I wrote the lyrics and melody for Not So Easily Found, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines to record it for me, and then I had Paul Cecchetti add orchestra music to it.

Song Title: Not So Easily Found

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Not So Easily Found

Verse 1:
I whisper softly
"it'll be alright"
drift away, close your eyes
please make it
through one more night

With a look and a smile
you speak without a sound
these are the things
that are not so easily found

Verse 2:
Just one more breath
one more kiss
the pulse of your touch
all those
little moments to miss

You bring out the best in me
when my soul has run aground
these are the things
that are not so easily found

Days turn into hours
the sun no longer shines
we lie in fields of fire
among the whispering pines

I dream that when I blink
it all will fade away
like teardrops on the pillow
where I used to pray

But miracles and angels
only live on higher ground
these are the things
that are not so easily found

These are the things
that are not so easily found

Reviews of Not So Easily Found (song score: 6.8 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • This vocalist has a really sincere voice, I can hear the feeling in his voice. He doesn't sound like he's faking emotion. The guitar really stands out and takes this tune to the next level. It adds a level of sweetness to this song that is really refreshing.
  • I feel like this song is a soft heart breaking song. I feel like this song is about being in a couple to try to stay strong for the couples love and happiness. This song very sweet and romantic. The guitar very soft and slow I love listening to songs like these. The artist has a strong potential voice.
  • The guitar at the beginning of the track with its simple tuneful melody really gave this song a tranquillity that was easy to lose yourself in. I like the lyrics and the vocalist had a really soulful quality to his voice. I like how simple this song is. There is no overdoing things on a musical front which focusses your attention on the melody and the lyrics.
  • I like the soft and still nature of the vocals on this track. The artist has a way of capturing the sentiments of the lyrics through his professional and stunning tone. I really appreciate the manner that he provides such a genuine performance that seems to speak to his own personal experience. This track holds the ability to be uplifting in its solemnity.
  • The lyrics are meaningful but don't connect. I like his singing it's nice. It could play as a love song. It's slow and sad. The guitar is beautifu. It's not a song I would listen to often. It's missing something. The song feels incomplete.
  • The guitar at the beginning is a great start. The singer leaves something to be wanted for the rest of the song. His voice just doesn't seem to fit this kind of song. The music sounds very sad but his voice sounds almost like he is smiling. Either this song is secretly about heart break or it is about the absolute greatest love that ever has been.
  • This track can do right with each of the song. This track is a fantastic way to This track has a somewhat romantic insight. This song brings further information on a cruise song. Very interesting rhythm in this track of the classical music for a certain change.
  • A very melodic guitar accompanied by one very on key, handsome sounding male vocalist. I believe there is another singer, great harmony. Lyrics are just so pretty. Musically the song sounds relaxing with the slow background music. I like the lyrics, tell a good story. Subtle melody works rather nice with everything else, specifically the instruments.
  • The song starts off very slow with the singer singing without music. The song sounds sad and depressing, feels like a cloudy day on the open road, maybe a little bit rainy, showering. The song also reminds me of a country song and a man with a cowboy hat singing, but not as strong because of the way he is singing. He is a good singer and the guitar in the background fits the song perfectly.
