I wrote the lyrics for Sleep Tight (a lullaby), but did not record my own version. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Sleep Tight

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Sleep Tight (a lullaby)

Verse 1:
When the sun fades
and sky becomes night
the world stops moving
your dreams, they take flight

We sit and we read
of the moon and the stars
about trains that talk
and red flying cars

Soon your eyes
they get heavy
and your drifting away
so I lay you down gently
and softly I say

Sleep Tight
my baby
sleep tight
one last look
as I turn out the light

All wrapped in your blankie
what a wonderful sight
sleep tight
my baby sleep tight

Verse 2:
The hours they pass
as I ready for bed
thoughts of my angel
dance in my head

I creep down the hall
slowly open the door
to watch my little one
snuggle and snore

My eyes start to water
for a love oh so real
no words to explain
what a parent can feel

Before I turn back around
and go my own way
I stare down in wonder
and softly I say

Sleep Tight
my baby
sleep tight
one last look
as I turn out the light

All wrapped in your blankie
what a beautiful sight
sleep tight
my baby sleep tight
oh, sleep tight
my baby sleep tight


Reviews of Sleep Tight (song score: 6.7 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • You use some very sweet, childlike instruments in this song, and it makes the track very calming to listen to. Your voice works well with these instruments and suits this calm, serene style of music. The song is well structured, and the melodies in this song are very nice and sweet. The lyrics are very make believe, giving the listener a very dreamy song to listen to. Very nice work, it's very endearing.
  • Interesting mix of bells and guitar in the opening. Very flowing and melodic. The vocals were a bit off key. It's a shame. This song is really beautiful. The melody is flowing and peaceful. The voice is horribly annoying. The bass had just the right amount of subtlty when it came in. The lyrics were pretty good. The orchestration was well done and a nice surprise. With a different vocalist this is a great song.
  • The changes of the melodies and harmonies from mellow to mellowest sure do show up with the laid back tempo this man has in his songs. There are like no chords that sound pitched wrongly even the higher pitched ones. His voice is a lot of greatness in one shy and gentle singing artist. His chords bring in some talented structure, the song compiled very much like an easy listening harmony. The words are really romantic and sweet to listen to.
  • Sounds like a bedtime lullaby, nice chimes, and very tender. The voice is quite up front and personal sounding. Great production. Good sound separation, and definition. The refrain is beautiful, the instrumentation with a slight touch of organ, and flute sounds is just right for this song. Great piece of music. Almost brings one to tears.
  • The instrumental has an upbeat yet soft intro to it and i like it already. The artist sings with a bright tone in his vocals which I heard right away. The lyircs are beautiful but also have a deep sense to them too. I think the first verse was probably the track's best if i had to say one. The chorus was most appealing too. Cool little song here which may be a hit.
  • Great melody in this one, kind of starts off the song strong I think. Then with the vocals coming in, gives the song a great taste. Amazing enriched lyrics as the singer talks about the skies, dreaming and kites, all of that good stuff. This song makes feel quite in a good mood especially when the quiet melody starts to kick in the song. The background instrumental is also slow, it has a positive vibe to it.
  • I like the bells in the beginning of this song it creates a nice lullaby sound. I really like the vocalists gentle tone and the way he really trys to mix with the gentle sound of the instrumentals. The quietness of this song is very peaceful and relaxing. I think he does an excellent job matching the instrumentals. Also I really like the steal drum sound in the background as the song progresses.
  • This song is very pleasant, and I could probably go to sleep to this song. A very nice, smooth voice makes the lyrics of this song all the more soothing, and an excellent use of vocal range without any strain when switching from higher notes to lower notes.
  • Attractive, melodious bell tones are followed by softly sung agreeable vocals and imaginative, picturesque, dreamy lyrics that give way to more standard fare. The violins add a beneficial touch to the chorus in this lullaby track. The song is appropriately sleepy and is fairly composed and arranged with respectable production values.
  • Instruments which make the piece sound light in the beginning make the intro a success. The pitch of the song is perfect for the accompanying guitar. The addition of a new instrument adds interest and gives the piece more character and development. The piece sends you to sleep as the pitch and the tone of the voice remains the same.
  • The fat tone of the mallets were dynamic to hear. The mallet made a nice soothing tone to enjoy with the combination of the delicate, gentle, and clear acoustic guitar. The brilliance of the balance sound of the artist voice and breathy sustain horn section had great synergy with each other. The ambience of the horn section in the song has the most accurate spot to attack the song for a perfect harmonizing melody.
  • The instrumentation of this track is very light and almost dreamy. The bell sounds are more like a lullabye than anything else. The acoustic guitar suits this atmosphere very well. The lyrics are subtle but very effective. The vocal performance is not impressive but it doesn't have to be with this kind of song. The tuning could be tightened a tad though.
  • The harmony in this song was just a pleasure to listen to! I love the instruments being involved here, they make such a cohesive tune! I like that the pitch in this song doesn't jump, keep it at a low level. The dynamics in this song were low, which was appropriate here. The chorus could have a bit more practice.
  • The twinkles in the intro make me think of bedtime. This song is making me exhausted. I really like this song. This artist would make an excellent children's artist. The artist could really sell a lot of albums to mothers to be. The flow is very melodic and soft. The sound levels are perfect. Any baby would fall asleep to this tune.
  • The beginning of this song sounds lullaby-ish. Its child like in sound and lyrics. Overall this song is well put together and sweet. It would be great for kids and babies. It has a nice and relaxing sound that one could fall asleep to. Very cute. It would be great for a kids show or cd for nursery songs.
  • The record begins with a acoustic guitar some bells and the georgious sound of violins. the song has a nice sound to it acoustically and melodically other than the man beginning to sing. the music is the best part of the song. the lyrics are dry and unappealing and the song needs some work.
  • The twinkly sound effects in the start were just too cute and relentless. I loved how much fun it added to the song, and the song just was a happy song. it was beautifully put together. His voice and the tone he had in his voice was just amazing. It was nice and subtle.
  • I like the slow paced way the instruments are played. It gives the song a relaxing vibe. Your voice makes everything feel better. Tone and harmonies should have a calming tune to the,. Rhythm was decent and kept the song going. Instruments sound melodic and charming. This song is ready to be performed.
  • This song is a bit too slow. It's very calm and relaxing his voice goes well with the softness in the song. Not really my type of music. but i do love how his voice goes well with it. i wish they would speed up the tempo just a tiny bit. and added a little drum. the violin sounds good.
  • This song has a nice soothing and gentle rhythm to it. I felt that the song had a lovely lyrics to it and it was very romantic. However I could not really connect with the song, as I didn't feel like the vocalist was very inspiring. I think that the melody of the song had a lot of potential, however I thought that the instrumental actually had a better melody than the vocal line.