I wrote the lyrics and melody for My Secret Life, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Lonna Marie on Fiverr.com to record it for me.

Song Title: My Secret Life

My Secret Life

Verse 1:
Each day I wake to feel
the sunkiss on my cheek
a spinning world so alive
feeds power to the weak

The rush of day to day
it passes in a blur
the well laid plans of future
fade into what once were

Everybody copes
and everybody prays
when we hide behind a bottle
these are our judgment days

You think you see right through me
just a mother and a wife
my secret life
my secret life
my secret life

Verse 2:
I stumble and I falter
there's nothing left inside
I smile to the camera
and take it for a ride

Escape for just a moment
to watch my sorrows drown
another shot of courage
shuts all the demons down

These beds are all well made
our dishes clean and dry
the envy of the neighborhood
to any passerby

You think you see right through me
just a mother and a wife
my secret life
my secret life
my secret life

In the cloud of smoke and mirrors
lies a mother and a wife
...my secret life


Reviews of My Secret Life on ReverbNation.com (overall song: 7.1 out of 10):
  • This is a creative track which consists of an acoustic guitar melody throughout the piece, and a female vocalist who describes her life in a creative and interesting way. The track has a lot of character, and the melodies in it are also catchy. There are also a number of catchy lyrics and vocal hooks, and this will get the attention of listeners. This track should work well in a number of different locations and should be a good track to feature on radio stations. It may not appeal to everyone but many people should enjoy the simpleness and catchiness of this track if they choose to pay attention to the interesting lyrics and the subtle but effective melodies throughout the track.
  • Wow this a good song. Very well written. I love the lyrics and the artist beautiful tone. This song makes me want cry because it's so good. A simple song with simple lyrics. I wish this amazing track was a lot longer. The great tracks always seem to end so fast for some reason so not fair.
  • This female singer is outstanding. Her voice is phenomenal. The lyrics are such a thrill and interesting to listen to. The instrumental sounds calm and peaceful unlike the lyrics. The sound quality is fairly decent. I would love to hear this song on the radio. It is a beautiful creative song and i think she did a impressive performance. Good job.
  • It's a cute little song. I love the instrument in this song. Her voice fits perfect. The beat is good the rhythm great as well. It's a fun little song to listen too. I will give it a 10 out of 10 for being totally awesome. Keep up the good work and you shall go places.
  • This voice really sounded like someone I have heard sing before. Maybe it is on an underground album or something that was not put out in stores yet. The song has a distinctive touch to it. I could sit in a cafe and watch this artist all day long. i would like for some of my close friends to hear what she has to offer for singing.
  • I really enjoyed the introduction of the song as it made me feel happy and it was quite relaxed and not overly complicated which is what a songs introduction should be like. The ukulele fit the song perfectly. I think that it fits the song more than a guitar would have. The pattern of the ukulele is quite simple and it fits the song perfectly. I think that the vocalist has a beautiful voice and I would like to hear more of her work. One bad point about the song is that I felt it was too short but then again if it went on for too long I would've probably gotten bored. The melody was overly simple and not complicated and quite catchy. The ukulele pattern got stuck in my head and made me feel all happy inside. The lyrics were very heart-warming and original. The artist has a very talented voice and seems to be quite creative and imaginative. Overall the songs structure was very simple but catchy and sweet however it would've been better if it was just slightly longer than what it is.
  • A modern country twist. Simple yet effective backing track. Easy and understandable lyrics. The song has impact and keeps me interested in the song. It seems to me that the artist is telling a really personal story. You can feel the emotion in the words and the effort given to ensure that this is felt. I could see someone like Jessie J singing this, and certainly appearing within the charts. My Secret Life is a perfect title for this track. I think many people could relate to this. I would like to hear this again. A possible way to improve this would be to include a steady drum beat.