  • Intro is nice and slow. His Vocals are soft and I love it. Its something I'd love to be song to me. The melody is very pleasing. I think of john mayer when I hear this song. I think it would make a wonderful wedding song. The course of the song is consistent and I enjoyed this song. He's vocals with this song seems like it was a meaning song. Like he really connect to it. This is with times and can be a hit I would listen to. The Instrumentals are tempo. Love the guitar. Over all the Vocals, Lyrics, Melody are perfect and would not change nothing.
  • The satisfying sound of the acoustic guitar accompanies the artists' sad mood. he seems to be singing about losing someone; a death in the family maybe. there lyrics are encouraging and makes me want to cherish my family. I hope that the artist knows that this song will touch many people; I look forward to seeing this being performed one day.
  • The acoustic guitar greets your ear like an old friend. The vocalist comes in with a strong start and immediately calms any nerves you've been dealing with in the day. It sounds like something I would listen to during a rain storm or possibly a calm, quiet night. The female background vocalist adds clarity and some balance to the tune. The guitar is played VERY well and the lack of any other interference to the audio makes for a very good track.
  • I think the melody that is carried by the guitar is very interesting and lures the listener in. I feel like the harmony between the melody and the vocals are very vibrant and full of compassion. The overall tone that you get form this song is loving and caring. I think the vocals does a good job at hitting all the low pitches in this song but i think high pitches should be added as well.
  • This song is good to listen to when you're sad. The quality of this song is clear and not choppy. I really like the guitar in here; it sounds beautiful. The lyrics are very powerful; it is like there is a story being told and is coming from the heart.
  • Beautiful beginning. The guitar is so calm and soothing. Harmonies add great effect to the overall meaning of the song. Slow, yet nice. Tone is great, not too strong or harsh. Words are meaningful. Sounds like he's singing to someone that he loves or is in love with.
  • Beautiful guitar playing along with soft, soothing voice. A fairly sad and somber song, a lot of mood in here and well sung. I would listen to again and like to know who the main singer is and could see him doing very well in the near future! Almost cried!
  • In all honesty, this song could put me to sleep. It's so dull, there's nothing super special about it. The lyrics are rather loving and warm, but there could have been a better melody to it. If the tune had been more noticeable or the artist had incorporated a variety of range in his singing, I think it would have made a great song in my opinion. For now, though, it sounds like a typical love song.
  • Songs like a Nickleback song. same sort of guitar opening. more country than anything else. nice singing with a strong voice. is quite a deep song about romance and love. a cool down song that i would listen to after after a long day. its a good song in general and would suit a with a comfy couch and a coffee in hand lying down.
  • This song is extremely soft. this man need to sing with a lot more feeling. The beat sounds more like a background effect rather than a beat. i feel like this need a lot of work. Then at times he tires to use double up effect on his singing but i fails truly bad. the beat needs improvement and needs to be a lot louder.
  • I like the song. It has a good mean. The lyrics mean a lot to me. It made me smile a lot. You can hear the emotion in the artist voice. It's a deep connection between him and some love one. The music is soothing as well.
  • This sounds like a very soothing song that you would slow dance to or listen to in a diner. The instrumental in the background of the music adds feeling to the music. The singer in the music has a beautiful voice and he makes the song very good. I would rate this song a solid 10/10 because if how good it was put together.

