I wrote the lyrics and melody for The Wonder Years, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: The Wonder Years

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The Wonder Years

Verse 1:
The whirling twirling energy
it pulses through your veins
when eyes are all wide open
a boundless freedom reigns

Feel colors of a summer
as they dance upon the wind
and everything is possible
just waiting to begin

The world it keeps on spinning
through the laughter and the tears
you blink and it's gone
these are the wonder years

Verse 2:
You look to the heavens
dream on every star
and sing along to the radio
from the backseat of a car

Oh, to be an astronaut
a fireman or spy
a superhero brave and strong
soaring endless skies

The world it keeps on spinning
through the laughter and the tears
you blink and it's gone
these are the wonder years

You blink and it's gone
these are the wonder years


Reviews of The Wonder Years from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall song: 6.6 out of 10):

  • The song starts with a nice up tempo and a good sound. The opening lead vocal is strong and I quickly enjoyed the way the lyrics were being sung. The sung is mixed well with a high production value. The hook was a little cheesy but the song never seems to take itself too seriously.
  • This sounds pretty cool. i like the snare drum, the drummer got a good tempo and beat going on here. the electric guitar chords of choice are pretty cool too. the lead vocalist has got a good voice here, i dig his style. i really enjoyed this one so it has to be full marks 10/10.
  • The vocals are distinctive, rich, warm and expressive. The lyrics are original, thought provoking and meaningful. There is a varied range of instrumental accompaniments which are imaginative. The artist is very talented and professional in my opinion. The structure of the song is unique and it has a strong commercial potential. The performance quality can be heard as over expressive. The artist wants to make an impression emotionally but overdoes this and comes across as sounding insecure, put on, melodramatic and pretentious.
  • The tempo and instruments were a bit boring for my taste. The vocals and pronunciation needed a bit of work. The lyrics could of needed a bit more work and a bit of originality. I felt I heard the song countless times before. Maybe work harder on the overall instrumentals and vocals combined. Also balance the volume to make equal cause it unbalance.
  • Intro kicks off with a variety of instrumental sounds which was awesome! The singer in my opinion is very skillful. His voice is nice and goes well with this type of song. The vocal melody ties in perfectly with the lyrics. The lyrics i think are the best I have heard in a while. I can understand this song form a personal stand point which is cool.
  • I like the clapping sounds and instruments at the outset of the song. It makes me want to dance. The voice is not very pleasant to listen to, he sounds like he's not trying hard enough. I can't tell if this is a religious song or not, which means that the lyrics aren't clear or effective. His words are nice though, they have a positive message which I think is unique in this day and age. No many talk about positive things. He has a nice rhythm when he sings. I enjoy the song overall.
  • I like the upbeat tempo of the instrumental in the beginning, and the voice is nice at first. It quickly gets annoying, though. While the lyrics are pretty and poetic, his voice is just not great. While I see talent in the lyrics and background song, I really don't see potential in this singer. The beat and tempo is great to tap your foot to, though.
  • I love how the song has it's own flow. The beat sounds hard. Your voice also matches the type of music this is. Adding different kinds of tempos made the song even much better. This was a great production. I love the function of the song it created a great sense of excitement of sounds. The beat was also unexpected so the music is developing without knowing whats coming next. Nice song.
  • The track is energetic and tuneful, a great motivational song. The performance is of consistent technical quality and enjoyment throughout. The vocal and lyrical strengths of the singer are well received. The song does a good job of holding listener attention with it's catchy accompaniment of instrumentals and backing melodies. The overall performance plays well.
  • This song sounds like it is straight out of the 1980's. The song is catchy. The harmonization of the instruments and digital sound are good. This song musically flows smooth. The singer really uses his voice well in this song. He sings with feeling and conviction. This song is good.
  • There is a steady beat to this tune which uses a few different percussive sounds to give a dance type vibe to a wide tempo beat. The singing has kind of a confident cool about it that sounds like influenced by 80's music. There is a guitar that has a bunch of reverb and plays with a clean tone, rounding out the song is a synth that pulsates throughout the verse.
  • The introduction is a wonderful assortment of different instruments to start off the song, The melody is nice and continues to utilize the several instruments very nicely. The vocals are very nice but could be somewhat improved to be better for radio and commercial play. The lyrics seem to be very inspiring and are very relatable for someone feeling down. Overall the song has great tunes but can still be improved but making the vocals more pop-suited.
  • The intro to the song is fast and energetic. The synth goes well with the guitar and drums which are played alright. The lyrics are rhyming and tell a descriptive story of the seasons. The vocals are crystal clear and should be a little louder in my opinion. The instrumentals are a little even with the vocals and I think the vocals should be louder. Besides that it is a good song.
  • This song has a nice melody. The beats in the background contrast with the flighty music in the foreground and the singer's melodic voice. I can imagine this song being on alternative radio stations. It needs a little work to make it capture attention better.
