Song Title: My Darling Ruin

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I wrote the lyrics and melody for My Darling Ruin, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record a version of it for me.

My Darling Ruin

Verse 1:
I walk the streets at night
with a bottle in my hand
this life of pain and misery
is not what I had planned

Tried to climb that ladder
reaching for the golden ring
but a target's on the back
of a man who would be king

Ashes to ashes
flesh to dust
crawl from the wreckage
when it all goes bust

How the mighty
have fallen
there's a gunfight at high noon
hello, my good friend ruin
Say hello to my darling ruin

Verse 2:
I stare into the mirror
and see cloudy skies of grey
the house of cards it tumbles
when they just take one away

You can try to change direction
but you can't erase the past
pray to God for forgiveness
when the final die is cast

Dreams to nightmares
hope to despair
drown in your sorrows
gasping for air

Sometimes it will hit you
like an earthquake
or typhoon
say hello to my darling ruin

How the mighty
they have fallen
just howling at the moon
hello, my friend ruin
Say hello to my darling ruin


Reviews of My Darling Ruin (overall song: 6.1 out of 10) from the Crowd Review service:
  • The guitar has a nice energy. The song is tuneful and robust. I think the sounds work well together. His voice comes from a place of reminiscence. He tells a personal story about his life. The guitars are organized well. It could sound a little more professional. I would mix the vocals higher to stand out more against the guitars,p. I like the composition and arrangement of the song. I think the sounds are good but they could be a little more polished.
  • Introduction was complete. Vocals seemed a little bit guilty of pitch problems. Melody stand point was created beautiful for the song ability on creativity. The lyrics were good because they were creative as they can be. The artist was deeply complex and overall a bit dramatic. The digital effects were unique and careful.
  • The start of the song was a bit basic and ordinary, i wasn't being pulled in, and the vocals were a let down along with the downtrodden lyrics, artist sounds whiny and below average. I think more practice is needed, and the instrumentals were boring, not going to get much if any radio play, and isn't very current sounding. I hated the song as a whole.
  • Starting out with a boppy guitar beat that is reminiscent of pop music styling, this track is indie meets pop for sure. Affirmation of the songs potential is brought to light with the vocals clever tone and use of mic effects that do not drown him out. Loving this song is an easy feat, it draws you in with a simple melody and keeps you interested. An interesting mix of drums and guitar strumming make for a simple song that sounds like their is a lot more going on because the playing is so good. Reading into the lyrics, the singer tells a story of loss that brings to light emotions of lost love and new beginnings. If you need a quick pick me up this song will help you with any bad day!
  • The introduction is a little bit short. The vocals are good but a different microphone needs to be used as it makes your vocals sound a little bit tinny. The lyrics are really great lyrics and easy to understand. The melody of the song is reasonably good, could do with a little bit more of a kick other than that it is a great song.
  • The song starts off with a lovely guitar melody playing a very smooth tune which creates a great start for the artist join in. Once the artist joins in on the songs he appears to be focused and zoned out into the music world. This song sounds very rare and with the artist sounding unique because he has a accent on his voice but it sounds good when he goes high pitched. I can say this artist has skills that can be used in the country industry because this song doesnt sound boring. The lyrics are meaningful he expresses alot of deep emotion threw the song which is entertaining to hear because you want a song to draw the person in. Thats exactly what happened to me once i started hearing the song i automatically started to enjoy the tunes because of all the different elements being brought to the studio. The band sure did work together well. The production came out fantastic! Every vocal matched the beat, the vocals are edited perfwctly like supposed to be.
  • Song contained some interesting stories, singer was very expressive with their contents and lyrics were very deep and inspirational. However, song have slight pitch issues due to few fluctuations and lack of clarity in the overall sound. Harmony wasn't that bad but song should be re-mastered for better quality. However, singer showed great skills and I'm really pleased with the talent.
  • The intro was a little country based due to the instrumental of the guitar, though the vocals are quite different which actually makes the song all that more interesting. I love the lyrics in this song. It speaks to the listener in a very passionate way. Personally, I'm usually not interested in this genre of music, which with this song I'm kind of not, but it's the lyrics that really captivates the listener which is obviously what artists want within the music industry. To me, the song was kind of shortened, I feel it definitely could've lasted a bit longer by adding possibly an instrument solo or better plotted lyrics. Besides that, the song wasn't too bad in my opinion. It maybe could've used more background instruments to make the song more exciting and fun, though that wasn't the intention of the artist so it worked with the song anyhow. I would rate this song a 7/10. I would possibly give it a 8 or 9 but it's really just not genre or type of music that really interests me. The song though was pretty great, it's probably just made for other different viewers and listeners.
