I wrote the lyrics and melody for Passengers, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Passengers

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We are passengers
only passengers
holding on for the ride

Just passengers
only passengers
a million stars in the sky
as we dance, on this earth, you and I

Verse 1:
Some see only problems
not puzzles to solve
minds that are idle
will never evolve

Primordial soup
to ice filled ages
dawns prehistoric
and biblical pages

Oh so far
just to be here and now
find all the beauty
that time will allow

So get lost in your
very first kiss
for these are the days
that you'll miss

We are passengers
only passengers
holding on for the ride

Just passengers
only passengers
a million stars in the sky
as we dance, on this earth, you and I

Verse 2:
Into the void
into the ether
that moment the student
becomes the teacher

Pyramids, temples
scenes etched into walls
all turn to dust
then to nothing at all

There's only one life
it goes by way too soon
keep your feet on the ground
but reach for the moon

We are passengers
only passengers
holding on for the ride

Just passengers
only passengers
a million stars in the sky
as we dance, on this earth, you and I


Reviews of Passengers from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall score: 5.4 out of 10) :

  • Can picture this as a pretty nice dechno/dance song in a club. Needs much stronger music mixed in into the background. Otherwise its a unique mix of sound.
  • Good beat. Unexpected to hear harmony from the beginning of the song. I didn't really get the spoken lyrics starting at around 55 seconds(and later). Good percussion though I thought the instrumentals were a little too simple, too much the same throughout. Decent lead vocal.
  • I do not like this song it sound unorganized and the vocals sound like plain speech. I also do not like the fact that pacing is so fast within this performance.
  • I like it. It's kind of funk, but fun. The melody is good and I like the talking part. It feels like the bad passenger lol.
  • I like the beat of the song. I thought it was a lot of fun to listen to. The vocals and the music we're both equally fun.
  • I like this song it seems fun and different it seems upbeat and mellow I think it gives me a little energy but I do not like the talking in the middle of the song.
  • I liked that the song sounds nostalgic, perhaps fitting in an 80's teen movie. I disliked the lyrical content and simplicity of the beat. The melody seemed a bit lacking as well and did not necessarily catch my attention.
  • I liked the melody and instrumentals. The lyrics were a little too cliche and cheesy for me but cool message. Good job overall.
  • I liked the melody on the this. Vocals were maybe a little too loud and the drums sounded like they just used a loop from a sample pack. Needs some work.
  • I liked the rhythm and the guitar sounds, the vocals didnt really fit in well with the music. Vocals felt cheesy and unrealistic. I liked the lyrics and thought they were fun to sing along with.
  • I love how the song has a very cool and collected manner to the somg and feel like the song is very interesting to listen to overall.
  • I loved the song's rhythm, and thought the lyrics and melody were pretty catchy too. This is a well-written song and I'd definitely like to hear more from this artist.
  • I really didn't care for this song. It was really corny and just didn't sit right. The melody feels outdated, like from the 1980s.
  • I really like this song and it reminds me of new kids on the block and Boyz to men . They have a consistent rhythm and keeps up good tempo. The chorus is enjoyable and I love the sound of the tambourine and keyboard. The lead singer is passionate and has great vocals and I believe this song would make a great hit.
  • Like the beginning, sounds orchestral with a little rock. Singer's voice is average, needs to be more forcive. Singing Lyrics are okay but somewhat generic. The spoken word doesn't work well here. It would be better suited as part of a bridge. More guitar, turn up that volume. The Spoken word lyrics are creative but nothing too profound.
  • Lyrically bland, musically uninspiring. Insipid sound quality and production, the whole thing has left me decidedly underwhelmed. Would not buy,download or stream and neither could you pay ME to listen to it again.
  • The beat of the drums gives the song a nice steady groove and feeling. The harmony in the song sounds really nice. The lyrics in the song are inspiring.
  • The beat to this is kind of catchy, but I am not really feeling the vocals or the lyrics though, that makes this end up feeling rather dated.
  • The music is awesome. The title of the song is great. The lyrics go great with the title of the song. The artist has a unique sounding voice.
  • The song is not bad but it sounds like a bunch of his favorite artist thrown together. And that makes the song boring and not original.
  • The song sounds interesting I think. It is a little odd though. I can't really decide if I like the song or not. Something about it sounds familiar.
  • The start of the song is odd, there is no lead in; it just jumps into the man singing. Then it's as if the artist is trying to rap, but it comes across like spoken word. Honestly one of the worst songs I've heard in a while.
  • The vocals were good. The lyrics are cute and sweet. Didn't like the rap at all. It was a bit ridiculous. The actual singing was funny.
  • This song is decent enough. I could listen to it. It is not something I would normally pick for myself but it isn't bad.
  • This song sounded like a garage band, they needed a hook to change up the tempo a bit, it got a little repetitive and boring after a while.