I wrote the lyrics and melody for Not Meant To Be, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines to record it for me.

Song Title: Not Meant To Be

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Not Meant To Be

Verse 1:
I liked ketchup
you liked mustard
when I showed my love to you
you got easily flustered

There were times of joy
and times of pain
days the sound of your voice
drove me insane

I wanted kids
you wanted to travel
any idiot could see
how the future would unravel

I liked the beach
you liked to ski
how'd we stay together
it was not meant to be

We were not meant to be together
some things aren't made to last forever
just two ships drifting on the open sea

Living our lives under stormy weather
hoping things would clear and suddenly get better
took splitting us apart to set us free
'Cause baby you and I were not meant to be

Verse 2:
I liked Great Danes
you liked poodles
when you dined on escargot
I ordered noodles

In a candlelit bath
you relaxed to Bach
I blasted Metallica
made my iPhone rock

I liked to snuggle
in our cozy bed
you prefered shopping
at boutiques instead

You liked art
I liked TV
lord knows
we were not meant to be

We were not meant to be together
some things aren't made to last forever
just two ships drifting out upon the sea

Living our lives under stormy weather
hoping things would clear and suddenly get better
took splitting us apart to set us free

'Cause baby you and I
'Cause baby you and I
'Cause baby you and I were not meant to be

Reviews of Not Meant To Me from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (overall song: 6.2 out of 10):