Below is a version of Not So Easily Found with piano by Paul Cecchetti and vocals by Matt Greco.

Reviews of Matt Greco's version of Not So Easily Found (song score: 6.8 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • Melody is so soothing. his description towards his soulmate brings a respectful point of view from the audience. the chorus is always on point with the beat. his vocal chords are so great and its something the audience are looking forward to hearing. i truly love this wonderful song.
  • This is a very mellow sounding song. You might fall asleep if you listen to this song I'll tell you that much. The man singing this song sounds so boring though he is on tempo. This is not the type of song that I would play.
  • The song is very inspirational. The singer sounds passionate about what he is singing. The lyrics are deep, raw, and emotional. The song is tuneful and enjoyable. It would make a great slow dance song. The lyrics are easy to make out. The piano arrangement is rather beautiful. The artist's voice is rich, warm, and soothing. The song ends on a great note. It sounds very calm and lovely.
  • I like the voice of the singer in this song. The vocals are quite efficient. The instrumental does a great job at not being to quieted and not to loud as the singer can resonate with the pitches. Very well done. I like the energy that the vocalists provides in the song as well.
  • The song was horrible. i could not personally say i care for this song very much though. this beat is too slow. the tone the track is quite depressing even though he is talking about "you bring the best out of me" and the artist isnt putting any energy into the song. i wouldnt buy this song. two thumbs down.
  • The voice is not ear wrenching like most songs. There was no long intro, so he went straight into his first song. He was very descriptive on what he was explaining. He made you feel good vibes through the song amd lyrics. He was enchanting when he finished the song amd made me want to listen again.
  • Excellent voice, and great piano as well. I instantly got into the song thanks to the voice and the quality of the piano. The tunes of the voice and piano go well together and made me enjoy the song very much. Some high pitch sounds could bring some different feelings to the song, but overall enjoyed it very much.
  • The piano introduction is nice. the soft voice of the singer gives the impression that the song is deep and is bout something personal maybe love or losing a loved one. the low piano helps to convey this as it helps to the already soft voice of the singer to make the song more sad and give it a more deeper meaning. The song sounds good and the change in tone from time to time is nice. no change in tempo is needed so there is none and the song stays sad and lonely. the singer has a clear voice so the lyrics can be easily heard and understood.
  • The immediate relaxing tone of the piano playing is great. The vocals are sort of drowned out by the playing so it's fairly hard to hear them. But the singer seems to have a solid voice and great tones. It's a very relaxing song and it's well played. If only you could hear what's being said. It sounds like a song that could be sung to someone you absolutely adore.
  • The piano complimented the singer's angelic voice. His voice is very low but he sounds very sweet and tender. The lyrics made me so emotional. The lyrics were so sad. The singer was pouring his heart out which I loved! It was a pleasure to listen to. The instrumental was simple, only consisting of one instrument, the grand piano.
  • The piano playing is very appealing and it is loud enough for you to be able to hear it enough to appreciate the melody it is creating. The man's singing voice is quite quiet, although you can tell he could sing in a lot rougher voice. With just the piano playing the tune is very calming and relaxing, and sounds like something i would listen to if i were relaxing.
  • The intro and the song sounds quite boring. However the vocals sounds very enhancing. The lack of any digital effects are an advantage. The fact that this song is original makes the song a number one hit. The vocals are edgy sometimes but the lyrics are though-provoking.
  • The tune played by the piano was different and was quite pleasant to listen to. The vocals were not amazing and though lacked anything interesting and lacked power, the softness was ok for the song. Overall, the song has potential but there could be more instruments added and the vocals needs to be even louder than the background music. Clearly not a greatly experienced producer but has some potential.
  • This song has some good musical qualities although I found it to be rather boring. The artist has a lovely voice; rich and warm in tone, and a decent vocal range. The piano on the beat was played beautifully, and it carried a good tone and melody well. Also the lyrics were well written, for it's a holiday song. Just lacked excitement.
  • Beautiful vocals, soft and enduring. The male vocalist has a strong stance in the song. The sweet elegant sound of the piano truly allows the song to be a soft rock, alternative type of song that is very pretty. The melody has a very peaceful tempo, once the transition comes in the song starts to take a different level. The lyrics truly allow you to feel the emotions of the artist and understand the way he portrays the song with his skills.
  • I really enjoyed the piano, keeping the beat and guiding the vocalist gently through the song. I really enjoy the lyrics as well, and I can tell that the vocalist is really trying to get the meaning and emotion across. I enjoy the simplicity of just the voice and piano together, and it allows the natural beauty of the song to shine through.
