Song Title: Pimp My Sleigh

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Pimp My Sleigh

Verse 1:
It was Christmas Eve
I was sleeping tight in my bed
when I heard a commotion so loud
it could wake the dead

From under my pillow
I reached for my piece
and dashed out of my room
in disbelief

I checked my crib
to see everything was safe and sound
no intruders or psycho killers
anywhere to be found

But lo and behold
there were dozens of presents under the tree
and overflowing stockings
hung by my chimney

And up on the roof
I heard ol' Santa Clause say
let's roll in style next Christmas
I wanna pimp my sleigh

Pimp my sleigh, pimp my sleigh
party like a gangster on this holiday
Santa's becoming a player
with a thug attitude
ho, ho, ho, let's hear it
for that North Pole dude

Verse 2:
It's finally time for St. Nick
to get a new ride
a tricked out sleighmobile
in which he can really take pride

He'll fly through the night
with his lights a flashin'
setting all the trends
in Yuletide fashion

Carrying around that sack of toys
the cops may even think that he's looting
or bring him in for questioning
about a local sleigh-by shooting

From his stuffy old image
Santa wants to break away
now he buys all his workshop supplies
on eBay

Pimp my sleigh, pimp my sleigh
party like a gangster on this holiday
Santa's becoming a player
with a thug attitude
ho, ho, ho, let's hear it
for that North Pole dude

Verse 3:
Santa's new transportation
will have GPS and a phone
we don't want him getting lost
trying to find our home

He'll even check his naughty or nice list
on his wireless connection
atop spinning rims so shiny
you can see your reflection

On breaks he'll play B-ball
in his Air Jordan sneakers
or blast Christmas mp3's
from his oversized speakers

Hydraulics will make it jump up and down
like a low rider
with his top hat and cane
he'll be one bad ass gift provider

Pimp my sleigh, pimp my sleigh
party like a gangster on this holiday
Santa's becoming a player
with a thug attitude
ho, ho, ho, let's hear it
for that North Pole dude


Below is an acoustic version of Pimp My Sleigh by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of Pimp My Sleigh from the Crowd Review service (overall song: 6.3 out of 10):

