Song Title: In Memoriam

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In Memorium

This is MC Eric B coming at you
from beyond the grave
I'm gonna rock this funeral
like a tidal wave

When I was alive
I always liked to plan ahead
so I decided to write my own eulogy
before I was dead

I know this concept
probably freaks you out
and will be frowned upon
by all those who are really devout

But what do I care
now that I am deceased?
the cat is out of the bag
my lyrics released

Even though I kicked the bucket
some say taking a dirt nap
from 6 feet under
I still can bring you this rap

I had a happy life
I liked to watch my big screen TV
museums and fancy culture
they just weren't my cup of tea

My days were a lot shorter
than what I had originally thought
good thing for that big life insurance policy
that I bought

Some say I worked too much
online both night and day
but my work made me happy
in a fulfilling type of way

At least my legacy lives on
through hundreds of Internet sites
to be downloaded forever
in little bits and bytes

So wipe away all those tears
stop that silly crying
please celebrate life
be glad it wasn't you that was dying

I'd like to give a final shout out
to my family and friends
because we've come to the part
where this eulogy ends