  • The soft noise of the piano allows you to ride into the song at your own pace, without immediately blowing your ears out. The voice is also pretty soothing. He is pretty talented, and he is distinctive. The instruments are original, giving a much needed support to the vocals. The melody feels sad, but the vocalist provides a nice contrast. The artists are superbly talented, and I expect they will do well with future songs. I will definitely listen to this song in the future, it is that good!
  • I love the romantic tone to this song. It has a very soft, pretty melody and harmony in this song. This artist has a great method and style of singing. His voice is perfect for this song and brings all the other elements together. His voice works well with the piano and guitar in this song. This song would be great for a wedding.
  • The song sounds like a theme song to a romantic movie. The voice is soothing and smooth. The song is not like commonly radio played songs but still seems to appeal to teenagers. The topic of heartbreak and finding love is very popular and sounds similar to five for fighting songs. The song is nicely composed on the piano as well, a very popular instrument in popular songs today.
  • The best thing this vocalist could do is learn some breath control. Their voice is just fine, but even and controlled breathing throughout singing would make the vocal track so much more beautiful than it sounds right now. The piano is really lovely, and I would not change anything about it. As for lyrical quality, the chorus is gold, I really like to hear it. The verses are just a little bit cheesy, in a way, but it still goes all together nicely. Just a tweak in the vocal department, and this could be a much better song.
  • The piano playing is great but i don't like the lyrics. I think that there are to many songs like this. It needs to be more unique. It needs to have something that makes it stand out from all the other songs. I do like the background music. I loved all the insruments.
  • I'm not too keen on his voice. The piano is louder than the voice as well which suggests he thinks that the piano has a better message than his lyrics. Although listening to the lyrics makes your heart melt a little because they are incredibly cute. It does seem a bit cheesy but I can imagine if you're struggling with a relationship this is an ideal song for you.
  • This song has such a relaxing vibe, it really puts you in a good mood. The piano in this song is so beautifully composed and sounds great with the artist's voice. The artist portrays a very soft voice, perfect for piano accompaniment. I enjoyed this song.
  • The vocalist carries an overall well rounded voice followed by the instruments of a good band. lyrics are greatly attributing to the vocalist and the vocal abilities he has. emotion plays a very important part of this song as the vocals pull in the audience. a very classic sound but still an astonishing voice carries it above most.
  • I love how the song started out with the piano only at the beginning, it is so peaceful. The words that are in this song are very pretty, and are extremely heartfelt. I love all of the elements incorporated into the song. It is a very soothing piece that obviously has a deep message coming from the heart. I love love love it. Perfect 10.
  • The piano sounds really good and it has a very good melody to listen to. The guitar is played well enough to hear it and it also has a good tune mixed with the piano. The vocal are sang very well and the lyrics are very touching and sad to listen to but it is also relateable.I give this song a 8/10.
  • I really like the start to this song. This is a pretty nice calming song to listen to. I like the religious side to this song. I would listen to this song in my free time. The vocals of this song are really well put together. I like the piano melody with this mans voice. This song would be something i would have playing at a family dinner because it is a nice song. I rate it 6 out of 10.
  • Your voice is perfect for this track, but the piano almost drowns that out. i cant really hear you well in some parts, but other than that, this song sounds amazing, it gives off a warm feeling, but i feel that just a piano wouldn't fit in this song the way you sing it. i feel that some different instruments would do better.
  • Hmm. this was really depressing and sad. I thought that the vocalist had a nice voice, and the piano playing was good, but there was nothing interesting or exciting about the piece. The lyrics were uninteresting and the tempo was flat. I prefer more upbeat music, this just left me sad and annoyed.
  • I'm in love with this song! This song could be a song considered "not easily found"! Strong story behind it with a lot of passion. Relaxed sound but still gets the story across! Just amazing! Will keep this track on the look out for climbing the charts!
  • The lyrics are rich with emotion,plus are very original & catchy,making this track very radio-friendly. The artist has got a nice soft voice that suites the track very well,delivering heartfelt & raw vocals . The musical accompaniments are very engaging with the arrangement suiting the style of the track.
  • I like the piano introduction to the song. It's a smooth transition from the intro to the lyrical. I like the vocalist, his voice is rich and warm. He didn't, however, show much of a pitch range. The lyrics are pretty great, especially because many religious songs can only be listened to in church. This song could be a love song, or a religious song, which is great. The melody was strong and shapely, and complimented the artist's voice really well. The instrumental was engaging and compelling, and made the song enjoyable to listen to. I overall enjoyed listening to this song and I think it could be a great song to slow-dance to.

