Song Title: Nerdcore Battle (with RevBadger)

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Nerdcore Battle

Verse 1:
Hey there RevBadger
get ready for my verbal attack
my words will hit ya so hard
your gonna need an ice pack

With that goofy looking face
you are afflicted
if being a dork was a crime
you would be convicted

You smell just like
you took a bath in toxic waste
your entire family name
you've shamed and disgraced

You lyrics are great [pause...]
to use to wipe my ass
it's no wonder you flunked
straight outta songwriting class

I'll mess with your mind so much
you'll need a neural scan
like after a castration
you'll be left half a man

You got no talent
you got no game
last year you were inducted
into the loser hall of fame

See when you talk smack about me
your hopes and dreams I will shatter
as we duke it out with words
get ready to watch your blood spatter

You're a geek
a whiny little girly pipsqeak
a total geek
even Steve Urkel would call you a freak

You should be the poster boy
for birth control
'cause you're more ugly
than a gas station toilet bowl

Verse 2:
[RevBadger sings this part]

See Eric B you're comin' awfully whack
Are you ready now for my counter attack?
You say I'm ugly but I still get chicks
My lyrics are dope and you need a fix

When you step to me, you better step correct
And when you turn around, I'll snap your neck
You may rap like Eminem, but I rap like a skittle
cuz every rap I unwrap is like unwrapping a riddle

So you wanna battle me, well I say OK
My rhymes leave you bloody like a heavy flow day
It's not my fault that you smell like feet
and why oh why do you keep missing the beat

But its your song so I'll spit like you
Mumble mumble mumble dippity dippity random word too
You are the something something word that ends in ecks

So I'm up in your song and I'm stealing your fanbase
Drippin' Pwnsauce from this hole in my face
So back off kid 'cuz your simply done
Your ass got owned by The Fuzzy One

The Input = A Generic Chorus
MC Eric B man you know you bore us
You can't see the trees 'cuz of the forest
So pack up your things and get in your Taurus

Verse 3:
[MC Eric B sings this part]

Better watch out RevBadger
gonna make you my bitch
you're an Eminem wannabe
whose sound is way off pitch

Your comebacks are pathetic
they don't even make the cut
you would have insulted me more
just by keeping your mouth shut

I'll totally demolish you
in any video game
and I heard it from the women
that you're romantically lame

I can party like an animal
drink ya under the table
your personality's so damn boring
it needs a jumper cable

I'm a modern day gangster
with a web addiction
an ultra cool cyber hitman
like Travolta in Pulp Fiction

So try and mess with me
and you're gonna get a beating
better upgrade your insurance 'cause it's my fist that you'll be eating

You're a bum
a lowly little piece of pond scum
a rotton bum
inside your brain is an emotional slum

You belong in a zoo
with all the other baboons
at least maybe those primates
will enjoy your stupid tunes