I wrote the lyrics and melody for Walking The Border, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Walking The Border

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Walking The Border

I'm walking the border
should I cross that line
A Devil and Angel
dancing in my mind

There's plenty of reasons
why I should not give in
but my body is aching
and ready to sin

Verse 1:
I slip off my ring
she slips off her dress
hunger and lust
to her I confess

An escape from life
my secret vacation
the call of the wild
the thrill of temptation

I'm walking the border
sometimes I cross the line
A Devil and Angel
always dancing in my mind

I know all the reasons
why I should not give in
but there's a fire inside me
and I'm ready to sin

Verse 2:
I'm walking the border
I'm headed for danger
life's all out of order
things keep getting stranger

I'm walking the border
to a place I can't go back
can't pick up the pieces
when love jumps off the track

I'm walking the border
trying hard to transcend
I'm walking the border
but sometime it has to end

I'm walking the border
I'm walking the border
I'm walking the border


Reviews of Walking The Border from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 6.5 out of 10):

  • A strong and inspired drum beat in the opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • Great beat! I love the instrumentation. Once again, Elliott Sheridan has a great voice. The lyrics are good; not great. Even so, I really enjoyed listening to this song.
  • I do not like the drum machine, should get a real drummer, it would make the song so much better. Most of the mix sounds good. Singing is just average.
  • I like the rhythm and beat of the music. The music fits with the tone of this song. The lyrics are good and fit the music.
  • I think that this song could use a little improvement but it is not bad. I like the music and think that is good but the voice isn't catchy and it sounds kind of shaky as well.
  • I thought that the track of this song was very cool and fun to listen to. I think the beat of the song had a nice flow to it and fit the song very nicely. Great job.
  • It's got a nice little rhythm to it and the artist has a nice flow and confidence about them that I really do like. I think this is a good song and I would listen to it again.
  • Opening is oddball. Disembodied Male vocalist is strained and gimmicky. Lyrics are utterly dumb and make little sense. Singer sounds off-key alot of the time. Instrumentals are one note and become, after awhile , just a bore. Song is a drudge.
  • Sounds like a dangerous place to be if this border is in the south. I think it must be more of a metaphor judging by the lyrics here. It ain't bad to be honest.
  • Sounds more like Indie/Alternative more than anything. Otherwise the mix is good. The vocals sound good but the beat could maybe use a little boost in volume though.
  • The intro is neat with the clapping sound, the melodies are good. The vocal starts strong, ok tone, the overall blend of the song is good.
  • The percussion portion of the track is pretty good, but I'm not impressed with the music. The singing is OK, but the singer doesn't have that good of a tone to his voice. The track is only semi entertaining.
  • The slowness of the song worked for the style of vocals the lead singer used. The lyrics were a little hammy, but the quality of vocals was above average.
  • The vocals are sure unique. I'm not a fan of the sound and the vocals have a creepy sound to them further into the song. The elements seem to fit okay together. Overall not terrible but not for me.
  • The vocals in the song turned kind of creepy sounding when we got to the part about the ring and the dress. The vocals are just odd and I am not a fan. Everything seems to go to together okay, but this is just not for me.
  • This artist had a great voice. It was very distinctive and fun to listen to. I also thought the songwriting in this song was fantastic. These were very creative lyrics.
  • This is unlike any song I have ever heard, in a good way. I would definitely like to listen to this again in the future.
  • This one has too much of a staticky quality for me to really like. It is okay, but I do not love it honestly.
  • This song comes on with a heavier beat that grabs my attention and makes me wonder what the song is going to be about. I like the lyrics themself, they have a meaning to me and make me feel good.
  • This song left me bored when it comes to the vocals and the track. I definitely think the main vocalist has potential, and I enjoyed the lyrics, but the song just sounded a bit repetitive and drawn out.

Below is an acoustic version of Walking The Border by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of Walking The Border from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 6.3 out of 10):

