I wrote the lyrics and melody for Love In An Innocent Time, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Love In An Innocent Time

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Love In An Innocent Time

Verse 1:
It all started with a note
can't remember what I wrote
it was enough to make you mine
life was rainbows, cloud nine

We went for walks
joined hand in hand
kissed on the beach
wet summer sand

Shared our secrets
hearts were true
only thing that mattered
was you

Old memories, like movies
playing on my mind
it was love
in an innocent time

Verse 2:
We thought we'd always be together
sail on through the stormy weather
sit up in bed and talk for hours
I'd write you poems and pick you flowers

Have 2 kids
white picket fence
our passions burning
so intense

But teenage dreams
float to the sky
forever dancing
you and I

Old memories, like movies
playing in my mind
it was love
in an innocent time

Those memories, like movies
playing in my mind
it was love
in an innocent time

Old memories, like movies
playing in my mind
it was love
in an innocent time


Reviews of Chris Davidson's version of In The Tank on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (Song Score: 6.2 out of 10):

  • Right off the get go, the guitar has a very soothing sound. The instrumentals were very well done on this track. The vocalist has a very strong voiceand I think that it is fantastic. The message of the song is great too and overall I would give this song a 7/10.
  • I noticed that this track was kind of on the short side. the music intro sounds like a love song. this song gives me an old school feel, the singers voice is plain and the song seems to sad to listen to and enjoy. i could not get into this song, it did not interest me from the get go.
  • I really like the guitar in the first part. It is very romantic and loving theme and I like it. The vocal really fits with the song. I feel comfy while listening to this and good. The vocal is a little flat and I would like more up and down music. Not just flat.
  • The song opens slow with a nice sounding guitar lapse and a vocal that isn't that spectacular, but it does get the job done. It reminds me of a song that would be used in a corny love movie during a flashback scene. There isn't much change except for the lyrics throughout the rest of the song. Overall it is just a generic love song. Nothing sticks out, but the vocals, instruments, and sound are just enough to make the song alright.
  • I like the melody of the song, it isn't really like anything heard on the radio nowadays. The instrumentals are fine. The only part I do not like is the snare or cymbal sound. It is very distracting from the song. Other than that, the vocals are pleasant, the lyrics are easy to understand, and the melody is pretty.
  • Pleasant and laid back is how this gets you started. I love his clear voice, he seems to know exactly how to flow his instrumentals with his vocals and it makes for a very nice listening experience. It does have a melancholic tone towards the end, but it doesn't evoke depression, more of a reminiscent vibe. I can see someone popping this on their music player and laying back with a book.
  • I dont like this song. Its not my type of music. Its too slow. It needs more rhythm. More feeling into the song. Needs different vocals. But this good for people who like this type of music. Its just not me and not my type.
  • This song started off with a slow tempo and the guitar on this track sounded really good. The man that was singing this song had great control over his voice. The sound quality of this song was clear and artist was able to keep harmony. Overall, I liked this song and would give it a 7/10.
  • I think the song should add a female vocal into it to make it seem like a love song even more than it is and appeal to a broader audience. The instrumentals are calm and matches the vocals perfectly. The song could be less sad and a little more dramatic also.
  • The song has a like song that would be played in a dance. a romantic type of song. the tune is really slow and the guy sings it really smooth and slow to go with the beat. he has a good voice and did a great performance.
