I wrote the lyrics and melody for Sail Away, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Whistling Moods to play acoustic guitar for it, and alwayssoul17 to do the vocals.

Song Title: Sail Away

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Sail Away

Verse 1:
This old house ain't like we bought it
this old town
no longer shines
the way it did back when we started

Would you sail away to St. Tropez
into the stars and golden seas
would you sail away to St. Tropez
and spend your life with me

Verse 2:
This old heart beat up and bruised
this whole life's
a dance
we got nothing left to lose

Let's sail away to St. Tropez
into the stars and golden seas
come sail away to St. Tropez
and spend your life with me


Reviews of Sail Away from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 7.3 out of 10) :

  • Good voice by the artist. Really enjoyed it throughout. The lyrics are just okay and the simple guitar sounds make it a nice chill song to listen to perhaps.
  • I like the guitar in this song a lot. It creates a relaxing and peaceful vibe to the song. The vocalist has a very nice voice too.
  • I like the harmonies, I like the guitar. Lyrics are a little on the nose but hey, that's pop/folk music right? I think my wife would love this and I really dig it too. It's something I'd cook dinner to I think.
  • I liked the tone of the song and how well the beat was played. The different components to the beat really made the song an experience.
  • I love this song. The vocals were melodic, the instruments were beautiful, and the lyrics were moving. I would buy this song, and intend to seek out the artist to listen to more songs! The guitar is fabulous!
  • I really do like this song very much. It has a great little catchy tune, with a great chorus. I love this guys vocals, and the overall sound that he comes across with. The lyrics are also great, with a wonderful little story. I think I’d probably get it.
  • I really enjoyed listening to this song. It has great beats and a lot of energy as well. I would recommend it to my friends.
  • I really enjoyed the guitar melody on this track. Very smooth and lulling me into emotional states ready to listen to this music. I would listen again for sure.
  • Nicely done song. I can see the sunset now. Love the voice and lyrics and instrumentals were above average. You might have a hit here.
  • Such a very good and pleasant listen this song was right here. So simple but yet so good. Loved the vocals and how they fit with the acoustic guitar.
  • The acoustic guitar is calming and nostalgic. The male singer has a good voice, but some of the harmonies are off key. This song has potential with some professional recording.
  • The melody is is beautiful. The 2 atist harmonized well and the lyrics are soothing and memorable. The guitar fit well with the flow of the song.
  • The music for this song has a light feeling to it. The guitarist has a good bit of skill. The vocalist sings through his nose a bit.
  • The song is a pretty solid song all around with amazing performances that really grab you. The song is enjoyable as it is, and something you'd want to listen to again and again.
  • The song is quite sad, but this is top quality song and you feel good about it. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but this is emotional and good song.
  • The song is very smooth and calming. The vocals and instrumentals mesh very together and they got the sound that they wanted. Overall the song is slightly above average to listen to.
  • The song sounds really nice. But it is boring. They are in perfect harmoney with one another.
  • This does not sound like a pop song. This sounds like a folk song or a country song. It is too slow too be a pop song. The song does not flow either.
  • This has such a beautiful and relaxing guitar finger picking that makes the song really enjoyable to listen to. The vocalist also has a great voice.
  • This is more of a folk song than a pop song. I like it a little but not really the kind of song I normally would listen to. Somewhat average, but okay.
  • This is really quite sweet, I like the warmth of the guitar a lot, his voice is good, and I really like the story he is telling.
  • This should be in the indie or singer songwriter category! So much more than pop! The heartfelt and soulful lyrics, the vocals that evoke emotion and express anything that words cant-- this is a truly talented singer. I feel like I'm hearing a future great for the first time.
  • This song is great. It has amazing guitar strings and nice vocals. It it relaxing and existential. I live the melodic tune of it.
  • This song is very pleasant and very peaceful and joyous sounding. The vocals are great along with it too. Very nice and good guitar as well!
  • This track is quite mellow and unique overall to the vibe of it I think with minor adjustments it could be a real hit song id love to hear more of this artist for sure.
  • Working in the folk vein with the softer sounds of somewhat earlier sixties antecedents, this works very well. The somewhat wistful lyrics are perfect for evening hours of the dark winters when the desire to be in a warmer clime and a distant lover are more frequent.

