Song Title: I Confess

I wrote the lyrics and melody for I Confess, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines to record it for me.

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I Confess

Verse 1:
On the edge of my sanity
I stand all alone
a guilty conscience haunting me
it cuts down to the bone

The sins of our fathers
try to leave them in our past
but from the day that we were born
our genetic die was cast

Give me a glimmer of hope
make everything alright
pull me out of the dark abyss
as the fires of hell ignite

I Confess
I Confess
to save my soul gonna take control
with all the strength that I possess

lead me to salvation
show me the right way
tempting your eternal fate
is a dangerous game to play

Verse 2:
Looking for direction
at a fork in the road
hauling burdens of a misspent youth
just trying to lighten my load

I'm tired of always running
there's no one else to blame
time for me to step it up
or completely quit the game

Caught between religious faith
and my carnal desires
where do I find the answers
that this confusing life requires?

I Confess
I Confess
to save my soul gonna take control
with all the strength that I possess

[Guitar Solo]

I Confess
I Confess
to save my soul gonna take control
with all the strength that I possess

lead me to salvation
show me the right way
tempting your eternal fate
is a dangerous game to play

Verse 3:
All I feel is shame and anger
can't turn back the hands of time
my life is filled with memories
from the ridiculous to the sublime

Make a deal with the devil
sign your name on the line
your life is just a spec of dust
on blueprints of this grand design

I Confess
I Confess
to save my soul gonna take control
with all the strength that I possess


Reviews of I Confess from the Crowd Review service (song score: 6.4 out of 10):

