I wrote the lyrics and melody for Kick Start, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Kick Start

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Kick Start

Verse 1:
Everybody's talking
you don't say a word
your so tired of screaming
and not getting heard

There's a whole world around
are you lost?
are you found?

Kick Start
life's a wild ride
rev it up and let go
from on the inside

Sometimes you'll make mistakes
take your foot off of the brakes

Verse 2:
There's nothing but sun
once you set yourself free
Sometimes your own little fears
are your worst enemy

Like Elvis and James Dean
you gotta blaze your own trail
step out into the wind
and finally open that sail

There's a wall about to break
there's only so much
you can take

Kick Start
life's a wild ride
rev it up and let go
from on the inside

Kick Start and find your way
this is your Independence Day

Kick Start
Kick Start
Kick Start
and go for a ride
Kick Start
all of your fears aside Kick Start
Kick Start your life


Reviews of Kick Start from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (Song Rating: 7.1 out of 10):

  • A well thought out guitar opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their words and the tone they bring to the track.
  • The lyrics were great and very soothing too song. I love the vocals and can imagine hearing this in a store. I'd listen again.
  • Everything seems slower on this song. It is still good, but I have liked the other songs better. The lyrics are good, the vocals are a bit softer, and the music is great.
  • Good solid alternative rock that is close to the 90s sound a lot. I think the singer is like Tom Petty even in his tone. I love the drumming the most.
  • I have heard several of Elliott Sheridan's songs. I think he has a pleasing vocal quality. This particular song reminds me more of Folk music than some of his other songs. It is worth another listening to.
  • I like the rhythm and beat of the song. I like the confident sound of the lyrics. The vocals are good and blend well with the music.
  • I really did not care for the lead singer's voice all that much. The instrumentals and beat of the song was pretty good but the singer's voice took away from it.
  • I really enjoyed this song. It was upbeat and positive while still highlighting Elliott's voice. The song name and lyrics were both really good choices.
  • I really like the melody of this song and the song structure is simple but still works. The vocals work with the music really well.
  • I really liked the guitar playing in this song. I thought it had a nice rhythm. I think the vocals had a very interesting and original sound to them. Good job.
  • Not too bad, not something I'd listen to again, but still not bad. The vocals are great and the instrumentation is well done. The instrumentation is excellent and the production is perfect.
  • The idea for this band is def there but I think it's nothing more than a demo pretty much. Could def use some work on the arrangement and def the vocals as well.
  • The melody is good, and I like that all of the instruments don't overpower each other, except the singer a bit, which is all right, because he's not that good of a singer and I wouldn't mind his vocals being drowned out. His vocals are very monotone and flat, and he doesn't perform with emotion.
  • The singer has a pleasing, easy to listen to voice, but the song itself was just so-so, it would be okay playing on an album but not a song I would pick on a juke box to listen to.
  • The song is well paced and even toned. The lyrics match the beat well. I would seek more from this artist. I could relax to this song, or just ride in the car and sing along. It is very catchy.
  • The song started out ok. The bass was a little too lite for my taste. The vocals were ok, but maybe a little soft. More power there would be good. Just an ok song.
  • The song was appealing with a good introduction. I think more could have been done in this song . The vocals could have been more powerful.
  • The song was laid back and mellow. It was easy to listen to and follow along with. I would not mind hearing more form this artist. Thank you.
  • The vocals are not bad for the most part, they could have more emotion to them though. The sounds are okay a bit simple overall.

Below is an acoustic version of Kickstart by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of Kick Start from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (Song Rating: 6.8 out of 10):