Below is a version of Not So Easily Found with piano by Frankie Simon and vocals by Amritha.

Reviews of Amritha's version of Not So Easily Found (song score: 6.6 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • The piano playing with this lady's voice fits perfectly! Her voice is really soft which makes it kind of hard to grasp what she's saying. But from the lyrics I can understand makes me like the song..It seems like the song is about love! I like this song. I'm not in love with it but its alright.
  • This artist has a very soothing voice this song makes me feel very happy. This song sounds like it would make me feel so much better if i heard it while i was sad. The artist has a gift. The song is so soothing and the piano compliments the artist.
  • This song also has a piano in it and i don't like that fact. the song is very slow and with my very bad fear of pianos it only adds on to things. the singers voice, though, keeps me interested in the song and almost erases my fear of it completely. she has a very beautiful voice and it is complimented by the background sounds.
  • A pretty piano part. I like how it speeds up and then slows in and out. The vocalist has a beautiful graceful voice that seems to carry very nicely over the piano. She understands how to form her words with the rhythms which is a great quality. Keep up the great work. Good dynamics. Watch not to be too sharp on some notes though. A pretty piano part throughout the entire song. Good. Keep that. More and more song need piano because the genre is dying out slowly.
  • Immediately relaxing. As soon as i heard the first few lyrics I automatically got almost tired and entranced. The singer's voice sounds so natural and light. I like that there's only piano, that way you can really focus on the pureness of the singer's voice. The lyrics are also really beautiful and clearly very meaningful to the singer, judging by the way she sings with so much passion.
  • Lovely and impressive vocals. Loved the piano, the lyrics were honest and you could hear the singer being so honest and sweet with them. Although is sound like she did not feel comfortable singing in that key. Maybe she should have brought it an octave lower.
  • The melody in this song has me in the clouds. Actually floating on air! The voice of the female single is like a whisper. The beat in the background fits well with the vocals. The sound is soft and elegant. The soprano voice of the singer is awesome! I could also listen to this song just sitting in front of a fireplace sipping hot chocolate. The song is very fluid. There are no hesitations. This song also tells a story.
  • The tempo and the beat of this song are very coherent. The music artist that is currently singing in this song is very hard to understand due to the fact that she has a speech impediment. Therefore when she speaks I can not make out with what she is saying. I do not think these types of singers should even exist.
  • I enjoyed the piano being played in this song as well as the singers tone of voice. The singers tone is beautiful and fits perfectly with the piano. On top of that, the lyrics of the song are both heart-warming and emotional to listen to. Overall, it's not the type of song which I would listen to, but I rather enjoyed hearing this song and wouldn't mind listening to it again in the future.
  • The lyrics are very original and sound like nothing else I've ever heard. I think the voice is beautiful and could carry the artist very far in media culture. I appreciate the piano. I think the timing is done very well for this song. The chorus is lovely and resonates with the listener. I think there is definitely potential for this artist, and I would love to hear more.
  • I love the faint echo of the vocals, it gives a really distinct character to the song. The piano is also wonderful. Lyrics are a tiny bit difficult to understand at times but I think the parts I could understand are really beautiful. I would listen to music by this artist more.
  • Nice song. This girl has a good register in her voice.Thats around 5 songs I heard by her.I do thing her lower,mid range is better than her high range ,but overall she has a nice voice.Her ballads and the band ballads sound much better than there upbeat music.not knowing what they want to excel at but the ballads sound better and more heart in them .Better production.
  • I enjoy the piano at the start of this piece going along with the artists voice. Her voice is a little of pitch and tone which could use some help. I think this song should be played at a faster pace to make the viewer fell happy and joyful. This song makes me feel depressed and sad because of the tone its being played in. Overall this song was alright and could use work.
  • This singers voice has such a dramatic tone to it! It's almost ghostly. This song made my heart beat a little faster for some reason. Such a simple musical arrangement but so so beautiful. The lyrics are so sad but so touching. This song really draws out emotions from the listener and would nearly bring a tear to your eye. A really simple piece of music but so powerful at the same time.
  • The music is really beautiful but the singer is very quiet and soft with her voice which is a little hard to understand. She has a beautiful voice and it sounds like the lyrics have meaning to her which lets you know that she enjoys what she's doing.
  • I think the vocalist does a great job, at making the lyrics sound personal. I do think the song could use back ground singers to help carry out the higher notes of the songs. I do think the lyrics have meaning. I think over all the song is decent.
  • Very nice tun to listen too. Starts off soothing but i think it can be very unique. It would sound cool if there was some slur in the words. The piano music sounds great! Not really sure if anything is being stated during this song? Express these words would be nice to hear!
  • I think that the piano really makes the song sound a bit unique in it's own way. I feel like there is also a lot of echo which can make the song a bit more passionate and really gives it an extra twist that can make it different from other songs.
  • The piano music in this song is beautiful and powerfully played. The lyrics are well-written and heartfelt, as well. Unfortunately the artist's voice is rather thin and distracts from the song's touching message. At times, the piano portion of the song was much louder than the artist's vocals as well, which takes away from the song's lyrics. Overall, I feel this song could have some success if the vocals were improved upon.
  • It sounds like a bed time lullaby type of song. I really like it the way it sounds and the singers voice. It makes me feel happy and at peace inside. The emotion is real and you can feel it in the music and the voice. I'd listen to this again and pay money to buy it. I would also recommend it to others.
  • Beautiful piano in the background for instrumental. I really like this song for the sweet voice, the meaning behind this is nice too. Arrangement of the song sounds well put and not messy. Harmony is combine together for a beautiful song. I would love to listen to this or a similar song again.
  • The song was ok. It didn't do much for me. I was more into the great piano playing that accompanied the artist. The singer's voice was pretty good. It was rich and clear. The chorus, melody, and lyrics were decent. I believe if it was another song that was more upbeat, I probably could appreciate her talents more. The group is going places, just not with this track.
  • Sounds like it could be live. It's got a cool piano score and the vocals feel natural. A nice song to listen to when you need to just relax. Overall pretty good if this isn't live then I wouldn't believe you if you told me it was digitally enhanced even a little because it sounds so natural which is nice to hear. 8/10.

