I wrote the lyrics and melody for The Greatest Story Never Told, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record a version of it for me.

Song Title: The Greatest Story Never Told

The Greatest Story Never Told

Verse 1:
The sweet taste of wine
the curve of your lips
an innocent touch
with just fingertips

Living in glances
can't open that door
a windowless prison
never to be more

The angels in Heaven
the birds and the bees
all moving together
like winds on the seas

Gotta chase that freedom
before we get old
our love is the greatest story
that's never been told

Verse 2:
Dancing with danger
a slow masquerade
just fantasies dreaming
in beds that we made

Can't leap without looking
cross over the line
while safe in the limits
of this grand design

The angels in Heaven
the birds and the bees
all moving together
like winds on the seas

Gotta chase that freedom
before we get old
our love is the greatest story
that's never been told

Our love is the greatest story
that's never been told


Reviews of The Greatest Story Never Told (overall song: 6.0 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • This track is really musically inviting from the very first bars, the way in which the guitar work is overlaid creates a really good backing to the track, there is some nice playing here and the drums add to the track well but giving some solid support to the track, but not being too strong. Vocally the track is not as strong, the vocals are not bad the gimmick of applying and echo to the vocals soon becomes wearing and adds little to the track, other than a distraction to the good musical support. If this was used in just the verse, or the chorus, it would help, as it is it's over used. This could be a very good track but the echo effect is annoying.
  • Sounds country western. Singer similar to Blair. old fashoned song at that. This isn't my style of music i would listen to. Very well produced and probably could have been a hit in say the 1980's . Nice strumming of the guitar, professionally done. great potential and an average song for todays society. well done.
  • I like the driving guitar line at the very beginning of the song - it definitely draws the listener into the song. The amount of reverb and echo on the male lead singer's voice is a bit puzzling, as I don't think it fits with the tone of the rest of the song. I like the soaring, inspirational quality of the chorus. It's a nice juxtaposition relative to the minor, brooding quality of the verses. I do feel like the verses are a little short though and could be developed a bit more.
  • I like the melodies and the rhythms to the music it instantly drew me in. I also like the quirky and sexy sounding vocals. The lyrics are deep and have a lesson to learn nature. I think the slight echo sound to the vocals work very favourably, they are subtle but give emphasis to the lyrics.
  • Really good intro. The singing isn't very clear because of the vocal effect that you put on it. Please remove it before you release the song. The echo in the background of the vocals are also very annoying and you should remove that. Also, there is a slight effect when a drum goes off that reduces the volume of your singing, remove that too. Everything else is fine.
  • This really is my type of music from the get go, there's certainly some skill in the way it pans out, then what I think is a really over produced voice came in, it just sounded altered and if it is then it don't believe there's any reason for it to be, even altered it sounds to have emotion, a good grasp on tonality and a steady beat with the music. The lyrics are rather lovely.
  • I like the drums and the acoustic guitar they supplement each other very well. I also like the effects that have been placed upon the vocals with the echo I think this supplement the instruments very well. I also like the upbeat aspect to the song, as although it is upbeat and catchy it is not too in your face, this is a difficult balance to get correct. Overall I like this song very much and I think that this song could be used as either a chart piece of music or as backing music to a film or TV show.
  • I was very surprised by the raspy voice that took over when the vocalist began singing. I think that he has a very unique voice and give the song a mysterious vibe. The lyrics are very inspiring and I think that the melody fits them perfectly. I don't really love the effects put on the vocalists voice, I think he would do fine without it and that it would actually benefit the song. The only other thing I don't love is the echo that is on the voice.
  • A complex, dramatic introduction serves as an excellent segue into the heart of this song. Unfortunately it is a religious song. I really feel like as just a mainstream band I would really enjoy this but hearing them sing about their lord makes me antsy. The vocals are well done and the acoustic guitar really lays down a beautiful melody.
  • Very relaxing tune. love their voices, they fit very good together. The background musics a little to loud for them thou. love the lyrics. im expecting them to burst in to a different tune im not sure why, overall thou i like it for the lyrics, but think the tune could be better to make it go wow. think this is why im expecting the tune to waken up. my friend would buy it for sure, just something missing for me.
  • I love the start of this song when they first come in with the solo guitarists. The strumming of the strings sounds hip and pop on beat. I like the way they make the instruments match the style and flow of their voice. The singer has a nice voice. The singer knows how to make the songs sound really great. I like this song.
  • This is more or less a slow rock song. it reminds me of a classic rock sound by the tone and melody. the melody is very different from other rock songs as if it doesn't want to be a rock song, which is very unique to this song which makes it stand out from other songs you may listen too. i recommend that if your into rock you should give this song a try.