  • I did not like the pace of this song or the beat. But I did like the lyrics and the singing. The sound of the beat was very mellow and was lacking some more instruments. The pace was a little too slow. The singing itself sounded very nice and was pleasing to listen too. I also liked the lyrics because they are relate able and people would enjoy listening to this song. I give it a 6 for the simplicity of the beat and the slow pace.
  • The beginning of this song reminds me of Norah Jones. The guitar playing is fabulous. This song I could see playing in a coffee shop. I would stay and listen to them play while I enjoyed a light conversation with a friend and a latte. The lyrics have meaning. This song leaves you with a good feeling.
  • Your vocals sound very similar to someone that I hear on Satellite radio all the time but I can't put my finger on it. I like that your background music is very plain as it allows your vocals to shine. They are very unique so putting them in the spotlight is a great thing to do. The bad thing about plain background music is that it makes for a boring song. However, if you keep going, I think you will do very well. I am not sure what genre are going for but overall your music sounds great. With work, I can imagine hearing you on the radio.
  • Beginning ukulele is awesome and upbeat. the strong voice well accompanies the ukulele. I would listen to this as I write and do educational things. The song is very upbeat and catchy, The voice is very confident. Your voice well accompanies these types of songs! You are awesome! I love the song! You have a lot of meaning in your songs. 8 out of 10.
  • The vocalist has such an interesting voice! I love hearing her sing. I like the tone of the song, the guitar instrumental background that highlights the simple beauty of the vocals. It feels like a mix between Jason Mraz's casual style with Kate Nash's voice. The song was simple, but sometimes a simple song is better depending on what you are trying to convey. I think the song could have benefitted from a more distinct difference between verse and chorus, but overall I enjoyed this.
  • This is a mellow sounding track and this sound was a hit a few months back and now everyone is doing the uke female vocal thing, a bit played out and she lacks charm and a great song in comparison with the breakthrough with this sound, this is a clone of a hit song and not very good, to many effects on her voice and the lyric a bit weak with imagery but not making sense, the tune would far better with guitar bass and drums, a clone track with a shaky over-processed vocalist trying to mock a hit song and not very impressive to this listener, others might like but I am not a fan.
  • I like the tone of the singer. the lyrics are alright but the singer should sing them with a little more power. the melody is repetitive and plain, some more notes in the song would make it a bit better. the hook is weak. i would not buy this and i do not believe this song has enough oomph to to very well commercially.
  • The artist has a nice tone of voice, and she sings with passion and expresses the emotion of the words well. I could imagine this on the radio, but i think it needs more intense sound effects added to the instrumental to make it sound less plain and acapella. The lyrics were sweet and told a story that was interesting and entertaining to listen to. Artist could do well in the music industry, she sounds confident and professional.
  • One of the best parts of this song was that the melody was extremely classical. The structure of the song could be better organized because the chord changes are a bit awkward. It starts with a fast intro and ends with too much fadeout. The artist is clearly not that talented because the track sounds very immature. The lyrics could be easily on the radio and very typical.
  • Nice folk sound to the acoustic guitar. I am enjoying the acoustic sound of the vocal. It remains within the capabilities of the performer. "My secret life. In the cloud of smoke and mirrors lies a mother and a wife." Creative lyrics and a solid melody held on by only two elements the guitar and vocal. Simple arrangement put together to succeed.
  • The songs starts off great, with such a powerful vocalist. Every word was on beat and was heart-warming. It just one of those songs that you will want to sing along with. The instruments are well balanced, the piano is what made it more better. The melody as a nice tuneful vibe and I truly enjoyed the song a lot. Well done.
  • Very slow motion. i don't like music like that, it's not my type of the music. Bass mising. Only guitar playing more suitable to life. This song only gets 1 point because i realy don't like it. Only i did like the women's voice in the song. I would like maybe better if she sped it up a bit.

