Song Title: In The Arms of America

I wrote the lyrics and melody for In The Arms of America, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

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In The Arms of America

Verse 1:
Cruisin' down a highway
that'll take me anywhere
skylines built with faith and hope
under rockets reddish glare

I pledge allegiance
give my blood
work my fingers to the bone
a better life
for those to come
from the seeds that I've sown

Lead me to the heartland
and shimmering city lights
keep me safe where I belong
take me home tonight

In the arms of America
in the arms of America

Verse 2:
I wandered through the desert
washed up on distant shores
journeyed deep inside myself
to fight a private war

The stars and stripes
they guide me
with dawn's early light
filling me up
proud and strong
like an eagle taking flight

One nation stands united
where justice reigns supreme
let's raise a glass to freedom
and to living out our dream

Bring me to the heartland
and golden cities bright
take me somewhere safe and warm
take me home tonight

In the arms of America
in the arms of America
in the arms of America
take me home tonight


Reviews of In The Arms of America at Crowd Review (song score: 6.6 out of 10):

  • A calm and relaxing intro that leads to a male vocalist who performs with a lot of passion and spirit put into the lyrics which are well written and tell an interesting tale.
  • A nice, laid back, folky song with just enough melody in the chorus and some very good lyrics. I didn't think it was dynamically engaging, and vocal could have been a little stronger.
  • I liked how this track started and I thought the guitar work on this one was very well done
  • I think this is a great patriotic song and can imagine it being played at welcome home ceremonies for soldiers. I could also imagine this song being played at a college party as well.
  • I think this one sounds sort of like an interesting folk song, almost. I like how the guitar and the vocals work together in this song.
  • I will give this a 6 because it sounds decent and the artist doesn't do a bad job in making the song sound good and they do have potential I think. Production is really good as well!
  • In general, I like songs that have American pride. This unfortunately, is not one of them. The lyrics are just a bunch of cliches set to music. Sorry - not a fan.
  • In liked the intro and upbeat tempo. Instrumentals sounded good overall and sound quality was great. Vocals were pretty good as well. I liked the main melody and simple arrangement. I didn't like the lyrics though.
  • Not bad, not bad at all. The vocals are good and the lyrics are well developed and upbeat sounding. The instrumentation is excellent and the production is solid as a rock.
  • Overall, the song is raw and impressive, but I think it has strong commercial potential. The melody is overly complex and shapeless. The verses appear to be very plain. The performance quality is high solid instrumentally. The singer definitely is talented and experienced. This is an awesome melody and execution.
  • Starts out pretty nice and mellow, the volume needs a boost on it, its pretty good but needs some work on it, other wise its good, has potential
  • The lyrics were catchy and the instrumentation was adequate. I didn't hate it or love it. I liked the singer's voice, but I felt like I'd heard the song before. It reminded me of country today. The song is riding the border of pop and country. I think a bit of music punch would go a long way in making the song stand out. It was very bland.
  • The singer has a pitch range and distinctive vocal tone, but is often drowned out by the powerful instrumental accompaniment. The song is original, and the verses are shapely and melodic. The lyrics seem quite predictable. Instrumentally, the song has a creative, full accompaniment that complements the vocal track varied. The singer definitely is imaginative and talented. This is an extraordinary melody and execution.
  • The song is expected for the Pop genre. The lyrics are relatable. The song arouses feelings of calm. The instrumentals are up beat. The vocals are soft.
  • The vocals were kinda loud too loud for the music pretty much. Overall it was pretty sweet though. I would def be listening to it again.
  • This is a pretty pleasant tune to listen to. It has a good song structure with the music played well. The vocals are good and the singer possesses quite a nice tone.
  • This is a really great track. The artist has very nice vocals and the music is very nice. I also like the lyrics to this song. Very nice work on this song.
  • This sounds like a cheesy country song. I am not a fan of patriotic stuff. It seems very forced and silly to me. I would not listen to this again.
  • This was a great song from start to finish. I liked the instrumentals in this song a lot. They did a good job of adding to the vocals without drowning them out. Truly a great song.
  • Very good introduction, very upbeat and nice and smooth. The vocals start strong, has a good tone to his voice. Stays in tune and on beat. Very nice song!

