I wrote the lyrics and melody for Pink Ribbon, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Pink Ribbon

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Verse 1:
Flashback to my darling child
on a sunny day in June
she was like a pretty flower
that always was in bloom

Everywhere that she went
she would make people smile
whenever help was needed
she'd go the extra mile

Even though she was only
9 precious years of age
she could light up the room
the world was her stage

Glitter and ponies
princess fashion shows
handwritten notes
signed with X's and O's

With a cute little dress
and ribbon in her hair
she was living her life
without a care

No bills to pay
no work related stress
no terror alerts
over which to obsess

But nothing lasts forever
innocence gets betrayed
moments captured in snapshots
memories slowly fade

Thinking of her
puts a smile on my face
please take me back
to that magical place
with her pink ribbon
that pink ribbon

More precious than a diamond
or necklace of pearl
In my heart she'll always be
my little baby girl
with a pink ribbon
that pink ribbon

Verse 2:
In the blink of an eye
my daughter's now fully grown
with a job and husband
and a life of her own

Her own hopes and dreams
her own group of friends
her own private parties
to which she attends

Dinners to cook
dresses to clean
dozens of tasks
in her daily routine

Her own precious moments
her own scrapbook collection
her own album of photos
for later reflection

Sometimes I go to visit
but I'm just a guest
things are never the same
once they leave the nest

I stare out the window
as her kids play in the yard
stirring up my emotions
like a Hallmark card

What will they remember
when they're old and grey?
What treasures will they put
in boxes tucked away?

With a new generation
the power exchanges
we head towards the future
but the past never changes

Thinking of her
puts a smile on my face
please take me back
to that magical place
with her pink ribbon
that pink ribbon

More precious than a diamond
or necklace of pearl
In my heart she'll always be
my little baby girl
with a pink ribbon
that pink ribbon


Reviews of Pink Ribbon from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.5 out of 10):
  • A heavy and large sounding guitar opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and spirit in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • Good mix and instrumentals. Loved the start of the sound. The vocals were a little dry, but not bad. Good mix and beat. Nice tempo and energetic song.
  • I don't think the vocals blend well with the beat on some parts. I like the rhythm and beat of the music. The lyrics are good.
  • I like the start of the song with the sounds. The vocals are not bad but kind of bland overall. The structure is a bit simple but not too bad.
  • I liked the unique sounding music in the song. I liked the instrumentation in the song. I liked the lyrics and liked the originality of them. I liked the beat of the song.
  • I liked the very quick beginning that goes into the verse right away. The acoustic guitar and the kick drum sounded pretty sweet on this one.
  • I love the beat! This song sounds like music that is mainstream now. Has a very pop sound, which makes if have a wider audience that will like it.
  • I must say that I really liked this song, it was very well made and appealing to my ears. I think the artist did a great job in the lyric as well.
  • I really like the lyrics of this song and the vocals are beautiful. The melody is very pretty to listen to and the instruments and music work with the vocals.
  • I really liked the vocals in this song. I thought they had a nice and original sound to them. I also think the lyrics were very well written. Good job.
  • I want to hear this again mainly because I am so impressed with this duo. This song is not like their others though. Parts of it are, but parts are too slow or too fast. It just has a different sound than what I am used to hearing from them, but it is still good.
  • It sounds like an old school 90s song. The lyrics are interesting. The vocal performance is a little flat, but the music is quite peppy. I like the structure.
  • Not bad, but a little too melancholy for my taste. The vocals are decent and the lyrics fit the title. The instrumentation is good and the production seems perfect.
  • Sort of has some hip hop thrown in it. The storytelling is right where you can understand it. Good song written about a girl. I think the song is a father daughter song.
  • The instrumentation is OK, but the percussion part of the song is quite mundane and has more of a tinny sound. The song structure is pretty good and the vocals are alright. I would work on improving the beat sound.
  • The lyrics were so poetic and beautiful. I also liked the background music and thought it complimented the lyrics perfectly. It's about his daughter and it was touching.
  • The song flowed very well. It was easy to listen to and had a slight intensity to it. I would not mind hearing more. Thank you.
  • The song melody is nice, but sounds like all of the song writer's other songs. The singer is a bit bored, and the lyrics are a bit strange, even though he's mentioning his daughter. Sometimes the lyrics just don't fit.
  • Very good beat. I like the style of this song. I think this brings out the singers voice better. I like his style and the chords in this track as well.

