I wrote the lyrics and melody for Interesting Times, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Interesting Times

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Interesting Times

Verse 1:
We see a glacier melting
and a hurricane hits home
We go shopping at a mall
where animals once roamed

Our soldiers fight a losing war
in distant foreign lands
while the spirit of our country
is slipping through our hands

I dream of a world
with no child left behind
The winds of change are blowing
like storm clouds in my mind

Will future generations
be victims of our crimes?
The clock is slowly ticking
these are interesting times

The clock is slowly ticking
these are interesting times

Verse 2:
Diapers rotting in our landfills
for the next 500 years
genocides in Africa
but few of us shed tears

The politicians talk
but it's just more of the same
we're all sitting on the bench
not playing in the game

It's time to take a stand
use your voice and shout out loud
It's time to make a change
help one another and feel proud

Will future generations
be victims of our crimes?
The clock has started ticking
these are interesting times

Will the children of tomorrow
keep paying for our crimes?
The clock is slowly ticking
these are interesting times

These are interesting times
These are interesting times
These are interesting times
These are interesting times

The countdown has begun
underneath the setting sun
can't we all just live as one
a revolution of our minds
These are interesting times
These are interesting times
These are interesting times


Reviews of Interesting Times from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.4 out of 10):
  • A slow and caring country guitar opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • Again great vocals instruments and beat, this song was very loving and made me feel thoughtful and sensual. I really enjoyed it.
  • Both the lyrics of the song, the vocals, and the quality of the music itself are all great! This sounds like it could be a perfect country hit!
  • Good mix and instrumentals. Reminded me of a song that I couldn't place. A little old school sound. Vocals and tempo could have been a little faster.
  • I really enjoyed the guitar playing in this song especially during the beginning of it. I think the vocals and the lyrics worked well together and fit the song nicely.
  • I really like the lyrics to this song and the melody is really pretty. The instruments and music work with the vocals which are very nice together.
  • I really liked the calm and relaxing tone that this song had. However, the singer did not sound good at all and their voice actually made it less calm and relaxing.
  • Interesting lyrics but rather a downer. The vocalist does a reasonably good job and the instrumental accompaniment is fairly good. This is not a song I would listen to again. The lyrics are too negative.
  • It was okay, a nice easy ballad. I don't know that I'd pick it out on a jukebox, but it was very easy listening.
  • Kinda sound like some Third Eye Blind the way it started out. The vocals were kind of rough when they first came in. Needs some work on the vocals.
  • Not that bad, but not my jam and kind of depressing. On the one hand, the vocals are good and the instrumentation sounds well performed. On the other, the lyrics are depressing.
  • Really not shy away from this kind of music because it represents cleaner sides of emotion. Good flow of the guitar and the singing is smoothly quiet but gets you in.
  • The guitar in this song instantly catches my attention. It pulls me in as soon as I hear the song. I would seek more from this artist.
  • The melody has a bit of a country feel to it, especially when the singer starts to sing. His words are dull and monotone, like he doesn't care what he's singing about, even though the lyrics are kind of deep and important to some people.
  • The vocals blend well with the flow of the song. The lyrics are good and fit with the music. I like the rhythm and beat of the music.
  • The vocals sound different on this one. It did take a bit longer to get into the vocals, but that is because they just sound different. I do like them though. Again, the lyrics are powerful! Every songwriter could learn from Borgos.
  • This is a song that is meant for the coffee house. I like the tone of the singer how relaxed it sounds and mature. Well done.
  • This song makes a great statement about our society and it's problems. Not just here but in the world. I loved it. The music is understated probably to highlight the lyrics.
  • This song was mellow and relaxing to me. The vocals sounded decent and had a lot of meaning. I would not mind hearing more. Thank you.

