I wrote the lyrics and melody for I Pray, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Lonna Marie to record it for me.

Song Title: I Pray

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I Pray

Verse 1:
I look around
and all I see
reflections of
dark reality

The gift of life
it ticks away
sometimes to rise
you first must pray

I pray for courageous soldiers
who fight in distant lands
I pray for the sick and hungry
as life slips through their hands

I pray for the hopeless sinners
and reach to those in need
I give until there's nothing left
but who, will pray, for me

Verse 2:
At times this world
can feel so small
once golden dreams
fade to none at all

Too late to turn
this ship around
the winds of faith
lead to higher ground

I pray for the non-believers
may they someday find their way
I pray all will be forgiven
standing at the gates

I pray for the hopeless sinners
reach out to those in need
I give until there's nothing left
but who, will pray, for me

When Heaven's skies are falling
and spirit breaks away
surrender to the greater love
...and pray

I pray for the hopeless sinners
reach out to those in need
I give until there's nothing left
but who, will pray, for me

I give until there's nothing left
but who, will pray, for me


Reviews of Lonna Marie's version of I Pray on ReverbNation.com (song score: 7.2 out of 10):

  • The vocal style really reminds me of Florence and The Machine. I love it! Clear talent right there. The lyrics are lovely and touching. I'm really loving the voice though. Barely, barely pitchy at some parts, but I think that the solution for that is just improving the mix, because I don't think this was professionally recorded and produced. It sounds like the vocals were recorded onto an instrumental track, so it makes the vocal flaws a lot more evident. It's still really good though. The song lacks a little structure. There's not really a chorus or at least a little break or intensity change. My suggestion to the artist is to revise this, because although the song is lovely, it may feel too monotonous after a while. Some simple changes could be just changing the melody at a couple parts of the song, or adding an instrument, maybe an effect, or if she made it a point to keep it simple, maybe just play with vocal intensities. Perhaps she could add a harmony at some point. That would sound beautiful, since it's such a gentle and heartfelt song. Again, the lyrics were really nice. They were evidently well written. I would certainly listen to this song again. I also think it would sell and be successful if it had a little more to it. Even if the objective is not to have your song playing on the radio or have crowds singing along to it, you do have to consider commercial potential. It is very rare that a song that is so unchanging throughout is successful, because no one wants a song that might get boring. People might be charmed by the artist's voice, like I was, but the song does leave you wanting more. I will give it a high rating though, because it's not a bad song and the vocals are great. Just a few adjustments and this song would be fantastic.
  • Oh how beautiful, a gorgeous piano backing track accompanied by a stunning female vocal. Really lovely to listen to, and could be perfect for a wedding song. The vocalist particularly showcases her vocal range during flawless higher notes. It began sounding like a cover version of something familiar, although I couldn't pinpoint the exact song. As it progressed, it became clear it was a very unique, beautiful original song. The lyrics have a gorgeous meaning, and it's sung beautifully. I particularly like the understated backing music, I like that there's nothing to overpower the outstanding voice.
  • A sweet guitar strummed. A woman with a beautiful voice began to sing about how dark the world was and about praying. She stayed on a beautiful key and mentioned about what she prays about, like brave soldiers, the sick and the poor. She wondered about who would pray for her and then more about the world. She had a beautiful meaning about God, praying and this world. I am actually quite hopeful that she is exactly like how she composes. She seems like she would be an excellent person and made an exquisite song. Not many have the courage to talk about praying or about God in this world. I compliment the girl with the strength to talk about God. I quite loved how she only played the guitar without anything else. Like I have stated, she played the guitar beautifully and sung just as well. The melody swam through my speakers without force and so gently that I, at first, wasn't sure whether or not this was a song or an angelic melody ringing from the Heavens. There was no true beat just an easy played guitar. I found the simple instrument of a guitar as the only music besides a voice in a song as creative and special. Guitars are, after all, excellent instruments when strung by the right person. I would enjoy listening to her sweet voice, excellent guitar playing and wonderful music in the future.
  • The song is very boring and drawn out. The lyrics and rhythm remind me of a kind of sound you would hear at a karaoke bar or from a lounge singer. The lyrics were hard to understand. There was a nice harmony going on throughout the song though. Good song but it needs some work.
  • This kind of vocals sounds pretentious to me - airy breath and false vibrato. A little bit less of that is more tasteful in my opinion. I want to hear your voice not your indie rocker obscura. 'too late to turn this shape around' - nice singing out! Great melody. Very folksy and engaging lyrics.
