I wrote the lyrics and melody for Lightning In A Bottle, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Lightning In A Bottle

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Lightning In A Bottle

Verse 1:
Sometimes we
just don't see
the beautiful forest
for the trees

When shades of love
grow cold and dark
on a distant journey
we embark

Watch you slowly
float away
when there's nothing
left to say

You're like
lightning in a bottle
a tear from a poem
you're like
lightning in a bottle
come and take me home

Verse 2:
Just a castaway
washed upon the shore
I search this land
forever more

I dig and crawl
on hands and knees
alone through
vast eternities

And then I see
your star one night
and know our love
is worth the fight

You're like
lightning in a bottle
a tear from a poem
you're like
lightning in a bottle
come and take me home

You're like
lightning in a bottle
come and take me home


Reviews of Lightning In A Bottle on ReverbNation.com (song score: 6.3 out of 10):

  • I do not know exactly how I feel about this song. I want to like it but something that I can't just quite put my finger on takes me away from it. It could be the vocals. I think the instrumental definitely has potential.
  • I don't like this song. The singer has a whiny voice and the melody sounds synthesized. The singer has a really terrible voice. He's off-key and has terrible timing.
  • Generic song. Production is pretty good. I don't like the singer very much. Lyrics are bad, very boring overall. I would not buy this if I was forced to.
  • I enjoy the pacing of the song. It is relatively slow which is good, it is really relaxing, and just a good melody for writting, or painting.
  • I like the guitar build up in the song. The man has a very soft and soothing voice. The lyrics are touching as well.
  • I like the way this song is steady throughout and doesn't go too fast or too slow instrumentally and what a pretty song lyrically. The vocalist really takes the cake in this one, in a good way, very nice voice.
  • I liked the beat. I also liked Elliott's voice. It was an easy song to listen to. Overall, I thought that it was a pretty good song. Decent lyrics too.
  • I liked the instrumentals of the song and also liked most elements of the song. I thought the track was pretty good and liked the lyrics of the song.
  • I really liked the guitar playing in this song. I think it was very relaxing and fun to listen to. I think the vocals were also very well done.
  • I think I just don't like this artist. I don't mind a bit of 70's style lite FM on songs, but it's just too mellow for me, a little too laid back.
  • I thought I was listening to their other song "These are the days", it sounds the same in the beginning verse. It's the same melody! The songs need to be more original.
  • I thought the vocals were fairly good and the band has a very good sound to it that I liked alot.
  • I very much enjoyed the song. The music and lyrics worked well together to create an indispensible version of our world in which I would like to exist.
  • It has a good beat. I like the voice as well. I could easily learn the words to this song and enjoy listening to it. I also like the clearness of the words, It would be easy to pick up the words.
  • It's a bit on the mediocre side. The song is structured well, but not written well. I feel bored listening and am less than impressed with the sentiment and quality.
  • One of the things I love so much about this song is that the vocalist finds it easy to connect with the listener. I love that he can sing about how he feels with no reservations.
  • So it has a nice property to it. I think that's really good. I like the way that it flows from one section to the next almost effortlessly. Sounds good with excellent instrumentation and such.
  • The artist has really nice vocals. The music is really good and the lyrics are well written. I also feel that the sound quality is very good. Nice work.

Below is a version of Lighning In A Bottle performed by LM:

Reviews of LM's version of Lightning In A Bottle on ReverbNation.com (overall song: 5.9 out of 10):