Below is an acoustic version of Interesting Times by Douglas Haines:
Reviews of Interesting Times from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.3 out of 10):

  • The guitar to this song in the beggining introduction really sound soothing and nice to listen to. The vocals are conducted nicely and the lyrics are impressive to say the least. The backups are impressive and beautifully arranged. I gave this song an 8/10.
  • A very lovely acoustic guitar is heard. A great male vocal is heard. He is handsome in tune and nice to listen to. The song has beautiful lyrics. I think the song has great potential with it's melodic music. It's got a mellow rhythm too I like.
  • Well performed guitar solo in the opening. The bass line is a basic chord progression. The vocal reminds me of old folk songs. There could be a bit more emotional quality to the vocals. The guitar is beautiful. The harmonies are smooth and mellow. The lyrics are really well written and very meaningful. Reminds me of the old 60s protest songs. I'm not sure there is much of an audience for this but I love it.
  • The message the song carries is delivered in the soft acoustic strums of the a wooden guitar. The voice never fails or falters to the continuous strum of the guitar. The song succeeds in its simplicity as you don't need much with a beautiful message about helping the world and making it a better place. The melody and harmony blend together and mends even closer as the rugged voice is gentle into the serenity of his character. Though this song is powerful, I can't see it being played at a large venue or make it to the radio charts, but I can imagine it being played as a filler-come-down song on a department store playlist.
  • When I listened to the beginning I was not sure what direction this song was going in. When I head the lyrics I found out is was political folk. While he' covering some decent issues, they are often talked about in folk music like this and have been for years. The only difference is that the originals did it better.
  • I think this song is very emotional and touching. I think it should be considered for real life. I think there should be more background bass and little bit more emotion inside of it. Overall i do recommend to people who like this kind of music.
  • This is a very beautiful acoustic opening. I feel a sense of love when I listen to this. The singer's voice is a little bit plain, but it's not all bad. I love what the lyrics are about. It makes me think about the world. There's not too much of a beat, but it fits the song. The tempo is perfect as well. This song is very quaint.
  • The guitar is peaceful in this song. the male vocals sound old but at the same time soothing. the song has a very free setting. this is a very well developed folk song. i think that this song is a well campfire if the lyrics were changed up a little. other than that i truly think that this song is great.
  • Sounds happy it is country and sounds like hes talking about life and love for our country. he has a nice voice i like it. he sings about the future. and the other generations i think i have heard this song beofre although i dont listen to country that much its not what i really prefer but its okay.
  • The acoustic opening is instantly soothing on the ears and completely feels homey and calm. The vocal is equally dare i say better than what i was expecting from the start of the song, although it falls short as this genre is almost heard every day in oldies songs. I would like to hear this genre make a come back but for this song in general, it hits the spot.
  • The country guitar at the beginning of the song is playing a very cool tune. The vocals in this song need to be more engaging. The lyrics that were composed for this song have nice rhyming words, and I generally like what the lyrics are saying. I like how there is kind of a background voice, or maybe it is just a slight echo. This song is about all of the issues of the world.
  • This song has a nice crisp guitar playing in it. The vocals are definitely not something I am very fond of due to the fact that they do not rally have any dynamics but that alright. The smooth rhythm of the song is what makes it pretty decent, especially since it has no rhythm section, pretty neat. This song is very simple but it has a kick to it.
  • I love this song I would love to buy this song. It gives a good meaning to it. The singer voice is awesome it's on pitch and sounds good. The whole song is good. I would totally buy this song. This song can give kids a chance to learn about our history.
  • The introduction had nice instrumentals of the guitar. This instrumental and introduction really set the tempo and beat of the song and really carried me toward the singer. The beat and melody of the song has a nice tone and is really interesting. The background music is really catchy. The vocalists has a really nice and calm voice. However, I don't think he can hit the high notes. Nonetheless, he voice really fits the song type and the guitar. The lyrics of the song is creative and meaningful. I can feel the lyrics are of good choice and are metaphoric as well. The instrumental accompany has a nice balance with the singing. Overall, the performance and recording of the song was really professional. I can see this song on a commercial but maybe not on the radio as it is too calm. Overall, great country song to listen to during nights.
  • I like how the song starts with the guitar. You get a feel for what type of song you're going to listen to. I say it's of folk genre. Folk music is making a comeback. The song itself has a great message, and the singer has a pretty voice.
