I wrote the lyrics and melody for No Place Like Home, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: No Place Like Home

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No Place Like Home

Verse 1:
Take me on a journey
take me out to sea
over the horizon
of new discoveries

Bring me to a mountain
one I would never climb
feed on every minute
in the hourglass of time

But always leave a trail
on whatever path you take
A compass and a beacon
for choices you didn't make

Something beautiful is missing
nothing you can ship or pack
sometimes the most important journey
is in finding your way back

Where warmth and love
flow like a poem
there's no place like home
yeah, there's no place like home

Verse 2:
The scenery it changes
in postcards of the mind
just markers and reminders
of lives we left behind

I see a million faces
but none of them see me
I wonder as I wander
do they still yearn to be free

Another stamp upon my passport
growin' weary from the ride
pieces lost over the distance
'till nothing's left inside

When teardrops fall
and you're all alone
there's no place like home
yeah, there's no place like home

Where warmth and love
flow like a poem
there's no place like home
yeah, there's no place like home
there's no place like home


Reviews of No Place Like Home (song score: 5.6 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • The production of this song could improve. It is missing a few elements, I believe. It is quite bland in some parts. The vocals are decent. The instrumentals are standard. It has great potential though, with a few changes. I can say however that it is relaxing.
  • The song is soothing and amazing overall. The background instrumental is simple but flows with the melody and tune well. The beat is also in throughout this song. The vocal is precise and has a pitch that matches beautifully with the rest of the song.
  • Very calm music that can help you relax when you are too much stress. Good lyrics because these lyrics can mean a lot to a person when they are listening to the music. Good vocal sound, almost sound like you been a professional for a long time.
  • A nice melody opens up the song. the song is 3.47 minutes long, the vocals that are introduced are slightly bland. the melody in the background does cause the listener to focus on the vocals, the vocals are very clear and the lyrics are easy to follow. the song sounds like it lacks raw emotion and makes the song sound plain. the feeling that is heard starts at 1.30 minutes in and it is when the duet takes place. the songs quality is very clear and is nice. the song is original but there is no development going on in the song that keeps the listeners attention.
  • I like the beat ok how the music started it kinda hyped me up and made me ready to listen to it. I didnt really like his voice that much but i liked the song. I also liked the message of the song. It was very deep and made me think i really did like the song. Its a pretty nice song.
  • The beginning is very soft and calming but as it is just over 20 seconds long it does get a bit boring. The lyrics are deep and meaningful and the harmonies which are sung are well done and don't need any work to them. The contrast with the music and lyrics is good as you can hear both evenly and neither overpowers the other. The lyrics seem to repeat themselves and there isn't much variety in notes sung until the chorus.
  • I feel like the beginning should be made shorter. I don't really like the singer's voice or the beat. The beat could be more interesting with more drums. The chorus also sounds pretty boring. Overall, the lyrics are also pretty bad, and the beat is too.
  • Nice guitar intros to start off a nicely passed track seemingly of Appalachian influence. Classic loner rock lyrics compliment the drone like chord progressions and dreamy harmony sort of like the Beatles and the more recently acclaimed artist, Beck. Plenty of mood and melancholy. Very classic.
  • The rhythm is paced carefully and thoughtfully, i like that. The lyrics are a little cheesy, but besides that, everything else is fine. The rhymes and vocals are smooth and leave me thinking of peace and soul. The high pitch in the bridge is unique.
  • The introduction of this song is really creative! I don't like this artist neither the melodies are quite poor! I would really like to hear some bass in this song! The lyrics in this song really sucks and are not original. all and all it's a terrible song for my taste!
  • The opening of the song sound really relaxing and has a calming effect. The background music needs to be a bit softer in the beginning to match the feel that the singer is trying to create. The singer is singing softly while the background is a bit too strong to compliment it. But it does sound nice. This song has a nice harmony when there are a group of people singing. The song makes me feel like taking a stroll on a nice day and humming along to it. This wouldn't be a song I will listen to often because it is too slow and the tune doesn't sound catchy enough even if it was slow.
