I wrote the lyrics and melody for These Are The Days, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: These Are The Days

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These Are The Days

Verse 1

Boom! here I come supersonic
with rhymes vivid, yet drippingly ironic
smooth like a well-made gin and tonic
over beats, mellifluously iconic

Giant paintings of me
hang in the rock hall of fame
the slackers sit on the bench
while I am running this game

Slayed, dropped, and beaten
I stomp on their grave
music's my master
and I just a slave

Beam me to the dance floor
set the phaser to stun
put your party hands up
and get down with the fun

These are the times we won't forget
Living our lives without a net
These are the times
This is our way
These are the days

Verse 2

People label me an outcast
a misfit
think I'm here to cause trouble
but I don't give a ...

Hit records
like pancakes stackin'
from my lyrical wisdom
your lips will be smackin'

Pump up the volume
take life to the max
punch yourself a ticket
to ride on my tracks

The preacher man, he says
"Son, you reap what you sow"
that's why I'm sleeping in mansions
and counting my dough

Beam me to the dance floor
set the phaser to stun
put your party hands up
and get down with the fun

These are the times we won't forget
Living our lives without a net
These are the times
This is our way
These are the days

These are the times
This is our way
These are the days


Reviews of These Are The Days from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (Song Rating: 7.1 out of 10):

  • Has a very Tom Petty vibe to the song. I like the chill factor that this song brings out in the music. I like the lyrics too.
  • I like the start of the track. I think the singer has an okay voice and can improve his vocals to make the song better to listen to.
  • I liked the guitar of the song. I liked the instrumentals of the song as well. I liked most elements of the song and the guitar of the song as well.
  • I liked the lyrics and felt they were thoughtful and uplifiting. His voice had a nice tone and quality to it, it was actually what I liekd best fo all. What I disliked was at times maybe it was the hook it kinda lost me a little. Just something in the timing, but overall I thought it was good.
  • I liked the singer's voice. It sounded a lot like the guy from Soul Asylum from the 90s. The guitar could have been a bit louder.
  • I really like this artist's vocals. The music is very nice and the lyrics are great and very well written. I feel that the artist did very nice work on this track.
  • Nice lyrically written song, played well, as I enjoyed the song arrangement. The production could use just a bit of a touch up as I don't the mixing is that great, but otherwise this is better than a lot of stuff out there.
  • Smooth voice, and track, very pleasant for working or studying. It is perfect for a coffee shop or a library. I enjoy music like this as it allows me to do other things while listening.
  • The best part of this song is the way the instrumentals sound like pure perfection against the voice of the vocalist. He has such a wonderfully gentle voice.
  • The best thing about this song that I can hear is the vocalist but I also really like how the instrumentals are such a great aid in backing him up throughout the song.
  • The production value is very good, but the lyrics not so much. I also think that other than that the song is a good listen as the tone of the singerĀ“s voice is good.
  • The song is upbeat, and makes me want to stand up and dance to its beat, I think that it may be lacking on the lyrics, but over all it is a good song.
  • The song sounds incredibly like a million other songs that have already been written before. There's nothing original about it, and I felt bored listening to it even though its a fun song. I can hear the singers voice too closely, it needs to be lower in volume compared to the rest of the music.
  • The vocalist has an enchanting voice, I could listen to him sing this song a few more times. The lyrics are very novel and original sounding and the quality is wonderful.
  • This is a lovely little slice of Americana. It has a great, folky tonality and sentiment. I very much like the lyric and the vocal. I think it will probably be a decent radio hit.
  • This song isn't bad, but it also isn't good. It sounds kind of cookie cutter to me. I think that comes from the simple music in it. The singer's voice was also a bit nasally to me.

Below is an acoustic version of These Are The Days, by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of These Are The Days from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (Song Rating: 6.2 out of 10):

