I wrote the lyrics and melody for The Land of Love, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: The Land of Love

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The Land of Love

Verse 1:
Roses are red
your eyes so blue
in every smile
a light shines bright
colors of you

Don't know how we got here
on the clouds, dreams are made of
these are the days
lost in the land of love

Verse 2:
The birds, they sing
a blissful song
on every street
the sounds of peace
last all day long

Don't know how we got here
on the clouds, dreams are made of
these are the days
lost in the land of love

These are the days
lost in the land of love

No wrinkles in the mirror
no demons left to slay
where good times, and laughter
make worries drift away

Don't know how we got here
on the clouds, dreams are made of
these are the days
lost in the land of love

These are the days
lost in the land of love


Reviews of The Land of Love (song score: 5.3 out of 10) from the Reverbnation.com Crowd Review service:

  • Background music is fun to listen to but a bit repetitive. His voice is unusual. Sounds like Pink Floyd. Pleasant to listen to. Lyrics are interesting and keeps my attention.
  • Had some good sounds in the instrumental, but frankly, this song did not have a very interesting or memorable melody. Some good singing, but lacked dynamics and didn't really stand out to me.
  • I dig the vibe here, it's kind of mellow, yet still cool and 80s retro at the same time. It kind of reminds me of Tears For Fears in a way.
  • I don't know. I hated the start of this song, and then thought I didn't really care for the quality of the vocal. BUT, there is something that is likeable about this tune. I even want to pick on the song title, cuz lets be honest, its a little cheesy. But the artist manages to pull this off and make it an interesting piece of music.
  • I enjoyed the lyrics in The Land of Love. Tey were uplifting. The music was just OK. The singing came off pretty well. I think the song has a pretty commercial sound to it.
  • I like how the vocals sound here. The lyrics are interesting and pleasant to listen to. The instrumentals are a good match for the song and don't overwhelm the vocals.
  • I like the interesting music and the unusual sound. The song is definitely headed in the right direction, but the song needs some work to make the song sound fluid.
  • I liked the beat to this song a decent amount. I also liked how retro sounding the song was. However, the singer's voice was not that great at all and brought the song down.
  • I liked the general melody of the song although I disliked the background vocals. The background singers did not seem to be harmonized. Also the lyrics of the song are a bit simple.
  • I liked the layers of sound. I thought the tune was catchy and the beat was good. The lyrics were positive, which was nice, but I think they could be stronger.
  • I think the sound quality sounds weird and a bit fuzzy. It needs fixing. I like the lyrics a lot and think they are sweet, but his vocals need work.
  • I was torn between yes and no on this song. It is very sleepy sounding and I would never, in a million years, categorize this as Pop/Dance. I think it needs to moved into Songwriter or Indie/Folk. The lyrics are fine, vocals are good, music is okay. It just doesn't have that spark that keeps you hooked, in my opinion.
  • It was alright as far as the sound goes, but not something I would listen to. The vocals just dont resonate with me and doesn't appeal to me.
  • Not a bad track. The production quality was lacking. Sounded more like a demo than a radio ready song. Had an 80's U2 feel that captured the genre well. The instrumentation was well arranged but the vocals were lacking (though the harmonies were tasteful). Would market well to easy listening radio if it were cleaned up a bit.
  • Sounds a little retro to me. I can hear a few parts that could use some tweaks to really make this one sound better. Loved the vibe from the vocals.
  • Super, super average voice. Super boring adult contemporary backing music. The lyrics are also pretty cheesy and not that great. This will not be a hit.
  • The felt like an oldies song, something from the 1980's. The singer was fine but I found the song to be a little boring. It didn't engage me.
  • The main singer is really good. However I like the wavering sound in the music, it is irritating and nerve racking to me. The back up singers could use more practice.
  • The melody is ok and the music is good. I didn't like the vocals at all. He has a good voice but it didn't match this style of song and the backup singers just didn't sound right. It doesn't even sound poppy. It just doesn't sound right.
  • T
  • he recording quality needs adjusted on this song. The singer is disconnected a little from the background music. The voices are good but I'm not a fan of the background music.
  • The track is compelling beause it compels the listener to join in the celebration of musical experience with fine vocal delivery and complex, layered instrumentation throughout.
  • This is a song that I can see myself listening to while I am home. It would be a song that I would play while I read a book.
  • This song is good I think it defines the indie genre and it feel good inside the trippy beats and tones are relaxing and rejuvenating.
  • This song made me feel melancholy! It was a very nice harmonic song but the lyrics were semi depressing. It had a slow beat that was acceptable for the theme of the song.
  • This song sounds like a bad 80's song. I don't see it becoming a hit at all. I can't even imagine it on the radio right now. It also sounds a little like christian music. It's pretty boring.