  • The song was good. My favorite was the drummer and guitarist. Them both were great. No flaws they stayed at their tone and never made mistakes. The singer was ok not the best but should keep practicing and eventually be great. He fits the style of the music genre great. He should keep it up and keep practicing. over all good. Not the best tho.
  • Love the melody of this track, the vocalist is ok, he's not really hitting any notes and doesn't sound very passionate. The lyrics are romantic but fairly simple, easy to follow but not a lot of depth. the instruments are a bit dull but overall this is still a passable track for the radio.
  • I feel a romantic kind of emotion from this song. the males vocals are in aw an are well controlled. the lyrics are piercing to the soul. the melody is smooth an heart felt. the instrumental is notable to remember. i would highly recommend this song to others.
  • The instrumentals in the beginning are very soothing. I don't enjoy the singers vocals that much and the lyrics are a bit too cliche for my taste. I don't really like the feel of the song, It sort of reminds me of a 80s teen love story.
  • The acoustic part in the start is great. the instruments in bacground are perfect for this soft song. good vocal. lnot so effort yet great production. lyrics are good as well. good song though. the scoustic part is what I loved the most. great ending too.
  • I like this song and the way that the beat flows. i would say that this song was definitely made professional. i like the classic vibe that this song gives off. the artists vocals are on key with the beat as well as the production.
  • This feels like a song that would be played in a country club. The strings in this song are well played and the drums give a nice background to the music. The vocals in this song are good even though most of the song is not really him singing but talking according to the beat.
  • It seems to be a country, although the instrumentals don't suit this song, well kinda, Anyways this album is very short for a country, the vocals are great, it suits this song, the production is good if you think about it, it seems like a good song, I would recommend this to friends, and this song gets a good 5/10, keep up the good work.
  • Nice smooth and calming instrumental. I like the vocals and overall vibe of the song. It almost sounds like a sad song, which can be a good thing. The man has a great voice that gives off somewhat of a country vibe. This would go very well on a song rock radio station.
  • The vocals in this song overlap the instrumentals. Whenever there is singing, the instrumentals quiet down and the voice gets louder. Production wasn't done very well in this song. Instrumentals fit the song mood well. I think mixing could've been a little better also considering the overlapping of the tracks.
  • The lyrics are trying much too hard to rhyme with one another. I'm not quite feeling the vocals nor the beat, but the quietness of the instrumental is quite pleasant. I don't think I'd be able to sit through this while driving in the car.
  • The Vocals in this song are phenomenally awesome. The production of the voice is pretty good and awesome. The instrumentals are also very good and well used. This is one of the greater songs that i have listened to in a while and i think it is really good.
  • Soft instrumentals, slow and sweet. the vocals are lovely, and the lyrics are full of emotion. this definitely reminds me of The Beatles, with a more modern sound. good production, this is an easy song to listen to. the beat is good, and every instrument sounds perfectly in harmony with the vocals.
  • The lyrics are very interesting. It's quite the song, very tuneful, but could easily be improved with a more tasteful instrumental track and arrangement. I found myself stuck in the guitar, with the moving beat that left me no longer thinking of the song itself and more of the guitar.
  • This song is a very good slow song which there aren't many of. I really like this lyrics very emotional and lovable. The instrumental in this song is quality. The singers voice is smooth and different makes it relaxing. more piano in this song would be great addition in my opinion. 9/10.
  • The song was soothing and calm and so much I almost felt asleep. But I would not listen to this song again but his voice is calming but just not feeling the song the instruments were good but you rarely hear it with the beat and everything.