Below is an acoustic version of In The Arms of America by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of In The Arms of America at Crowd Review (song score: 6.4 out of 10):

  • The guitar riffs in this song were rippling, they were extremely performed well. Compared to others song of this caliber, this one beats off their socks. I love the smoothness and soothing of the artist's voice, such an attractive voice. The timing of the words and beats were accurate, really accurate. I think that this song has a lot of potential.
  • Awesome piano playing in the intro. I can see this song being great just because of the intro, good paced and great singing also. The instrumental also has a pretty good speed to it as it flows and matches with the singer, I would put this in a country / country genre if you were to ask me. Also this song puts me in a good mood juct because of the good lyrics and the background bea, positive influenced melody.
  • The song is weak in nature. I think this is due to the fact that your melodies leave a lot to be desired, as does your voice. None of the melodies are overly catchy, and your voice could be a lot better. The song is produced well, and your vocals are clean, but the song feels empty. Despite this, your vocals are very well written, and the guitar adds a nice touch to the texture and colour of the overall track.
  • Smashing start, bold and sensitive right away. Vocal a touch loud. Melody sounds again very Bruce Springsteen. Maybe too close to be unique enough. The recording is a little rough, but again the guitar playing is top notch, rhythmic, and pleasant. Vocals are good, but the lyrics are a little cliche.
  • Lots of simple notes creating a whimsical track with so much softer gentle singing included in this track. His somber but emotional harmonies are treading on some good lyrics that are written well. He has some achievable goals of letting the harmonies free and getting his own particular style out there with the melodies too. I do like the sweet nature of his voice, he sings like he has everything under control. He is basking in the limelight of the musical glory he has been gifted with.
  • The singer sound good but I don't think either they were recorded well or their voice fits for this kind of music. Perhaps if this wasn't acoustic it would be better. The lyrics as great, they will be popular. The guitar sounds good but sounds like it sped up a little half way through. The more I listen, the more I just think the singer and guitar are good, they just need better recording.
  • The guitar goes smoothly with this song because you are playing it with style. Tone and harmonies were mind blowing and cunning. Rhythm has impressive vibe that I want to hear again. Instruments seem to have a classical beat that I want to see you perform live. The lyrics were easy to repeat.
  • The record begins with a acoustic guitar and the chords are very pretty .the song is a country hit and the man singing has a nice tone to his voice. the song gives me a mellow feeling and I think the song is very fun the vibe I get is kind of sappy from the melody and the man's voice along with the lyrics but overall the song would do well on radio.
  • The acoustic guitar is so relaxing in the beginning and then when he starts singing it just makes everything better. His voice is so calm and soothing. He has the perfect pitch for acoustic music. The melody is so catchy. This guy has serious talent. It brightens up the mood. Props to this guy I really like it.
  • I think that this song, is a bit different in some aspects. The singer here has a lot of passion and rhythm in his voice and tries his best. It's a great country song that really enhances a lot of different aspects. It's a very dramatic tune that sounds uplifting and the lyrics speak truth in a lot of the song. Great job on this song! It's emotional and touching!
  • The guitars have this strange phased effect on them and right away I can tell it's yet another boring depressing lonely uninteresting song that has nothing to do with anybody really and is just a song that deserves to be thrown away. I cannot stand pathetic country music one bit. I wish whoever wrote this song will try harder to write better songs. The chorus never ends and it makes me very unhappy. this song is simply terrible in my opinion. The repetitiveness is almost unbearable. All there is a boring man singing with his boring guitar track.
