I wrote the lyrics and melody for My Love's A Fire, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: My Love's A Fire

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My Love's A Fire

Verse 1:
Scent of your soul
on my pillow rests
in time's horizon
we, are all guests

With every hour
with every minute
there is no life
without you in it

Your lips, your taste
only take me higher
as the night grows cold
my love's a fire

Verse 2:
The rising waves
brush of a finger
moments enchanted
to, forever linger

In every beat
in every breath
you are my blood
you are my death

Your kiss, your touch
only take me higher
when the night grows cold
my love's a fire


Reviews of My Love's A Fire on ReverbNation.com (song score: 6.7 out of 10):

  • I like how this song had a nice folk sound to it. It reminds me of Chris Isaac as well. I hope this song does well on the charts as I want to buy it.
  • Not too bad an Indie rock and roll song. The melody was slow, graceful, and calm. The singer had a beautiful voice.
  • I liked the mellow tempo and melody of this song. The vocals were a bit flat and off key. I liked the lyrics. The sound quality was not the best.
  • I liked the name of the song and also the name of the artist. I think the song has a nice rythem to it and I liked the lyrics of the song.
  • Interesting harmonizing beginning. Male vocalist has a earnest sounding voice and a nice touch. Instrumentals are unobtrusive and add to the song nicely. Lyrics are meaningful and vocalist sings with depth and meaning.
  • It sounds good at the start. The vocals are pretty good for the most part and fit the song well. The flow is pretty good for the most part as well. Not bad overall.
  • It was very laid back and soothing to listen to I thought. I wouldn't listen to something like this all the time but maybe here and there.
  • It's a very mellow and soothing song. The singer reminds me of Sting a little bit. It's an unassuming voice, but for this type of song and the way he sings it, it's lovely.
  • Kind of boring and nothing that really pulled me in. The voice was just okay. Kind of monotone. The lyrics were good though.
  • Not my jam, but not too bad. The vocals are strong and the singer has a good voice. The lyrics fit the title and tone of the song perfectly, while the instrumentation is sound and well performed.
  • The intro sounded a little flat and slow and lacked energy. Sound quality was average. Main vocals were average. Harmonies were subpar. Lyrics were good. Instrumentals were average.
  • The most beautiful part of this song is that it's so serene, the instrumentals definitely do it justice and help out the voice of the vocalist. He sounds very well trained.
  • The name of the song caught my attention and then he started singing and I got goosebumps he sins great and the beat is subtle enough where nothing overpowers him very nicely done.
  • The singer has a feeling and warm vocal tone, but is often drowned out by the powerful instrumental accompaniment. The song is overly complex, and the verses are too simple and unoriginal. The verses appear to be very obscure. The instrumental arrangement is reasonably powerful in terms of balance, and it provides a driving accompaniment. I find it professional and the singer has accomplished. This is an awesome melody and execution.
  • The singer has a pitch range dynamic voice and it has a warm vocal projection. The song is unoriginal, and the verses are overly complex and plain. The lyrics seem quite offensive. The song starts off with a varied and exciting. tone. I find it careful and the singer has professional. This is an extraordinary melody and execution.
  • The song is expected for the Pop genre. The artist's vocal performance is soothing and comforting. The music is a little familiar. The song is ideal for sit down functions.
  • This audio track is rather slow and uninteresting during the portion of the audio track that I listened to for the purposes of this review.
  • This is mellow and interesting. The lead vocal a folky sound like Bob Dylan or Arlo Guthrie. It has a good melody and beat and I like the lyrics.
  • This song does not make me think of a love on fire. It's more like a dying ember. The vocals are OK, but not great. The song is lacking energy in a big way.
  • This is really great song. The artist has very nice and calming vocals and the music is very nice. I feel that the artist did a great job on this song.

Below is a different version of My Love's A Fire by Chris Davidson:

Reviews of Chris Davidson's version of My Love's A Fire on ReverbNation.com (song score: 6.6 out of 10):

  • I like the drums in the backtrack. The vocals are really chill. I would play this song in the background of a chill sleepover with a friend. I am really digging this song. I would recommend this song to fans of Troye Sivan and Walk the Moon.
  • Lovely chords at start but drums and bass dont sound good. shouldnt begin drums when there are so few instruments playing. beat is too busy - need to remove annoying incessant percussion or high hats whatever it is. bass sound is weak, but not the performance although it is quiet and timid. might be better without drums at all. overall has little strength or energy, feels weak - vocals lack energy or passion. irritating song overall.
  • Decent instrumental. I would say it's calming and soothing, and has a nice flow to it. The singing is very nice; it's graceful and glides over the beat. There are no 'rocky' parts in this song, which is very good. I feel like the song isn't exactly captivating (maybe it's the instrumental), but his voice is nice and he has potential as a singer.
  • This has a casual and chill vibe to it. The singer's voice has a light and flowing voice that fits well with the vibe of the song. The keyboard segments that guide the song along make it stand out and provide an overall cohesive sound.
  • I love the sound of the bass, the notes sounds nice and clear. The artist has a very beautiful voice, actually kind of old school combine with modern sounds, making this song sound like a truly masterpiece. It is varied but in a very simple way, the production did an amazing job with the recording of this song. Keep making good music.
  • Sounds like postman pat on the introduction- a bit slow and depressing, good vocals maybe a bit more upbeat would set this song off, something i would fall asleep too! but the words are nice, it doesnt seem sincere though, more umph to tell someone you love them- the instrumentals are too slow.
  • The introduction of this song was good with the paino and clapping being most of the music. I do love a good love song and I would give this a five for out of ten. The male singer was good but I just didnt really connect with him on any level or the song. Even though everything about the song was okay.
  • The music is wonderful is this song. the lyrics are very inspiring. the instruments are balanced and calm. i love the melody of all the instruments in the song they are melodious. the vocalist has an amazing tone in his voice. i liked this song and how the structure of it was played out well.
  • I really like the mellow tone that is being used in this current track that is playing right now. I salso think that the singer that is singing on this track right now has a soothing voice which compliment the music that is plaing on this track.
  • The artist could of used better lyrics when he made song it was not creative enough, He did not use vocals correctly in the song. The artist instrumental did not sound well I felt bored as I listen to song, But overall it should have been more creative when making song.
  • This is a very romantic song. Both the longing tone of the artist voice, and the highly utilized bass throughout the song. The lyrics seem to promote a story, which is clear to imagine in you head. I believe more creativity could have been used in the instruments utilized. The artist also uses beautiful harmonics throughout the piece which add to the song sufficiently.
  • I like how the instruments start out in the song. the vocalist sound really good. i like how the lyrics were written for this song. the instruments sound very rhythmic. i really like this artist. they seem to have a good and talented mind on their shoulders.
  • This songs length is great. The beginning is very positive and calming. The song has great vibes. The singer has a great voice. The singers voice goes perfectly with the rhythm of this song and its instrumentals. You can't put this song in a category because it sounds like it has many different mixes of music and sounds. I just don't like how it's super calm. Just pick up the speed a little bit.
  • I think this song is different from the rest its very original and very playful seething my little cousins would hear. I really like the song. The instrumentals in the background sound very sooth and very well pitched. The artist is very imaginative and very creative.
  • The piano is catchy and nice to listen to. The vocals are so soft that it's hard to focus on them instead of the piano. Overall, I might listen to it to relax. It's not a bad song, it just needs to be a little more powerful, I think.
  • The intro is very pleasant and the singer blends into it very well. This song is very easy to listen to and feels very relaxing. I really enjoy the singer's voice, as it really works well with the lyrics. It's a nice song to listen to when your reading.
  • I liked the intro. It peaked my attention. The vocal sound distinctive and rich. In my opinion the rhythm of this song is very impressive. I think it's very melodious and catchy. In terms of lyrics, they are meaningful, expressive and they really touched me. I personally like this type of music very much and this is a great song. Good work and thank you.
  • This song sounds like some sort of love stories are being narrated with the right pace and emotion. The production is full of love. The instrument is smoothly and fluently performed. The vocal sounds technically intuitive with the song. I rate this song an 10 out of 10.