  • I really love the electric guitar in this song, as well as the singer's voice--all reminiscent of Neil Young. And yet the song and singer sounded original, too. I wish there were more songs like this being recorded, as I love the pure rock sound. The echo put a contemporary spin on the song without drawing too much attention to itself. I could definitely hear this piece on a rock or pop station.
  • The instrumentation is immediately catchy, but the vocals are a little to quite to be easily heard, at least until the point where they start using electronic alteration. In addition, the song where's out it's welcome fairly quickly, while the instrumentation is rather catchy, it's also fairly basic and doesn't progress in any notable way. The first half and the second half of the song sound almost precisely the same. Adjust the audio to make the vocals more audible, and change up the instrumentation or the key somewhere along the way to keep the song from sounding to monotonous.
  • It reminds me of a country song by Luke Bryant. The lyrics kind of describe a drunk person, but is trying hard to stay strong and keep moving forward. I can hear a banjo / guitar type of instrument. The singers voice is great for this kind of song. Im not sure why, but it just fits into the song. This song can be popular with a little bit of more editing. I would listen to this song if I'm getting ready to fall asleep. It reminds me of a big old farm. With horses and whatnot. i would share this song with a few of my friends.
  • This is a review by Logan. I do not have very much knowledge of music but I know the fundamentals. This song has a great voice by the male singer and all of the instruments are blending in and are staying on beat. The singers voice is crisp and well kept and does not go over the top with any screaming or autotune. The beat stays well played and the tempo of the song is just right and makes me want to keep listening. This song also has sort of a country feel, but not so much that I don't like it. Would rate this song OK.
  • This is a type of song that seems very happy and enjoyable to listen to and is explaining a story that the man is singing. It seems like a very sensational song that maybe would be on heart or something,That enjoys having classical music on there, that describes the pain and hurt that he is going through. The background music is very calm and people will enjoy it and i believe that it deserves to be on the radio, I believe that this song is worth a six because of the background and soul that goes into this type of music.
  • I really enjoyed this song from beginning to end. The beat is a perfect tempo and I love the singers voice. The lyrics are on point and make you want to kind of move to the music. This is a song I could definitely see on the radio. I like the vibes it brings.
  • Very nice tune and easy listening. I love how chilled this tune is and would recommend to a friend. Nice to either have as background music when doing tasks about the house or even when driving as well as chilling out after a long day and listening to it. Id love to hear more like this and ill definitely listen to these again.
  • The instruments in this song compliment the lyrics and the tempo. the upbeat tempo makes this song almost inspirational. this is defiantly a song that i would buy at any time. the religious part is what i don't like. at points the lyrics are unclear. twards the end of the song the guitar get awkward so i feel it should be changed.
  • Kinda getting a folksy rocky sound out of this. sounds cool. I think now that I am later in the song it sounds more like alternative. I think this song is sending a message about a sad man. Alone with no one to go to, but that there are people out there who feel the same way and would understand his problems. It seems like it could be country too. Now I am not to in to country but the alternative in it makes it better for me so I think I shall give this song a 7/10.
  • I think the sound of the singer seems a little off key. His voice just doesn't sound good. The sound sounds old. I don't really care for the song. I think the band did a good job. The instruments sound good. I think that the music is probably the best part of the song. It's definitely not the singer or the song.
  • This song had great vocals. The voice was sort of folk like, but very good. I did not like the arrangement. It seemed to be too fast to suit the vocalist. The lyrics also did not seem to bring the listener in to want more. The unusual voice of the vocalist though I feel kept the person captivated to want to listen to the end of the ballad.
  • The intro is a bit too fast. This sounds like it was made by presets on a computer. Very bad production quality. Voice is flat and tuneless. No melody. Lyrics are depressing and poorly executed. Boring chord progression. Beat and rhythm do not match tone of the song. Guitar tone is off. This is not good. No hit potential.
  • This song caught my attention right off the bat. It's got a nice beat. The vocals are deep and meaningful. I like this song. The lyrics are interesting and cool. If someone asked me if I'd buy this, I'd tell them yes. It's a great song. I'd like to share it with friends and family. I'd love to hear this at a party, it's very dancable.