  • At first I was sure what I thought about this song. The tempo is okay and played simply with an okay vocal. The lyrics were odd but came off as a parody of some type to me, with a bit tongue in cheek. I didn't think the theme was very clever.
  • This sounds really cool from the start to the finish, i loved it. what i liked was the style of the acoustic guitar playing that was real cool, i loved the chords and the way the guitar playing built the track. the vocals are great too he got a nice sound from his voice, good work man 10/10.
  • The intro for this tack is a acoustic guitar and it is very spicy in sound. I think the chords have a mind of their own. they are also very fast which kind of clashes with the male vocalist. I think the way the guy sings is not really a perfect fit for a acapella record with just a acoustic guitar to back him up. the lyrics are not clear and concise and I think the track just needs a lot of tweaking.
  • The fast hyped guitar style on this track is really unique and original. It complements the vocal approach to this track which is really grizzly and sounds beautiful. I think he migh be better than freddie mercury. I also think the chorus is really good with crazy soaring sounds and references to santa shooting and killing which might be offensive to Christians.
  • This song is not a song that I would listen to because I am not into the country music. However most of the singing was in tune and the introduction to melody was good. I wouldn't recommend this song to a friend but to improve I suggest that you use more instruments as well as keeping the vocals strong. The lyrics didn't really make much sense because I couldn't make out what he was saying.
  • This song is very unique because of the guitar in the background. The song needs more volume so add more echo and maybe even another singer. I also think it would be better with a beat from a drum. The rhythm of this song is also quite nice.
  • The music on this track is interesting, but too still for my taste. I think this song could greatly benefit from more musical and instrumental variety. I would like to also hear greater vocal range in the artist. He does have a good singing voice, but I think he could also do more with his talent. Overall, the performance is good and hopeful.
  • The very simple, sparse instrumentals amplified the tense feeling of this song. The lyrics were easy to understand and compelling to follow until he said "party like a gangster" at which point I lost all interest and focus because that's just bizarre. I don't know what to make of this song whatsoever. The lyrics are creative and the song is well structured.
  • The guitar in the beginning needs to have some ambiance music to it. The vocals i feel as if the singer rushes the songs too fast. Other than that there is no instrumental variety in this song. The song is plain and steady. I would recommend some drums or bas to back up the singer's voice.
  • This song's charming style is light-hearted and brings a unique story to it that is fittingly expressed with the mellow tone of the lead vocals. The slight indie-country influence of its genre is unique and well-mixed, though not a style I find very compelling to listen to. I think it has potential for those who enjoy the unique style, but it is really not relevant to me or of interest.
  • The fast pace of the guitar and vocals is really enjoyable and immediately pulls me into the song. The song tells a story that I'm really interested to hear. This sounds like a really odd Christmas song, but I'm really getting into it! "P*mp my sleigh"? I love it. Awesome, awesome lyrics! This is really funny.
  • Story teller. Ambitious sounding vocalist. Almost rushing it in a way. Endlessly playable. Very clean and well put together. The story actually processed instead of being stuck on one minor part. Conducts a variety of emotions during different sections of the song. Definitely related to what people do and feel today.
  • Intense song. Very vivid imagery. interesting word choices for a country style song. Very hip lingo. Funny words sometimes. New take on a holiday song. Reminds me of old country (Brooks). I'd listen to it for fun. I think it was well laid out, the crescendos are nice. Sounds almost like an epic song about some sort of event.
  • The is a great performance! It has amazing quality, starting with the guitar that sounds strong and solid throughout the entire song. Along with the vocals of the male artist that sound rich and warm. The lyrics that he sings are so clever and heart warming, it makes me feel so comfortable listening. Lastly I enjoy hearing the melody that really binds this song well together.
  • A well guitarist playing that you can tell has some great talent. The male vocalist can sing quite well. the lyrics tell a story that they can relate to. But i still think they can have more of a meaning to listen to. the rhythm is not a catchy one, but it is a very nice one, however it seems off beat every so often.
  • The song begins with a lousy recorder. Starts with static that is unpleasing and annoying. The song and rhythm is still. Does not change. It will stop because of the music, but will continue on the same track. The song sounds like it wants to be that of a spoken word genre using an instrument to keep it's ideas intact.
  • Catchy in the beginning and like the story of the lyrics. I like what was done with the pause causing us to think whats going to happen next. If I could recommend something, it would be that you use a variation of other instruments like the keyboard. Word choice needs more work. Try thinking of a more meaningful word because it seems like he's just trying to find something that rhymes.
  • The piece opens with an annoying, over compressed vocal to suit annoying, choppy guitar chords. I don't think that this track could ever become a hit, and I don't believe the vocal performance is strong enough to be given any further thought. I don't enjoy the structure or harmony or rhythm.
  • I like how this track starts off with a great beat and an amazing bass. So it is very nice to follow to. Also the vocalist executes the song very well and sings it really well. Also the the song is very soothing to the ear as well. Which i like so, i really enjoy this song probably one of the better songs on this website. So i give this song a 9/10.
  • The beat was good, I like the repeating beat. The guys voice matched the beat and the tone of the song which is always a good thing. The song was a little bit boring for me. The tone of the song is what gave it a little bit of interest. The tempo was good. The guy singing has a good country voice.
  • Great song, the simplicity of this song is what makes it great, this type of song doesn't need much of a instrument variety. The beat was strong and was easily followed. The vocalist was great and expressive really great fort this song. I found the melody subtle but you could still understand it, and the instrument accompaniment was on point and smooth. In all I found the artist very professional and this is a really good song.
  • Ok, who is this directed too? I feel this song would only appeal to a select number of people and not sell well or be appreciated. Maybe it would be ok for a less than average movie about Christmas but still it doesn't stand out. I really don't think this song will do well or have the impact it is hoping for. The voice is bland and the lyrics don't match the man singing. The beat is ok for the lyrics but having a white man sing about gangster Santa is kind of weird.