Below is version of The Land of Love Elliott Sheridan:

Reviews of Elliott Sheridan's version of The Land of Love (song score: 5.9 out of 10) from the Reverbnation.com Crowd Review service:

  • I can picture this song being in a soundtrack for either Disney or a Pixar movie. I like the lyrics and want to hear more from this songwriter. It sounds great!
  • I found this song somewhat average. I enjoyed it, but mostly as background music. It sort of faded from the front of my attention although I wasn't really doing anything else. My mind just wandered. It wasn't a bad song, just couldn't keep me interested.
  • I like the gentle feel of this song and the way the vocalist sings some very sweet lyrics, but he definitely makes me believe them for sure. I love that they're so emotional.
  • I live the piano in the background but I don't think this is the right kind of music for this voice. The person's voice isn't very strong and feel like it needs something more and may possibly be good.
  • I love the experimental nature of the music. The production seems to highlight the song. Vocals are excellent and the lyrics are pretty interesting. I think this one is a keeper.
  • I really don't like this song. It's too melancholy and too "Hallmark Card" for me. It might be a hit on the "lite fm" channel, though.
  • I think the song has an interesting rythem. I liked the name of the song and also liked the name of the artist. I think the song is good.
  • Cheesy song. Uninspiring music. There's a market for this on easy listening radio. Still a very boring song and I don't really like it.
  • It was a very slow song. The lyrics were not that bad in my opinion. I thought that Elliott sounded good. The background music was pretty good.
  • One of the thing that really makes this song a nice song to listen to is the slow instrumentals and the feeling voice of the vocalist. It's nice to hear a man being so sweetly expressive.
  • Overall, the song is thin and out-of-tune, but I think it has strong commercial potential. The melody is melodic and memorable. The lyrics are punchy and amusing with some meaningful phrases. The performance quality is high full instrumentally. The singer definitely is imaginative and competent. The instrumental course of action is sensibly great as far as adjust, and it gives a sufficiently strong backup.
  • The best part of this song is that the lyrics are just so sweet and the vocalist has a great voice to sing them with. I can't find any imperfections in his voice.
  • The lyrics are weird and I dislike them. The start of the song reminds me of a poorly written love poem from that awkward high school boy who doesn't really know you but would like to date you nonetheless. The beat is nice but the song never recovered from the overwhelming creepy, stalking feeling the lyrics gave me.
  • The singer has a clear and attractive vocal tone, but is often drowned out by the powerful instrumental accompaniment. The song is interesting and memorable. The verses appear to be very inspiring. The performance quality is high strident instrumentally. The singer definitely is awkward and unprofessional. This is an extraordinary melody and execution.
  • The voice of the singer on this one was a bit too whispery for my liking. It could use a bit more force behind it really.
  • This artist has very nice vocals. The music is very pretty and the lyrics are well written. I also like that the sound quality of the song is good. Great work!
  • This is okay, and sounds like "Lite FM" from the 1970s. It would appeal to that audience, but I'm not sure if it's commercially viable for today's youth market.
  • This sounds a little bit like Kenny Loggins and Kenny rogers. It has a nice pop ac sound to it. I hope this song does very well on the charts.
  • Very nice, very deep lyrics, which makes it a very enjoyable listen. I like the slow melody as it lets me reflec and think about my feelings.
  • Very touching song. The roses are red and the eyes so blue lyrics are great. I love the description of the person the singer is singing about.