  • The song starts off with a beautiful tone. I like the very beginning around 0.50. The artist voice is deep, and dramatic. Perfect for this song's melody. The song is complex and the lyrics seem to be stating some very deep (hence the term angel). The chorus is boring, but the rest of the song seems to make up for it. The pitch seems to stay consistent, which i like. This seems to be a professionally made song, and the artist has definite talent.
  • This song is very relatable. i like it alot ! good job keep up the good work you could firther develop your music career if you keep up the good work i really like the vibes of this song makes me want to find that perfect girl i really like tha melody of this song. The aspect of this song is really nice i hope you do good! You have real potential im sending my best hopes that you further your career.
  • This song has a nice ring to it but sounds like it was made on an audio application. its auto tune isnt good i wanna see his actual voice but, the voice is really bad and the song doesnt even make sense. I dont like the song but i can understand people who would like it comepletely understandable. The instruments and the tune are really good but the singing ruined it. i rate this 4/10.
  • The pitch for this track was off track. The vocals and the singing were a little off balance. It was not in tune with the music. Lyrically, I enjoyed listening to. I just wish it was on balance and on key. The music seemed to overpower the singer. Overall, I think the song was good. Just needs to be more balanced.
  • This song reminded me of the Doors when I first heard it. As the chorus came through, it was like I was listening to a slow Beatles love song. The words were easy to listen to and I wanted to understand what the singers were saying the entire time. There is a complication of what sounds like synth/elect at parts of the song which gives a bit of bite to the song. This song will probably do moderately well in the alternative section of listeners.
  • The tune has a cool vibe but the brat is buried by the guitars and the bass is murky and not blended with the kick drum, the vocals have to many effects and it is har to make out his voice that is over processed, you need to re mix this with less compression and effects, try some e.q. and panning and work onn the bass frequency making it opposite of the kick drum as the low end is in the mix but not defined, o.k. tune , melody and performance, but a very green mix, please re mix with less effects as this is overproduced and would be better with just a guitar and voice rather THAN THIS OVERPRODUCED ARMATURE SOUND, GREAT SONG BUT NEEDS A RE MIX.
  • Clever beats. Crisp solid bass. The keyboard was flawless. The lyrics were over written. The style of the beats were accomplished. Stylish lyrics. The artist had great imagination to me in my opinion. The load of the effects were sound provoking. The tunes in the vocals were pitchless. The range wasn't right.
  • The start to this song has great temple and i love how his voice sounds. The lyrics are a great christin song that should be on the radio. This is the kind of music that should be on the radio for our kids to listen to and enjoy listening to it. so keep up the awesome songs and you will make it.
  • Country isn't my style. Anywho, the intro is a little misleading. The lyrics make me uncomfortable, and as the previous song, this needs a better sound, quality yes, but more of dynamic-wise. I hear words, not music. The lyrics don't match, either because of the lack of passion, but there is something missing that I can't exactly justify.
  • I'm sure this particular composition has the correct audible qualities but it should use a superior instrumental arrangement. The artist features a lovely, and also an attractive singing tone, however it is often swallowed up because of the over-bearing treble. The actual Synthesizer vibes are usually far too severe in addition to feeling jarring. Your artist should has to rule this particular track without needing to contend with the treble. The vocals appear very exciting, but it can't always be appreciated with ease as a result of very poor vocal-instrumental harmony. It truly is a seriously tuneful track, though, it can become effortlessly improved upon implementing a far more original beat.
  • I love the radiant and classical style that the signer brings to his music. It makes me feel very confident to allow my friends to listen to it. The rhythm is composing a great tune . Vocal melody is fancy. Instruments are played by professionals. The song has radio and music video potential. I think the singer should be sing from his heart more.
  • The song has a catchy melody. It is enjoyable to listen to on its own. Unfortunately the singing that goes a long with it isn't up to par. The auto tuning that does with it needs to be taken out because it is only hurting the song. If you remove the auto tuning and just let the singer sing with his normal voice I think the song would be much more enjoyable to listen to.
  • The happy rythym of this song led by the driving beat of heavy drums, is accompanied by smooth lyrics. Led by a singer with a soothing powerful and articulate voice. He sings with an easiness of self that makes one feel relaxed. The drums, keyboard and vocals work together to create a great song.
  • This sound like easy listening. I like this song, the rhythm is one for a sad song. The instruments are well played. The song is sung too low for this rhythm and the words could be a little more fluent. With the rhythm, I am expecting some high notes but everything is flat and this. The voice in the background sounds confusing and it is not blending in with the voice in the foreground. This sound get a 5.
  • Great intro. It's a nice and soft guitar that ends on a high note before the singer beings to sing. It's more of a love song and It mixes well with the arrangement and the melody. I like how the drums make a nice beat and the guitar really stands out in this song. But the singer's voice goes well with this style of music. He has a real angelic voice. This is one for soft rock fans everywhere!
  • I don't like this song because it is slow and i dont find it catchy. it is sort of country like and i dont perfer it. the beat is too slow me and i want something faster. the vocals of the the song are nice but i just dont like country music and i therefore will give this song a 3.