I wrote the lyrics and melody for Schrodinger's Cat, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines to record it for me.

Song Title: Schrodinger's Cat

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Schrodinger's Cat

Verse 1:
In science, some concepts
are hard to explain
so they use layman's terms
to make it easy on the brain

Quantum mechanics
is a new idea so complex
it will totally screw
with your cerebral cortex

So Schrodinger came up with
a simple thought experiment
to show how laws of physics
could be broken or bent

It's both dead and alive
wrap your mind around that
this is the paradoxical story
of Schrodinger's Cat

Verse 2:
The state of a feline
on the surface, appears fixed
it's either alive and breathing
or doesn't exist

But there's a crazy theory
of the quantum type
that for decades has caused
some physicists to gripe

If you put a little pussycat
inside a box that's sealed
with a killer particle on the loose
and the results concealed

It turns out the cat can be
simultaneously in 2 different forms
both living and deceased
due to the subatomic norms

It's both dead and alive
a form of theoretical combat
this is the amazing story
of Schrodinger's Cat

Verse 3:
Don't get confused with Pavlov
and his dog that would salivate
that mutt never came close
to a quantum state

Or Wilbur and
that talking horse Mr. Ed
no physics can to be learned
from the things he said

They're many famous tales
about a man and his pet
but the one that I told you
beats them all, no sweat

It's both dead and alive
wrap your mind around that
this is the paradoxical story
of Schrodinger's Cat

Reviews of Schrodinger's Cat from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall song: 6.0 out of 10):