  • The guitar was good and well played. I loved how the music just went right in, and how the vibe of the song was just interesting. The mans voice added a lot of spice to the song, which was cool. He had a nice voice, and was really into the song he was putting out. The lyrics were not bad at all.
  • I love the basic but powerful sound of the beginning of this track. The overall musical composition is soft where it needs to be and picks up nicely at the right spots. The lyrics are actually creative for this genre of song without the usual lovey dovey stuff. The vocalist has a strong, passionate voice that delivers quite well on the sound that this genre demands.
  • Guitar- chords were so great, I would play more of the e minor since the lyrics are more depessing, the chorus are almost to happy to be put into the song. lyrics- I liked how you lyrics didn't repeat themselves to much so good job on that! Harmony - the harmony sung with this song with the two voice was to soft one voice during the harmony you should be a little stronger.
  • Acoustic guitar has something really magical about it. Paired with an amazing vocalist and it just makes beautiful music. This is a true example of simple but great music. This singer has a very unique, rustic and raspy character to it, that it carries the song. The lyrics are very patriotic, and will capture the audience because it'll unify those people who have the same beliefs.
  • The sound quality of this recording needs to be patched up somewhat, there is an odd tone on the guitar that doesn't sound great. The vocals are sweet and charming in their own way. The lyrics are well written though the theme will only work for country fans really. The harmony line is good but could be tighter. This song will do fine with a little polish.
  • The tune starts off with a nice melodic strum from the guitar player. Apparently this song was written about cruising down the highway. The singer has one of those relaxing voices. Nice tempo to the song even if it is a bit slower. It is also acoustic so the tempo sounds right for the song. The lyrics are fun to listen to because they tell a good story.
  • Guitar at the beginning is lovely. Really enjoy how easy the song is to listen to. The music is soft and has subtle variations that make it comfortable and relaxing to listen to. The man has a nice voice - but I would like to see some more diversity in the notes he sings. Very beautiful lyrics - I really like the alliteration that is used "shimmering city". It creates an interest that not many songs have these days. Lovely work.
  • Accomplished guitar riffs start this song off, followed by some vocals, with good harmonies, that sound kind of country, and the lyrics tell stories about America, it sounds patriotic, which is fine. The melodies are quite stripped back, but there's enough to keep the song interesting. Tuneful, as the song is expressive.
  • Yep I like this song a lot. The guitar sounds great and really gets you interested on where this song is going to go. The singer is awesome. He has a low tone and it sounds great. His runs are a little rough but nothing that can't be improved on. Again i like this song the vocals just need some work.
  • The strumming of the guitar is nothing technically masterful or complex, but this song retains very commercial appeal, specifically for an "all-american" barbecue family. The lyrics are spiritual in nature, but the song can easily be enjoyed by people who do not usually consume this musical genre. The vocals are typical country fare but there is a nice use of harmonization halfway through to distract.
  • Great easy going guitar strumming intro. Good smooth easy going vibes - rich voice and lyrics that all flow well with the guitar strumming. Lyrically, already quite good, with good grasp of the concept of musical/lyrical flow and good voice as well. Smart, and well chosen choice of words at the start, and very good first impression already. Good long first verse. Very well done, and does not kick right into a chorus like many songs do. Slow progression of guitar work is not bad and is quite subtle, so guitar work is quite good. Mood develops quite early on, and stays pretty serious throughout. Overall great song, but I personally feel that the song is simply not energetic enough.
  • The music sounds good, and is a nice backdrop to the song. I like the man's voice, and it suits the song, and the second singer compliments the main singer but it got a annoying when the song shifted early on to being about America, I do not tend to listen to patriotic songs. This country song was good, but it's patriotic message left much to be desired.

