I wrote the lyrics and melody for The Night I Fell In Love, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: The Night I Fell In Love

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The Night I Fell In Love

Verse 1:
I wasn't looking for adventure
didn't want get into the game
sat alone there in the shadows
a place nobody knew my name

And then I saw you in the distance
my fragile world began to turn
a fire buried down deep inside me
for the first time began to burn

Couldn't stop myself from staring
'till your eyes they met with mine
The way I felt that magic moment
sent a tingle down my spine

Under the moon and stars so bright
you took my hand, it felt so right
that was the night, I fell, in love

Verse 2:
Now 20 years we've been together
there's still that sparkle in your eye
the girl that saved me from my prison
unlocked my heart and let it fly

You are my lover and companion
my one true soulmate and best friend
we have a bond to last forever
beyond this Earth it will transcend

Not a day goes by that I don't love you
never a day with you that I regret
who would've thought we would end up here
on that fateful night we met

Under the moon and stars so bright
you took my hand, it felt so right
that was the night, I fell, in love

Under the moon and stars so bright
you took my hand, it felt so right
that was the night, I fell, in love


Reviews of The Night I Fell In Love (song score: 7.1 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • I liked the name of the song and the name of the artist. I think the song has potential and also that it has good elements in it. I liked the tone of the song.
  • I really enjoy the mellow and laid back vibe of this song. I like the vocals on the track as well as they paired very nicely with the instrumentation. The vocals were a little quiet though, so it was hard to hear them at times.
  • I really like the relaxing feel to the song. The singer reminds me of Tom Petty. His voice is gentle and compliments the loving feeling in the lyrics. The singer makes the lyrics seem sincere. This song would do well on the soundtrack in a love story either in a movie or on television.
  • I thought that the guitar playing in this song was really well done. I think the vocals in this song were great as well. THe lyrics were also well written.
  • I thought this song was fairly catchy. It's a little too slow paced, but it wasn't too bad. I enjoyed listening to the lyrics. I could see myself listening to something like this.
  • I thought this was way too slow and the vocals were good but this just was not something I would be intrested in.
  • Not bad, has a nice beat to it. The vocals are strong and the lyrics fit the title and tone of the song perfectly. The instrumentation is excellent and the production is perfect.
  • Overall, the song is clear and heartfelt, but I think it has strong commercial potential. The song is catchy, and the verses are tuneful and memorable. The lyrics seem quite corny. The performance quality is high ethereal instrumentally. The singer definitely is talented and careful. This is a great song and performance.
  • The best part of this song is the instrumentals. They're not only very engaging but they tug at my heart in a playful way. It's a very sweet song overall.
  • The instrumentation and production are great on this track. The singer has a nice and pleasant voice. The lyrics are well written and earnest. I really liked this song. It reminded me of Tom Petty alot.
  • The singer has an impressive vocal tone, and appealing feeling into the lyrics. The melody is shapely, and the lyrics are melodious and memorable. In general, the lyrics is meaningful and inspiring, but I think it has solid business potential. The instrumental arrangement is reasonably engaging in terms of balance, and it provides a powerful accompaniment. I find it unimaginative and the singer has careless. This is a great song and performance.
  • The song itself was really good I enjoyed it but the title of the song was kind of long and I dont see this song being really popular, short small names usually take the cake!
  • This artist has very nice and calming vocals. The music is very nice as well as the lyrics. The sound quality of the song is very good. Excellent work on this song.
  • This male vocalist had a great voice. This song was very pleasureable to listen to and I had no complaints. I liked the soft relaxing feel of this track a lot.
  • This singer reminds me of Tom Petty. This song has a very retro feel to it. The lyrics need some work. They're just overly rhyme(y).
  • This song did not do much for me, as I found it a bit boring. The vocals and instrumentation was quite good, but the lyrics were a bit cheesy, and the soft and gentle style really did not do much for me. I feel this would be good for someone who likes easy listening or oldies from the 50s and 60s.
  • This song reminds me of the 70's singer songwriters, the more poppy of them. It does have a good and engaging chorus, it's worthy of some of the early Bee Gee's folkier stuff.
  • This sounds like a dive bar song that would get overlooked by the drunks there, but one couple would get up and dance to it. This is a compliment, because most millennial listeners wouldn't care for it and think it's too country, but it is a decent song.
  • Tom Petty meets country. This could use some work. The melody is nice, the artist's voice is nice but it just hasn't quite melded properly. Need some more time in the studio to get the timing and mixing right. The artist should try to put some more energy into the words too, convey the message of falling in love more positive. It seems like he is sleepy singing.
  • Very sweet and melodic, with lots of minor chords. Nice. I like the song structure and general sentiment. The vocals I'm not so crazy about, but I think it still works for the most part.

