Like A Butterfly is about my 94 year-old grandmother (she likes butterflies). I wrote the lyrics and melody, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines to record it for me.

Song Title: Like A Butterfly

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Like A Butterfly

Verse 1:
You keep me safe and warm
always there to understand
calming waves of hope
in the touch of your hand

When you smile, this big world smiles
when you're sad, I cry your tears
you see the best in everyone
even after all these years

Like a butterfly
slowly spread your wings
the beauty of a rainbow
a bluebird as it sings

Like a butterfly
like a butterfly

Verse 2:
Moving through this life
with style and with grace
each day making new memories
like lines upon a face

Deep inside our hearts
your light will always shine
love, it is the greatest gift
I have yours and you have mine

Like a butterfly
slowly spread your wings
the beauty of a rainbow
a bluebird as it sings

Like a butterfly
like a butterfly
like a butterfly
like a butterfly


Reviews of Like A Butterfly from the Crowd Review service (Song Rating: 6.6 out of 10):

  • The guitar moves silently with the chorus and your voice has a melodic vibe. The rhythm was energetic and free. Tone and harmonies were uplifting and high spirited. Instruments give the song a bold beat that can be heard again on the radio. I hope your music touches a lot of people.
  • This song begins in a very sweet and calming way. The vocals are far from impressive but there is expression in the voice. The tuning could do with some upgrading. The lyrics are beautiful and poetic in a lot of ways. This song will appeal most to older listeners I believe. The harmony line could be more prominent.
  • The song has a light, airy, soothing quality to it. The song is very easy listening and relaxing and also lies between general acoustic music and a folk/country hybrid. It is written with a great deal of care and the singer is sincere in the message he is conveying to the listener.
  • There is a musical status in there which makes me think the harmonies have been always with the singer. He sings a simple track with words that are original and never heard before by me. He has that little slur thing in his teeth that makes the pronounciation of some words turn into cool vocals, however very subtle. The singing timbre of his voice in general is really emotionally and intricately helpful. It is helpful in gaining the right piece by piece structure that is needed for an entertaining ballad. No tempo nor beat could match up to the slow and sleepy rhythm of this calming vibe. It has style and they don't make them like this anymore. A truely precious find here.
  • The artist's song has a southern country style of music. The guitar in the background i could hear this being played at a restaurant. It has all the elements of music. The genre is one of my favorite. Its pitch perfect. There are no flat notes at all.
  • The guitar solo at the beginning is so romantic. this song is for like after a break up. the song has a soft melody, matched with his voice that sound rough and calm at the same time. what he can improve next time is to try to make his voice less loud.
  • Nice calm and peaceful intro. Vocals play alright. The lyrics are beautiful in this song. Could've had better instruments than one peaceful guitar playing in this song, other than that this song is actually a good song. Nice song to listen to, want others to hear it too.
  • The vocals levels need to be raised in order for me to hear the words. I couldn't hear the lyrics so I didn't like the words. I feel like there is a lack of instruments in the song. The vocals are poor, as well as the instruments. I really did not enjoy this song.
  • What I am trying to say is that this guy has a very good voice, but the song itself was horrible. I do not think he put effort into the song, the production was trash, all he had was a guitar playing in the back and he rode that the whole time. the song is just overall horrible and only a fool would like it.
  • The opening of this song sounded familiar and the artists voice did not really sound as strong as I think it could have. The lyrics though was very beautiful and I could tell that it contains a lot of meaning for the artist. I just think they should present something unique that is new and ear catching. The beat and rhythm of this song sounds like so many created before it.
  • This song was really relaxing. I enjoyed the guitar at the start of the introduction. The singer has a pleasant voice that is appealing to me. I would love to hear this song while driving in the car. I like that he sings about butterflies and rainbows. This was a creative track with a nice melody. Good song that is positive and simple. The singer was a joy to listen to. Good job.
  • The singer's voice sounds too dreary, and the bleakness of the lyrics' themes make the song too depressing and low in energy to be very engaging to listen to. It sounds very old-fashioned and slow, and the sleepy tones of the singing are too lackluster and sound uncreative. I think a bit of originality and creative touches would make the song more spirited, and some hopeful themes added to the lyrics would make it easier to recommend.
  • Layering of vocals works extremely well, the harmonies are perfect for the piece. I love that there is only a guitar under the vocals, I feel like it enhances the piece and brings out the lyrics even more. A very relaxing listening experience, the dynamics are great.
  • You have a lot to offer with your singing. You definitely have star qualities, in your sensitive voice. Your tone is soft, and the orchestra is a soft and lovely tune to match your delicate and beautiful voice. There's only one instrument found, which is a guitar but the guitar is the only instrument need in here. It blends so perfect with your voice and the lyrics.
  • The melody is very soft and gentle. I love how romantic and loving the lyrics are. It comes from the heart and has so much sentimental meaning. It really gives you goosebumps when you listen carefully. He has a unique voice that is simple but still demands attention. It's one of the best romantic songs I have heard and this was extremely well performed.
  • I like the guitar strumming in the beginning, sounds really enjoyable. The singer's voice sounds really serene but slightly accented/different. The extension of his lyrics make the song a bit longer, which isn't a problem but it is quite great. I do not hear a beat, I think it could use one. I rate this song a 8/10.
  • The intro is really pleasing and sounds very nice and melodic. The vocalist had a good voice but he doesn't sound very relatable and you can hear he has some diction problems with the letter "s." It doesn't fit well into any genre except acoustic, and I don't find myself feeling any emotion while listening.
  • The instrumentals are gorgeous and so soothing. At first the vocals threw me off, because they are bit rough when compared to the softness of the music. The lyrics are gorgeous and call to mind a meadow in the summer. However, I think overall this song is beautiful.
  • I like the opening of the guitar. Nice clean sounds, the voice suites the song. the lyrics are quite moving. The slow pace of the song appeals to me, and the guitar does too. I enjoy listening to acoustic songs. I am quite impressed with this song. The song is catchy and I will probably listen to it again. I enjoyed listening to the song.
  • Some very soft acoustics from the opening that keeps your attention to the music. I like the tone of the lead vocalist as he sings with emotion that you can feel and relate to. Song lyrics are well written and has feeling which takes you away while listening. I like that the pace is steady and doesn't speed up, which would throw off the flow. Song lyrics also pulls you in and is full of meaning. There should be a soft beat added which would make this perfect. Some extra background vocals should be mixed in to fill the gaps as well. This song is well written and arranged and should be on the radio with some added adjustments.