Below is an acoustic version of Pink Ribbon by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of Pink Ribbon on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.7 out of 10):

  • The intro to the song is really good and I love the guitar. I really like the singer in this song he has an amazing voice and can really speak to me. I feel like this singer is speaking about his life these lyrics are really deep. The guitar solo throughout the entire song is definitely one of the best singers I have ever heard. This song is really good I love it just be cause of this singer and his amazing lyrics. 10/10 would recommend to all of my friends.
  • This song's melody is very sad in a bittersweet way. The acoustic guitar sounds beautiful with the slightly southern vocals. I think the lyrics are well done and original, and would make a great wedding song for father/daughter dance. I don't think it's lacking any instrumentals or effects-- it's great just the way it is.
  • When the music first starts yo cant really be completely sure if the song is great or not, the chords played are very generic. The lyrics are adorable but kind of weird. The singer seems to be singing about a young child and innocence so the message behind the song is good, yet the melody and harmony are way off! the song again sounds very awkward. The chorus is strange as well "pink ribbon" cute yet weird.
  • The guitar gives you a brief intro to the vocals. The lyrics are touching, and sad at times. The feelings it will invoke in you will touch you deeply. The singer hits the vocals on key. I would much like to see them sing one about a son, since this one is about a daughter. The guitar lends its self to this touching song. The lyrics are interesting and although a little repetitive at times, it only lends its self to the song and helping you recall it with ease.
  • This is a song i wouldn't listen to because it is not my type of music although i think this man has a very nice voice and think he is very talented.This song has some meaningful lyrics to it and i think thats nice.
  • Nice tribute folk sounding song for the artists daughter thinking back on simpler times. This is the type of song many people with children can relate to and can appreciate. Its hard watching your kids grow older and the artist is able to portray that feeling in this music. Simple guitar, no percussion, just stripped down and truthful heartfelt feeling from the artist/singer, who I am guessing is the person playing guitar as well.
  • The introduction of this song took me into a serene place. The plucking of the guitar added onto the singer's raspy vocals were very amazing, and a key element that made the song partially enjoyable. The lyrics were not very understandable, and at times unclear. Songs that have a nice meaning to them are that much better, and posses that much more marketing potential. There is also no rhythm to the song, which is not essential, but would make the song that much better. It was just a very simple, unmemorable song. As an artist, this person has a lot of potential with their musical talents, but these factors are some that need to be thought about.
  • I thought the song was beautiful and held a lot of emotion and feeling. i though his voice was rich and harmonious. i also liked the calm and subtle guitar that was being played in the back ground of the entire track. i also felt that his lyrics held a lot of emotion and feelings.
  • The beginning is very catchy. The bass works very, very well behind the acoustic. The lyrics are very sentimental, they flow well, and they fit with the feel of the instrumental. The high harmonies add a great touch. Overall, I'm not usually a huge fan of this type of music, but I enjoyed this. I could see this being played on Pandora or a radio station.
  • Magnificent entrance with the acoustics. The lyrics tell a story of his daughter as a child was wonderfully written. The melody was a perfect pitch with the harmony. The beginning bridge was a plus. The chorus was attentive to the lyrics. Over all a cute song of a little girl growing up before her daddies eyes. I liked the song. It was very sweet.
  • Pretty introduction. I enjoy the sounds of the guitar and I really like that the introduction isn't long and drawn out. The folk like sound to the music is incredibly whimsical. I enjoy the lyrics and the fact that that the singer isn't over powered by the music and vice versa. The beat and the music both are beautiful and the singers voice is very unique and talented. I heavily enjoy this song and the lyrics are so profound and beautiful! 10 stars!