  • Pretty slow introduction. Her voice is calming and very quiet. Her voice also sounds very proffessional. Not many girls i know that can sing like her to be honest, i wish i knew some. The lyrics are outgoing and they are very calming as well. this whole song in general is just a calm relaxing song with some awesome lyrics to go along with it so this girl deserves a very good rating. I wish she was on air.
  • Not much value in this performance. The singer has a decent and unique voice but the genre the song is in will limit the commercial potential. The words are clear. The artist will have a good future in the music business but she needs to pick the right song. This song did not really make the artist reach for her vocal range.
  • The acoustic instrumentation in the beginning really allow you to receive the indie and gypsy type vocals following. The lyrics are so dreamy and visual giving you a sense of freedom from any disaster in your life at the moment. I like the raw vocals very real and not robotic like many mainstream pop culture ways of branding. This is pure inspiration and highly motivating. Overall great sense and gives great vibrations to my soul. Well done great performance and hooks
  • Beautiful guitar in the beginning. I think lyrically the woman's voice is almost forced in places. Almost like it takes a few minutes, to get to where she is going. I don't hear much a musical break going into the chorus. I think if maybe it were added and their were drums incorporated building to the chorus, the song would sound a lot fuller.
  • This whole song is pretty dry. The line " Lightning in a bottle." is a good creative line for a song. this is really just plain acoustic. It is a lot like folk music or something you would hear on Mayberry RFD.I really try to be positive with most anything, especially music and though she was singing her heart out, I did not care for her voice. I did not like the way she was singing and what she was singing about. The whole sound was very boring and annoying.
  • Nice and easy intro.... vocals are infectious and draw me in for more. I like the simple arrangement of guitar and vocals...Let's me focus on the vocals and lyrics. Song paints a great movie in my mind. Great imagery,,,lightening ina bottle...catchy. Great transition from verse to chorus. I wanted to hear more. This is a good demo. I would listen to more from this artist int eh future. Very folky genre. 18-26 y.o. female demographic.
  • Simply beautiful... The female vocalist has the most beautiful voice, she has a really unusual tone and sings the song like she's telling us a story. She hits somes really pretty high notes and reminds me a lot of the Irish band The cranberries. The music I'm guessing is just an accoustic guitar which fits perfectly with the song. I would definitely download this song, it's lovely. First of all, this is very quiet. I don't think it's been recorded professionally. It sounds like a live performance, either in a small hall or perhaps sung at home. That doesn't work in it's favour. It's a love song, full of various metaphors which are supposed to sound deep and inspiring. That's all fine, providing the music goes along with it, but it doesn't it's flat, and contains two elements. The acoustic guitar isn't much to talk about. It repeats a few cords, simple ones, ones that are probably learned early on. It doesn't do much, and sounds like many, many other songs like this. The vocals are what really let it down. I'm sure the female singer can be quite good, but either she's trying to sing just out of her range, or she hasn't had enough practice. It shows through. Her voice isn't very polished, fluctuating quite often. Many of the notes aren't hit very well, and the ones that seem to be, are too similar to others to add any depth. It's not got a great flow or melody, and it isn't catchy. What makes me think this is a live performance, is half way through, I hear her chuckle a little at the end of a chorus, which confirms it's not a professional song. It needs far, far more elements and a hell of a lot of fine tuning to be good.
  • Perhaps the music should be a bit louder in comparison to the lyrics. I do however like the song and it is well written, but I do wish that some crescendo was reached in order to lift the song. You really would have to be in a good mood before listening to this as it does come under the 'want to slash your wrists' category. However the vocalist has a fantastic voice and I wish her all the best with the song, but perhaps do something more with the music.....
  • The song was about nature, so naturally i wanted to go outside and play in the leaves. The vocalist had a solid presence, as well as the guitar in the background. The band as a whole provided great entertainment. This song reminded me of family memories, which is always good for the overall quality of a song. The means of telling a story with song has been tradition in most cultures since the dawn of time. The melody of this song was joyful and easy to listen to, it was a great song.
  • Unfortunately, this piece gets off to a bad start using a DI guitar, it's got to be recorded with a microphone, if it's to stand a chance in today's market. The vocalist in this song is brilliant, but because the guitar's out of tune, it sounds like she's out of tune, which is a shame. The lyrics of the track are also a high point of this song, they're different, carry a clear message, without being over the top or predictable. A short and sweet track, but it could be a lot sweeter if the guitar is recorded correctly. It's got a lot of potential in the acoustic market.