  • Instrumentals are done magnificently. No room for even the slightest improvement, and the vocals are just as worthy of this head bobbing tune. Melody is smooth and pretty easy to follow with the lyrics. Good work with the composure and good luck with this. Nicely done.
  • Nice pretty music in the beginning. I like how the beat comes in after a few seconds. Vocals need a little work. Music is soft of repetitive. Harmonies sound decent. Lyrics do not really make sense to me. The music in the beginning and the harmonies are the best part of the song. Vocals need work.
  • The artist takes to long in the intro instead of getting straight to the lyrics. The lyrics are very depressing and stable but focuses on the specific view that the artist has approached. The tone is very clear in its own way and the genre perfectly reflects itself in the artist lyrics. Yhe vocals are very direct and efficient.
  • The vocals are outstanding, its perfect for indie type music. the instrumentals goes perfect with the vibe of the song. the song itself is beautiful, it speaks of a passionate story. the production is well put, and this will be a success, it drags the listener in. People can relate to this song as well.
  • This song was not very well thought out. And put together quite poorly no less. For a moment I thought this was a prank. This track needs lots of work. The background music needs to be tweaked majorly. The artist needs to be more in coordination with the music, and overall, it just needs a major revamp.
  • The guitar solo was off key for the intro of this song. the vocals came in shortly after and they were flat and had no tone to them. the instrumental was weak and out of date. the rhythmic portion of the song was a little off. the lyrics did not stand out either.
  • The Vocal and the Beat is OK. I dont necessarily like to listen to a slow paced song. I probably will not listen to this song again. Its Ok but slow paced songs arent the best and the vocals sound steady and kind of boring.
  • Sounds like the music that comes out of those singing hallmark cards for mothers day. The singer sounds like he should play at deck beach restaurants with a band. Back ground singers are ok, the music is basic and so is the singing, i feel like sad the strum instrument is what has control, the keyboard needs note changes instead it basic.
  • The melody is light and quiet. the singer has a very soft, sweet voice at first then gets confident. the beat/ instuments are quiet ( not too loud ) and mix well together. it is overall a touching happy song that makes you think about life and think deep thoughts.
  • Nice song to listen to while on a road trip. Beautiful instrument play. This could be a great commercial song.This song mist be a #1 hit. This song is touching. The vocals are amazing , that voice was perfect for the beat. There's no place else for this song but on the radio.
  • In the beginning, I didn't think that I would really like this song, but I guess it turned out pretty decent. The melody kinda reminds me of all out of love by air supply. The vocals is not really one that I would enjoy listening to.
  • This song is a little bit more country not my time of music but it has a nice beat. something I would listen to it if was in the country, the artist singing this song has a very soft voice very catchy. very relatable to a big amount of people.
  • The guitar in the intro sounds great and very well-played. The introduction is a bit too long though, maybe lessen it about five to ten seconds. The singer needs a bit of work. His voice needs to be trained, or some auto tune needs to be used here. The instrumental is good, it doesn't change or overpower the vocals, which is very good.
  • The singer doesn't come in until 28 seconds. the instruments repeat the singer is really slow . he needs to be faster with his words . really soulful instruments and he can sing but I need to hear more of him . his voice is really slow.
  • A mellow instrumental start that is similar to what you would experience if traveling in Europe. Whimsical vocals that compliment the instrumental very well. I could imagine this playing in stores in the mall or in the down town or uptown stores of a city. The vocals are strong yet subdued. Great overall production and relatable lyrics.
  • I really liked the intro to this song. It was very upbeat and had a good feel to it. Not so sure I liked the way it was sung, though it did grow on me as the song continued. The transitions from verse to chorus and back were very well done, and the song was smooth. Didn't notice anything that felt or sounded awkward. Ending was a bit abrupt. Overall not bad, but not typically what I listen to.