Below is an acoustic version of My Darling Ruin by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of Douglas Haines' version of My Darling Ruin (overall song: 6.7 out of 10) from the Crowd Review service:

  • Intro is okay an the length of it wasn't long not as bad thing but the vocals came in an put things together. The tune of it is just right and music how it goes is also not bad. The instruments featured in this song is well played in a great pattern with the lyrics putting everything in the right place love it.
  • The fuzz sound in the background is oddly fitting. The guitarist is talented and you can tell hes practiced. The indie, folk, and country elements to this song all blend quite well, in fact, surprisingly well. The backup singers singing at different keys go together perfectly. The song is nice, very calm, and sounds like it has a high production value. The mention of God though, is unnatractive to non-believers such as myself.
  • I loved the acoustic guitar solo at the start of this song because of how natural it sounded and how few effects were necessary to give it a full and bright sound. The lead singer seemed to miss some notes throughout the piece, but overall sounded quite good. The tempo of the song was almost perfect, but could have been a little faster. This song gave me a very happy feeling after listening to it, and I would definitely recommend it to others due to its nice melody and groove.
  • Nice aucoustic beat, vocals come in very smoothly, perfect for a rainy winters day after a breakup. Sitting by the fire hearing this voice, would be a nice hot cocoa christmas eve. The production of this track brings an overall sad, mopey vibe. A heartbreak song. To fall out of love.
  • I can really get a lot from this old school sounding beat! I wasn't all that impressed with the wording of the lyrics but it's still awesome. How the beat came across have so much deep into the lyrics but also the simple harmony of the song as a whole.
  • The intro of the song has a slow tempo and a guitar emphasis. The transition to the singer is expected and on time. The singer's voice lacks direction and much strength. The song sound too acoustic for my taste. There is some progression with the addition of another voice. The song relies on the silence surrounding it to make an impact on listeners. The lyrics seem very down to earth and close to the singer. The song is a nice little song to listen to, but probably not on the radio.
  • Very slow song and seems kind of hard to listen to honestly. but im sure alot of people like this type of music, beat, and or lyrics but im not the type and im very sorry lol. this song sucks and its boring so the singer should try to get a faster beat and more better lyrics that people would actually have an interest in.
  • I don't like this music. It's note my type. Although the guitar is good. But after the song gets better as he starts singing you get surprised. The lyrics touch your heart. It's very saf and in the blue genre.this is one of the songs that could make you feel better if your really upset.
  • The beginning of the song immediately reminded me of folk music and 1960s acoustic music similar to Peter, Paul, and Mary or Bob Dylan. I love the singer's voice. His voice is soothing and smooth and meshes perfectly with the simple acoustic melody. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful and thought provoking.
  • Good start. I like the background music. Nice instruments being played. Wow! Love the guys voice. His words speak to me. SOunds like a nice folk song. Good for couples, romance. I wouldn't change a thing to this song. I would download this song to my Ipod playlist. Good work. Keep it going. Kind of a sad song, but alot of people like sad songs.
  • The first thing I noticed was his timing seems off he doesn't seem to be keeping rhythm. I like the acoustic guitar but the vocals need work especially with his timing. Also the echo effect didn't help either it made it seem even more out of rhythm more out of sync. I think there's potential but needs some hard work and dedication.
  • I literally got goosebumps! This made my heart want to cry. Very well done! I would slow dance to this song and cry my heart out every time i listen to it. The lyrics really draw me in and make me so deeply involved in the emotion of this song. Definite buy.
  • Lovely song. I really liked this song it was so gentle and blissful to listen to. I think this male artist has got a very big heart. I will recommend this song for radio and commercial production. I think the bass and tempo was wonderful.
  • Slow intro from ninety seconds to sixty-nine. A very old man voice comes on at sixty. It's very raspy but the lyrics touch the heart. No drums from ninety, to like the entire song. Just a guitar and two singers. A new voice comes in at twenty seconds. The lyrics, as they go on, just make you want to shed tears.
  • The intro is really boring and depressing. The instrumentals are dull and lack passion and power. The lyrics are whiny and they are empty and make you upset and sad. this song lacks texture and there is very little variety in the vocals and the instrumentals. The songs construction lacks excitement and rhythm that is easy to follow. The song flows at a pace that is really daunting. The quality of sound is not very good.
  • Sullen guitar-work matched greatly by solemn vocals and near haunting harmonies that give the song a layer of emotional significance only the chorus can give hint to. Soft and sweet with a bitter hint of penance and sorrow that can only be conveyed through heartfelt words and the passion to give the lyrics life, and a story, a birth, and the conclusion. Nice work.
  • The only instrument that was playing, was the acoustic guitar, and it sounded so sweet and soft. I also am really enjoying this man's voice, he has such sorrow to his voice it seems, and his voice is also filled with emotions. Another thing I really enjoyed, was how meaningful and peaceful the lyrics were, and they seem to be very well thought out and aren't repetitive, which is always a good thing. I really liked the melody and rhythm of this song too, it went so well with the lyrics and mood.
  • This song starts off with a serious tone and the music and the words painted a picture in my mind. I found the words very descriptive and thought provoking. The singer's voice is good, and the structure of this tune is too. The lyrics are well chosen.
  • This song really reminds me of Hallelujah from the Dream works picture Shrek. These are one of those pieces that pull from your recognition of past experiences and makes you feel sad and remorseful. And when a piece of art, specifically in this case music, can do that then you have don your job.
  • I love a guitar picked nicely in tune, you have your own rhythm as your pitches change often, so its not a consistent flow of melody, the lyrics are primo theyre on point with truth and not a dry horrid theme for ruins Producted well, maybe more a similar beat each verse will it be more inspiring.
  • I really like how the beginning of the song starts really slow and mellow then it begins to pick up.the song overal is really good.i really like the instrumentals in the song and the tone.the vocals really set the mood.the guitar sounds really nice and comes together with the singers voice.this song derserves an 8 out of 10.i would recommend this to anyone who needs a relaxing song.
  • The guitar intro was lovely! The first verse provided a story, but I don't like the structure of the song. There was one verse then a chorus that didn't resonate and there seemed to be no bridge, but instead the artist went straight into another verse. I also feel the song would be relatable to a more mature audience such as 40 years and above.