Below is a version of Not So Easily Found with piano by Frankie Simon and vocals by Chris Davidson.

Reviews of Chris Davidson's version of Not So Easily Found (song score: 6.2 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • The piano gave the song a very mellow feel which i found pleasurable. In addition, the piano set the tempo for the vocalist in the piece which was also on key. The lyrics also were very fruitful and artistic portraying emotion with every note. I decided to give this song a 9 out of ten because of its mellow melodies created by the piano.
  • This song starts off with piano in an intimate way. The singer has a decent voice. It's the type of ballad that could get played at a wedding as a couples track. The romantic nature of the lyrics makes this recording important for lovers. It could get radio airplay on adult contemporary stations. The production is decent and the songwriting is better than most of today's hits.
  • The song is slow and methodical. The instrumentals are soothing and compliment the vocals. The vocals are relaxing and project a lot of emotion and touching elements. The lyrics are true to their meaning and very relatable to me personally, the song is moving and touches my heart deeply. The instrumentals and symphonies fit the song perfectly and the artist is professional. This song is very moving.
  • The piano is always a great start to a song as it is soft and melodic, setting the perfect time to the rest of the song. The vocals are very good as he has a gentle, slightly husky tone to his voice which partners with the piano beautifully. The beat and rhythm are smooth and flown in perfect timing with each other. You can hear the lyrics which makes the song more sentimental and passionate.
  • The introduction to this song is smooth and relaxing and the vocalist points that our very well. The instrumentals match perfectly and the melody belongs as well. The lyrics are slow paced but contain a lot of meaning and emotion. This song genre would be classical or romance. The feelings I took from this song was both sadness and happiness, which brought back some old memories. The artist hit his notes very well and I liked this song.
  • The piano in this song was very nice and appealing to listen to. I also think the easy voice used to sing the vocals were a perfect match for this song. Ultimately, I really enjoyed this song and would like to hear more from this artist.
  • I love the singing between the main vocalist and the backup singers for this song. I feel that the song sounds simply beautiful. After listening, I felt calm and relaxed. It's a good quality to find for a song. I feel that this song has potential for success and it's nice to share with others.
  • This song is okay. It is well produced and the vocals sound good too. The lyrics are also good and seem to be coming from a personal space of the artist's. My only criticism on this track is the pure simplicity of the voice and piano. I don't think the chord progression is good enough to be carried by the melodramatic piano playing.
  • The piano is very monotone, luckily the singer has some nice tones in his voice and can carry the melody quite well but sadly he can't save the song from being very boring to me, The lyrics don't stand out to me as being anything very special and it's all just very weak.
  • I like the piano in this song. Its soft and smooth and transitions well. I do not like that vocals that much. That is only because it is not my style that I usually go for. This song has the same tune as a song I love called, "Christmas shoes". All in all, this would be great for some people, just not me.
  • I like the sound of the male vocalist. His tone is very soothing and would be anyone at ease. It something that would be good for contemplation and is also a great love song that is simple, pure, and reminds me of ballads from the 70's. The lyrics are good and the harmony with female in the middle of the song is good and pleasant just like the rest of the song.
