I wrote the lyrics and melody for Things My Mama Said, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Things My Mama Said

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Verse 1:
Full of hugs and kisses
she never stopped to rest
her smile the umbrella
that made us all feel blessed

She said...

Look before you leap
walk a mile in their shoes
if you give it all you have
you can never lose

Catch more flies with honey
always travel light
find rainbows of color
in skies of black and white

Years go by so quickly
fade out to the distance
like ripples on the water
flow to a river bed

Things my mama said
things my mama said
as she tucked me into bed
things my mama said

Verse 2:
Safe in her arms
our house was a home
we all fit together
like words in a poem

Say something nice
or nothing at all
with honor, grace, and kindness
you're always standing tall

Tomorrow will get better
let all the small stuff go
leave a mark on our hearts
like angels in the snow

Years go by so quickly
fade out to the distance
like ripples on the water
flow to a river bed

Things my mama said
things my mama said
as she tucked me into bed
things my mama said

A whisper slowly floating
to memories in the distance
"Sweet dreams, my darling"
as she tucked me into bed

Things my mama said
things my mama said
as she tucked me into bed
things my mama said

Things my mama said
things my mama said
things my mama said
things my mama said
things my mama said


Reviews of Things My Mamma Said from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall song: 6.5 out of 10):

  • I like the intro to this track, sounds good so far. i love the lead singers voice, he has his own style going on which i why i like this one. the drumming is crisp, love that snare sound. the electric guitar playing sounds nice, i like the chords of choice, well done 9/10.
  • The beginning of this track is a acoustic guitar and it has so much feeling to it. the chords are very faint but they really do give me a lot of fluttering in my hear. the drums thump very lightly as well. I think the way the guy sings just doe snot work. he has no feeling and kind of just talks through the rhythm in sync with the music. he needs a lot of work and so does the dry lyrics.
  • The opening guitar was pretty good and the vocal that started the song was okay with a good mix. The lyrics were a bit silly and it seemed as though the artist put some words together just because they could rhyme. I wouldn't listen to this song a second time.
  • The intro is decent and really sets the tone to the song. I understand the message the song is trying to tell but personally i do not like it. The artist in this song has a decent voice but the vocals need some help. Lastly, this song might appeal to the country.
  • The lyrics on this track are really interesting. The rhyming definitely does not come across as childish, cliche or patronising. The vocals are also not boring or uninspiring. The guitars are really exciting with that one chord progression maintained throughout the track, what a good method. The drumming is nice to listen to and keeps the other instruments in time, which high school bands often do struggle with.
  • The song at the start is a very slow beat but as it goes on to the melody this improves. Most of the singing was in tune apart from a few parts. The song was quite boring and hard to get into so to improve I suggest making it more upbeat. Also, reduce the time between the introduction and the chorus because it does drag on a little bit. Overall, the instruments and accompaniments fit together very well throughout.
  • The song starts off with these beautiful chords played by the acoustic guitar. The vocals are really easy to listen to. The singers voice is really nice, I also like how they add echo in some parts of the song. This is a song for anyone that misses their mom. The melody of this song is really nice. Great song.
  • The song has a good opening. I do not know to describe the music on this track, but it is thought-provoking and creates a nostalgic mood. The artist has a positive voice that also delivers a positive message. The song is a good one. I like how the vocals are very strong and also tell a story. The repetition of "that's what mama said" is memorable and also strikes a cord.
  • This song had a beautiful, powerful build to an understated chorus. The lyrics were charming, inspired, and evocative. The distorted quality of the vocals and the off-key instrumentals worked weirdly well to create a charming and nostalgic mood. I really liked this song even though I did not expect to. This would be good for a movie montage or to sing along to.
  • The guitar in the introductions is the same and starts the song off with a slow beat. The drums come and and changes the whole melody of the song which i like. I like songs with change and variety in them. The lyrics have true meaning to them that i can relate to personally. The song is very tuneful and melodious. The singer is broad which i like.
  • This song's style is too old-fashioned and a bit gritty in the lack of clarity from the audio. It needs better enhancement and focus upon the vocals with removal of the tinny noise within the recording. It sounds pleasantly retro, but the static noise interfering is too much of an unpleasant distraction. I admire the heartwarming and sincerely expressed themes though, and I think they really would appeal to many.
  • The acoustic guitar starts the song off nicely. The vocals could be toned down a bit. They're so loud that it's harder to appreciate the background instrumental- which is done so well. There needs to be less echo on the vocals as well. Really, this is a great song with editing problems. If those were fixed, I would love it a lot more. The lyrics are sweet and give a nostalgic feeling.
  • The vibe of this song felt upbeat and laid back right from the get go. The instrumentation was nice and the lyrics were upbeat and inspiring. However, i thought the vocals were a bit too spoken at times. Its obvious this guy can sing but it would have been better if he's put that same passion in all the way through, not only on the chorus.
  • Too echoey. Uplifting song lyrics. The tone of voice shows he related to it. Very enjoyable. Reminds me of Green Day, in the earlier days maybe haha. I wouldn't mind playing this for my kids, which is more than I can say for most songs anymore. Relaxing sounding also. Repeats things my momma said a lot though.. Lol
  • The beginning reminds me of the 90's. Style of singing does not fit the music. I kind of liked this though. I really paid attention to the lyrics. I feel like I've heard this song before. I liked it well enough that I'd listen to it occasionally.
  • This song is structured very cleverly. I like how it begins with a beat that changes as the song goes on, that is very smart and it makes the listener impressed. This song has a very stylish melody that brings this song together beautifully. The male artist has amazing vocals, he makes this song sound rich and dynamic with the heart warming lyrics that he sings.
  • An upbeat, new piece that I have never heard something similar to. An enigmatic and alluring performance that leads to enjoyment and grand prospects. I feel that the track would do well in the charts, with its responsive and enjoyable structure and fantastic melody writing abilities.
  • This song has a very nice beat and bass to it and the back ground music is very soothing. Also the lyrics are very organized and the vocalist sings and executes the song very well in my opinion even though i typically don't like country music. But this is definitely an exception. So i give it a 10/10.
  • Does not start out with a well beat. The transition of rhythm does work out well. The vocals should work with the music and at times throughout the song it lose this. The vocals stay without change. Too static. It works at certain points but not at others. Should be a bit more flexible. Could draw the attention of some as it is relate-able, but not entirely or completely successful. Personally it sounds like a very nice songs in terms of lyrics, vocals and instrumental combination.
  • Nice and calm beginning. The male vocal seems to be happy and it looks a bit of a kid music. This song is nice and happy themed. The instruments in the background are nice and good. This song should be played in some party! I like the song. I'll give it a nice and solid 8/10.
  • The acoustic guitar sounds are relieving and nice to hear. The lyrics are all over the place, but easy to understand and listen to. This song is a good pop rock song with a hint of alternative rock. I like some of the references he used in his vocals. And the pitch in his voice goes really well with the beat of the song.
  • A good and memorable lyric is complimented with a clear and strong backing. A catchy chorus also works well and is very poignant and thought provoking. The backing is a good tempo and does not over power the vocal, a nice guitar solo caps off a very strong song that will have appeal.