  • That guitar strum is a nice melody and the voice is a nice soft pitch. He has a good voice and his words speak meaning into the song. The lyrics are very confusing and old school. His lyrics switch topics a lot and he needs to work on his instrumental, its very boring and the same thing throughout the whole song. I think that he has potential if he had better instruments and lyrics that made sense.
  • The music is pleasant enough. The guitar and voice of the singer are both nice, but I feel as if the message is too heavy handed and won't resonate with today's younger generation. Depending on the target audience, this song could be a hit or a miss. I know some older and more conservative demographics would be able to connect with the lyrics. The lyrics are a tad politically charged, which, while able to connect to today's current events, might not make for great music.
  • The acoustic guitar is very soothing, yet the serious message sung in a heartfelt manner gives a sort of melancholy feeling. It's a very bittersweet listen. This song is super folky, which I like, but it might be more interesting with a bet more emotion in the man's voice. Perhaps some more intense highs and lows to really capture the powerful message of the lyrics.
  • Nice fingerstyle of playing the guitar, lovely voice. However, there's no peak in the song which makes it sound like there's no chorus. The lyrics are quite nice though. It would be nice if you start a chorus by strumming the guitar to catch the interest of the audience. That would make the song more interesting.
  • I like the singer. The backup vocals are just right with the harmonies. Great sound. The instruments are very soft and tender. The lyrics are wonderful. They have a great message for our troops. These are definitely interesting times. The rhythm and melody are very timely. The gentleness of this song is what makes it sound great. I really, really like it. get it recorded!
  • I instantly hated this song. Did not fit my preference at all. For me it isn't my ideal or first choice although it does relate to real life situations it wouldn't be something I would listen to to personally. For an individual who desires the feel of country music this would be great. The flow of the music provides a soft feel to it and it fits with the vocalist very well not too sure if he would make it big though.
  • It's an okay song, the guitar line is solid. It seems a bit forward in certain themes that may turn a listener off but at the same time, bring someone who agrees even closer. I would appreciate more variety in the tonality as a listener. Good effort, there is skill here. Sounds very Bob Dylan influenced.
  • No beat. Just vocals , lyrics and a good strum of the guitar . Im a big fan of country . The singer has such a soft voice . This song is a must for any country singer . This song is great for people who love country music and lived in a country setting or Is living in a country setting.
  • I think your vocal melody needs to be worked on some because it sounds like you don't have any confidence. The tone and harmonies were supposed to be uplifting. Rhythm has to keep the song moving forward. Instruments are not going to keep the fans attention by playing slowly. Just work harder.
  • Strummed country guitar is light and flowing as this folky talks of humanities spoilage of the environment and America in general. I guess hippies have given up optimism and just choose to report on these 'interesting times'. Lots of negativity is expressed in plain vocals and a bit of boredom and depression is brought by this sour commentary. He advocates change but sounds utterly defeated and a little on the blah side. I think theres not enough audio sweetness here to sell this plain concept. Lack of rhythm or elements make it a chore to listen to. Perhaps a piano or a counter female harmony might help.
  • The acoustic sounds nice in the intro but the lyrics are terrible. it sounds like a classic political nonsense song. there is nothing poetic about these lyrics. the harmony works well but it sounds like parody of a folk song that you would hear on a movie or tv. it's that bad. at least he can sing and play well.
  • The guitar in the song sounds similar to old folk music like Bob Dylan. The lyrics do speak of problems of today and what better times would be like, which I do appreciate. The vocalist have a very unique voice that helps the song sound that much more unique. The rhythm is one that I can really see myself enjoying on a nice sunset.
  • Starts with lovely guitar strumming. A sad, but truthful song, with a folksy campfire vibe. It is about "interesting times". It comes off a little confusing. Is this a song for children, or adults? I know one might say "both", but I'm just not feeling it. The word choice has a poetic lullaby/children's song feel to it, but the lyrics insinuate there is a narrative with an adult audience. It feels almost silly to me. I understand the message, but the song doesn't make me "feel" anything. Not a bad song, just not for me.
  • I love the way the beat starts and, it lyrics are so meaningful. Love the way it represent the world, our future and our kids. It has a purpose to it. I would buy it and hear it all the time. I would recommended as well. It's lyrics is so uplifting and give hope to us. I think it is an amazing song to hear. This song represent our children and there future.
  • The song in my opinion was ok but it needs alot of work meaning the artists voice wasn't amazing and the beat was very not nice. But its just not my thing ! The style was almost making me fall asleep at times i wish it would end. This type of music is for the older group set so i can see people 30 and older listening to this.
  • I enjoyed the satirical patriotism. And I also enjoyed the guitar chords and the repetition of important statements. The message the song portrays can reach those it needs since it's form is musical, and it is wonderful altogether. The song is repetitive, but that benefits it by repeating only the important lines.