I wrote the lyrics and melody for Sleepwalking, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Sleepwalking

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Verse 1:
I stumble my way
through paths in a maze
can't look towards the light
from under the haze

No laughs, no excitement
embrace the humdrum
trading pleasure and pain
for comfortably numb

Sleepwalking by day
Sleepwalking at night
there's something inside
oh let it take flight

Sleepwalking around
through the halls of your life
unlock the door
and let it take flight

Verse 2:
I pull back the scab
to see if I bleed
as time ticks away
we yearn to be free

I don't hear a word
though voices keep talking
just going through the motions
inside I'm sleepwalking

Sleepwalking by day
Sleepwalking at night
there's something inside
oh let it take flight

Sleepwalking around
through the halls of your life
unlock the door
and let it take flight

And then I found you
And then I found you

Since I found you
I've been wide awake
like the world
I'd lived in was fake

I breath and
suddenly I'm alive
God gave me a
cosmic high five

As I step out the door
know what life's for
take my hand and
let's go for a ride

sleepwalking by day
sleepwalking at night
until I found you
I was sleepwalking though life

sleepwalking by day
sleepwalking at night
I wanna be with you
for the rest of my life
for the rest of my life
oh the rest of my life


Reviews of Sleepwalking on ReverbNation.com (song score: 6.1 out of 10):

  • A pleasant song, doesn't grab you at first, but still keeps you interested with its melody all the way through. A feel good, gentle, autumn mood created by this song.
  • As I've stated before, this singer reminds me of Tom Petty. This song also has a very retro feel to it. This is another song with super rhyme(y) lyrics. I'm not a fan of this.
  • I like the retro feel to this song. It feels like it could have been played on the radio in the 1970s. The song has a happy feel to it. I like the singer's voice. It is full of emotion and compliments the track well. I think that the track is a little too mellow for mainstream radio but I think it would do well on streaming services.
  • I liked the melody and the overall structure about the song. The biggest issue I had was with the singer. For some reason, the tone of the voice messes with me.
  • I liked the soft folksy feel of the lyrics and vocals in this song. It put me in a good mood after listening. This was a nice relaxing tune.
  • I liked the vocals of the song the most. I liked the rythem and also liked the guitar and the drums that the song has. I think the lyrics are cool as well.
  • I really did not like the sound of the man's voice who's singing. The song is also too slow for me and the lyrics are super boring.
  • I really enjoyed the guitar playing in this song. It was very easy going. I think the vocals and lyrics complimented the guitar playing perfectly. Great job.
  • I really enjoyed the laid back vibe of the song over all, but it was very hard to hear. The vocals sounded mushy at times, but the lyrics were easy to understand and follow.
  • It sounds like generic, radio friendly soft rock/contemporary, the kind you'd hear in a commercial for a breakfast cereal, possibly featuring a sun shining down on a bunch of happy go lucky people.
  • It's a very calming, reflective song. The singer was great and he was in tune throughout the song. I found it to be soothing. Minor quibble is that the song felt a little repetitive. Not a huge issue since the song was good.
  • Overall, the song is impressive and confident, but I think it has strong commercial potential. The song is tuneful, and the verses are original and strong. The lyrics are amusing and thought-provoking with some inspiring phrases. The performance quality is high original instrumentally. I find it awkward and the singer has unprofessional. I feel compelled to listen to it.
  • The lyrics of this song were nice. The tone and vocal style of the song reminded me of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, which is a good thing. I feel like it had enough of its own flair to stand on its own, but it fits well in that camp with other similar rock artists.
  • The singer has a inconsistent and pitch problems vocal tone, but is often drowned out by the powerful instrumental accompaniment. The song is interesting, and the verses are shapely and catchy. The verses appear to be very amusing. The performance quality is high poor balance instrumentally. The artist unquestionably is careful and creative. This is an extraordinary melody and execution.
  • The song is very calming and relaxing too. The vocals match the mood set by the instrumental. I can see myself listening to this on internet radio.
  • This artist has very nice vocals. The music is very nice as well as the lyrics to the song. The sound quality is very professional. Very nice work on this track.
  • This is a really slow, rhythmic song and it's so sweet the way the vocalist really keeps my heart in this song as he sings. I love his lyrics and I can relate to him.
  • This is a very nice easy listening song. The singer has a nice voice that expresses emotion very well. The song is well written. The backing band sounds great and the track is very well produced. This artist reminds me of Tom Petty alot.
  • This song was great I enjoyed listening to it, it was a song that had some emotion behind it and you could tell just by listening to it.