  • I think this song has a nice strumming guitar intro. Sounds just right for this type of song. The vocals are clear. They seem slightly off key but there is alot of potential. I can see where you are going with this song. Maybe some back up harmony vocals would be a nice added blend. Also try adding a basic percussion.
  • I don't like the raising of your voice when you hit the lyric in the dark in the beginning of the song. I think that you are straining the lyrics too much in certain parts of the song. It's best with your type of voice to mellow the lyrics and your vocals out to one tune throughout the entire song because it becomes hard to hear some of the words. I can hear that you want to add your own style to the lyrics in the song, but when you sing the word bottle I thought you were saying something else.
  • I feel like I am at a coffee shop. I can see this band on a starbucks CD. The girls voice is actually great. The song isn't really my style. The lyrics are not bad. She can definitely play the guitar pretty well as well. I don't think I would go check her out at the coffeeshop she would be playing at.
  • quiet intro with the guitar. vocals enter strong and clear yet on the quiet side. makes me feel a little sleepy. then the lyrics become a little louder but with the same slow quiet guitar beat. vocals are consistent as with the guitar beat. could possibly do with a more intense guitar or maybe even throw in a matching drum beat to counter act the monotonous guitar beat to spruce up the vocals a bit more. for this reason i am going to award this song with a score of four out of ten.
  • At first , i thought this song had the ability of being a great acoustic song. This song is alright , i feel as of the vocalist could've had more feeling in this song. I could hear the nervousness in her tone of voice , while singing. The melody is lovely though. I , preferrably wonuldnt listen to this song a lot. It has an ok vibe a little bit , it sounds like one of those karaoke type of songs.
  • this song started off very slow. I didn't like it so much either. I thought the beat sucked and the artist voice wasn't that great either. I think the song was a disaster in its entirety. this shouldn't be played globally at all. I think the artist could've done way better than what she did, this couldn't have been her full potential.
  • I love songs like this when you can hear the guitar like that and her voice is really nice. the song I liked as well. I would be happy to sit at home and listen to this, by the end of the song i was singing to it which obviously means i really liked it.
  • Like the background of the song the singer though is awful!! The tempo is great and if there was a different singer it would be better. I picture a hippie singing it it deff is not a song that will go far in this day when there is so many new artist coming out
  • Vocals with a very strange interesting musky sound. I thought the arrangement her vocal ability was almost strained of the hook was a bit off putting. Lyrics honestly I was interested in what lightning in a bottle might mean it is an interesting consent but still didn't understand the relevance to the rest of the lyrics. It felt a little scattered lyrically. Melody was calming is put this more into easy listening. Catchiness had some definite draw from the lightning in a bottle line.
  • I really like this music as it starts with only the female vocals and the acoustic guitar. This music is mostly for the older generation because it is quite slow. The vocals could be better, also the lyrics are quite cheesy and repeat often but in general this piece is music is for someone who is looking to relax.
  • ABSOLUTELY loved this track! I was enthralled by how the singers voice brought images of vintage Delores O'Riordan to mind. I think a bit of orchestral flourish would enhance future tracks, making them more acceptable to the masses. The lyrics were somewhat pedestrian but the passion in her voice made up for that. Sounds like the artist may be on to something. Stay the course.
  • Wow! Great tone! Loving your tone, it is really warm and welcoming. This has a lot of potential, the tempo is great and suits the song well. I really enjoyed listening to the lyrics as well they are easy to connect to and the song made me really smile. Keep up the good work! Get it out in the world
  • I was really holding out for a really positive experience with this song, but there was some negative faults. I did love the accent. She has a beautiful voice. The acoustic guitar is well played and the lyrics are interesting. The vocals are a little too high in some areas and then some areas it's a little too low. She's all over the place, really. If she worked on the vocals, this would be a great song, especially if more instruments were added to the music.
  • The intro featured a slowly strimmed and rough acoustic guitar ,the track had a folk like style in the vocals and music ,but it started too rough and raw and could have done with a better sound quality ,but the lyrics sounded pretty decent ,but the vocals were in and out of tune right from the first note.The chords changed a lot ,but this was really hard to listen to and the track went on ,although the vcoal ist sounded distinct ,she was out of key a lot ,and very rough and ready feel to the prodution of this track .Maybe with a better sound and work on the vocals this might have a chane ,because lyrically this was great.
  • I thought the basic guitar playing at the start of the song was a bit boring and ordinary. Artist sounded average, she has a nice voice but was a bit out of tune and needs to learn vocal pitch control, it sounded a bit weak and shaky, you could hear the nerves in her voice, she needs to develop more self confidence and belief, the track was a bit dull and needed more to the instrumentals to really set it off. The potential is there but more work is needed.