  • The small but very beautiful, soft, and almost quiet thrusts of the guitar are beautiful. This song starting off kind of slow is good to me. The vocals of this singer are attracting and memorizing. Personally she sounds a lot like Christina Perri. Their sensual voices sound so much alike. I like how she uses a lot of symbol and spiritual meaning in her lyrics. She talks of how to rise you must pray. Her speaking of praying for others well being is so amazing. The singers vocals really show how humble and caring she is for others. I will pray for this artist and pray that she is able to keep on doing what she loves which is music. This song truly touched me and I love this artist for that. I can hear so much love and hope in her voice when she sings.
  • This song was performed horribly. The lyrics just did not fit in. Was there only one instrument playing? I don't consider that much of a song however this is just my opinion. If there was more of a "beat" to the song it may have been a lot better such as light drumming, piano playing and a little more bass. The vocals however was done okay but it didn't really seem as if she was truly into the lyrics I didn't feel the love.
  • The instrument is ok. The dark reality is good. The soldiers part is good the lack of instruments is bad. More instruments please but there are only one. Pray for the non believer. I am one of them. Hahahhahah. Is this a religious song if so I like it ever though I am not religious and all. The artist vioce is perfect . I would not buy this song and would not listen to it casually. But if I was at church I rather this song that other that is played.
  • Her voice is calm, soothing and sweet. the beat is good, she has a good voice, this song could go in any movie well that's what I think. it could be good for asking someone out, just put the music in the background and walk up to the person and ask them out.
  • This song played very well to my ears. The acosutic guitar strums were excellent and had good taste. The fantiastic pitch of the artists vocals were ecstatic! I liked how this tune made me feel. The wonderful melody of the lyrics were amazing. A bass guitar could have went a long nicely with this song. The instrumentals in this song just needed to be changed up a little. The artists voice and technique she used was excellent. The notion of emotion in the notes were very cool. The guitar strings could have been tightened a little more. The artist was at a good distance from the mic for everything to be heard.
  • This isn't my type of music so I'm not sure I'm exactly qualified to speak about this but I'd honestly like a bit more going on in the background instead of just the guitar(?) chords. The vocals are good though, no complaints there. Maybe some harmonies every here and there would be nice? Again, this just isn't my type of music but I enjoyed it otherwise. I'd rate this song 6/10.
  • Her voice is beautiful. It kinda reminds me of Sara Barilles. Her song is very touching especially when she talks about praying for the sick and hungry. I found that very heart warming. It's a slow and calming song. I love it! It's so sweet and simple. The guitar in the background is nice and adorable.
  • This girl singing nice and got amaizing woise. Don't even matter that no bass only guitar playing i still do like it. This girl there is talent for me and i will give high points which i can give its going to be 10 points. I would like to hear more songs like that here.
  • I absolutely love her voice! I also liked the simplicity of the music. I thought she sounded smooth throughout the entire song. I liked the concept of the song. It was a very inspirational and spoke to the Christian in me. I really liked the song, it was simple but also not as the message was clear and larger.
  • Nice vocals. I think the singer came off really strong and sounds professional. I would like to hear more high notes from the singer . She really needs to show off her tones there beautiful . The chords that she sings are nicely done. I think she will be great in the future. Very entertaining and skilled.
  • The singer does not sing with enough passion the lyrics call for. the lyrics are well written and are expressive. the melody is almost nonexistent, you can barely hear it. this song is too quiet to be a commercial success. i would not download this because it is not memorable enough.
  • I love her voice so much! Awesome talent from this young singer. Her natural soulful voice is really gravitating. This track will get a lot of buzz in the community. The instrumental is also beautiful and it really made this one pop even more. I feel like she has a superstar sound and she will be one of the most popular acts in the near future.
  • The artist has a nice tone of voice and sings well in harmony with the tune. I don't think the instrumentals are strong enough to make an impact or get any radio play, and the singing did get a bit shaky as the song went on, but i think the artist has potential, and could make some good songs in the future, and be successful in the music industry.
  • I tend not to continue to listen to songs where the music and artist are hard to hear. I'm glad I continued to listen to this song though. The artist has a voice that reminds me of many very successful female artists such as Stevie Nicks, and Michelle Branch. While she does sound like other artists, she still has a very nice uniqueness all her own. Love the lyrics also. Great job done!!!
  • The song is very strange its not something you will come in contact with on an everyday basis. So thats a good thing because it means that it is original and different. The instrumental is very low you can barely hear it which is bad and not good. and the vocals are way too loud and dont make any sense compared to the instrumental so thats not good as well. So this song is ok but not good or a great song though. The harmony is not equal to the vocals and the instrumental of the song. But somehow the melody is still good though.

