Party On Your Birthday features Mr Maph rapping the verse, and me on the chorus.

Song Title: Party On Your Birthday

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Party On Your Birthday

Verse 1:
It's time to celebrate
the day you were born
come make some noise
blow on a horn

Close your eyes
while you make a wish
the ritual's the same
whether your 18 or 40-ish

Blow out the candles
tear your gifts open
may the next year bring
everything that you're hopin'

Forget all the bad stuff
in which you did partake
and just take a big bite
of your birthday cake

Party on your birthday
let's have some fun
strap yourself in
for a trip around the sun

Another year older
a little more wise
memories flow through your mind
as they crystalize

Verse 2:
Into the world
on this day you were thrust
a new life emerging
from the cosmic dust

Hear the clocks tick away
feel the Earth as it spins
reflect on days past
as your new year begins

Try as we might
we can't stop aging
it's a losing battle
this time war we are waging

As you leave your footprints
in the sands of time
reach for the sky
and let your spirit climb

Party on your birthday
let's have some fun
strap yourself in
for a trip around the sun

Another year older
a little more wise
memories flow through your mind
as they crystalize

Time to let loose
get this party hopping
dance the night away
to the hits that we're dropping

It's a party
come on and party
it's your birthday
happy birthday

it's your birthday
have a party
happy birthday

it's your birthday
have a party
happy birthday

have a happy
happy birthday
it's your birthday
so have a party


Reviews of Party On Your Birthday from the Crowd Review service (overall score: 5.2 out of 10):

  • Great song, great beat, nice energetic tempo. Good lyrics and vocals. Old school sounding but new age twist. Very nicely done. People will be very receptive to it.
  • I did not like the back ground music. It had a kid like feel to it. The rap flow was mediocre and felt forced. Overall, I did not like the sound of the song.
  • I like the intro to this song and think it would be great to listen to on the radio and could be popular in other genres too.
  • I like this song. It's different. It sort of seems more like a rap song to me. It's got a good beat to it and the lyrics fit well.
  • I liked this strong and confident song. The rapping part is catchy and pleasing while harmonizing with the punchy beat. The melody has a steady tone and keeps my interest.
  • I really do not care for rap music. I do, however, like the lyrics of this song. It has the ability to stay in you mind for a while.
  • I thought the beat on this was pretty dope. Vocals sounded a little dry and could be mixed a little better for sure.
  • It had a good jingle and a good meaning. It felt like a wholesome anthem, no profanity. It could be the new birthday song I hope it gets more attention.
  • It was an ok song. I didn't really like or dislike. That is my personal preference though. Maybe others may like it more. The vocals were strong though. Thank you.
  • It's always nice to have another birthday song! Do you realize how many songs there are about birthdays? Not many. Even if the production is not great on the song, the whole vibe is still really good!
  • Its kind of fun, the lyrics are a little bit different, everything I heard was fairly positive and I liked the steady tempo with a few unique musical elements thrown in.
  • Love the start of this song and the melody. The beat is hot. I immediately felt drawn into this song. Liked I alot.
  • Nothing really stood out to me in this pop song. I mean it sounded okay but if it was on in the background at a coffee shop or something I wouldn't really pay it any mind. It didn't grab me at all. Sorry.
  • Starts out like a children's song but picks up nicely. Has a great beat and good lyrics. Sounds too much like Eminem though and there is already one of him.
  • The flute or whatever it is sounds really cool. I kind of love this. I would blare this on my birthday ironically. I actaully really like this.
  • The intro is interesting, but I think the vocals and lyrics need a lot of work. It sort of reminds me of someone trying to imitate Mac Dre.
  • The lyrics are corny, but it's still an entertaining song. It's tough to rap a happy birthday alternative. The rappers have good flow though. I'd be interested in other stuff from them.
  • The lyrics are stupid funny. The music is low fi and simple. The vocals are pretty retro. This would not be a hit, but it is a novelty.
  • The melody is pretty good. I like the beat and the pace of the song. I do not like the lyrics that much but the singer's voice is okay.
  • The music is overall pretty good. The music is pretty much well mixed and just killer with the vocals. The lyrics are nice as well, good job.
  • The song has a decent tone and pacing. Not a fan of the instrumentals at all. I can't stand the singer's voices, especially the second one. Lyrics are awful.
  • The song is upbeat and makes you want to move and dance. The instrumentals pair well with the vocalist, which has a great voice and is fun to listen to.
  • This song is entertaining and I liked the original take on a birthday song. I would send this to someone on their birthday. It's funny.
  • This song is way too silly for me. I can't imagine hearing this on the radio. It sounds like a song I would hear at a cheesy kids birthday party where parents think this is safe rap.
  • This sounds like a song that Saturday Night Live would make to make fun of how people spend money on their kids' birthday parties. It would fit right in. But as a stand alone track? No thanks.
  • Very low quality and cheesy, the lyrics were kinda fun. I like the first voice more than I like the second voice. The second voice makes it sound more cheesy than it needs to be.