Below is an acoustic version of Sleepwalking by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of Sleepwalking (song score: 6.4 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • This song has a peaceful aura to it, and I like it a lot. It isn't really all that catchy, but it has a deep relaxation to it that catches my attention. The lyrics have a lot of depth and emotion in them, and the singer sings them beautifully. The structure of this song and the transitions are executed very well. The only downside is the subtle ring that is in the background through the whole song.
  • A very pleasant song with on key vocals and beautiful guitar playing. I believe the lyrics being so pretty will attract listeners. Song offera great rhythm and melody. This.is pure musical talent. I like this. Others will too. Great adult piece. This artist is tuneful and on key.
  • The guitar in this is smooth and calming. but I can't really get out the words he's trying to say. its not going too smoothly for his type of genre. But it comes out as a country feel. I hate the tuning of his guitar, that needs to be fixed right away for any of the harmony to be great.
  • The lyrics are great and it sounds like a Pink Floyd song but it sounds more like a Karaoke song. Which is never a bad thing but it doesn't have great potential. I don't hear any real passion while this guy is singing. I wish there was more feeling while this guy in singing.
  • Nice mellow acoustic opening. The vocals came in gently. You have a good voice for children's music. The lyrics are interesting but probably could use a little more work. The harmonies are beautiful. It would be nice to hear more emotion in the song. When you sang the chorus and put that little bit of a whisper in there your voice really flowed. In the verses the same heart was not there.
  • This song wasn't my favorite. It had an old school vibe. But the lyrics were beautifully written. This artist has the potential to be able to relate to a lot of different listeners. This is a song that I feel a lot of different aged listeners would listen to. This is a slow song that just sounds great.
  • I like how mellow the guitars are as they set the tone early on. Good vocals that are smooth and balanced. The song lyrics are hard to understand at times. I like how softly the artist sings and his voice has emotions, making me feel the music better. Each verse is spaced and flows well without any break downs. This track has a lot of appeal but need some fine tuning to be a hit.
  • The opening seems like an unfolding tone. The singer seems pale and dull in his tone of voice. The song seems drained of any emotion. He can't sing very well. The lyrics don't seem to flow, and the song seems to drain you. It is also very disturbing. The beat is the only thing going for this song.
  • This sounds like another country song. the beat is slow and makes it sad which is exactly what he was reaching for. his voice is okay but it isnt the best. i like this is okay. i can kinda feel what he is feeling, but then again, i do not like country music.
  • This guitar song begins with intricate instrumentals. The singer is talented and i enjoy listening to him sing. The lyrics had alot of effort put into them by the looks if it. The metaphors used in the music were accurate and beautiful. I loved the unity friomeach tone in the music and i know others will too.
  • Acoustic guitar melodies open the intro of this track, while stumbling male vocals enter the picture. I did not like them at all, they sound a bit corny to my ears, while the lyrical matters seem a bit overly dramatic. I do give the singer credit for his performance, as at certain times he captures a nick drake quality that ends up working well with the track. It's hit or miss depending on the part of the song. The song layout is very minimal and open, which is suitable to the lyrical nature. I dig this track in fairness, I think he has potential as a singer songwriter.
  • The opening instrumentals are gorgeous and sound raw and authentic. The following vocals sound great paired with the solo guitar playing. The focus is also really only on the song, because there is no overcrowding of instrumentals and sounds, due to the simplistic sound, which is beautiful! The mealody is also great, and really flows along with the vocals to create a whole simple beautiful sound, that is also well written!
  • This tune is kind of sleepy and gives me brain fog. I feel comfortably numb listening to this tired song. The acoustic guitar is the best part of the recording. The singing has a hum-drum presentation. It's the kind of record that you might not hear on the radio too much. It seems way too bland to become an exciting radio hit.
  • Very nice guitar. Good voice as well very dynamic and rich tones. really compliment each other well done. the lyrics paint a dreamy picture which is very nice to hear. There are a lack of drums but that's OK because the guitar provides good rhythm. I would buy this song.
  • At the beginning this song seems a lot like my style. i love the acoustic, the intro isn't too long or to short. the lyrics go with the song perfectly. the singer has a beautiful voice. i would love to hear this song again or maybe even purchase it. towards the middle there starts to begin duet which i love. and then its gets to a solo again.
  • Intro long no words. The singer is okay but the song sounds sad a boring no feel or move to it. The background music is boring and lame. the lyrics are werid and feel sad. I would not listen to it. it sounds dark. he want to get a point across but it is hard to get the word with this singer. it uses the same lyrics over and over which is not good.
  • I love the guitar the lyrics and the vocals! this song is awesome! The melody is great, but the chorus is the real attention grabbing bit. I feel a real connection to this song. It reminds me of a newer folk music. It really speaks to the heart. I would definitely buy this track and would love to hear more from the artist!