  • This song is humourous, though the vocals sound serious. If this song is to be taken in context it would need a music video. It would not be popular with people not familiar with the paradox. Unlikely to be commercially successful. If featured on a TV show, it might have a chance. The sound didn't progress.
  • This is another great song. It has acoustic guitar which enhance the listening of this track. The vocals are good but the lyrics sound a little hard to follow. I like this song but the words could have been arranged differently. I would not purchase this song.
  • Physics is a weird topic to decide to write a song about, but I guess it's whatever you're into. I like physics, really do, even plan to major in it sometime. Either way, the song itself is very bland. It feels empty. Maybe put those words in a poem to express them better? Or just add a more dynamic beat and add some power to that voice.
  • Well it is another country song his voice is very melancholy. He sings about a girl and there love. The trumpets in it is soothing and the singer sings of a sad day. His lyrics are cool. This is another song that is easy on sensitive ears. The sound stays the same throughout the whole entire song. He sings about death and the lyrics tell a horror story. the song is short lived.
  • Wow! very calming song the intro is so powerful, bad tune in the background but can be fixed . i like the country modern twist this song has. if i could mention my favorite part it would be the intro because it catches you off guard ! i didnt see it being country from a mile away.
  • This song has an amazing story with a back track that has gone beyond the simple two strum guitar tracks you hear all of the time. This artist has obviously put in a lot of time an effort and has paid off with this amazing song, which includes the singers voice of a life time.
  • I loved the steady pitch of the guitar playing in the background. The singer sung the song with clarity and a brisk tone. The melody is a tune that will take you back to an old western movie. I think this was a good song combined with good vocals and musical elements.
  • The first line set the tone for the message of the song. Humans label everything to make it simpler to understand. Its a problem that we all have. The artist isn't afraid to make a statement. His voice is a bit more talky than singing, but that just makes the message more clear to understand. The guitar is very nice and peaceful. I liked this song very much.
  • I like the opening guitar introduction. Very haunting and a bit dark, and manic. The vocals continue this melancholy tone but you don't feel sorry for yourself, no, you feel like celebrating. It takes a feeling of sadness and makes it into one of strength and hope. All with the music. I could see this being a real crowd pleaser and surviving the ages.
  • I really like the fast paced guitar and soft spoken vocals. I really enjoy that this is science based, I appreciate history and especially the Schrodinger's Cat theory. I think there needs to be more songs like this one, where theories and science subjects are sung about. I also enjoy the folk tone of this song, I think it fits very well with the subject. This song is very wonderful, I think it has a slightly humorous vibe to it, but this just adds to the enjoy-ability of it. Not all people will understand this song, but there will be many who do, and they will love it.
  • This sounds like a folk song, and I believe that it is. The lyrics talk about science and a "simple experiment," and are very metaphorical. The song makes me very happy, and it is very deep and catchy. This song is one of my favorites so far, and the singer is very deep and yet maintains quality, and is really knowledgeable. This song makes you think, and the singer uses digital effects not to carry the song, but to add harmony, and he only uses one effect. It is a really good song.
  • The lyrics seem to lose my attention very quickly. The lyrics about the cats really did not interest me in the slightest way. If given the choice I would not purchase myself, but I can't speak for other people. I tried to stay in tune to the vocalist but I could not. The instruments were played well but other than that I didn't like the rest. Might appeal to a younger crowd. If it was my song I would concentrate more on getting the main vocal to appeal rather than in backing instrumental.
  • The start is great, and prepares the listener for the song. The words dont feel in sync with the style of music. This flaw works in favor of the song and gives it personality. The song uses humor to make the listener intersted. The instrumentation could have been more complete than it was. The lyrics are priceless and give the song much more meaning.
  • Very nice guitar work here. Very pretty melody, Nice chord progression. Very nice recording quality and vocal tone. I'm not a fan of the lyrics. It's like when someone sits down to tries to write a poetic lyric and lots of weird words and strange metaphors come out in the name of poetic justice. This kind of poetry is nerd worthy, maybe that's what it's intended to be. Leaves me wondering is this a joke or a comedic song???? hummm well the man's voice is very nice and the harmonies are pretty and dare I say his voice is somewhat sexy. :-D Over all good job!
  • It sounds as though I am going to hear a western touch of music, that was my automatic feel of the intro. A magnificent voice this man has, and the backup singer is perfect for this rhythm. The lyrics are quite interesting to take in, I like how its been composed.
  • Really enjoyed the instrumental in the beginning of the song. His voice/vocal is pretty unique but I am not a fan of it. The artist seems like he isnt having fun singing. Not interested in hearing any more from him. Not interested in hearing about the album.
  • The acoustic guitar solo in the intro led you to believe it was a country song but made a twist when it started spouting scientific terminology. I didn't particularly find the lyrics to be entertaining even though I felt I understood all the jokes he was trying to make. Outside of the possible use of playing in a physics class, I can't understand the appeal of this song. Although the instrumental melody was enjoyable I didn't enjoy the song due to the vocals.
  • I think that this song is great because it includes elements of math, science and physics into a bluegrass and folk song. The ideas and concepts that are talked about bring up many great questions, and the singer is casually bringing them up amidst guitar strumming. It has a humming sound to it that is mystifying and different than most other bluegrass and folk music. The use of guitar is nice but simple. It is amazing that this is all done with just one voice and a guitar.
  • Captivating introduction followed by your gorgeous voice almost immediately. The guitar had a fast, relaxing tune. Again, your voice was beautiful and kudos to the added voices in the background. Interesting lyrics... i feel the mood of this song was a bit unusual and it was kind of dark if you ask me... which i love! Amazing performance.
  • This track starts off sounding a lot like tenacious D - the lyrics could even been taken straight from a tenacious D song. Very different and very 'intellectual' - I'm still trying to work out if it's a comedy track ? The vocals are really pleasant and the acoustic guitar is really chilled and laid back. He sings about paradox and the whole track is just that - I guess scientific theories are just as plausible for a folk song as any other topic. I would definitely listen to it again.
  • Its funny, its more of a comedic song rather than something you would listen to because you really loved it. Its not something you would dance to at all. I do like the use of jargon to instil humour within the listener, that is a good attribute. Both the tune and the acoustic nature do not help to make the song catchy at all, so it could be considered a bit boring.
  • In this song, he uses a wide vocabulary. The scales & arpeggio used by the guitarist are very comforting & mellow. I get a slightly depressing vibe off of this song. The tone of his voice leaves me feeling like something is wrong. He's talking about scientific theories & the world. As well as breaking the laws of physics. Death & life at once. Defying the impossible. I like the way this song explains how you may believe or not believe, but regardless, this is his story.
  • Very good acoustics at the start and a nice guitar sound. I don't agree with the key choice in your voice. Also the lyrics are a little weird. I'm not sure what you're trying to profess. There are many areas where I think you ran out of breath. I'm not sure what audience you are trying to reach here or the point you're trying to make.
  • Great song, funny to listen to - I'd sure like to hear it in school! I like that is isn't too complicated, easy to listen to. It sounds like a much more genuine song than what often comes out these day. I like the simplicity of just the guitar and vocals. It's definitely original, and unique, set out from anything else I've heard!
  • The guitar part was magical. The lyrics could use a little work. This could music in the background to a sad movie. The theoretical part and both dead and alive gave me chills. The dog who salivates was too graphic. But the way you kept only the guitar in the background was a good call, this song didn't need anything else.
  • I am not sure if I knew this song was about animals at first but it is something interesting about the way he comes at the story. I like that the beat is very simple and catchy. I think the song is relaxing and professional.