Below is version of I Pray by Chris Davidson:

Reviews of Chris Davidson's version of I Pray on ReverbNation.com (song score: 5.8 out of 10):

  • This tune was incredible. I know what's going on here, the artist was trying to make me fall in love with the tune first and then come in with those amazing vocals. I think the artist has a unique gift that a lot of people would flock to him in a concert. The vocals have a nice pitch, good range, and wonderful tone. I do not doubt this man's potential.
  • The guitar that starts off has a drum set that has a lot of power and unique qualities. the man that sings with the very serene keyboard strokes has a very light voice and he does not sing with much passion. his voice is very gentle and soft but I think he needs more. the lyrics are speaking to anyone that has gone though a bad break and he is telling them that things will turn around. I needed this.
  • A very melodious instrumental and a rich vocal as well. Of course that may only result in a beautifully accomplished song. I enjoyed the slow and smooth flow of the music which was in fact very rich and euphonious. The artist's voice timbre was so warm and I felt a little similarity to Robbie Williams voice color. Nevertheless he seems to has a lot of singing potential and that is a great combination for a successful singer.
  • Intro sounds nice, but it would be nicer to hear some kind of melody at the beginning. i like the voice and the voice tonality of the singer. this song to me is too repetitive with only two parts. it sounds over compressed, mix could be better.
  • I immediately feel in love with this song. The lyrics are amazing. The melody is awesome. The singer has great voice. The arrangement is classic slow rock pop music. Songwriting is the single most important element. I think this was something the makers of this song kept in mind. Pray for all the sinners.
  • I like the steady and joyful melody of the intro. Your voice is so pleasant to listen to. This song makes you feel happy and go look at the sunset. I think the melody of this song is the most memorable part. I think your voice is sweet.
  • When this song started, i expected it to be more of a country song, but i was surprised in a good way. The singer has a beautiful voice and i believe the song was a good fit for his voice. This song is a little too slow for me, but overall it was a good well written piece of music.
  • The instrumental gives it a very relaxing and laid back theme. The voice of the artist is really strong and steady. I feel like the lyrics are really meaningful and powerful and it gives off a good message. But personally I feel like this isn't something a lot of people could relate to so it wouldn't be listened to a lot.
  • The rhythm of this one make me feel like Christmas time. This beat/tune would probably be pretty hot during either valentines day or Christmas. The singer is mediocre at best, but the tempo is nice and the overall piece works in harmony therefore I say its successful in my eyes.
  • Nice electric guitar in this intro, quite a lot of echo throughout. Vocals are alright, standard male vocals. The lyrics sound pretty generic too, a little cringy at points unfortunately. Sounds like a christian song with all the praying. Try to be deep while only scraping the surface of life is usually a bad way to do music, but the sounds is decent.
  • The soft quality of the song is very appealing. The beat is very nice and subtle drums are distinguishable and very nice. The lyrics are meaningful and well written. It has a strong emotional tone. The vocals fit very well and it feels like a cohesive piece. I think overall it wells crafted and well done.
  • The intro started playing on this song and it made me feel warm and comfortable. I felt myself smiling. The vocals started and I understood every lyric. This song has a meaning and executes it extremely well. I enjoyed listening to not only the instrumental parts of the song but also the vocals.