Below is an pop version of Sail Away performed by Elliott Sheridan:

Below is an acoustic version of Sail Away with Readytorecord playing acoustic guitar and Andreas Grannes singing:

Reviews of this Readytorecord/Andreas Grannes version from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 6.5 out of 10):

  • Awesome vocals that have a celestial cosmic sound to them that gives the song its big hook. Great relaxing vibe as well that makes for a good chilling out song.
  • Good sound quality for the instruments, but the vocals are a bit lost in the background. It has a nice overall vibe, but could use a bit more energy behind the delivery.
  • I didn't like how it wasn't very uplifting. It was the same tone throughout the entire song. The song seem like it's going to take off with a different melody but doesn't that's what tricked me.
  • I dislike songs that use bad grammar. It makes the singer seem uneducated. The instrumental is very thin and over bearing to the vocals.
  • I enjoy the acoustic guitars on the track here. It sounds pretty solid to me. It reminds me a bit of Simon and Garfunkel. It has soul to it.
  • I liked it. It was a weird song. But it was original and I really haven't heard anything like that in a while. Definitely a neat band.
  • I love the Beatles feel to it. It is well made and sounds good. I think this writer could have a loyal following. A bit better production quality would help.
  • I loved the soft, relaxing, calming nature of this song. This is the kind of song you need after a long, hectic day to remind you of what's important. It's romantic and beautiful. The vocals were mesmerizing and the band was outstanding. This is a song I could listen to over and over again. I'd love to see this as part of a soundtrack or featured in a car commercial.
  • I thought Eric Borgos sounded great and did a very good job on this one. Has that nice classic sound to it. Good backup vocals as well.
  • I thought the guitar had a pretty good tone. The instrumental was very typical of this genre and not too interesting to listen to but it had a good peaceful style. The vocals seemed about average.
  • It is a nice and calming song. The have the sound that they wanted. Everything about it meshes pretty well together. The song is above average.
  • It reminds me of Connor Oberst/Bright Eyes in terms of style. I like the instrumentals. The melody and lyrics are good. Overall there wasn't anything about it I didn't like.
  • It was a little bit dull, maybe by design. The monotone nature of the song doesn't hold my attention. The lyrical content is okay, whenever its not overly mumbled and inaudible.
  • Quality isn't the best, but it's okay. Definitely very dated sounding, like something from the 70s. Wasn't expecting it. It's really calm and chill to listen to, however. I don't mind it at all.
  • Sail away has a soulful and mournful feel to it. The lyrics and vocals are really peaceful. This would be a great wedding first dance song.
  • The beat and the tempo are smooth and ready to go. The instrumentation is unique and easy on the ears. The vocals are light and quirky.
  • The instruments has a real authentic sound and performance that really matches well it the old fashion sound of the singer's vocals to as well.
  • The pacing and the tone of the song are prefect for the lyrics. The guitar playing is solid enough but it works with the aforementioned aspects of the song. I really like the singer's voice for the song, it is a perfect match.
  • The thing I did not like most about the song is the vocal. I feel that the vocal sounded lazy and lack emotion. The sound quality is poor and the melody seem quite bland and boring.
  • The vocals are too low compared to the guitar. The guitar is light and technical, but feels more folksy than pop. The beat is too slow and it makes me want to fall asleep.
  • This is a nice sounding track with decent enough instrumentals. The vocals are understandable which is nice, but are kinda boring. The audio/sound quality is amazing.
  • This is really nice and sweet, it reminds me of folk I grew up hearing as a kid, the vocals are blended nicely together as well.
  • This song has a fresh and catchy beat to it at the start of it. The instrumentals are good and pleasant to listen to and the vocals are as well.
  • This song is beautiful and really has a relaxing tone to it. The music blends nicely with the lyrics and overall its a joy to listen too. I would recommend this to my friends and family.
  • This song sounds a bit out of tune to me but I really dig the vocals and simple indie quality that it possesses overall! Pretty decent track.
  • Yuck, I didn't like this at all. Too sad and depressing. The vocalist has a unique and interesting voice. I would not want to hear this song again.