  • The intro was nice but didn't really seem unique or anything. The vocals were nice and I could understand the lyrics well which I sometimes can't so that was a plus. I like the mood of the song a lot. It wasn't something Id listen to personally but I know a lot of people that would really appreciate it.
  • I enjoy the subtle intro of this track. The colicky and crisp sound of the metallic guitar pump is ear candy. The hard and scrumpy sound of the singers frail but strong voice is entertaining to say the least. The punchy lead and bridge format provides for a strong kick with just vocals and guitar. I really enjoy this tune a lot.
  • The song begins with a strong guitar riff that is reminiscent of an individual reflecting on his life. The lyrics of the song seem to give the listener the idea that the singer is trying to find penance about something in some way shape or form (i.e. a notable part of the lyrics is "I confess") Pros: the singer does a good job of portraying the emotion of the struggles he is facing. Cons: the song has vague lyrics and keeps the listener guessing as to what this singer has done (?)
  • I like the guitars being played. Makes you want to pick one up and play along. The man voice is also nice and compliments the guitars very well. I like the words. I like the acoustic sound to the song with just the guitars playing. Putting most of the focus on the singers voice which is very nice.
  • The soft melody from the acoustic guitar chords sounds clear and well-balanced with the vocals. The lead singer's lightly rasping voice befits the mellow mood and atmosphere set by the relatable tale of the lyrics. I think the chorus could be more uplifting and a bit faster in pace to broaden the range used throughout the song. Still, it is enjoyable to listen to.
  • A good effort from this artist as the introduction with the acoustic guitar takes you right there. The country influence which is brought in by vocals adds to the track. The way the song increases in sound changes the direction the song is going in to make you feel as if you are going on a journey. The story telling which is an important factor in any song is brilliant as the track progresses.
  • Strong job on the acoustic opening. Very melodic and heartfelt. The vocals are a little more emotion filled on this one. It could really use more life again. Everything is very nicely put together and commercial quality. There is just something missing in the sale of the song. This is better emotionally than the last one I heard. Harmonies are beautiful and the echo effect adds a really nice touch of uniqueness. The lyrics are strong and well written. This song has a lot of potential.
  • This is a slow moving song, I loved the guitarist throughout the song!! Made it sound even better, excellent projection of voice and well balanced with the instrumental theme!! The lyrics were beautifully written and well thought!! Overall it sounded very good, it can be a potential successful hit. The timing of the guitarist was on track and combined well !
  • The instrumentals within the introduction was a very strong beat which I found was very catching. Well the vocals started I noticed a quick change in the beat to go with the voice. Well this change took place I noticed it went quieter then the build up was. The chores had been carried out with a very powerful note where another vocal appeared, this was with another tone of music. The pitch was perfect with the music behind and stayed like that throughout.
  • The starting guitar feels very smooth. The melodies feel extremely heartfelt and strong. The artists vocals are very powerful and inspiring. The lyrics are also very meaningful and inspiring. It's a really nice song but the music accompaniments feel very repetitive after a while. However they do drive the song forward.
  • The introduction of the song is kind of boring and does not do enough to grab the listener's attention. It seems like there just aren't enough instruments to help lead into the song. The lyrics start too abruptly. Since the lyrics sound hopefully, I would suggest a longer intro to help "build hope".
  • Starts with a acoustic guitar, then a male voice starts. Its quite slow at the beginning not much of a tune. Its quite boring, another voice joins but it's not really any better. Maybe the could include more instruments to make it more interesting. The lyrics are not very inspiring and it never gets to a main chorus.
  • Generic, soft guitar intro to this song. A lonesome male voice, also generic, kicks in and starts singing about life and hope and confession, showing this song to be a religious song to some degree. It's length is good, but it seems uninspired to some degree as it sounds a lot like many songs of this variety I have heard in the past. Would industrially make a good song for a drama film or something, but it's not very memorable.
  • This song is a country song. I can tell by the stingy guitar. The intro was interesting. It started off with only a guitar and remained that way. The artist had a country like voice but his voice was soft. I could not really understand what the artist was saying though. Maybe he should try to be more clear and slow down with his lyrics. However the whole melody was very beautiful and the beat was nice and soothing. I did enjoy this song.
  • I like the guitar that is being played. It makes the song interesting. I like the guy who is singing. His voice is very soulful and sweet sounding. The lyrics he is saying are nice. It sounds like there is two people singing. They are singing great in harmony.
  • Any song that has a beginning with a guitar almost has to be in a move. I like when he says pull me from the dark abyss. The song sounds like a country song but it's alright. The vocalist sounds pretty good and the beat is pretty good. The song in general is an easy listen for when you have to do some homework.
  • I like the acoustic start to this song. The voice sounds quite bare but it fits in with the style of the song. The lyrics are quite serious and are full of strife. It's a serious song but I like the tunefulness and there are some nice lyrical touches here and there. Good to listen to if you're in a serious mood.
  • Acoustic solo to start was nice, the lyrics are moving and spiritual. The singer has a nice voice but gets too aggressive in the chorus as well as the background voice which sounded a cracking and like nails on a chalkboard. when the volume is up there is a major lack of bass. As the song has progressed the rifts get easier and repetitive.
  • I really liked the guitar because ive never heard that being played. it was very original and not done before. even though I didn't know the words to this song I just really wanted to sing along to such a great song. this song made me feel like I could preform this to a group of people and everyone would enjoy it. this was a very good song overall. the lyrics are very nice too. I usually don't listen to this type of music but I just really liked this song and im going to start looking more into this type of music. the tempo seemed to be a little faster than most acoustic songs but this song just really fit well with me.
  • The beginning of the song to be really slow paced. singers voice is very clean and unique. his voice also sounds a bit australian. i think this song would suite males more than females. this song would make someone chill out. i think the song dosent change tone enough.
  • Harrowing. These lyrics and the voice are beautiful. Somehow the artist really make you feel the pain and passion in his voice just as if you know exactly where he has come from in life. The simple acoustics of the song compliment it ten times over. I want to here more from this artist due to the way he makes me feel.
  • The guitar playing is clear and beautiful, but also kind of basic... The voice is pretty average for someone of his genre, but the background singers in the chorus spruce it up a bit. The words are very original. It is very obvious that this is a Christian song. Not too bad.
  • I think this song had potential especially with the opening line referencing age of seventeen. I think the singer had a unique voice as well. My problem with the song was it was really long and seemed to drag on. I think the melody was stagnant and didn't really change dynamically. I got bored with it really fast. I would work on making this a full band song before releasing it again.
  • I like the beat and the harmony.It has a nice sound and harmony to it. Also I like the background voice.It was pretty great. I like his voice.It's a very peaceful song. Also,I like the flow to the song.The beat is very emotional.I rate it a 10.
  • For a start the vocalist is very good and has very meaningful lyrics which provokes thought. I also really liked the harmony in the chorus, it sounded very good indeed and makes the song more enjoyable than it would be if that wasnt there. The tune from the guitar in the backround is also very well crafted and fits very well with the vocals. I enjoyed the song, it was very simple but gets you thinking.
  • I love the opening guitar riff and how it works so well with the voice of the singer. The harmonizing is a great addition to the sound part of the song. The overall lyrics are sort of repetitive, but the song itself is great.The singers tone gives me chills; it's raspy- in a good way. I enjoyed the musicality of it all and would definitely listen to more by the artist.
  • I really like the acoustic melody. The harmony that comes in adds some dimension to the song. for an acoustic song it has a lot of variety. It sounds like a Christian song. If it is a christian song i like that it talks about a mans shortcomings and how he turns to faith to heal. It doesnt sound like the song was recorded in a professional music studio. When there are multiple vocals it seems like something is off. The producer her did this song did not blend everything very well.
  • It sounds peaceful to be true it is a great work of art to this song it is a great work of art to the creator of this i want the soundtrack. It was the great music i wanted to here. It was magical to the works of art lol.
  • The singer's voice was lovely, touching on gravelly and smooth through out the song. The harmony at certain points was also really effective. The range of pitch was also impressive The lyrics seemed heartfelt and poignant, giving the song depth in combination with the timbre of the instrumental section. voice. The whole song was very well arranged but i loved the roughness of the song, specially the sounds of movement on the recording after the song had finished, it added to the authentic feel of the song.
  • The problem with this song is the vocals. The beginning of the song is perfect in it's instruments. However as the vocals pick up, the give that nice rich tone of the song is changed. The problem would be the high frequencies of the song as they lack impact. This leaves the lay back nature of the song sounding a bit dull in comparison with the guitar.
  • This artist really has style and a really catchy tune. What great production and engineering. This seems like a love song to me , perfect for a love scene in a movie. The lyrics really paint a vivid picture in my imagination. The style is real r&b meets country and pop. Very talented artist keep the hard effort and personal interest in your music up.