  • This song sounds a little too common for me. The Instrumental doesn't have that nice ring to It and It doesn't come off as something completely different which was the problem from me. While the vocals In this song were good, It was another issue for me because I felt that the singer didn't really do her best to make this song go off to another level. I did enjoy some parts of It though and I did like the high pitch that the singer had took on during a few parts In this song. If this song had a little more energy and a better Instrumental, I think It would have been set as far as the sound goes. The lyrics to this song are pretty decent for this song and there are a lot of words that rush through this one. What stands out the most to me In this one Is how the singer brings these words out. She works with a great steady flow In this slow tempo song and she gives these words a soul. Sadly this Is another one of those songs that doesn't take that long before It ends and I felt that It didn't take a shift Into a good direction. When I look at this song as a whole, I would say It's best for a drama show and too short for radio. There Is still room for improvement and I do think that his singer can bring so much more to the table because I can sense It In her voice. As of now, I have to give this one a 3 out of 10. It didn't feel really engaging and didn't have that star power either.
  • Very generic start to this track with the predictable strumming of the guitar and the female vocalist's delivery is nothing too special. The lyrics aren't too bad, but she just doesn't captivate me as well as some other singers do. I think this track might need more instrumentation to make it more interesting. The song was too short, and I wish the chorus wasn't so repetitive. Make some improvements in both your style and choice of instruments if you want to sound unique.
  • A steady drum beat and guitar strums start. A pretty female voice sings in a high rich voice about nature. The notes are piter patting and the notes are steady with a balance of hits and lows. The notes are laid back and has a rhythm. The notes are pure. I like it.
  • A very pretty introduction that is a bit simple but attractive. I think this is one of those track that has got the talent and potential but has been let down by the production quality. She has a fantastic voice and it reminds me a bit of adele, it is the sort of voice that makes you think "wow". She is putting on a passionate performance that really has been well done. She has put a lot of talent into this performance and really it deserves a good rank. The melody has lovely, some punchy lyrics and catchy phrases that flow splendidly within the melody. It is a shapely melody that is really quite entertaining. I think this would hold great commercial potential due to the lovely combination of melody and lyrics. The instrumental is well played and accomplished, I would say however that it needs to be a little stronger and perhaps introduce a strong percussion section. It is very pretty as it is but it does sound a tad unprofessional. With a bit of production work this could make a lovely track with plenty of potential.
  • her voice is hard to listen to...very unmelodious. sounds very amateur. simple but boring. i really dont like her voice. the lyrics arent bad but rhyme too much. it sounds acoustic so its pretty simple...its okay. not too good. not horrible either i guess. her voice needs refining.
  • The guitar pattern is beautiful on the intro of the song. She has pretty good vocals but her voice is very strong and a but deep. She needs something else to go with it, like maybe a piano or something. I do like the concept of the lyrics because is very relative. Overall the song has potential but the instrumental could use work. Like This Folkish Song Very Much! I love the singer's Voice!She is very good at what she does! I totally like the music...Its a cute song that I could see myself listening to on a daily!like Lightning in a Bottle is A Great Song And I would Buy this At the Store. I would rate this an 8.
  • The guitar has a strumming motion to its melody, the acoustic also gives the song a live sounding performance. The artist voice has a tuneful sound, but the appearance of it sounds low, if you can find a way to make it clearer you should. The lyrics, "lighting in a bottle," doesn't much make sense but sounds catchy.
  • I like the sound of this classic country song as it jumps out at you. The lead vocals are sung with a lot of emotion as you can feel every word spoken. I like her high pitch as well while she sings. The verses are arranged in a rhythm as the acoustic create a nice smooth tempo that has the perfect pace. The song lyrics are well written and matches the mellow vibe here really well. The song is too short and should be lengthened for better balance as well. Also there should be more vocals to help fill the gaps and even out the tone by bringing in harmony. All in all, great song with great vocals and control but need minor adjustments to feel complete.
  • The music begins with a shallow sound that sounds a bit distant. The music isn't as intriguing as you would expect. The music is cool it just sounds like it was recorded live. This is a song that would be greatly improved if it was recorded in a studio. IT would sound that much better. The singer voice is sweet as she tuneful sings along with the melody.
  • I love the simple guitar strums in your intro. Your voice is so unique and it makes me so happy. I love how you really used your voice to create a really nice emotion for the audience. I love your chorus and how you kept the same tempo throughout. I have to admit, I was hoping you would either speed it up, or really slow it down for the bridge. Really fantastic lyrics though, and your voice compliments them really well.