Below is an acoustic version of Party On Your Birthday by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of Party On Your Birthday from the Crowd Review service (song score: 5.2 out of 10):

  • The beginning is very mellow, a song one might listen to while doing homework or something that requires focus, so you don't focus on the lyrics. The lyrics to this particular song are mediocre and the song itself sounds very awkward as the acoustics don't go with the singers voice, and the lyrics are rushed, cute words but rushed. This song would not be recommended to anyone by me as a serious recommendation, maybe a song to giggle at with friends similar to "Friday".
  • A gentle intro leads you into the vocals. The lyrics are memorable, and touching. The single strum guitar doesn't take away from the song, although it makes for a repetitive melody. I could see this song being more of a commercial one, for birthday cards that play music. The singer keeps a steady tone for the most part but blends well with the music.
  • This song has a great intro. The intro is very relaxing and when I first listened to it I knew it was a country song. I really like it when I can tell the genre of the song from the first couple of seconds. Now the singer has an amazing voice and really can speak the lyrics. He has an amazing tone and it works well with the guitar. The singer can also work magic with his fingers on that guitar. This song is really well done and I would look forward to buying it on itunes.
  • I like the acoustics of this song and the lyrics are sweet. Although it was a little choppy and sounded too rushed. That may have been the point but it just wasn't pleasing to my ear. But this man has a very old timey, warm voice and would like the hear him sing more songs that flow together better.
  • Not a fan of the main voice. Guitar is nice but song is otherwise unimpressive. Easy feeling song, lyrics don't fit though. Repetitive. We get it, its your birthday. Uninteresting overall. Lyrics aren't catchy or meaningful, doesn't really leave me wanting to repeat it other than to try to see if I missed something.
  • One word to describe this song would be, boring. To start, there was no type of rhythm to the song that was engaging or attention grabbing. It didn't flow very well, it just sort of dragged on. One thing I did enjoy were the distinctive instruments in the background. Otherwise, the lyrics had no clear meaning and were utterly and painfully repetitive. The song essentially was just, not good. There was essentially no originality to the song. In order for this artist to increase their marketing potential, I think these factors should be taken into consideration.
  • This is a really cute song. I think the vocals are sweet and slightly awkward, which works for the subject matter. The vocals are slightly southern but not so twangy that anyone could enjoy it. The acoustic guitar works well for the song but I think the melody is just a little too sad to be a good birthday song. Everything works together, but a sad birthday song doesn't make sense to me.
  • I thought this song was beautifully wrote. I loved the metaphors and similes used in the lyrics, it was very clear that was wrote about the artist's child. This was a song wrote with heart, passion and love, it brought a tear to my eye. The vocals are outstanding, the artist's voice was so soothing to listen too, every note was hit perfectly. The lyrics told a story about the child growing up so amazingly and beautifully. I loved the soft guitar being played. Amazing song, this artist deserves to be a success because he is an amazing talent.
  • Mellow acoustic song for kids it seems like. Interesting take on a birthday song, like music you can play for your son or daughter. The singer has a calming and soothing relaxed singing voice. The lyrics are pretty straight forward, nothing complicated. Simple sound,
  • good guitar playing, very minimal sound. I can play this for my child on her birthday when I put her down for a nap!
  • This guitar kinda sounds like one of the country. I do not like the old vibe that this song gives out though. Even though the melody seems to be sweet and mellow, this vocalist seems like he is talking. Maybe he needs to change his tone for this song.
  • I immediately loved this song as soon as i heard it,it was so beautiful and brings joy,i really liked this song it has some meaningful lyrics and the guitar sounds very nice and brings my attention because its being well played,i would have this song on my phone so that i could listen to it every day.
  • This song starts of with a soothing guitar. The vocals are not there for me. It sounds like he is just talking and not singing. I see how this song could be soothing for some but for me its just kind of annoying. I would not choose to listen to this song. The guitar gets worse and worse as the song goes on. this song needs some work. It needs more instruments.
  • The song has a cheerful beginning as the sweet playing of comfortable easy listening from a acoustic guitar plays. The lyrics are cute talking about the day someone special was born. The lyrics are also jumbled together. Too many words sung out spoken at one time. The melody was softly played. However I don't think that the over all performance was successful. I also feel the song could not be a hit.