  • I like the acoustic guitar on this track. This song has a rustic natural sound to it that works. The vocals on this project are not bad but could be better. The track was okay but could be better. If this song was slower it would be perfect.
  • Tearful beginning. Vocally unique. Lyrically this song delves into the other side of the coin. A cheater's perspective. The solo voice with the guitar gives the listener the impression of the singer's loneliness. Nothing about this song needs to be changed, it's perfect. Melody and lyrics flow seamlessly into a perfect ballad.
  • Guitar seems a little bland sometimes. Especially the way it's used in the intro to this song. The vocals seem a bit dry, and not too enthusiastic. I guess that's just the type of song it is, but that's not really something that I'm interested in all that much. The lyrics aren't easily related to, and there is too much repetition. I do like how the music speeds up in the end though.
  • First off the song sounds sad. And it sounds very country. The guitar play the whole time and he sings about intimacy. The song is slow. and it has one person signing with a lot of emotion in his music. It is very touching to the heart and it continues with a slow beat in the end that gives the track more depth.
  • This unoriginal but entertaining song allows audiences to become attached to the story being told. The singer has done an amazing job at portraying this story in a way the is diverse to many other two strum guitar songs. This song has a strong moral and ethical message behind it that is important in todays society. Brilliant song.
  • I love when a song can catch my attention with great instruments playing in the background. The one thing that needed some work was the vocals of the artist. He did not have a major connection with the melody. The lyrics were the type of words that will have you thinking.
  • I love the guitar. It has a peaceful sound to it and matches the unique voice of the artist. His voice has a bit of rasp to it, which makes the song that more emotional. It has that heart-wrenching sound and it makes you want to understand more about what the song is actually about. The melody can be summed up with one word. "Ghostly".
  • Very melodic and steady rhythm in the introduction. The guitar is memorizing. I love his voice! The lyrics run right through me and really inspire. I love the juxtaposition of devil and angel. His voice is full and rich and deep while maintaining a rock and roll air.
  • This song is very thoughtful with deep lyrics that talk about "walking the border" and "angels and demons dancing in my mind." The lyrics act as symbols, and leave you to guess what the story is about, which I love. The singer is also very deep, and uses a lot of different notes in his range, which is different than most deep singers. This singer is very good, and even the high notes leave you singing along. This song is very nicely put together.
  • Good start to the intro, the guitar chords are placed perfectly in this song. I enjoy the lyrics also, they have a thinking mode generated in the mind system. Vocals are just fine,a lovely fine way to express the feelings. You can relate to the effort in this song.
  • Nice live guitar, the vocal is too loud --- pull it back a little , make it more intimate. WOW the lyrics are incredible. LOVE it! I know many a cheating married men I can relate! :-D I like this song. I'd add a drum beat at the chorus that continues into the second verse even if it's a bongo. it needs something to give it more depth. Its a beautiful song with a beautiful lyric and vocal. One thing I noticed as the song ended is that there isn't really any real climax here. I know this singer has it in him to give me a passionate improv over the chorus or something. Just a suggestion if you're still working on it. Beautiful 8/10.
  • The acoustic guitar in the intro led to an engaging experience in which the artists fades into smoothly. The artist's vocals proved to harmonize seamlessly with the instrumental melody and was tuneful throughout swapping several contrasting tones. I especially enjoyed the nature and primal style of the lyrics as it added to a unique song full of expression. Overall an interesting song that was quite enjoyable.
  • Sounds very slow and boring from the beginning. By listening to the first few chords, it would not be a song that i would want to listen to. The singers voice is very whiny which i like but the lyrics are just weird and too honest and too descriptive. Not easy to dance to or relate to. A bit old school.
  • The song has a simple guitar riff that sounds deep and provocative while still maintaining a light and interesting sound. The Male vocalist is asking many questions about himself and whether he should continue with what he is doing. He is having an inner struggle. There is an absence of drums or other deeper sounding instrument. There is also no wind instruments, most likely because they would create too light of a sound for this song. The main issues is that near the end I begin to lose interest in the song. It does have a crisp sound and intelligent lyrics.
  • Beautiful acoustic here! I like your voice a lot! You are a little off key in some portions of the song when you get into that upper register. Stay lower and you have a much stronger voice. The words are a little strewn around. I don't really like the back up in the "devil and Angel" part. Not in key nor does it flow with the single guitar sound. Stay solo!
  • The start has soft guitar playing with singing after it. the singer is pretty good at singing. The music is just solely guitar playing. The singing has another person singing along with the first singer. The chorus is pretty good but the song sounds pretty depressed. I give this song a 6/10.
  • Unique acoustic intro. Makes it interesting. Love the singers voice. Very country like. The lyrics seem to be telling a story. The arrangement seems dull. It's not a song with a hook. No other instruments feature but the harmonies are neat. In my opinion I do not like the song. But it is not bad.
  • The instrumental sounded very well with the vocal. Vocal did sound a little slurred at times. Not sure who the artist is and not interested in hearing more from him. Would like to know the album so I know the song so I can look up just the instrumental.
  • The introduction is just the right length, not too long not too short. It gives the listener time to get into the song and not thrown directly into the action. The guitar has a melancholic sound to it. The vocals are good, but they may not be everyone's cup of tea. However, it fits well with the instrumentals and the sound of the song. The vocals sound best when the song hits a climax.
  • Cool chords & use of the slide. The guitar kept me interested. His voice drew me in too. I really enjoyed this song a lot. Easy to understand. Kept me entertained. I would enjoy waking up to this song, as it is very calming & mellow. He has a way with words & a way of making me feel his motion.
  • This song makes me sad. the song should be happier and up tempo. i like how his words are very clear and the guitar is played perfectly in the background. if the artist keeps writing ill be intrest in his work. the artist's vocals are amazing and he should try to incorporate a different instrument and change the tone of the song.