Below is a different version of In The Arms of America by Eric Yanis from

Reviews of Eric Yanis' version of In The Arms of America on (overall score: 5.0 out of 10):

  • This vocalist injects a bit of elvis tone into the mix,does sound a little false though.The deep pitch and the rhythm combined sound very cabaret,quite an amateurih local band feel about it,so dated aswell.The guitars and drum rhythms just aren't polished enough here,too loose,not a strong element of the mix.Volcay the singer just drifts too much but overall sounds too dated.
  • Melody is so appealing to the ears and so easy to listen to. It's well composed. The simplicity of instruments used is perfect for this song. It's uncomplicated and very refreshing to listen to. The artist vocals are softly sung so it is just right for the tune and the volume in which the melody backs the song. The artist sings the song well as far as the tune of his voice. The lyrics are a bit obscure. The artist does not pronounce his words clearly in the song, making it hard to grasp on to what the lyrics of the song are actually about. Clarity is always important to a song and this was not the case with the performance given. The song does have potential but the artist should work on being clear with the lyrics when giving a vocal performance.
  • I like the sounds in the introduction. They make me feel like I'm sitting in the park on a warm summer day. The singer has a real Tennessee sound to his voice. He reminds me of Elvis so much it's not even funny. This is the type of song I would picture hearing in the 60s or even a 60s themed movie I really love the guitar solo, it's a welcomed addition. Overall, it's a pretty great sound bluesy track.
  • The singer has a very Elvis like twang to his voice. It's a little bit country which I quite like and I wouldn't mind hearing this track again. The whole thing is in tune and the pitch of the vocals fits well. The vocalist has a very good voice and really sings with a little bit of passion, like he really believes in the song. I think that this is something that could possible be heard on the radio in America. We don't really listen to that kind of music much here in the UK but again I would be happy to hear it again.
  • I think this song is really well written. This reminds me of something from George Straight, kind of. The lyrics aren't that great but they are written well. I like that is has an old time country/bluegrass feel too it. The tempo is a little to slow for me, it makes it feel kind of long and drawn out, I would speed up the musical part of it a little bit.
  • A slow introduction but great vocals. The singer sings this song with feeling and the lyrics are interesting. The vocals are warm, expressive and appealing. The song also has a rich variety of interesting instruments, which makes it more heart-warming. I find this is a great little country tune that we all could sing along too.
  • Nicely played instruments, raw playing instruments with no computerized stuff. I love to hear things done the real way like a actual instrument without a computer at least, it shows that a lot of effort was put into the song, the singing don't sound so great so try to improve on that. The voice audio is ok but not strong, but possibly clear. The lyrics makes a small amount of sense to me but that can be that I barely heard you from the instruments for a bit, overall the ratings for this song is a 6/10
  • Good intro. but the harmony is off the tones are being over powered by the Artist. As for the melody it is lack luster at best. The instrumental is completely off key and beat is duel. There nothing I see good with this song Sorry I don't ever see this in stores. The vocals are poor.
  • The singer has a great voice that puts me in mind of Elvis. The guitar picking was hauntingly beautiful. The lyrics are great. However that all said I felt the quality of this track was pretty poor. Far too much reverb. Sounds like it was recorded on a cupboard. There is definite potential here for the singer snd for the lyrics of this song but much much work needed.
  • Some jangly sounding guitars on this track, though a tad harsh sounding too. The music is instantly very predictable though, it's extremely old fashioned and highly reminiscent of a lot of sixties music. There really isn't much originality to the track at all. There are also a few performance issues with the track - the vocals are a bit weak and could be more expressive and there are times throughout the track where the instruments are out of time with the percussion beat.
  • I really like the tune of this song because it is great for the little kids, especially to inspire them to be good. I like the lyrics of the song because it is sung perfectly and has no swear words like I said, it is great for little kids. I recommend this song to parents for their kids. And also the Tune of the song also sounds like a tune of love.
  • I'm not a huge fan of country, and that's what this sounds like. The vocals sound like there is something stuck in his throat, kind of like Kermit the Frog. The guitar strumming is nice, especially with the multiple layers. The lyrics are original and meaningful. On the other side, the melody is kind of boring and the vocals kind of ruin it for me and verge on cringeworthy.
  • First thing ( country genre) I love the tempo of the song ( guitar to a pitch of high notes) I love the way the guitar's like a Hawaii sound to it with I like makes feel like I'm in Hawaii.I like the beat ( bum bum) it talk about a guy going on a roadtrip. talks about he's stop and how he's glad to be home sweet home back in America.