Below is an acoustic version of Things My Mama Said, by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of Things My Mamma Said from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall song: 6.4 out of 10):

  • The guitar is smooth and peaceful, nice start. The male singer is alright, although I can't quite decide if the melody makes me happy or sad so there may need to be a little more clarification by making it more emotionally impactful. Otherwise the artist did a nice job on this one.
  • Nice soft acoustic intro here. Soft male vocals to match too, this is very promising. The voice has slight echoing to it as well which fleshes out the sound a bit. Backing vocals kicking in with female accompaniment is quite nice. Lyrics are simple but match the acoustic riff. Overall a nice song, nothing too special but definitely nails the genre well.
  • The composition provides a relaxed storyteller feel. The vocals feel a bit dated to hit true popularity and the lyrics are overly simple. The overall feeling I receive from this track is one of reflection and advice. I do not feel like this track is overly unique or crowd catching. This is a track that a person would listen to at home on their headphones when they want to reflect on the days.
  • The start to this song instantly made me feel more relaxed. I was expecting a female voice, to hear an extremely talented male voice was a pleasant surprise for me. The kind of relaxing, soothing song that is brilliant to listen to after a long day at work just before bed :) Beautiful vocal, catchy tune.
  • A very sweet intro of the song! The soft sounds of the guitar create a warm sounding instrumental and a relaxing feeling. While the instrumental kept it smooth and quite, it allowed the vocal to be emphasized and fully express itself. The music accompaniments always make the song sound better, and less instruments in the song mean more work for the vocalist - and considering that, I think the vocalist did a great job. With a deep yet warm voice timbre he made the song sound so beautiful! I really enjoyed his vocal, so rich and melodious!
  • Lovely ballad. Super voice blending with gentle guitar and lyrics that mean something. Pleasant harmonies, just subtle enough to keep me humming along. "The things my mamma said..." That's a line I can remember. Well done. It just goes to show that less is so often more in a song. Good job.
  • You know this song is good. I love the tuning and melody was pretty. I guess this artist is not serious about the big leagues but from what I hear the song is fabulous. I loved the quality of the tune. I suggest that the artist fill the song with more instruments.
  • The beginning for this track is a acoustic guitar and it is plugged into and amp. the sound of the notes are very classic and I really like them. the man that sings with the guitar strokes sounds like a country singer in a way and his tone is really deep like one. I like his voice. the lyrics are my favorite part because they sound like a imagery poem. I can see everything he says.
  • The song begins with light acoustic guitar work. The artist could probably chose better lyrics, I thought I might be listening to a child's song at first, and as of one minute in, I'm not sure that I'm not. The mastering is decent, and I enjoy the used of two vocal streams to complete the feel. The song seems to be lacking percussion though.
  • The acoustic guitar used in the intro of this song provides a nice backing track. It complements the male vocalist's lyrics quite adequately. Also, there is enough to appreciate in terms of the tempo of the song - it's slow, and laid-back for the listener to take in all that is being versed upon. It's a nice track with decent lyrics.
  • I really enjoy the acoustic guitar, it feels familiar in a nice way however I do not like that type of song that the singer narrates the whole story step by step, his voice is soothing however and its a nice folksy song with a lot of feeling.
  • This sounds more like it nice acoustic guitar intro on this track . Nice male vocals that have warmth to them . Cant see this being a commercial success but could find a niche audience . The lyrics are nice as is the whole song , happy to listen to all of this one.
  • I really liked the beautiful soft guitar thoughout the whole song. At first the vocalist reminded me of Bruce Springsteen, then more like John Denver possibly due to the lyrics. The lyrics were pleasant and heartwarming but a little too cheesy and overly specific in some parts. I thought the song sounded nice, was easy to listen to and quite enjoyable. It conveyed pleasant thoughts and emotions.