  • The beginning of the song was so calming and soothing; however, I feel like you should have maybe made it a little shorter, because the introduction was a little too long in my opinion, like I thought it as going to be just an instrumental piece. The male lead signer had a soft voice, but it was pretty good.Each of the instruments sounded great together.
  • The beat to this song was really laid back and it had a sort of relaxing feel to it. The artist had a nice soft voice. His voice was not too soft or too hard. His lyrics were very well sang and they relaxed me very much. I feel like he was holding back a lot. If he would have had one verse when he really let go, this song would have been really good.
  • This songs subject content is relate able. But it is sung too slow. And the musical sounds are plain. I realize that the song is not to be sung fast. Though, it needs some pizzazz to it. For starters the songwriter isn't singing in the right key and sometimes his voice is flat. So, he will need to adjust his vocal cords. The chorus singers were a nice touch. It would be to his advantage to work with a music composer to collaborate with for this song.
  • This song was ok. The vocals were of good quality and were done to a professional standard. Furthermore, the melody of the song was nice and it had a relaxed, chilled vibe to it. However, the reason why I didn't rate it higher was because it just lacked contrast and energy.
  • Very chilled out at the start and sounds like the start of a love song. The lyrics are very religious and very meaningful. the singing is very poor and the over lapping is terribly annoying because you cant understand the lyrics. but this doesn't happen all the time only a bit.
  • Such a powerful song. This song would be relatable to many people from a wide range of audiences across many genres as the vocals are sweet and fit the simple lyrics used in this song. The composition could be different as it sounds as though it repeats quite a few times. But overall the outcome of the song is musically great, and the mix is well presented.
  • There are a lot of religious undertones in this musical assembly and I really do not appreciate that. Although the male singer does a great job with the vocals, I feel the lyrics let him down. As far as the backing music goes I think the guitar is a bit too soft for the track, a bit more growl is needed.
  • I don't really like the country/blues vibe that this song gives me. It's not a very upbeat song which makes me feel it's boring and too slow for me. I do however like the lyrics in the song especially when the singer says " pray for the hopeless sinners, help those in need"
  • I'm not usually into this type of genre, but the singer sung this song almost perfects. The song had emotion, Good vibes and high quality. I believe the song could have great potential and commercial value if the singers voice was a little more altered into the background music.
  • I hear a couple guitars in this song and it really makes this song! This artist has a great voice but what really stands out to me Is the guitar parts of this song. I would add another element to this song to make it really stand out. The lyrics are good but this song needs something a little extra to take it to the next level.
  • Your standard feel-good song. It has pleasant, digestible instrumentation, and a peaceful singer. While a bit generic overall, I do like the singer's voice; he sounds very kind and relaxing, and I think he would find great success singing folk music. Ultimately though, this song is relatively forgettable, but it's hardly a bad tune. I just won't be remembering it.
  • This song is really mellow and easy going. The lyrics are great and the music matches it. The guitar is soft and so are the drums. Makes me really happy and feel like I am at peace. I can see this song being on movies or tv shows in the background while something beautiful is happening.