  • I feel like I'm on an island while I listen to this song. I can almost feel the cool breeze on my face while I listen and drift with the track. I'm sure this was the composer's intention. I have to say though, the sound of the vocalist's voice is a bit odd for this track. It sounds like Kermit the Frog, I'm not even going to lie. I like the solo going on between verses. Even though I like the tempo and melody of this track, I have to say it needs some vocal revamping.
  • Immediately, the song gave off a country "sad lyrics, but upbeatish melody". The singer was decent, but not superbly talented as far as country singers go without some technology and editing. I appreciated the simple background instruments. The background singers and the changes in pace of the music made the song interesting and complex enough. Either this song was an old country song or inspired by one based on the simplicity and subtle talent. Not my genre of music, but I liked it.
  • The melody and the introduction of the song make me want to get in my car and drive down some old country dirt roads. It's kind of boring sounding, the audio quality isn't really that great-that could be improved. I feel like this would sound much better on an old record player, but does not have today hit potential. Lyrics weren't too bad.
  • This song could be hit but the wy tht is constructed is distrcting. The lyricl content is describing the US. However the instrumentls dont ply to tht they sy world trvel or tropics mybe. Its like you put two songs together. lso the recording rtist hs lovely mellow tone to his voice but it is hrd to understnd him. Mybe he would like to revist how his vocl phrsing is being portryed in this trck
  • There are many missed notes. The instruments don't blend well together. The solo is off beat, with some clear stumbling on a couple of notes. The vocals aren't good. It's an attempt at a deep voice, but there is no roughness, and it's not smooth either. The lyrics are overly patriotic. The background vocals feel incredibly out of place. The chorus might be memorable if performed better.
  • This is an odd tropical and relaxing version of country that is unlike anything I've recently heard. The lead singer's voice reminded me of an expressive muppet to be honest.I kind of liked it, even though it's not my kind of music. But i was all for the message, and could appreciate how it was in ideal format for mp3 listening. The instrumentals struck me as imaginative and slightly sensational. The vocals could have used editing work to sound a lot better, even though they didn't need it. For instance, louder & more in a digital song format, if that makes any sense.
  • Smooth intro very clear and relaxing, has a great acoustic instrumental keeping this song flowing, also the solo mid song is placed in the right spot, the lyrics could be better, this is a really good flowing country feel song, the energy is mid to slow having a sleek enjoyable sense that helps the listener take it easy.
  • The music is so relaxing and heart-warming. One of the good classic style songs. The vocals are very full and meaningful. They are also inspiring and manly. The melody is a mash up country style with elegant string use and maracas. I admire the complexity of the tune and the beat. It reminds me of the good old 70's when music was still fresh and unspoiled and very elegant. This is very good example of good music which is very pleasant to the ears.
  • Sounds a lovely slow love song by the introduction. When the country voice started it fit very well with the music. I couldn't hear it well enough to decipher the lyrics fully in that the words are so 'country' I loved the background harmonies really fit in with the whole theme of the song. The guitar solo was very fitting too, quite wanted to dance along to it. Overall a nice song but would like to read the lyrics fully
  • The recording of this song was not the best, and definitely not radio quality. I am not sure if it is live or what, but it wasn't especially pleasant to listen too. Putting that aside, some of the melody notes were not especially pleasing to listen to. This would be okay if this is supposed to be a live recording. All the sound quality problems really distracted me from what I was supposed to be paying attention too. The harmony that comes in later sounds off pitch too. The chord progression is boring. The artist does have a nice voice, and the lyrics seem like they are very Americana and inspiring. I feel very neutral about this song.
  • Love the hawaiian feel to the introduction. Your voice is really identifiable and the song is well written. Although you are quite 'throaty' which is sometimes nice but I think if you bring the sound forward in your mouth more then you will be able to get more projection and give it more welly in the chorus. Guitar work is lovely too, really relaxed and a nice chilled out song I would happily listen to. But I would try with your singing to get the sound to resonate at the front of your mouth more. The harmonies need to be a third higher in my opinion but that's just me.
  • A tuneful intro played with a guitar it was quite musical. I was disappointed when the male vocalist voice started as i don't think it suited the music. A country song but unfortunately his voice was out of tune, he was high pitched and screechy at time. i didn't like the tone to his voice. I don't think anyone would be interested in this track it makes no sense at all. there are no sections to it.
