I wrote the lyrics and melody for Lost In Space, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Lost In Space

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Lost In Space

Verse 1:
All alone, I set adrift
with angels in the sky
when stars explode
and a love goes cold
there's no more tears to cry

I'm lost in space
forever will I roam
I'm lost in space
please help me get back home

Verse 2:
I miss the feel of gravity
bare feet on golden sand
those sunset nights
big city lights
all slipping through my hands

I'm lost in space
forever will I roam
I'm lost in space
please help me get back home

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

There is a new horizon
to which we all can run
lean back and close your eyes
the countdown has begun

I'm lost in space
forever will I roam
I'm lost in space
please help me get back home

Fade Out
I'm lost in space
forever will I roam
I'm lost in space
oh help me get back home

Reviews of the Lost In Space on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.1 out of 10):

  • Strumming of guitar along with accompanying of the drums and cymbals add power to the song. The lyrics have a soothing melody. Upbeat rhythm throughout the song. The beat is kept steady with the drums. There is a slight techno sound in the background. It is a nice song! It has an upbeat feel!
  • Foot tapping good song. I really likes this artists voice. This would be a good song to just chill to. I like how their voice is always moving and changing. The middle of the song was my favorite. Sounds very modern something I would like to come on my pandora.
  • A great sample of techno. very emotional. Great Pink Floyd resembling arrangement. Classic pop with rock touch. Great lyrics that is meaningful, symbolic, clear, inspiring giving hope. One can sit and listen to the music. Or one can dance to that rhythm and melody. A mood-setting piece.
  • I personally think the introduction to this song has too many instrumentals and sounds. And throughout the song, the instrumentals are so powerful that it takes away from the vocals in the song. I couldn't concentrate on the lyrics, because I was distracted by the instrumentals. The instrumentals by themselves are however pleasant.
  • Vocals: Smooth, Eery, Emotionless, varies in pitch Production: Well mended, still doesn't sound very original to me but that can be a positive as people are creatures of habit. Instrumental: not very original but still catchy, a lot of percussion instruments and very few string just from sound of ear, pace shifts but isn't very obvious.
  • great guitar start for an alternative groove song. Voice is great with a nice little repeat rifft fits into a country alternative feel at times with a strange mellow tone. production team has taken good steps to mix and scale this song with great tones and tempo for its genre.
  • The beginning was really good, I didn't really know how to feel about it but it seems pretty good. The song gives of an industrial feel and a feeling of freedom or being high. My favorite part of the song would be the chorus and the singers' voices are just perfect for the song. The instrumental in the background goes perfectly with the song. Personally, I would listen to this song on a daily because it's easy listening and if I played it with headphones it would sound even better. However, for the overall group of people at school or in a certain area, in order to really like the song, they would have to actually listen to it and it would also depend on their music taste.
  • I liked the intro and the combination of almost new-age music and more rock/modern music(maybe it's just me, but thats the vibe i got from this piece). i also think the lyrics had more substance than most pieces nowadays, they were very well written. For some reason, it kind of reminded me of Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • Simple start; but effective in getting audience's attention. Music reminds me of The Breakfast Club ending song ( 'Don't You Forget About Me'). Great rhythm. Interesting lyrics. I enjoy the lyrics, "I'm lost in space." Vocals, instruments, and rhythm, compliments each other very well in this song.
  • The artist gave the tone of a very calm environment. The vocals are okay they could be perfected. However, the instrumentals are superb and very clean. The lyrics dont really make much sense however so that needs to be fixed. The pace of the song could have been a little faster.
  • This is a good, easy to listen song. Though, the intro is a bit confusing. If it were simpler that would be good. I think the voice is good and sings well. To be honest, I do not like the use of digital effects as it makes it sound a little cheesy. I would change the digital effects.
  • I like the gradual overlap of the different instruments. It gives the song a classic/rock sound which is a little different. I also really enjoy the lead singers voice. The words are also not bad at all. Gaged more for a middle age group of people i feel .
  • I think it has a catchy beat to it. But to me the lyrics really don't match the kind of music I listen to. But I think to other people the beat will really stick in their heads because the chorus was real catchy to me.
  • I really like the sound of this music. It is very much feel good music. Reminds me of music in the 90's. I really am enjoying it so much! The vocals and music really mesh well together and it has the perfect beat to dance too with a catchy tune!
  • i like it. the voice is really good. it kind of seems slow to me though. it seems like it would be good as background music in a movie or as a relaxing song. it has a very chill vibe and i like that about it.
  • The tempo of the song started off cool, calm, and collected. Exceptionally easy to listen to and could almost picture it being played as a soundtrack being played in the background of some crime fiction t.v. show where the protagonist had just had an epiphany. What I wasn't expecting? The vocals. At first, I was assuming that it was just going to be some instrumental track, but no! The voice started echoing in, and really caught my attention. Gave a sort of 80s experimental vibe, reminiscent of bands like the cure or bauhaus, albiet the voice being on a higher note. Definitely a song that I'd have on my mp3.
  • Good beginning. Very old fashioned. Smooth voice, very good range. The voice should be a bit louder, also it is also kind of repetative, should pop a bit more. Pretty good all around, just needs a little bit of work and who knows, people could be singing "Im lost in space" any day now.
  • The song has decent instrumentals and is a rather decent song all together, though I think the song could use some improvement. The lyrics seems fairly simple, and as a listener, I personally want more to the lyrics. The overall vocals are pretty decent as well.
  • the instramental is great and the tune matches perfectly. the production sounds great also. the vocals on this man is amazing and he should make it on the radio. the insruments really do have me in tune with what he is meaning in this song. keep up the great work your going yo make it dont worry.
  • Great beat and easy listening. Something you can relax to. Good lyrics and really catchy. The singer has a soft voice but is easy to understand and the instrumentals are kinda rock but more softcore and mellow. Easy to learn chorus withoit being repetitive. i enjoy it.
  • The first thing I want to address is the intro, and how the production really works to blend the sounds, from the instruments, to the sound effect. The beat is really prominent, and now hidden. The vocalist does a great job with controlling his voice, and diction. It's all precise and simple.
  • The beat, starting out is amazing. I really enjoyed all of the instrumentals together. When the lyrics started they were odd and did not really go, the words them self are good. Just the vocals did not go for me, they were extremly flat. This artist did not do a good job of meshing with this beat.
  • The song is very relaxing. It has a nice 70's feel to it. I felt that the echoing effect on the singers voice fit the mood of being lost in space. Listening to guitars made me feel as I was suspended in space. I would recommend the song for anyone who is nostalgic about the 70's.
  • i think it's a little strange-sounding but i could get used to it and even grow to like it. the lyrics are repetitive but i know that's pretty common in modern music. the background music is a little weird, kind of trippy, and i can't quite tell what genre it is.
  • I like the beat to the song, but it can be kinda boring to listen. But it would be great music to fall asleep with. It also repeats his self to much. Im really just not that big of a fan of it. Its more of a guy song.
  • I love the chords used. It doesn't go in contrast with the lyrics or the singer's voice. The beats in the background complements the singer's vocal and the instruments. The production overall is appealing to the eye and ears. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family members. The song is a song many like me would use for every entertain-able activity know-to-man.

Below is an acoustic version of Lost In Space by Douglas Haines: