rounded tone with a well placed pitch and an appropriate expressiveness for the material at hand. The song seemed a bit underdeveloped; like it need to be longer with perhaps more of a bridge.
  • I think the singer carries his vocals too far at the end of his verses. The a-a-a-a-h kind of carry. I like the piano and the attempt at combining it with the singer. I think if the piano was played at a lower octave it would make the voice sound more powerful.
  • I like the piano entry creating ambiance. The sad vocals set the scene for an emotional song with a quick BPM but an average tempo this song comes together nicely. The artists voice compliments the piano effectively and his variety of notes can create a strong effect on the listener.
  • The intro is pretty and feel theatrical with the simple yet heavy piano melody. the singer also has a slight theatrical sound to the way he delivers his lines. the vocalists tone reminds me of brandon flower's from the killers in places. the song isnt commercial as it is.
  • The piano and the artist don't seem in time at certain places. The sound quality for this doesn't seem to be of the best quality. The artist is a bit flat at times and this was very uncomfortable. The song is especially repetitive considering the length of it (it is very short). There is no hook to this song, no catch to drawn the audience in it is just singing about being song. The verses are too short and not frequent enough, while the chorus is just repetitive.
  • This song was very heartfelt and deep, and I enjoyed being brought into the loop of the artist's story. The lyrics were powerful and uplifting, and positive, which is great! I could tell that this artist knew what direction he wanted to go in with this song, and followed his instincts passionately.
  • This man is a solid piano player and even has a lovely voice to go along with it. The actual content of the song was a little off putting though. The lyrics were extremely generic and I am not totally sure what he was singing about. The reframe was just "We are strong, we are strong, we are strong". It's almost as though this was suppose to be a religious song and he just decided to not go there. It was also quite short, so maybe a verse got tossed at the last minute or something.
  • I really like the start with the piano, as well as its kind of an intro for the amazing male vocals. I really like what the singer is saying, its really getting to me, unlike some songs the song has meaning in the words, I like how it switches into a more energetic tone halfway through. I like how he uses repetition with the line "We are strong". I give this song a 8/10.