I wrote the lyrics and melody for Let Me In, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Let Me In

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Let Me In

Verse 1:
There once was a flower
that would not grow
and there once was a stream
with only a trickling flow

Through the mountains of life
I made my way the all alone
searching for answers
among the paths and stones

Then over the horizon
a smile shone like a flame
the sweet whisper of love
began calling my name

And so began the journey
the spark of romance
I became a player
in this mating dance

Feel the flesh and bone
underneath the skin
open your wounded heart
and let me in

Verse 2:
Lost in a maze
hard to tell what is real
guided only by hope
and the excitement I feel

But day after day
all I find are walls
is there a ghost in your castle
who still wanders the halls?

The mistakes of your past
both your captive and captor
turn the pages of time
and start a new chapter

So flood my emotions
Open the gates of your heart
give me a piece of yourself
and make this relationship start

Feel the flesh and bone
underneath the skin
open your wounded heart
and let me in

Reviews of Let Me In from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.5 out of 10):

  • A slow and delicately presented guitar opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • I find the song rather annoying. It's not something I would listen to again. It's decent, but not really different than any other song. It is what it is.
  • I like how the song is emotional yet not too emotional that it turns people off from listening to it. People will be very sensative to this type of song.
  • I like the lyrics to this song this was very peaceful and nice to listen to. The singer has a great tone and really makes this song simple to enjoy well done.
  • I like the rhythm and beat of the music. The vocals go well with the flow of the song. The lyrics are good. I like the slow pace of the music.
  • I liked the vocals of the song and also liked the lyrics that the song has. I think the song has interesting elements and its fun to listen.
  • I liked the way the lyrics to this song was creatively written. The artist put a lot of feeling and emotions in to his lyrical performance.
  • I love the instrumentation. The lyrics are good. The vocals are very good. This was such a relaxing song. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!
  • I really enjoyed the guitar playing in this song. I found it to be very relaxing and laid back to listen to. I think the vocals were also very well done.
  • I think that the intro is soft and it sounds really nice. I think that the music and the lyrics fit together nicely and that it sounds pretty good.
  • I would not have categorized this song in Pop. I really do like it though. It's got a very 60's feel to it. The music is really good. The vocals are good. I like lyrics.
  • Not bad, not bad at all. The vocals are good and the lyrics sound well developed. The instrumentation is excellent and the production is solid as a rock.
  • The song is very relaxing makes you want to sit back and listen to it while you are siitng outside with friends at a bbq.
  • The song is well-mixed and the guitar is very nice. It has a bit of a country feel to it, which is a little off-putting to me. The drums need to have their reverb reduced.. It doesn't match the production from the rest of the song.
  • The song sounds a little dated to be considered a pop song. It sounds more like country or folk. I'm sure some older people might really like it, though. Sounds like it was inspired by Beatles or something.
  • This song is very nice. It is absolutely a song that I would not mind listening to over and over again. The artist showed a lot of passion and I really appreciated that.
  • This was a very nice slow and romantic track here. THis will appeal to fans of love songs and slow tracks. The instrumentation was also pretty good on this song, I enjoyed the guitar playing and the vocals were well delivered.
  • What I like about this song is the lyrics and story telling that the singer does. What I dislike about this song is that the singer is a little out of tune and could use some work on his lyrics and tone.
  • While I don't fault the layout of the song this is just too much of a Phil Collins type of sound. I would not stream again. Too old school of a sound.

Below is an acoustic version of Let Me In by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of Let Me In from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (Song Rating: 7.0 out of 10):