  • His voice sounds natural, there is warmth in his voice, and somehow his voice gives you a caring feeling. Because of his natural vocal, I can feel some intimacy with the singer, a real connection. Guitars had a steady rhythm and they were quite blended with the singer. The song had a calming effect upon me, and this really created a feeling of attachment and belonging towards the singer.
  • Relaxing and delicate melody of guitar, and soft and quiet vocals. Almost like a love ballad. The lyrics are almost like hippie. Very lovely lyrics, shows love, sadness and nostalgia. This song in particular shows a lot emotion and feelings towards any type of audience. It goes to show how much power you can give out with just vocals and an acoustic guitar.
  • A genuine acoustic gutiar tone that is mixed well with the vocals. I love the intimacy of the song, the vocal recording is very good. The melodic and lyrical content has been combined brilliantly and the refrain in the chorus is hear-warming. The vocal overdubs are all that is needed to give it that lift.
  • Very nice introduction especially with the acoustic guitar. it gives it a good taste at the beginning. the rhythm and the chords are nice. the beats fits the song pretty good. the vocals and the lyrics are smooth and meaningful. very instrumental song and tuneful. i love it and recommend it.
  • The sound of the song is very soothing. The singer sounds great. The meaning of the song is very understandable. The high and low notes of the song gives it a different kind of melody that sounds good. The low tone of the song seems like a song to go to sleep to. I would like to hear it while reading a book at a book store. I give this song a 5/10.
  • The quiet guitar is ok and the man singing with an older voice is nice as well. Unfortunately his lyrics are filled with phrases that are often sung. This is what makes the song not exciting. The songwriter really needs to work on his words to turn them into lyrics people have not heard many times before.
  • I enjoyed listening to the acoustic guitar, and listening to the lyrics. The lyrics were very intriguing and thought provoking. The guitar really fit his vocals, and he harmonized well with the backup singer. The song was quite thought provoking and showed the emotions of hopefulness and happiness, like when he says, "tomorrow will be better". Overall, this was a great song.
  • The start to the song has a good balance to it and my head goes from side to side listening to it. The lyrics are great and people can connect to them. The vocalist has a nice voice but I think it could be sung with a bit more passion. The harmony is nice. I like the guitar tone in the background. It is a nice song but I am not sure that many people would rush out to buy it.
  • Loved the acoustic guitar intro. Lovely unique sounding vocals that match seamlessly with the lyrics and melody. It was a nice surprise that I found myself pulled into this song. The artist has talent and is exactly where he belongs in this music genre. I appreciated this song. Awesome job. A delight to listen to, thanks!
  • I like this song alot, but it seems like it could use some balancing between the guitar and vocals. Since there is no percussion/drums, it is kind of difficult to follow the rhythm of the song with the guitar volume being so low. Otherwise, a great song.
  • Acoustic fingerpicked guitars sound a bit on the traditional side on this folky rumination of lifes philosophies. This is a solo performer and his guitar that is only augmented by a second voice on the 'things my mama said' chorus. Its very john Denveresque with its country homilies, and, for fans of earnest folk, its quite touching.
  • Cool sounding guitar at the start of this track. Very mellow with nice production to this song. The lyrics are also pretty decent. I would consider this to be very soft rock. Overall I thought this was produced and mastered quite nicely. The vocals were put together very well to. Great song.
  • A very subtle yet pretty acoustic guitar intro. Accompanied by a male singer. It sounds like a ballad style piece, with very lovely lyrics. Tells a great story, with a melody that soothes while listening to it. I am pleased by everything and how the song flows. Since only instrument is guitar there really isn't a beat, but just as it is makes this decent for adults. Musically radio ready.