Below is a version of My Secret Life with piano by Frankie Simon and vocals by Jenni Monday.

Reviews of the piano version of My Secret Life on ReverbNation.com (overall song: 7.0 out of 10):
  • A lovely piano introduction to the track, as the vocals begin it wasn't a sound that i was expecting, but i think its absolutely lovely, its a very light hearted song, with a simple piano in the back, the track doesn't need any more than the piano and the vocals. The lyrics are beautiful and relatable, its not too much of a sad song, its quite repetitive but it still has a body to the track and the rhythm and vocals really blend together to create this great track.
  • I love the piano through out this song. The girl's voice would be one I would have to get used to. I can not put my finger on what exactly it is I do not like about her voice but, at first, it almost sounds slightly nasally. The lyrics and overall tone of this song is enjoyable and would be well-liked amongst the younger age group.
  • Piano intro was rather beautiful. Her voice couples with the piano rather well, to be honest. One thing I might consider to take this track even more over the top, is to add a background track, right when the first chorus begins; I think it would strengthen the song even more, and give her a chance to sing even "louder".
  • Nice piano introduction. The voice is ok. I cannot tell what the lyric is at some points. Im not sure what the chorus is and Im sure I will not remember it. Its not really catchy enough to make me want to listen again. It wasn't bad, I just would not listen again.
  • The tune from the piano sets up this track well, though the style, musically, is more classical, the vocals are more pop, though this blend works mainly because of the quality of the leads voice. She paces the lyrics well and given there is only her and the piano, she sell this track totally. There are no drums, nothing but the piano in support, but this works really, mainly due to the way the lyrics are delivered. Loved it.
  • I like how the piano builds at the beginning I think that it is very good! I like the singers voice as it's very distinctive and nice. I like how the song is very realatable, I think that this song could be better is there was more depth and complexity to the sound and the voice. overall, I like it very much.
  • I like the message of the song, however I think it would be more impacting as a story or poem then being sang. The singers voice doesn't provide enough power and tone, there's no peak to the song, no strong points or climax. She has the same monotone key sang throughout.
  • This song is amazing! The vocalist has an absolutely beautiful voice. The piano was a great instrument choice for the background music. The lyrics have a great meaning that I'm sure that a lot of people could relate to and this is why I think this could be a hit song on the radio. I think the soft tone of her voice creates a soothing melody that will attract a lot of listeners.
  • Your piano in the start give it a good nice look to it. The artist sings well with the music. She has a great feel for the music and has a rhythm to it. But she can try singing some high pitch notes too. I think it would help. Also you might want to change up your instrumental , because it sounds to boring. Give it some hype. I am not an expert but your song was good but could use a little changing.
  • The beat and lyrics are good and i can imagine this to be a huge pop song but the singer's voice is just not working out. At times the vocals are nice, but most of the time they sound waily and hard. If another artist was to sing this song it would sound much better.
  • As pleasing as this song was, I would have preferred to hear the singer's voice over another piece of music. The music in the background just did not seem to fit the artist voice and this bothered me throughout the song. Other than that, I really liked the singer and hopes she does better in her career.
  • The intro was quick. The lead singer has a nice young, quiet and calming voice. The singers voice has a nice twist to it she can hit very high notes during choruses yet sound like a mouse during each verse. The piano is played extremely gently, and it's soothing to the ears. The lyrics appealing and relatable. The lyrics are about life so songs like this can really effect someone. I like this song for many reasons.
  • A high-pitched voice can sound a bit different especially with the slow rhytm and sad melody of the song,combined with also the depressing lyrics which are deep and meaningful. But the singer is able to make it sound interesting and touchful with her great singing ability and high voice. Its a great song when you are in the mood of thinking and feels.
  • I really enjoyed this song. It is very nice! I think this song is very beautiful. The melody is wonderful and peaceful. Vocally, the artist did a great job! Her voice was powerful and brought a great energy to the song. The piano in this melody was just the best!
  • I love the piano. It came in beautifully and had a great introduction to the song. The singer sounds a little too loud for the background instruments but that can be fixed by raising one or lowering the other. She's singing about addiction and it's a very powerful message with an oddly upbeat tone which I think symbolizes how she has a secret life where she has to be a mother and a wife and be happy all the time. Overall it's a strong song with a strong message and it could be a hit.
  • A charming piano passage is quickly followed by bright, attractive, and appealing vocals. The singer has a well rounded and balanced tone. The piano playing is well done with a solidly executed melody, and chord progressions. The lyrics are fairly interesting and they are sung in a very clear and lucid manner. Overall it is a respectably recorded and arranged track with a simple but effective level of production.
  • Nice piano song, i cant recognize what age cattegory is singing that song if it is kid than hat down, voice color and rhytm is awesome. Piano background is something that really fits to her, song is nice and relaxing i feel great talent. I would say we will hear about her in next years. I rate this 7/10 !
  • the melody of this song is amazing i actually love the tone and beat at the start.however towards the end i didn't like the unusual hard rock bass.i my own opinion i would listen to this the singer is very talented and has a out standing voice which is memorable.the lyrics really get to my heart.a strong 10/10.
  • Oh my gosh I really like the piano the and how it starts and her voice goes with it as well. I really like her voice and the way she sings this. This sounds like it would be on a movie with a mother and daughter . It sounds nice and soft. If she put vocals in it it would sound better.
  • The singers voice is to squeaky and annoying I think the song would sound better without the singer. The beat is very good and would be even better if it was slowed down and put in a higher pitch. This singer sounds depressed. The tempo is very relaxed.
  • Your vocals reminds me of a High School Musical Vanessa Hudgens which adds to this song for me. I love the piano accompaniment! The lyrics are very well written. The chorus could be stronger. It sounds like the rest of the song. I also wish the song was longer.
  • Not bad Guitar riffs, the woman's voice is very beautiful, i enjoy listening to her. Her voice has a very rich and full sound it sounds pleasing to the ear, and i enjoy listening to it and i hope that you do too. The background guitar is also very nice and fun to listen to.
  • This tune has potential, the piano was pretty the lyrics were very nice but the vocals were a bit off. At times it seemed as if the vocalist was going off track from the melody. The vocalist has a unique nice tone but still needs some work. This track would be much better with a stronger vocal performance.
  • For as well written and performed this song is, it seems the mix itself and post production wasn't done very well. While the vocalist is strong, it seems like a soft reverb filter or something comparable could soften the peakiness of the vocal track considerably. This would bring the vocal track into the mid range where it sounds the best. The piano, while played very well, seems small and losing a lot of space that it should be taking up in the mix. It seems that with a little bit of tweaking in post production, the piano could also resonate some of its lower tones allowing it to have a fuller sound throughout the track. Likely low end of the piano track was cut down or out completely to make space for the track to be louder.