  • This song to me is a classic song, the arrangement in the background reminds me of one or two other big hits that the public loved. I would say this could be a hit but because of the genre it would only reach a certain number of people for example this song would be alot more popular in America compared to the United Kingdom. I give this a 6 out of 10 because it is a good song, however it may not be very marketable outside of America.
  • I love the opening cords!! But then I can barely hear the voice and lyrics. I am not sure what he is saying. He needs better recording or something along those lines. I think its a simple song I just wish I could him more. He is too quiet and so I think he needs to get into a good recording studio to record the song.
  • This is not exactly my kind of music so overall it very well with me. It was reminiscent of some of oldies music like Elvis Pressley mixed with the vocals of the killers. The vocals were enticing and his voice was very smooth with a good tone. The guitar riffs were a little boring but ultimately I just didn't like his voice. This was a little too much country for me.
  • wo. the voice is good and the music is good but they are not melding together. The performer is a little off and the melody does not compliment his raspy voice. the lyrics do not flow and it sounds like the writer is trying to force ideals to the listner. good melody but does not match up well whit what this song wants to say. a more upbeat tempo would be better for the lyrics and a more relaxed story would go great to the music.
  • Im not usually a country fan but you've done good with this has a steady rythem everything seems to be tuned in pkay, maybe try better microphone equipment for a better sound to your voice,your singing is great but the quality of the music isn't what it should be,try editing and fine tuning before releasing your finished product. All in all it was a good song. Congratulations.
  • Should have stuck wig the melody in the begging isn't becusse it was catchy and made me feel happy. The vocals sound weird and fake first quarter way through. The string plucks make no sense. I can't see this song being a major hit but I think it does have its own niche that could tend to many users just not me.
  • The instrumental was very relaxing. This song would go great on a road trip with great scenery. The tone is soothing, it makes me want drive somewhere new! The lyrics were simple and easy to understand. I could see this being a nice family travel song and a song that brings back good memories.
  • I feel like the intro should be longer for how slow the song is, it seems to make it seem faster than it actually is. The lyrics are wonderful, however I believe that they should be sung more purely for the emotion portrayed in the song. The instrumentals are not too bad but I feel like there is something key missing from them. The guitar definitely does the most justice to it.
  • Being a more patriotic song, during the first chorus when the "In the arms of America" was sung without the power in the vocals disappointed me. I was expecting very strong vocals at that line to feel the pride of an American. I enjoyed getting that feeling at the end of the second chorus. The instrumental was fine except what I believe to be an "Ohh" kind of just droning in the background. It didn't feel natural to the song at all. The volume mix was done nicely too. Nothing stood out too strong or didn't come across well. The song ended to abruptly too. It felt like it should have left softer with more fading to fit the feel the song gives better. Overall, I rather enjoyed it and would listen to this song again. It has the potential to be a more liked song on an album, but not quite the hit of the whole record.
  • The song is reminding me of the beach and being under warm weather of the sun. It also reminds me of the cruise but needless to say that the song itself is listenable. I don't understand what you are trying to say as you sing. I don't understand what is going on. As the I listen, the rhythm is the only good thing about the song. Im not saying that it's a bad song but it's okay to listen to.
  • If Kermit the Frog made a County song, this would be it. The song very patriotic & has a nice feel to it, & I can hear the passion coming through; but the band is not together. At some points in the song it sounds like certain instruments are not messing together. The lead vocalist is not the strong, but the background harmonies are tight. The intent is good, but the track is not ready for commercial listening. Still I can appreciate the art.
  • The song starts out in a sing song manner. The melody is just not that strong and there is not a hook or catch to it. The vocals are ok but the singer doesn't have good vocal control. There are some pitch issues in the high notes. The backup singing is flat or is that the keyboard playing behind the lead. The instrumentals are too tinny sounding. They just don't contain enough variation to enrich this song.
  • This song was old for sure. I like the guitar and the classic country singer. He had a super deep voice though. There snare in the drums should stand out and there should be a violin. That will help this song discover a newer technique. This was about the arms of Americal with the stars and stripes. It's a true time to express free feelings and opinions. I like this