  • Very calm intro music and the voice was extremely relaxing. sounds very happy/cheerful and easily attention grabbing. the melody and rhythm were excellent and matched very well. the song had a lot of potential and the song writer had a good choice of words. audio quality was extremely good. this song was not rushed and sounds good to your ears! highly recommended and will save for later!
  • The instrumentals are very good in this song, lyrics are strong, and singing is pretty great. A slow tempo like this really compliments the song. One of the nicer songs I have heard before, great instrument playing, powerful lyrics, and the singing skill really make this song. A great song for sure.
  • I love how this singer sounds! he starts off with a strong but calm voice. The piano in the background is wonderfully played and it brings out the singer great voice. The lyrics are also wonderful and they are being delivered so nice. I think this song is very beautiful.
  • This song has some very cute lyrics , I enjoy listening to him as if he's telling a story. The use of piano is very calming and nice as well, I really enjoy the tone of his voice as well. Its very calming and relaxing, perfect for this time of year. I could definitely see myself listening to this song on a regular basis.
  • The piano tone and level that was used is beautiful and smooth. It promoted a relaxing and calming feeling all over the room when i played it on my loud stereo. the way the singer delivered his lyrics was very emotional and from the bottom of his heart i like how he changes the tones and go up and down. It would be much better if they added more sound in the background. something like a musical instrument that work perfectly fine in combination with the piano in this song.
  • Classical sound at the very beginning is great. The pianist is amazing. The soft sounds and slow beat makes this sound an everyday listen. I really like the piano and how it is a strong sound, but not over powering the great voice of the lead singer. The chorus of this song is very nice. I like that the pitch gets higher during the chorus.
  • The beat is calming and the singer has a soft voice which matches very well with the song. The lyrics are soothing and gentle. The background singers also contribute well to the smoothness of the song. The piano in the background is also calming and helps the song move forward.
  • Sounds really nice. the beat is calm and steady. the beat doesn't build any anticipation its a really nice song. the guy sounds like hes really inlove with whoever hes talking about. the girl that starts to sing with him sounds really good too.
  • The lyrics correlate with the tone of the song. The vocals come across as whiny. Reminds me of a 1990s love ballad. 'not so easily found'...odd wording for a chorus. While clearly artistically crafted, this probably would not appeal to a large audience. To be specific, the lyrics are too emotional and sappy. This song has a great amount of potential, but needs work.
  • The song is not my taste but it has some emotion which draws me towards it the piano is very nice. which adds. the rhythm is great with the singer. Just the song is not my style. the song is not rough which is good. the recording is great so this song sounds a little bit more finalized. to me which is great.

Below is a version of Not So Easily Found with piano by Paul Cecchetti and vocals by Arron Brown.

Below is a version of Not So Easily Found with piano by Frankie Simon and vocals by Linda Malmgren.

Below is a version of Not So Easily Found with piano by Paul Cecchetti and vocals by Shauna Cardwell.

Below is a version of Not So Easily Found with piano by Frankie Simon and vocals by Onyapatto.

Below is a version of Not So Easily Found with piano by Frankie Simon and vocals by Matt Greco.