  • The song starts off with a great guitar, and I laughed out loud with the first few lyrics. The song is very simple but sung perfectly. I really enjoyed the way the theme was approached. The melody and tempo take a heart breaking theme and manage to make a fun song out of it.
  • Ha ha the starting lyrics was funny ''u like mustard i like kecthup'' that was pretty random ha. the acoustic guitar playing was pretty cool in this track. the lyrics are quite funny to me maybe because i am not american. overall it is a feel good track i enjoyed it 6/10.
  • An acoustic guitar as well as a banjo start off this track and I think the way the strokes play are just insanely quiet. the guy who sings has a so so voice but he has a bit of pain. the lyrics are nostalgic and talk about not being meant to be with the woman he was in love with. this is a sad reality for most people.
  • Deep, bassy drums and ethnic percussion kick in and then the full beat enters. His voice sounds unique and is enchanting. He is echoed by a sitar. The song is mostly singing and the theme is weird. Percussion kicks in, and then the full beat comes in, strong and forceful. Another fast sounding peace with okay vocals. Wasn't really sure what to think of it.
  • The vocals were okay I guess and the tempo and beat I felt I heard it countless times. Maybe add a bit more time to let the music to build up before singing. The instruments were a bit bland and instrumental overall was okay I guess. I think the lyrics also needed a bit of work overall. The singer could have put a bit more emotion as well.
  • The guitar pattern in the beginning is steady and clean which i like. The lyrics kind of do not make that much sense. The singer's voice goes up and down in vocal range. His voice is melodious and soothing. The instruments are vibrant in the background. I can relate to this song because it warms my heart.
  • The beginning of the song makes me feel joyful and uplifted. I like the tang to his voice, it makes the song light hearted. The artist's words are kind of sad but I can tell that it's not overly depressing. The way the artist's words rhyme is very catchy. The chorus is something that we all can relate to. I could see a song like this being played in an indie movie. His examples of opposites are humorous to listen to. I don't like how he said iphone, it makes the song seem less timeless.
  • I love how the song created a different tune and a different flow. Your song involved and created a sense of balance between the sound if the music and the auto tune involved in many others pieces and music. you r voice was also low but not too low. The beat was great and well produced.
  • This song makes me happy! The singer is very comforting, and the instrumental is so soothing and calm. The lyrics are well thought out and really great. It's very relatable and you can really see how talented the singer and songwriter is. The beat, tempo, harmony, all amazing! I really love this song! I see a lot of potential in this singer becoming really famous, too! Great job.
  • The intro itself emphasizes the power of the track in it's vocals and instrumentals. The lyrics are a bit plain, but not too bad. The emotional performance conveys what can only be described as a sense of bitterness. The best and melodies are also a bit simple, but the song overall plays best when it pulls the listener in with an emotional message.
  • This song is nice and corky. The guitar play is hokey. This song will have you square dancing in a split second. The lyrics of this song are deep and will have you deep in thought. This song has a nice melody. The harmony is good also. The vocalist has a nice voice and does an excellent job singing!
  • The intro for the song is very fast. The lyrics make literally no sense except that it is for romance. They are entire opposites and are in conflict. It was just not meant to be together and some things don't last forever. The instrumentals are just a guitar and a very light drum. There is also a certain aspect to this song that I can't put my finger on. It was a well made song.
  • It felt like the lyrics were written by a 13-year-old boy. I'm not sure if that was intended or not. Artist was a standard country quality. Nothing much to comment about that. However, tone was weak. Guitar was nice to listen to. Picking was interesting, but didn't overpower the vocals.
  • The introduction is using guitar to make a very southern tune. The melody throughout the song is nice and fits in with the country song. The vocals song perfect for a country genre like this song is. The chorus isn't catchy enough to be a popular song being played on the radio but this could be used in some commercials. The lyrics don't seem to be very meaningful and are more for fun.
  • I like the guitar on this song. His voice and pitch is good and his background blends well together with him. His story can be felt through what he is saying. It is an interesting song. The song itself is ok not my style though.
  • This is a country song which has some bluegrass leanings. The gist of the tune is talking about how different him and his love interest is and how they are not meant to be. The voice has a definite southern accent, the guitar on the tune fingerpicks an arpeggio style. Some of the lyrics are kind of funny, with the contrasts in interests.
  • I really like how the introduction to this song starts off slow but relaxing. But the lyrics do not make any sense at all and at some points it does. I really like the guitar in this song it fits so nice. I can tell the artist is well trained with his voice which is also good. Great work man.
  • Very catchy. You find yourself tapping your feet and swaying back and forth. The lyrics are very funny. Its like a country Afroman. I really liked the song and would recommend it to anyone who like country. Its something that you can sit down and have a beer to.
  • This song has a very country style tone to it. I like the very groovy and tangy tune that the acoustic guitar brings. The vocals have a very southern accent which ties in perfectly with the instrumentals of this song. There is a nice sense of acapella and the soothing harmony at times.
  • Very boring song. Basic beats and sounds. Will encourage people NOT to listen to it. His voice does not go right with the instrumental. I will never recommend this song to anyone because in my opinion the song is horrible. one thing this song had that I thought was cool was the guitars playing in the background.
  • The intro of this song reminds me a lot of Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's. The vocals sometimes seem like it's not on pitch. This song is really simple, but I think makes this song prettier. I like the lyrics, but they sound really sad, but it also doesn't sound true sometimes. The harmony in the chorus sometimes sounds out of tune.
  • I like the beginning folk instrumentals. The lyrics do not go together or make sense whatsoever. It sounds like most country songs. It's a very, very bad song. The lyrics are drivel. No song should be this bad. I hope no one has to suffer through listening to this song ever again.
  • The lyrics are a bit sloppy, and definitely could have been written better. I feel as if I've heard the same guitar in a bunch of other songs, it lacks originality. The artist's voice is also lacking emotion, whereas Country music is supposed to be very emotional.
  • The sound reminds me of a Simon and Garfunkle or Mumford and Sons kind of style, although the vocals sound a little hoarse, and stray a little too far from where they sound like they should be at times, they still give a very pleasant and comfortable feel to the song, despite the not so happy lyrics.
  • This is bittersweet, but with a very good tune that I could see myself humming while working. His voice is deep enough to be soothing, while still showing emotion. This song seems like a feel better after breakup song, but that's my opinion. Listen to it yourself and find out! It's pretty good.
  • Lyrics are very corny. Can't tell if this song is a comedy piece or an actual song. Instrumental piece is repetitive and too simple. Singer sounds awkward doesn't really sing but talks. If the song is meant to be a comedy piece than it has potential. If it is meant to be a serious song I'm not a fan.
  • The chorus is the chorus of this song is well written but the lyrics to me seem to be a bit misled up it's obviously I song about his love . Sounds great for if u want some love music or something to get u in a loving mood.