  • I don't like music like this and i don't want to hear music like this anymore thank you very much.It was wake and rude to hear I dont like to hear country music The singer is ugly and i dont like the music The singer is sad and lost. I loved the song he had heart and soul.
  • This song has a bass guitar introduction. The introduction is very high pitched and out of tune. This song is about when a child was born. This song is also about a childs birthday. The lyrics seem to be put together very well but in my opinion i don't think the vocals are done well. I would not listen to this song.
  • There's really not enough acoustic songs out there nowadays. This is a nice change of pace even though it's a birthday song. It's slow paced and the guitar only uses a few chords. the pacing of the lyrics and the singers voice are executed well. He keeps pace with the chords and his voice stays in a good range for the song.
  • The opening guitar is catchy. The lyrics start out a little strange but once you figure out what it's about, it becomes a nice little song about birthdays. It gives a bit of an Eagles/Kansas vibe, I like the chorus effect, it complements the vocalist well. In some places, the lyrics seem forced into the meter. There's also no clear place where the refrain starts and ends, which may just be a consequence of the genre, but the song gets monotonous after a while. The first 60 seconds were the best. The end seems stretched out a bit too long, so if the artist could find a way to make the song rise to a climax rather than staying flat it would go from a "meh" song to a good one.
  • I liked the guitar being played towards the beginning of the song. i thought that it added emotion to the song and made it stand out and unique. i thought the singers voice with the auto tune sounded a bit wired but i thought his lyrics held emotion and strong feelings.
  • This song started off really nice and calm. It defiantly feel like it is going to be a good slow country love song. The guitar in the beginning sounds so beautiful and it has a great tune. The vocalist has a very easy and unique voice. Defiantly someone I don't mind listening to for a long period of time. The lyrics are sweet and very emotional I pictured an old film video of a child growing up.
  • The song is not good . The lyrics are to slow . It is "vivid ". But of point . The beat of the song is good . It is understandable. But the song is about multiple thing . And off track the words go with the song . But change "topics " . The song is good and nice to listen too.
  • The melody was all over the place.It didnt seem to blend well.Not a bad voice though.Needs a more acoustic sound.Slow it down abit.other than that sounded alot like jack johnson.Stick with one theme in the song.Maybe some harmony in the background.
  • I like how this track is about birthdays, I like the line as they crystalize, this track has some good visuals in the lyrical content. The harmony is composed in a professional way. The vocalist sings the song with passion. As a whole, I think this track is interesting and creative. It has entriguing lyrics that everyone can relate too.
  • Its a alright record to me i felt it a little bit but it didnt move me too much. But you good on the guitar and you can sing good nice voice i just think you need to pick more tone up type of tracks.
  • The tune is a really nice country music themed song. However, the vocalist could be better. The tune itself is very catchy and mesmerizing. It made me feel like I was in a wheat field taking a nice nap under the sun. The only downside to the tune was that it was very repetitive and did not have a distinguishable main melody.
  • The intro sound good meaning the music. The song voice don't have feeling behind it his vocals are not strong he needs work. The music is ok but also need just a touch of work. There was no base are beat just music no rythem. There is a lot of work needed on this song let not put this out just yet.
  • This is a very meaningful, emotional song as it celebrates the day you were born and also life. The melody of the song is tough, solid, and secure, but yet gentle and sentimental. The vocals encounter so many deep, thoughtful feelings as it stands out from the other songs. The lyrics are deliberating and rational, with overthinking of adventurous pensiveness. As for the instrumentals it has a atmospheric and climatically instrumental ad junction.
  • In all honesty this song would be something to listen too when you are down or want to feel young because in the beginning the song talks about your birthday. The guitar sounds really nice and the person singing it is so calm and not only that his voice suits it. only con is that it doesn't rhyme. I rate 6 out of 10.
  • This song is unique and tells a story. Audiences may be suprised with the sadness and the beauty that are shared in the lyrics that paint a picture. The singers voice is amazing and he teaches us all to appreciate the little things in life. The music is upbeat and at times slow but that is only because it's portraying bits and pieces of what life is like in the real world.