  • The song was amazing and full of passion and soul. It's a great song to listen to there's a lot of soul and funk. It's a great song to listen to online. He is full of love and has a great voice.
  • Not a fan of the main male voice. Guitar is easy-listening. Chorus isn't any better with layered voices. Sounds strained. Sweet memory of a daughter, but not super impressive. Simple, but not interesting. Reflective, melancholy feel. Man tries to get too high in range and sounds like he is struggling.
  • This song has such a beautiful beginning. I love the sweet calm sounds of this band. This vocalist has a beautiful and magical voice. I love the lyrics to this song because they are very wholesome and nice to listen too. This is a very motivational and sweet song.
  • This song is very peaceful. The vocalist has a very nice voice as well. The story that is trying to be portrayed by this song is very clear. For I can picture his song in my head as I am listening to it. There are a few downsides though. The guitar should have a few more different tunes. It gets repetitive after a while.
  • This song has some interesting country components. I didn't really like the song, but I think that is because I don't favor Country much. I think the music could use some work. The guitar is played very well but I think this song needs a little more, like some drums or piano. I think the lyrics is the thing that makes this song great. The lyrics was beautifully sung, and had great clarity. I would recommend this song to and Country music lover.
  • The lyrical flow was not the smoothest at times, the rhyme scheme not fully clicking for me at the ends of some lines. The lyrical content about a young child are sort of niche in terms of who is going to enjoy the song. As a childless thirty-something this song does not speak to me. The guitar melody is simple but sounds good. The singer has a nice mature singing voice and also sounds good.
  • I love the gentle start by the guitar and the song has an awesome storyline its meaningful and heartful.The singer has a smooth and magical vocals.The song is easy to dance to and its good to dance slow to this song.The song has a romantic vibe and i love the guitar melody in the background blending in with the singers.
  • I like how the lyrical content consists of past present and future, tenses and how it is written as a story. The vocalist sang this one in an exceptional key, resulting in the melody sounding professional and fresh. The lyrics are creative and interesting and something some other listeners can relate too. it paints a picture in your head.
  • Very melow and calming voice is ok could be better but guitar is very nice and soothing. This song is great for a soft country music lover. Its a good six out of ten. The guys voice is not the best but is where it needs to be for a good song. Its not my favorite but i would look into more of his music. I would listen to again.
  • The acoustic guitar is soothing to the ears. It sounds as if its just the singer and his guitar. I would listen to this song in the car, on my way to work, or after a hard breakup. The vocals are all there. This is a song i would put in my playlist. The kind of jack johnson sound is a thing the new music industry is missing. Great song.
  • It sounds boring coming on. The melody sound good. The lyrics sounds like it doesn't go with the music. The singer sounds ok but vocals it not that strong for the melody. There was a rythem in song that made it sound good. The word of choice sounds loving and heart fleet.
  • I found this song completely terrible. I believe it does not suit my Genre of music. It also had a nice undertone to it, it has a nice guitar tune to it, the vocals were quit out of sync. Although I don't like this song I would recommend it to others. I believe this song has a lot of story and also lyrics involved. I believe a lot of time and effort was put into this song writing.
  • This is a ok record it just didn't move me in no type of way I kind of lose focus but you do sound pretty good. Keep working and pick different records to work on Im just not feeling this one pick more up tone type of tracks.
  • I like the guitars in the beginning. The mans voice is nice an mellow. The song has a slight echo to it. It was very soothing to listen to. It was a nice song that lays a feeling of happiness yet a nostalgic melancholy of the mans daughter growing up. The hook of the song was very nice about the pink ribbon. It was a very nice song to listen to. The song's melody was simple yet not repetitive. I enjoyed the song overall. While it was a good song I do not think I would listen to it if it came on a radio station, I would probably change the song because it is not really my taste of country, but it was a nice song for easy listening.