  • The introduction is smooth, very spring like feeling to it, refreshing. The male vocalist is alright, the mesh of both the guitar and his voice makes up for it. The lyrics are exceptionally interesting, it lays out a very visual scenery in your head as it progresses, keep doing your thing dude.
  • The first few seconds of this song indicate that it will sound a lot like Mumford and Sons, and I was correct in my assumption. I would probably listen to more music by this artist if I could ever find the time. The lyrics are typical, but the song is very nice. The instrumental is comforting and it sounds a bit like this would do well at a music festival and if performed at small cafes. I would love to listen to this while sipping a latte on a cold night.
  • The guitar in the beginning is my favorite part. The lyrics are very passionate and have a lot of meaning. The voice with these lyrics did not appeal to me. The voice needs more pep and excitement. A higher voice and louder music would have made this song so much better for me.
  • Nice solo guitar in this, sounds like it's being played by the artist himself, which added to the live edge this track had. The singer had a nice southern style voice that matched this pretty good. Not really my kind of music and didn't really enjoy this all that much.
  • Really like the intro, the guitar that is playing is really nice! vocals give a warm feeling, this is definetly not my type of music but i would listen this when i am laying in bed at 1:00 AM or something, overall i think this track has great protential for other audiences!
  • I was immediately enraptured by this song as the beat was so subtle and flowing. The musical instruments used were varied and soft. The vocalist had an appealing voice which helped the song sound stronger. The vocalist held the whole song together nicely. The lyrics were full of emotion and passion.
  • This is a great song with fantastic lyrics that speak of new life and growth. It also hits the heart as it mentions the subtle love story within this masterfully written piece. The song just gives me a tingly feeling that leaves me a little heartbroken and very uplifted. You could so that it even makes me feel hopeful. The guitar is the only instrument but it is plenty because the lyrics are expressed with such beautiful emotion.
  • This song has a good meaning to it and is well thought out lyrically. I love the acoustic sound as well as the calm vocals. I don't picture it being a radio hit but it is very enjoyable to those who love calm, meaningful songs.
  • This song is extremely slow and I prefer fast songs. It's very country which I also don't like. I wouldn't listen to this song again. I like more upbeat songs that o can dance to. The vocalist is okay. He would be better off singing something else.
  • The song was really slow but it was at its own pace which was very good, better not to be rushed. The singer has a very fluid voice, he sings his words really well and I admire the techniques he uses. The melody has a number of great cohesive instruments that work together to form this beautiful melody here, awesome.
  • Oh my god, i really like this intro with the guitar. Give me so peace and makes me feeling happy. The male voice is great, i think it could be better. I like the part of "calling my name". Lyric here is awesome has a lot of message. It seems like the artist is singing about stuff he has passed in his life. I mean an experienced man.
  • The introduction is very peaceful a great way to start off the song. The vocals seem to be very beautiful giving the song a peace aspect. The lyrics are on point giving the song a lovely attitude. The instrumental is what makes the song key, having a pleasant sounding guitarist makes any song have some sort of beauty to it. The artist has a wonderful voice giving the song life.
  • This song has a very sixties vibe, kind of like the beatles. I think that this artist is trying too hard. This artist would be good in a coffee shop or a similar environment. It sound too fake hipster. the harmonies are okay and the vocals are not that strong. it is okay overall, but i would not go and buy this song or listen to more of his music.
  • It starts out slow then gets better, very soft and makes me want to relax while I listen to this song. It should be a little faster but overall it's good and relaxing. I like the guitar in the background, that makes it nice.
  • Nice and calming. the sound of the voices with the instrument in the back ground is very nice. Song is not to fast, and not to slow. Perfect pace. Perfect pace. The voice is very soothing and nice. Back up singers sound great when they come in. They are very well mended together.
  • Love the brash and fiery sounding to the tune of this song. The singer comes in right away after the slow piano playing. Singer sounds very ambitious on the song, manic and has this long and polish type of voice on him. Now the lyrics, he speaks on his life journey and what he had became over the past years. great work.
  • The guitar beginning is soothing. Excellent imagery in the intro. You really feel like you're watching this love story play out. I love the line "Guided by hope and the excitement I feel". Almost reminds me of James Taylor. The chorus has excellent imagery.
  • This song had a lot of soul. The Vocals were slightly off pitch and off time. The solution to this would be to take time to examine each script and know the tempo. The guitar kept going in and out of time and this would have made it hard for the singer to stay in time. This can be fixed by practicing in front of a mirror and working with the vocalist.
  • My first thought when I heard the instruments i felt a country theme. I was starting to really enjoying. Now it gives me the feeling more of a hippie song. The song is very slow pace but I am enjoying the guitar playing and also the duet.The harmony is well done.
  • In the beginning the melody started out with so much soul feeling. I loved how the instrument didn't overpower the artist. I also loved they lyrics to this song. It was so heartfelt and meaningful. The artist vocals were so soothing and relaxing for an individual who just want to come home and relax.
  • The guitar in the beginning was a bit jumpy, but calming. The lyrics were ethereal and solid as a ballad. It almost sounded like a lullaby. The vocals were pleasant to hear, even though it was a bit monotonous. It was melodious and was well put together. The ending was a little dry. It ended almost without warning. The lyrics conveyed the artist's emotions and were relatable.
  • I am totally in love with the guitar in this song. The instrumental choice really compliments the song style. Your voice is slightly hypnotic. The vocals are on point, they lend a great deal of support to the meaning of the lyrics. This song makes me feel sad. This is a jam that makes me reflect on how life has brought me where i am.
  • I'm not really in to folk and this song isn't helping the case. The vocals were dragged out and the music was almost depressing. The lyrics sounded like someone who wrote a poem and then strived to turn it into a song. The overall composition was sloppy and rough, like the artist was forcing himself to write a song useing a thesaurus and amateur guitar skills.