  • Strong country pop track. The vocals are sung with a crispy tone. The tone highlights the lyrics in the verses. The verses are well written. The chorus is also well written. The chorus is also very catchy. The guitar especially stands out quite a bit in the song. The guitar tracks are both smooth and forceful at the same time. This makes for a good musical contrast throughout the song. The song structure weaves very freely. The song structure allows not only the instruments to breathe but also the vocals to be positioned just in the right places. The overall mood of the song is reflective. The chord progressions enhance that mood. The song length is just right for radio airplay. I think the song is a radio hit.
  • Nice notes from a guitar with a voice that is pure country to accompany it. The vocals quiet however and a bit of work is needed to settle the volumes, The guitar is gentle in the background and there are some hums going on the chorus. The vocals wander slightly out of tune so some more practice is needed before release.
  • I liked how this song started off with such an energetic and interesting melody, the guitar really added a lot of feeling to the song. But after a while I thought that the songs rhythm started to become too repetitive, I think adding some drums or more instruments in general would greatly improve the overall quality of the song. I thought that the singer put on a great performance though.
  • This song was introduced well and nice, the vocals came up eventually and it sounded like a voice of a country singer, the vocals was so raw. The guitar of the instruments was playing even inch to start a new verse or to interrupt the singer. The instruments was smooth. The lyrics was deep and i could feel his pain through the music and he was singing about the military and how he wa ts to be home where he is considered free and safe and in the arms of his loved ones. The male singer was talented because he did not need to really stress himslef. The song can be a hit classic song
  • The vocals of this track have a very unique tone and this will not sit well with a lot of people. There is a lot of nasal singing. Timing is not perfect for this track and really needs to be addressed. The additional voices don't work for this song to me. They seem very disjointed. The lyrics are very patriotic and this will divide audiences. A lot of kinks need to be worked out of this track.
  • The artist's tone in the song is off key and is bad. The melody is a bit flat and I'm not feeling the song. I think that this artist needs some work on his vocals before he performs. The solo and the melody doesn't blend in together and this song is very forgettable. I feel that though the song is patriotic, the vocals and the melody messed this song up big time.
  • The music at the start of the song was out dated and old fashioned, this isn't going to get any radio play. The artist sounds weak and unprofessional on the vocals, harmony was okay, but still didn't do any justice to the artists singing voice, it was bad and unpleasant to listen to, an older generation might like it at karaoke, but that is it.
  • The beginning of this song reminds me of something Carrie Underwood would sing. I think the lyrics are very meaningful and very heartfelt. The singers voice is too-low and off key for this song, he is also a bit pitchy for my liking. I think with a singer like Carrie Underwood a song like this could become a hit, I could see her singing this. I think this songs main elements really come and fit together well. I also am a fan of the acoustic guitar in the background, adds a nice country vibe to this song.
  • I really like the beat at the beginning it starts off unique and makes you interested in what this song has to offer. I do not like this guys voice. His voice just ruins it for me. It sounds like he is just trying way to hard to sound country. It doesn't sound Natural and it is very hard to listen too. The lyrics to this song are very generic country lyrics. They are boring and do not offer anything unique that sets it apart from other songs. I would take the instrumentals in this song just how they are and just add a new singer. I do not believe this band can be successful with this singer.
  • This is a unusual song to me. I think the vocalist sound odd, I am unsure if he is being serious or not. The lyrics seem to be serious but I get this overall satirical vibe from this song. Instrumentally this is a well crafted song, all the instruments are tight and play off each other well. But overall I am confused by this song. People may like this song ironically.
  • I don't see anything special abou this song, and donat all se what the artist wtrying to get across. In my most professional opiion, this track was a joke to me. The lyrics were juplain childish and corny. The beat was w too fast, a he vocals didn't really sound all that nic either. I don't think I would like to hear this song, no artist again I was very disappointed.
  • The music sounds very beach like. I am not sure the voice really goes with the beat. I also feel that the words drown out most of the background music and it would be good to find a way to balance the two out. That way people are hearing the beat and your words together creating more of a flow for your listeners. Over all it is a good song I just feel that the tone isnt right for the song.
  • WOW! This song is absolutely amazing. I really do like the singer's voice and I believe that this singer has a lot of potential. While the lyrics can be corny, the singer makes up for it. Beat and tempo of this song is quite nice if not perfect. This is almost flawless and can not find something too bad about this. Great song keep the good work up. I will give this 10 out of 10.