  • I appreciate the rawness and honesty of the guitar. It's got little bit of a country vibe, which I don't really like. It's still a nice and simple song, with cute lyrics. I probably wouldn't listen to it but I definitely think it would be popular for people more into folky-country music.
  • It sound lovely and classical and sounds like the genre country, I love the instrumental in the background it mixes very well with the song, and it sounds very good, a great country song to listen to when your just chilling out, I think it's very good so I would give it 8 out of 10.
  • This track sounds like a country track the vocals are good. You can hear that a story is being told within the song by the vocalist, the music backing goes well with the lyrics, the track also sounds quite emotional and that it could be in a love film, i would buy this track if it was in the charts or if i saw the film.
  • Acoustic / country clear vocals with a basic guitar construction which doesn't lead to a big climax. there isn't much in the background to keep the beat, just a hit on the guitar. the song has nice hammer on/ pull offs riffs overall, slightly dull/slower song which is quaint.
  • The intro should have been longer. The singer needs to slow down the lyrics so that the listener can really absorb the content. It is difficult to enjoy the lyrics when you are racing to hear them. From what I did hear however, I do enjoy the lyrical content, as well as the singer's voice. The background voice is unnecessary,as the main singer could have easily sung the song on his own. Decent song; not that exciting or interesting, however; doesn't really conjure up any visceral emotion.
  • The guitar melodies are really nice, but what really makes this track as good as it is, is your vocals. Your voice has a lot of commercial potential about it, and you use some very nice harmonies. Your melodies are beautiful. Your lyrics have some very nice rhythm to them, and are very experimental in nature. I like this track very much, it's very well produced. Very well done.
  • I love the indie and popular culture lyrics such as referring to Dragon Ball Z. The clever rhyming lyrics really make this song. I enjoy how whimsical this song is. It reminds me to enjoy right now rather than constantly looking into the future for enjoyment. The guitar is clear and tuneful and pleasing to the ear.
  • The introduction could have started better with just the acoustic guitar playing. I felt the singer vocal ruin the mood the guitar was trying to establish. The artist has a great voice, but his timing in the song was really off. The dried tone in his voice at certain point needed more energy. The blue like southern feeling has its charm,but not enough for this solo tune to take off. The use of maybe instrument with the acoustic guitar would give a better performance.
  • There is some really nice sounding vibes coming out of this harmony the artist is featuring. The singing style is really familair, his voice is getting really uptempo and voice sounds better and better.His voice is somewhat happier sounding in this song. Melodies are still quiet and subtle but his lyrics are very easy to listen to and figure out what they say. His chords are done with his heart and soul, bringing in more of his special talents to the listeners. Improvements are always a good thing as far as the tempo as well. More lively beat and rythm is always a good thing.
  • I really enjoy listening to the guitar at the beginning of the song. It is nice and slow and makes you want to sit and listen to the music. I love the overlapping of the voices at different pitches. This is because it gives the track a difference and makes me want to listen more. I also like the instrumental during the verse and chorus. It makes a nice break between the lyrics and melody.
  • The song has a very quiet simple feel to it in the music, but the vocals contrast greatly with this and stand out, cutting through the gentle music well, making the vocals the focus. The vocalist has a powerful voice which he exercises a lot of control over to keep the vocals consistent. He hits every note with ease which means that there is no strain at all. The song is mixed well however it would sound much better, in my opinion, if the backing music was louder.
  • It's not really my kind of music but it's a good country song. I feel like the voice doesn't really match with the instruments in the song. But in general, it's a cam music and it sounds good in the ears, its not harsh.
  • The beat at the start is a nice tempo. The lyrics to me are quite blunt and to the point. The song has quite an old soul feeling, with the beat and the tune mixing together. The use of short lines are memorable and overall gives a very memorable song and lyrics.
  • Smooth voice makes it flows, the tempo is not too fast, acoustic guitar is in sync with the vocals, the lyrics used are good but get repetitive towards the end of the song. The lack of accompaniment with the guitar means that the music feels a bit bear.
  • Very nice guitar opening. I like the thumping on the guitar. The vocals are very weak. The voice is not appealing to the ears. The song is very simplistic. The lyrics aren't not bad. The background vocalist did a nice job harmonizing with someone who is so horribly off key. I really like the lyrics and the song. I just hate the vocals. Very few emotions put in to the song. This would be a great folk song with another singer.
  • This is great, starts out right away with the singing, and acoustic guitar groove. Has a touch of Neil diamond. Good harmonies. Maybe just a little minimal for my taste, but the lyrics are cool, and a bit funny. Maybe could use a bit of a beat at the halfway mark.
  • A guitar and singer with minimal back up singers make up this song. The words are OK in that they stand out and the guitar is catchy also. The guitarist all sounds like he is drumming on his instrument. This is a simple song and everything sounds very good.
  • The song was okay, but I didn't find it appealed to me much, as I don't think the song sounded very distinctive unfortunately. I think the song sounded a little repetitive to hear, to other country/easy listening songs I have heard. I think the song would have done well with a few more instruments being introduced, such as drums to give the sound a little more depth. Sorry.
  • I did not like the song because it was odd. it was out of place; the music was not in line with the singing as well as i think it could have been.I did not like the main chorus because there was no crescendo to the chorus which adds suspense. if they added those changes it would make the music so much better.
  • This is of a western style. It is a simple track with a guitar and piano. The vocal from the lead singer is smooth and has a western tone in his voice. The back ups harmonise his voice well. I think the music is consistent and strong and more could be done instrumentally to help the chorus more. The audio is excellent.
  • This song really is not my type of music, that a personal opinion. However what I do like about this track is the vocals, they are always in key and slow well with the song. The acoustic's coming from the guitar sound really toned and in tune and again I feel they flow really well with the song.
  • An original tune! The artist plays acoustic guitar gently and the sound levels around the guitar are great. The lyrics have a good flow with the song. The lyric however do not have structure where plot is concerned. The artist sings a message but about what exactly? The sound quality was good but there should be a hook at least.
  • Good clear vocals in the verses, though maybe a bit more clarity in the chorus parts would be beneficial. Mostly fit well with the backing guitar though there were a few occasions where the two fell away from each other a little and timing could be a little jumpy, which may affect whether or not the audience can 'get into' the song. Saying that, I think this could do well with a wide audience as it is of a style that is currently popular and is easy to listen to. This sounds like a nice acoustic set that would go down well in a bar on an afternoon. While not brilliantly exciting as a song, it was clear and well put together. I may not buy this, but I know a good few friends who would - and who would go to the concerts too.
  • The music is very relaxing and soothing. The guitar is at the right volume. Though it is not very exciting, it would be great for some other uses possibly like sleeping or yoga if you don't listen to the lyrics. Honestly, there are so many tastes and styles of music and contemporary music nowadays, that I think that any music could be put on the market.
  • I thought this song was cool. The song was very relaxing and soothe which is great for when someone has a long day and wants to relax. I would recommend this song for best country song of the year or best artist of the year because I don't really like country music. But after hearing this song I think I might reconsidering listening to country music more often. Also the singer did a wonderful with singing the song. The singer voice made the song sound beautiful.