  • a very slow guitar introduction with a lovely woman singing vocals. She is somewhat pitchy. Kind of off key but her choice in lyrics is simple and tells a nice story. since guitar is focal instrument, its well played. But other then that the song is ok. Its not radio ready but has some potential. I am ok with it.
  • A lovely solo tune with an accompanying guitar. I like the tone of her voice, she was in tune and on point all the way through. It was a vibrant performance. The rhythm was the same all the way through. the chorus was catchy and memorable. I think this song could catch on. I was toe tapping throughout the song. It was a very creative piece of music.
  • An acoustic guitar rift sets the song off and creates a relaxing mood. This has a sweet melody and together with the females singer's voice the song is beginning to sound very cool. She has so much raw emotions in her words and she can control her range of vocals very well. The chorus was memorable and it will be easy to sing to. She is so heartfelt and you can tell this just by hearing the tones in her voice at certain points in the song. I like this artist she has a bundle of potential which shines all the way through this track.
  • The song has a beautiful way about it. The singer has a lovely vocal. The lyrics are fun and happy-go-lucky. The length of the song was way too short. The song needed to offer me more. It needs more lyrics in this song. The band does a good job of pushing the song along. They give the song more quality to the listener. I don't like the way how the song ends though.
  • The choice of words for this song needs to be more creative. The vocalist had a pleasant tone and sound. There needs to be more of a mixed arrangement. I would like to hear more of the story in the song, but with the use of a more creative choice of words. The rhythm is really flat. Speed up the tempo a bit using back ground percussion. More passion in the expressing of the story will take the song to a higher level. I think even backup vocalist would be a good idea as well. Over all, the track gets a below average rating. Though there is a lot of room for improvement, the vocalist allows for opportunity!
  • Simple solo of guitar and musical artist to begin with.There isnt much of a melody or beat in this music track.The pitch of the singers voice is slightly to high so is overpowering the guitar.Needs more instruments to put more of a soulful song together.Overall its not to bad but I wouldnt listen to it.Its to bland stayed the same threw out.
  • beautiful tone to the guitar in the short introduction. i would have liked to have listened to the guitar a little bit longer. the vocals during the verses are pleasant on the ear, i feel like the chorus is over sung slightly. not ever word in the chorus needs to be over expressed. the lyrics i was just getting into the frame of mind with the song when it ended. the song was on the short side and ended rather suddenly. the song could have done with another verse and a few more play through's of the chorus towards the end of the song. the song has so much potential its just too short to make it into the charts, another minute on the song and it would be perfect.
  • Very smooth becoming with the guitar nice and sort. the introduction with the vocals is a brilliant transition. very strong vocals and it makes me want to sing along despite nit knowing the lyrics. the drum track is a little weak. but that does not effect the structure of this track. maybe a little longer would have made this track a little better. other than that a great track and I will be expecting to hear this track on the radio and the cd in the shops for Christmas. I hope the next track is a little longer though.
  • I like the simplicity of a song like this. The vocals are pleasant and very easy on the ears. She is relaxing me as I find myself getting very involved in her story. The lyrics are meaningful and I am connecting to them much better because of how she is singing them. The melody is lovely. I like that the tempo isn't slow and dragging. This moves along nicely. Her dynamics are excellent too. This has strength and passion to it. I would love to hear this again and anything else she might have. Nicely written and performed. There are nice tones to her voice. Soothing. The harmony is very nice too. I just think it is strong from beginning to finish.
  • I like the sort of stripped back and relaxed rhythm of this song this is probably because the variation of instruments is very low, and only a guitar is used. In addition, I think the the lyrics of this song are decent and thought through, however; in terms of vocals I think that they are slightly weak sometimes and I think they could do with some strengthening so that they don't sound off-key. I think that this may have some sort of potential on the commercial acoustic charts as it sounds good and nice to the ear!
  • The light strumming guitar reminds me a bit of Garth Brooks. The vocalist clearly has talent and utilizes unique lyrics. I like the original feel provided by the lyrics. I think the volume of the vocal track is a bit high. The lack of percussion or bass is a great touch for a track like this. Because the volume is a bit off, I would rate this song an 8 out of 10.
  • This track, great original song by this female vocalist and artist, original tune a very fast rhythm, strong vocalist and meaningful lyrics very emotional and romantic tune, tears in my eyes but great melodies and harmonies and very possitive attitude, well arranged and producted if anything but the tune was just too short and not long enough, but overall it was a good performance.