  • The beginning sounds like an acoustic guitar which is nice and chill. Then the man begins singing and he sounds kind of country ish. It isn't necessarily that genre though and kind of sounds more folksy or something maybe indie after. It sounds kind of depressing. I am sure some people would like it and I could in the right mood. It is some fine background music.
  • The guitar sounds amazing in this song. The lyrics are well written and sang. The lyrics are really inspirational and uplifting. I would want a cosmic high five. This song is really an eyeopener and I love it and would listen to it again. I love how your voice harmonizes with the guitar and the beat of the song.
  • I love the soft lovely melody of this song. This song is sung with beautiful emotion. The harmonies are so well done, and beautifully understated, and not oversung in an obnoxious way. The lyrics have been written with great care to express deep thoughts, and authentic feelings. I very much appreciate this song. Thank you for the good listen.
  • The introduction had a nice sound and I love how the guitar sounds in the beginning. It gives me such an amazing feeling and I love that it is has great spiritual lyrics. The vocalist has a soft beautiful and easy flowing voice makes it so easy to follow the lyrics through in this song.
  • Soothing singing. Acoustic is my favorite. That's all you need, a guitar and the right crowd. Some drums would hurt, but not needed. A gentle relaxing song. Has some romance to it, in a cute way. His style sounds like Neil Young, a good thing.
  • The title and the beginning sounds so clear and sweet. The band does good at playing and keeping up with the singer. Lyrics are great and sounds tremendous. It puts me in a good mood and makes me want to sing and dance around because the beat.
  • Overall I am underwhelmed by the song. I like variety and I feel like it is not being offered. Lyrical content is lacking and needs some excitement added to it. But my girlfriend really likes it, maybe its more for acoustic people.
  • The intro is very dull, but interesting. The vocals at the beginning of the song sound too quiet and dead. It seems as if the vocalist is asleep and doesn't care about his work. The lyrics are clear to understand and make a clear point. Overall, the song is unique, but ould be better.
  • This song was horrible. the song had a lot of problems . the intro was the long. the middle sucked. the outro was to long. the chorus was too confusing they put too much thought into the chorus. the music was to simple. his voice sounded discusting . he did not put enough effort into the words. overall he was very bad at singing. the words were hard to make out. none of the words made sense. the subject just kept changing. and it got annoying.
  • I think this could be a good hit. I don't really to this type of music. However, I personally would substitute some of the words for something more catchier. This reminds me of one of the songs played on the movie Shrek honestly. It's really emotional to me. I think this song requires one more musical instrument to create a more lasting impact on the listeners. I love the bass in the singer's voice.
  • The intro of this song started out very nice and was flowing well. The vocalist shines through with a "Bob Dylan" type of voice and it really works in this song. I love the guitar the artist seems to be one with it. His voice is very clear and you can understand the lyrics and there meaning. When the vocalist sings "Since I found you" you really feel his happiness and contentment of finding his love. Great song I would I purchase without a second thought.
  • This song has a very mediocre feeling to it. The voice has a country vibe to it which most rock artists do but I feel like this is a little too much. The guitar is great it has a good acoustic sound to it with great chords, however a larger variety of chords would make it better. The chords are way to repetivie he needs to add something to it. This song probably won't be played on the radio but it may have minor YouTube success. Along with that I'm sure it would be a good song to hear live. It does have a John Mayer feel to it which I love. It is a relaxing song though. The lyrics are pretty well written. The song just is missing something like I think it would be better if it had a second guitar. The chords are just to repetitive and it gives a little to much of a country feeling to it. If the artist keeps working on it I'm sure he will become better; he does have talent.
  • This reminded me of an older rock band slow song. The guitar was nice (although it didn't sound like the chords changed at all) but the vocals sounded a bit whiny. It was obviously an emotional song so that might have been the goal. The switch from talking about being in pain to the love interest was very unexpected and I think the shift should've come earlier in the song for the chorus to make more sense. Also the part about the cosmic high five from God was very cheesy and odd so I would consider rewriting that line.
  • Very peaceful, very much filled with emotions and expressive. Deep and well written. Tells a deep story of a broken heart that was healed. Very young. Explains being hurt and ending up feeling lost and numb inside until that new person shows up and changes everything, his life, the way he views love, the way he goes about his life.
  • This song is fair but could be better. This song has a lot of meaning to it. The artist is careful and skillful. The lyrics are thought provoking and very interesting. And also the background music is the bomb. The instrumental and melody are solid and engaging. This song is the best i have heard since the others i listened to.
  • The start of the song is like flying in the sky. just feels good. the vocals of the song are full of comfort. the drums of this song are well played and they sound smooth like. i say the this song is very smooth like. when i listen to this song sounds smooth. and i have no doubt that this artist will succeed because of his passion to sing.