Song Title: Ten Lies

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Ten Lies

Verse 1:
It seems like just yesterday
with a pink ribbon in her hair
my little baby girl
was kissing her cute teddy bear

But those years have passed
and my girl has grown
now she spends her time at the mall
and on her fancy cell phone

She's even starting to date
and I'm totally freaking out
so I decided to sit her down
tell her what love's all about

To give her a wise old warning
from father to daughter
about how one's romantic life
is full of waves and rough water

But there was one main point
I wanted to drill into her head
that men will do whatever it takes
to get you into bed

Men lie
they all lie
with the rules of dating
they do not comply

So whether you meet a man
in June, March or December
most of what he says is a lie
that's what you have to remember

Verse 2:
There's lots of lies they tell
and I'll soon give you the top 10
but know the moral of my story
is never listen to the men

They'll say you don't look fat
no matter what outfit you wear
after you come home from the salon
they'll always say you have nice hair

Ask 'em if they think about other women
or if they like to watch porn
and they'll say "no, no, no,"
with a fake look of scorn

They'll compliment your cooking
eat all the desserts you bake
but they'd rather be at a restaurant
chomping on a giant steak

And when your family comes to visit
they won't see any of his flaws
'cause all men pretend to be nice
to their future mother in-laws

Men Lie
Men Lie
that's one sure thing
on which you can rely

Verse 3:
They'll watch your romantic movies
like with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
but they'd rather see an action flick
with lots of people dyin'

If you try to have a fight
"we'll talk about it later" they say
but it will never come up again
at the end of the day

When he says he's sorry
don't believe a single word
he's just wants you to stop yelling
no matter what events occured

He'll say he never lies
but then will cheat behind your back
and he'll say he's not a player
yet his friends call him a Daddy Mack

Ten lies are what you'll hear
from the mouth of every man
Ten lies that are all part of
their secret romantic plan

Ten lies with the goal
to get you into the sack
Ten lies are what you hear
as they're staring at your rack