Below is an acoustic version of Love In An Innocent Time by Douglas Haines :

Reviews of the acoustic version of Love In An Innocent Time on ReverbNation.com (Song Score: 7.4 out of 10):

  • The notes of the acoustic guitar sound so pure. His voice makes me listen more attentively. Its the kind of song that grabs you because it keeps your attention. The harmonies are so pretty. No other instruments are needed here because all he needs is his guitar. His voice is that good. The lyrics are simple and beautiful.
  • Lovely guitar riffs at the start that compliment the backing track perfectly. Then a strong, country style voice comes in and it is perfect. Someone like Kenny Rogers would be perfect for this type of song but this bloke has done brilliantly. Such a good singer. I could listen to this over and over.
  • Very good guitar music is warming my heart as it usually does. The singer sounds like a excellant artist who has plenty of experience and tone to his chords. No heavy ryhthm or beat, it is a light ballad with a romantic flair to the melodies he has before him. I am guessing the tune is meant to make people feel the connection to the words he sings and it is really making me feel it. Passionate song but in a quieter way. The structure kind of sounds like it is somewhat dragging for me though however good he is.
  • This song has a slow pace to it and has a country vibe to it. The instrumentals are limited with only the use of guiters and good vocals. The song also has meaningfull lyrics so it gives a song a chance to open up. In addition the song has great haronic theme to it which creates a relaxig yet soothing feel to it.
  • The acoustics in this song are beautiful and whoever is playing them is very talented. The mood of the song sounds sad because of the artists voice and the way he sings, he sings quietly and sad. He is singing about his past love and how they thought they would always be together.
  • This songs melody begins with it being like a break up song, and continues to something being like when I'm depressed I will listen to this. The lyrics have deep meaning that I do understand and the vocals are also pretty good playing out to be something that could be a number one hit!
  • I dont like it. the music just isn't for me. if i could change something it would be the vocals as they are off point. i would keep the drums (percussion) and guitarists because they sound okay. just need to get used to it i think. i would suggest this to a few friends and family. the best part is the 40 second bit.
  • The song is very calm and soothing and has the potential to relax you after a long day of hard tiring work. the artist sings with ease and really impresses. he sings with his feelings and the song is very heart warming. the lyrics is also interesting and likeable.
  • This song has a good beat. This song gives the listener the thought of vacation. The singers voice is beautiful and the lyrics work perfectly with the vocals of the singer. This song is highly recommended. I would rate this song at 9/10. This song is one of the best songs ever.
  • Nice guitar tune to start the song, its slow and nice. The vocals of the artist is pretty darn lazy some might actually like it but the vocals are still a bit dry, the lyrics of the song are romantic it gives a good feel to it though, the song has no real hook or verse, the chorus is slow to be introduced and the beat is not the best, its just one instrument being used in the song.
  • The acoustic guitar in the beginning of the song was perfect for your voice. You sing in tune (Which is better than most of the people on here) and you have beautiful tone. The only thing is the blandness of the song. I understand that the song is acoustic but you couldn't get a tambourine or something? Overall, your harmonies are really good and you will do great with your music.
  • The introduction was too long and winded. The vocals are joyful. The lyrics of the song are adorable and really make you appreciate the finer things in life. The lyrics for me are really memorable. The melody of the song is gentle played which allows the attention to be more focused upon the lyrics and the vocals. A song that many people can relate to.
  • At the beginning of the song I thought it would be sad. The guitar solo was very important in setting the tone. The lyrics are very sweet and touching. i wish the vocalist had a deeper voice. I can remember having the same feelings as the person singing this song. I've been in relationships where we used to sit and talk forever about our future. We hoped of living the white picket fence dream but things didn't work out that. All they are, is memories now. We were so innocent when we were younger and that's what this song is about.
  • The guitar intro is very well played, but it doesn't sound very original. It wouldn't be easy to pick out among other songs. It could use some more original arrangements.The vocals are a little unrefined, and I think the vocalist could benefit from vocal training sessions. The lyrical content is awkwardly presented, and I think that it could use some rewriting to make it flow better within the context of the song.
  • The guitar solo is a good element for the melody, but some instruments might be an ingredient towards the perfection of the song. Sometimes, even good melody can be improved. The beat is implied inside the melody and it's giving the instructions for the vocals. I'd like the vocals to use a voice more balanced, so that it fits with the entire song.
  • The start of this song is very delicate with just the guitar, the vocalist starts in the perfect spot. I like the rhyming aspects and the harmonisation worked really well. It's a very simple song but it works perfectly this way. If there were more aspects it wouldn't be as good. The repetition of what I'm assuming is part of the chorus "It was love in an innocent time" is a lovely phrase and the instrumental works perfectly with the innocence of it. The lyrics had so much meaning and were sung beautifully.
  • The introduction to this song sets the tone for the rest of the song. The lyrics are original and are not very repeated, which makes for a great song. The voice is raspy, which adds a twist to the song. It is a great love song and emotional for the crowd.
  • You can really hear the emotion in this man's voice when he sings. It is simple. But, the emotion is there. The melody is underdeveloped and simple as well. But, it works for this song as it is. I don't hear any issues with the tempo and melody at all. They should stay soft and sweet as they are now. The lyrics are relatable, even if they are sad.
  • A very pleasant start to the track with a beautiful picked guitar. Soon joined by a perfect fitting country vocal with good use of harmonies throughout the chorus. The song sticks strictly to acoustic singer/songwriter genre. Not a song for those heavy rock fans but if you want something to relax and enjoy then this song is for you. A great piece of artistry.
  • The delicate cadence brought by the simplistic acoustic instrumentals make it a suitable accompaniment for the breezy vocals. I really admire the lead male singer's dreamy voice and smooth style of expressing the lyrics. The melancholy mood befits the nostalgic themes, and overall, this song is quite comforting in its relaxing atmosphere.