Below is an acoustic version of The Night I Fell In Love by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of The Night I Fell In Love (song score: 6.7 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • Nice guitar opening. Typical for a campfire or folk song. The vocals aren't very strong. It's a shame the rhythm guitar is pretty. The lyrics to the song are really well done. The vocalist is not melodic at all. It's almost like he's talk singing. Very little emotions behind the vocals. Harmonies helped with the backup singer. The song writer has a great deal of talent. If someone else demo'd these songs you may get some interest.
  • The singer's voice is pretty mediocre, it's got a country vibe to it though so I may be a little bias. The guitar music is pretty standard, an the lyrics are too. There's nothing that stands out to me in this song to make it memorable.
  • This song is really mellow, and has a very calm colour to it. Your voice has a nice tone to it, it's very soft and gentle. This song works well with just you and the guitar. I think the melodies are okay, but could be better. This song needs to be catchier to get popular. It's produced well, and the lyrics are sweet, and the song is well structured, too.
  • As soon as I heard the opening, I was expecting a strong male voice, and I presented with just that. The song meshes well and the singer's voice is the main component, as it should be. The lyrics are a bit on the cliche side, but that isn't overly noticeable. No major complaints with this song. I would definitely put it on my phone.
  • This guitar is one of the best slower beats I have heard. It has the talent in there moreso than the singing. That said, the words and the lyrics of the singing is also somewhat better than the vocals as well. His voice is somewhat shaky and maybe even somewhat shy as well. He does seem like he is happy and slightly using an uptempo beat. His voice is really gentle and the music is as well. It is not my favorite genre or style to listen to as a whole though.
  • Great tight acoustic guitar playing. This must be Douglas Haines again. Definitely has a recognizable style. Your can tap your feet to it, and nod your head in empathy. I am sure after a few listens it would be easy to sing along. No complaints on the production. Harmonies are solid. The vocal could maybe be lifted above the mix a little more.
  • The one step guitar starting off the song is pretty good in my opinion. The voice of the artist sounds alright. the background melody is ok, it's quiete slow but I guess it matches the singer's way of singing, it's his style. The intrumental is going along with the melody is of course going to be slow with it also.
  • The guitar sounds very fitting and i think the tempo is also good in this intro. I liked how the artist sang "Sitting lonely in the shadows, a place where nobody knew my name". The track sounds very emotional and has some sad but passionate lyircs. I hope to hear this artist again sometime as he had a very good voice. The beat and guitar melody made me love the song even more. I thought that this song was so satisfactory.
  • An alluring acoustic guitar intro is followed by fine vocals that are on the pitch and pleasing in tone with good conviction and expressiveness. The sparse, acoustic guitar only, musical accompaniment is well done but could be a little more varied. The lyrics are okay but get a bit repetitive and boring after a while; they may be too self absorbed and not as interesting to the listener. Still it is a well recorded and performed track.
  • Love the guitar in the beginning. The recording style is excellent and gives a really great sound. I think that the vocalist matches this mellow guitar sound perfectly. I really like the lyrics and think they are a great match for the mood of the song. It is a somber sound but a very good sound. I think it might be cool to add a second vocalist even if its just in the background. The part where this was done was very enjoyable. I really liked the loving sound throughout the song.
  • This song is wonderful, featuring a very nice mature voice. Very excellent vibrato, and I love the pleasant sound of the vocals mixed with the guitar. The lyrics are very beautiful, and anyone who listens to soft country music will most likely enjoy this. This song sounds like it should be on a family movie.