Below is a dance version of I Confess, performed by Chris Davidson:

Reviews of Chris Davidson's version of I Confess from the Crowd Review service (song score: 5.5 out of 10):

  • A nice and relaxing beat of the song that is nice to hear, also the lyrics are great and goes well with the song together.
  • Good opening, immediately made me interested. The vocals don't feel very modern sounding. I feel as if this song belongs in the 80's. As the song continued it just bored me.
  • Has a really different sound that stands out really nice I like this he is really good the tilt is really great nice really great title
  • I didnt really like the music. I did like the vocals and that you can understand the words. The music wasn very original, reminded me of other songs
  • I like the beat of the song but the singers voice a bit flat. He needs more of a range. The song is okay but nothing special. It sounds the same key all the way through the song.
  • I like the overall song, I think the beat is good. The lead singers vocals sound good as well. I think they could be a bit louder though. Other than that the song is good.
  • I like the rhythm and that it makes me want to dance. I like the vocals and that I can understand the words. I like the echo sounds of the backup vocals. I like the tone of the song and the way it fits the words of the song.
  • I liked the slow buildup in the beginning. I liked the bass line which caused the song to have an energetic feeling. I liked the vocals and the original lyrics.
  • I think this track is not only a decent song to dance to at a club, but also has a pretty decent production value put in.
  • Instrumentals sounded good overall. I liked the beat and the energetic tempo that kept me interested form the start. The vocals were a little flat though and didn't match the energy of the beat. The main melody was good and I liked the lyrics. Harmonies sounded really good.
  • Nice dance or disco type beat. This will have you dancing. What made me give this a 4 is the vocals. It needs some work. The music is nice.
  • Oh I likey this a lot. I did think the vocals were just a tad too loud. Other than that it is very very good. Love the lyrics too. Very nice.
  • The instrumentation was pretty good here. The fast paced beat was very dynamic and would be a good dance track. Vocals were alright. Neither good nor bad, just meh.
  • The intro of the song made me feel awake and active. The instrumentation was slightly different but I didn't like the melody of the song. The vocals was okay but overall, the song made me feel bored so I did not like it.
  • The tune in this track is highly rhythmic and full of free flow. The beat was fine and the instrumentation felt professionally executed. The singing fell short of expectations for me though.
  • The vocals were pretty good for this track and the instrumentation and music were upbeat and fun to listen to. Overall I enjoyed it a pretty good bit
  • There is nothing special or original about the song. It sounds mediocre at best, like it should come from some offshoot Australian teen pop show.
  • This has a very euro feel. Im not really a fan but the sound was pretty decent. Lyrics were pretty decent and they flowed well with the music. Not a fan of the artist singing it.
  • This is a weird song. The backup singers create a strange sound in the background. The echo is a little off. The beat is nice. The lyrics are not bad.
  • This song isn't exactly all that appealing to me personally but I could see how others might enjoy it. It isn't exactly terrible, but the lyrics are really not very good. The music signifies something that the lyrics don't deliver. The lyrics are boring and inappropriate for the song. Makes the song sound like a joke.