  • So I was doing other stuff while listening to the song, so while it's not a song that captures your attention, I wouldn't mind having it as background noise. The artist was not someone that caught my attention, but it wasn't wasn't awful. Middling ground. All in all, I wouldn't download it, but I'd listen to it if it was on the radio.
  • I feel like I am in the 80s. I like the music production on it. The singers voice tone is good and the background is in sync. It is not all studio sounds he got drums and guitar. It kinda reminds me of the Beatles.
  • This is a beautiful song and performance created by the intelligent artist and composer. I love how the structure this song so wisely and appealing to the listener. I like how the beat sounds like summer, it makes me feel happy. I love how rich and full the male artist vocals are. I like how these lyrics are actually meaningful.
  • This is a nice melody that is very interactive. The music is light and subtle, there's a steady flow to it that works well with the singer's voice. The artist has a great tone to his vocals and he's very engaged in the song. There's a sharp vibrato that is very pleasant to hear. It sounds complete and well rounded rhythmically.
  • The intro of this song is really upbeat and fun. I like the rhythm of the percussion. The vocals sometimes sound out of tune. I like the timbre of this song, and the instrumentation is really cool and enjoyable. I like the texture of this song, as well. The melody is unique and different. The guitar part is really good.
  • The melody of this song is quite fast and consistent. The vocals are mellow and clear. I like how the lyrics sound meaningful and heartfelt. The bass and guitar really add a richness to this song. I can also hear a digital quality to this song that works and is not over done too much. The structure of this song seems to be arrangement well. There are moments in the song where the instruments take play and make the song seem more pleasurable to listen to.
  • Wow! I really enjoyed this track! It caught my attention right from the start. It is very upbeat. I really enjoy the singer's voice. He has a very nice tone. The music was great too! I enjoyed all of the effects. They were very well balanced, not overdone. The lyrics are very good as well. It sounds like a hit to me!! I could listen to this one over and over. Thank you for giving me this track to review, it was really great!!
  • This song started of well and started like a party song. the vocals are ok could be improved a little bit. Has a good melody and sound to it. the lyrics arent bad. sounds like a song at a party. will help people feel good for themselves and sounds like the perfect song for a reunion and good jam so.
  • This song sounds like a TV show song. I imagine it to be played during a breakup. The guitar riff in the beginning sounds like from a Friends episode. The flute in the background adds an interesting effect to the mood. I enjoyed listening to it. I can relate to it.
  • I like this song because it have a low beat,rhythm and pattern with its smoothing voice.Also it makes me happy and relax so i can have a smoothing relax picnic and day. In conclusion i rate this 7 because there are lots of good points.
  • This song is cool it could be like some background music to one of those coming of age movies like The Breakfast Club or something. It's something cool to play when cruising on the highway and letting the breeze hit your hair without a care in the world and what not. This song is nice.
  • I like the soothing vocals in and guitars in the beginning and introduction of the song. I also like the echoing in the background effects. I really like how the vocals are perfectly in sync and compliment the theme of the song which is light and upbeat. I don't really think that this song would become famous on today's market but it is definitely fun to listen to and I think that it will be well-liked. I also really like the end of the song. It is a good way to close out the already good song. I would give this song a seven out of ten.
  • Musical introduction has a good beat. It leads into the song naturally and doesn't sound forced. Lyrics are easy to understand and fun. Singer's voice is clear and flows with the music. Lyrics are expressive. Rhythm is engaging and grabs your attention. Song is a lot of fun and very entertaining.
  • The beats in this song are very enthusiastic towards this song and fits in very well and in sinc with the male singers voice. This song will be based in a old karaoke environment or a bar based area. I think this song is very calm and relaxing and I am going to rate it a 7 out of 10.
  • I think the music is great. The singer is great too i just don't understand what the song is about. Im not sure I would like this song on the radio but maybe if i liked country music. I would say this song is ok.
  • Its very catchy and upbeat. This something you would listen to while hanging out in your room. Its got a very 2000's vibe to it. the singer has a great voice. The music is great. The lyrics are nice they talk about the years of your youth and how you must take advantage of the moment.
  • This is a beautiful song. I like the beatful melody and how it rings in my ear. I think the lyrics are inspirational and heartfelt because of the words. The vocals are tense and sound like she's going to cry. The instrumentals are loud and grow dramatically without hesitation. The only problem with this song is that the quality is a little static and the timing is off. The artist needs to fix those two issues but other than that there is a lot of talent and hard work that was put into this song.
  • I love the simple beat to the song and that the song has a calm, but happy feel to it. I love the actual song and lyrics to it though. The song seems very well written and the vocals match the tone of the song and everything flows effortlessly. I could see myself purchasing this song. Great job!
  • This song is OK. I don't like the persons voice. Although, the tune and melody is good. The lyrics are kind of confusing. I feel like the vocals are kind of out-of-tune and shapeless. It sounds like a song you would listen to in the eighties. I would like to explore more songs by this artist and find out more about them.