Song Title: The Insult King

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NOTE: This song was written about MC Croz, who wrote a diss song named I'm The Baddest about MC Inadequate, who is a rapper I did a song with (called You Suck).

The Insult King

Verse 1:
This little song's for you
Mister MC Croz
'cause I agree, you're the baddest
that there ever was

You're a musical rapist
a lyrical hack
when it comes down to rapping
man you don't know jack

Your look is dorky
Your sound is goofy
the only way you'll get a girl
is if you slip her a ruffie

You came at my boy MC Inadequate
so now his name I must defend
but I'll try to keep it simple
so your little brain can comprehend

You were born so ugly
the doc gave your whole family a smack
Hey, your village just called
they want their idiot back

Worse than a dirty toilet
in a house of correction
words leak out your mouth
giving me an ear infection

Like a dog in a cage
I came here looking for a fight
better call the paramedics
as my lyrics take their bite

I'm the insult king
stand back as I take a swing
I'll assult you with my words
make you feel their sting

If you wanna go toe to toe
step on into the ring
but you'll walk away with your brain
in an emotional sling

Verse 2:
I hate to tell you MC Croz
but your sound really sucks
to get people to own to your CD
you'd have to pay them ten bucks

Farmers use a giant photo of you
to scare away the birds
they even blast out your music
to slaughter cattle herds

You got no class
You got no style
your mind's about as useless
as a corrupted data file

Your parents are so poor
they got married just to get the rice
yo momma's so dumb
she needs a recipe for ice

You were born a loser
that's how the genetic cookie crumbled
if you wanna mess with me
better prepare to get humbled

As my rhymes flow through your network
and on into your router
cover your ears as they explode
like audio gun powder

I'm the insult king
step back as I take a swing
I'll assult you with my words
make you feel their sting

If you wanna try and diss me
then step up to the plate
but your fragile little ego
I will mame and decimate

Verse 3:
You know what Croz?
you can't carry a tune
every song that you sing
you totally ruin

Your rhymes flow so bad
they clog up my computer
now I've got audio sewage
better call Roto Rooter

Your comebacks are moronic
with a lack of talent that seems chronic
they fall flat like tones subsonic
leaving me almost catatonic

I won't even know what you said
until I get a dork translator
Hey, how do ya keep a loser in suspense?
I promise to tell you later

I'm dangerous and volitile
a proverbial high voltage wire
if you mess around with me
you're playing with fire

Just as a biometric scanner
shines deep into your iris
my soundwaves enter your brain
like a rogue computer virus

Now that you've insulted me
you can't unring that bell
so try and beg for mercy
and you can go straight to hell

I'm the insult man
here's my battle plan
I'll unleash a lyrical attack
guaranteed to shorten your lifespan

My rhymes will make your head spin around
like a ceiling fan
gonna end your dismal rap career
before it even began