  • I like the guitar tune at the start of this song, the lyrics sound meaningful and are nice to listen to, i would buy this song to listen to myself. it would be great to listen to on a walk or a bike ride, its a nice slow song. I really like how the same guitar riff is kept without the song it gives it a very acoustic feel.
  • When the guitar playing first started, it didn't sound that great, there's a bit of a high pitched noise in the background that kind of distracts from the song. The vocals are really nice and soothing, I really liked them. The rhythm is also very nice, sounds like it would be popular among country fans, I would recommend it to friends who enjoy this genre.
  • I really love this flowing acoustic guitar. I think that the vocalist sings great. He has a great ability. He never once sounds like he is going flat with his tone of vocals. This song is very playable and has no restraint in how much they will show their vulnerable side in the vocals and lyrics.
  • Guitar opening sounds great. Voice sounds a little like singing through the noise. The beat of the song is great, and it is refreshing. The simpleness of the song with just a guitar is great and refreshing. Sound very calming and relaxing. The combination of the guitar and male voice always sound nice. The message of the song is great.
  • The first opinion I had about this song is that the vocalist and instrumental music sound a little weak at the beginning. I don't feel any emotion from the vocals in this music, and it is hard finding words to describe the weakness of the song. Love does not have a feeling and I can't sense any strong types of emotions.
  • The song opens with acoustic guitar and the singer says "Everybody's talking" which makes me think of the Nilsson hit. But this is a different track with kind of a folk orientation. The strumming is pretty good but there's no real fantastic hook. It seems like a record that might get played on public radio during special student run programming hours.
  • I love the harmonies of this song. It makes the song sound so beautiful and it really makes you want to pay attention to the lyrics. As you listen, you realize the words are so stunning and delicate. I do think the lead vocalist needs to work on his pitch in certain instances.
  • The instrumental of this song is very soothing. The mans voice however, is very typical in folk music. He has nothing unique to bring to the table. The song is good, but the lyrics are a bit cliche and im not sure where i would listen to this song except when i am sad. I have mixed feelings and i rate this about 4/10.
  • I think the intro is very interesting with the guitar chords playing. The voice is a classic because it is calm and warm The lyrics are very inspiring to younger generations and could change a person's life. I think the guitar is suitable for this type of country music. I especially love the lyrics because it is very nice and calming. I think I would love to listen to this type of music when I try to sleep.
  • You mastered the guitar and the singing. It sounds like this simple bar country song. Definitely something I will drive to a bar and listen to. Your voice and the guitar playing techniques will fit the radio, but the quality and the one instrument reminds me of something played at a bar. I would have a good time listening to this pretty guitar tune and your amazing voice. The voice and the guitar really is a great pair and blend. The lyrics are so positive and encouraging.
  • This almost has a acoustic mix of Bruce Springsteen and John Cougar sound. It is a nice sound, but the hook of Kickstart kind of grinds the song to a halt every time it is played and sung. With that said, I like the rest of the song. The guitar playing is awesome and the voice is great. I'd be interested in other music by this artist.
  • I hear an acoustic guitar, this could be soft rock, acoustic, country, or anything! Hearing the vocals, this sounds more like soft rock. The sound of the guitar is telling me, "Hey, this song has a really good and deep message, so you should keep listening. It might teach you a lesson!" The lyrics are giving me a Bruce Springsteen vibe. But I know it's not Bruce Springsteen. This guy is saying 'kickstart' a lot, so I guess that's what the song it called. "Kickstart your life". That's a good message. The singer is probably spreading a message like, 'Keep going with your life" or "If you feel like your life hasn't started yet, go ahead and start it".
  • This song was pleasant to listen to. It was calming and had a great rythom. I would listen to this over many other country songs. I believe there should be another instrument in the backround. Most people like a deep-voiced singer like this. I think there was a great beat but a little hard on the bass. This song was great! I really enjoyed when the guitar was playing. The voice was overpowering the song which I like.
  • The guitar sounds lullaby worthy as soon as a listen to the emotion coming from the guitar alone I am convinced this song will be a good one. I am all ears listening to this song taking it apart bit by bit and listening to each part individually to notice that it all ties together very well. The artist's vocal melody suits the simple but cute lyrics perfectly, his voice is manly and enjoyable.
  • Personally I do not like songs that are a little on the country side but the lyrics are really nice and deep and empowering to a certain extent. I love the melody though and the guitar is very soothing. But again, personally this is not my type of music and I probably wouldn't purposefully listen to it.
  • This song has a very simple and down to earth melody and rhythm. The guitar strings start out the introduction and keep the flow constant and moving. The lyrics fit very well with the male vocals. It is rich and deep in the performance. I thought that the song was over all blended well and gentle.
  • Even though this song is pretty good, this song will not be a hit. Well, at least I don't believe it will, because it just doesn't have anything that will surprise you or cause you to have a special reaction. This is a safe song, as you can tell by the melody of the vocals, it was an alright performance, it could have been better if the singer didn't keep it so safe. His performance had the same tone the whole song, there wasn't a progression it just sounded like a really long verse.
  • The vocals suit the mood to the song. Very lovely and peaceful voice.His lyrics are very heartwarming and true.he has a natural voice to the melody.His words were well written and it seems like his has experience with his music. I loved the song even though it wasn't my type of music.
  • I like how the guitar starts it all out and then the artists voice sings at a slow and steady pace right along with the song to make it sound better, just like how a country song is supposed to be. I also like how his voice actually sounds musical, he actually expresses his feeling of his hard work and dedication to this song which makes it sound even better.
  • Nice soft acoustic guitar sound to this song, I like it. The singer has a great voice too perfect for this type of song. The beat and melody were really nice too. I liked the was the recording was nice and clear and all in all I think this song was really good. The lyrics were really good too.
  • The acoustic guitar at the beginning is beautiful and reminds me of the show Supernatural. The lyrics are amazing and have a lot of meaning. I don't really like the vocals though because I don't like country music. Other than that this song is really good. It makes me feel good inside and it's just so beautiful. The presentation of it is really good and the vocals don't overpower the instruments and vice versa.
  • Now country is not the kind of music I like to listen to, but when I herd this song it changed the way I looked at country music. Because of the words the he sang ,and the feeling that you put into singing this song. Witch really changed the way that I look at country music. It was so smooth. I would give it a 6/10.
  • I truly enjoyed the lyrics to this track, they seemed the most heartfelt and emotional of any song that i have ever heard on here before. Also the singer has a highly emotional feel to his voice, to his tone that just works beautifully. Its as if he is really feeling the words that he is singing. The music itself is simple and temperate feeling, the guitar carries you and pulls at you all at the same time. This is one of those songs that just make you feel something and stay with you i really enjoyed this track and hope that the name is posted on here.
  • The guitar sounds nice and there are meaningful lyrics, but it sounds a little too country. Although, I would listen to this if I was on a long road trip trying to get some sleep because it is really relaxing. Its really calming. I would also listen to this on summer nights out by a fire because it just seems appropriate for that situation.
  • When It first came on I felt a real sense of calm and relaxed feeling. After hearing him sing and listening over all is a very positive song which i like and would listen to all the time. It is telling you to let go of your problems and be you.
  • The song is good, the interprete has a good pronunciation, guitar stands out againts the other instruments and the melody is very emotional. is exquisite musicality. considering that the intro is pretty good letter does overcome and gets the listener is identified. i could listen all day.
  • Nice, slow guitar solo in the beginning. The lyrics sounded beautiful and encouraging. The lyrics talked about moving on with the choices you made. Additionally, it talked about not letting the past ruin your future and taking one step at a time. The instrumentation was majestic, creative, and legato-like. The artist played the guitar beautifully without using other instruments. Overall, it was grand and amazing.
  • I really liked the chorus. The lyrics for the chorus were definitely my favorite part of the song. The music was overall very relaxing and nice to listen to. I enjoyed it enough that I wouldn't mind listening to it, but I wouldn't actively seek this type of genre of music.