  • Chords at the start stop the flow of the piece in the beginning which makes the piece bitty. Voice is in tune thought. The rhythm is to bitty thought which means that the words sometimes there are massive gaps between them meaning that the meaning and the mood is ruined. The overall song sounded bare as the only instrument was the guitar meaning it did get boring towards the end.
  • An older sounding singer with just a guitar is good because he has some interesting words to hear and his guitar playing is catchy. As the song goes on one wishes his words were even better though. But his simple guitar playing is definitely not boring which is OK.
  • The playable guitar chord are so simple and creative to jump start the feeling of the crowd. The singer charming voice will lift up your mood . Let us not forget stir up your feeling since the topic of love will relate to everyone. The solo performance is at the highest quality for a song that was professional made on a lo-fi recording. The simple love ballad bring out the best moments for to enjoy.
  • Their is a sense of calmness, and serenity due to the soft acoustic guitar that starts this song off. The vocalist seems a bit tired, and his voice does lack a bit of energy. I think this care free delivery is intended to signify the interest the singer has in someone while being subtle. Their is some elements of country music infused in this item.
  • This song is very cheesy. The song would be relatable to old people who have been married for exactly 20 years. The artist does not leave room for open interpretation. The tune is not engaging because it is too personal to the artist. The guitar playing is not overly impressive. There is not much there for a structure.
  • The guitar in this track is very simplified. The music needs to be fleshed out a lot more from the very beginning. The guitar could be more creatively played and this would completely change to tone of the song. The vocals are good, there is a lot of expression there, but his delivery and timing needs some addressing.
  • I found that the beats per minute in this song were at a good amount and that was perfect. The rhythm of this song was slow and steady, the rhythm here was pretty nice to listen to. The accompaniment in this song was a bit weak but can be improved. This was a really nice piece to listen to, good job!
  • The acoustic guitar intro is effective because this instrument is associated with songs to do with deep emotions and/or a true story. The song is quite plain, it could use some other instruments like drums other than that the simplicity of the song is nice. The song ends on a good note with a steady melody throughout the whole song. The lyrics create a deep meaning for the song.
  • Needs to pick up the beat during chorus. The single picking is getting old. He has a good voice comparable to Bruce Springsteen sing softly. Could pass for a country song. Good lyrics, I like the story he tells. You can never go wrong when you write a song about falling in love.
  • Smooth introduction with the acoustic guitar, the chord progression is simple but works with the pace. The lyrics kick in with a nice use of word play, His tone is good and doesn't push his vocals too far, It works well with the single instrument. The harmonies work somewhat, It sounds a little low budget, maybe a little tweak on the harmony will help push this song higher in the ratings. Its a very well put together song, doesn't sound rushed. The artist has put some thought into what he is singing. I have heard songs similar to this, which makes this somewhat unoriginal, but not to the point where it is a complete copy of them. It stands out well and is a good addition to the genre. I would listen to it again.
  • This track tells a story that is both compelling and singable. Although very simple, the track works very well this way. The guitar chords embellished with slaps on the guitar body exposes the lyrics of the song. These are sung with a heart and feeling that makes you listen to what is being said. The vocals are gravely in places, which adds depth, but are also soothing and lyrical at times. The soft harmonies work wonders with there subtleness.
  • The introduction has very effective guitar playing, and immediately puts a spotlight on the vocals in this song. The lyrics seem to tell a story about him smoking for the first time, and describes how it felt. The vocals are solid but never become expressive and don't convince me to really listen to the lyrics. The melody seemed good at first but towards the end it becomes very repetitive and the only thing that changes about it is the volume. Overall this song will struggle against competition without a more varied melody or better vocals.