Below is an acoustic version of I Pray by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the Douglas Haines version of I Pray on ReverbNation.com (song score: 6.8 out of 10):

  • The fingerpicking is a beautiful way to start the song. It might have been extended for a few bars longer as an intro. The lyrics are touching. The singer shows a lot of humanity with his concern for others. I think these lyrics will appeal to a lot of people who will identify with the sentiments. At the same time the lyrics are not preachy. The simple instrumentation is perfect for the song.
  • Introduction is simple but classy. So far it seems like a quiet song and the emphasis in these has to be on the lyrics and the beauty of the vocals. The artist has the lyrics down for sure and the vocals are enticing enough to keep me listening. It's definitely not a hit but I'd listen to it.
  • I am in pain right now and this is so soothing. i love the meaning of this this song. this song has a true meaning. the tempo is lovely. the melody is sunshine and beauty. i am so happy after listening to this sound. the guitar playing is understandable and calming.
  • I like the starting music, I think there should have been a little bit more space between the music start and the singer start. Lyrics are good and understandable, the music doesnt overtake the singer but is also loud and clear. Really good song, keep up the good work.
  • Very warm and bright guitar sound in the intro, though the vocalist is somewhat lacklustre and uninteresting. The guitar line is interesting and pleasing to the ear, though I can't get into the vocal lines. Well produced and mixed, good sound, but not a very strong vocal melody or lyrics to get my attention. The singer can get a good message across to their audience, but as for a general appealing sound, it just isn't there.
  • Quite the eclectic piece that seems to miss the mark on what the score is trying to accomplish. A strong religious piece with good lyrics, but it seems to miss the mark with the way the story of lyrics convey is presented in terms of acoustics.
  • I love the guitar. This guys voice is kind of nice. He sounds like a chill person. This sound is very relaxing. I like the background singer, he gives it a nice touch without outshining the main guy. I like this song. Who will pray for you guy? Not me, I don't pray. I will find my way though. Ehh, the song has a nice message but sounds like a Jesus song.
  • The song has a pretty boring intro. The guitar is a bit quiet and doesnt build up the song. The lyrics start at a good time and work well with the music. I think adding a piano or drums could work well with the vocals. With only the guitar, the song gets pretty boring and isnt great to listen to. I think adding another vocalist or more instruments could help greatly.
  • The lead instrumentation of this song is very nice, but it's not very original. The song gives off a real Simon and Garfunkel vibe, mainly cause it sounds exactly like them. There's nothing special about this track, and I get no real personality out of the vocalists.
  • The quiet demeanor of the song give a slightly somber tone to the entirety of the song. The lyrics of the song however make this a great feel good song. The singer sounds ok though. The lyrics of the song make the song enjoyable. The guitar also helps make this an attractive song.
  • Great opening and nice guitar song. lovely voice. really good lyrics Sounds alot like Simon and Garfunkel and it has a very clear and conscience message about life, war, struggles and reality also some fantastic singing by the backing vocalist who really backs up the singer. also alot of praying going on.
  • Love the unique tone to this singer's voice. The lyrics are beautiful. The accompaniment really suits the gentleness of this song. This is a memorable song which brings a tear to the listener's eye.The singer sings with such passion and you can truly feel it with every beat of the song. The rhythm carries you along and the melody is very soothing. This truly is a beautiful song and will be successful in a movie or television show.
  • This song is a really good song to party 2 is so relaxing. the vocals are amazing. and the beat! that is just of the planet of how somone can do that. also the voice o my god i never heard such a nice voice in my life the singer must be really gifted.
  • Nice typical guitar melody that barely changes throughout the whole song, meaning that the voice and the lyrics have to do all the job. A bit too religious for my taste, very depressing and solitary lyrics. However the voice is decent and very soothing at the same time. Relaxing melody.
  • I love the guitar picking opening up the vocals to come in, and the vocals are so nice and warm with great tone and inviting sounds with expressive feeling that the lyrics create to give a nice positive message for those who fight for us and how the lyrics are meaningful, clever, deep, and thought provoking! Good song here.
  • The chords in the beginning are simple and nicely played. The singer comes in singing at a good time to not be too harsh. The story is instantly easy to understand. His tone and pitch are at the perfect number. The chords sound almost the same the entire time, but that gives it its simple soft-spoken feel and touch. The beat isn't hard to find, and is not too present but still quite nice.
  • The accompaniment is soft and gentle, although there is a reverberation along with the guitar that has an annoying rough edge to it. The singer has a good folk tone to his voice, but he is better with the backup singers than on his own due to pitch and tone issues. The song is very slow, but it is ballad style, which is to be expected. With some tweaking and work it has potential as a soundtrack or on a folk station.
  • Very smooth. It reminds me of a John Denver age. The feel good and soft sound that it gives you. I think you could play it on the country channel, maybe an older country sound, but I think it would play. I know many famous country artists would want to cover it I'm sure. If you added an electric guitar to it and some twist in the tempo. It's a nice easy song to listen to.
  • This song has a hometown feel. The acoustic guitar and vocal is very nice. The singer sings about praying for sick and lonely. His heartfelt lyrics drive the main theme of the tune. It has a gospel feel as well as an old country folk sound. I think it can become a campfire classic if it gets played on enough radio stations.
  • Nice melody to start with, with an introduction which is neither too long nor too short. I feel like the vocals are of good quality but the way the topic is presented is a little lackluster due to the repetition used in the presentation. However, I do find the message that the song is trying to get across is very touching!
  • Sounds like a country song almost. Strangely, I like this song. I absolutely love the melody. This is a beautiful religious type of song. The vocalist has a wise tone to his presentation of the song. This song has beautiful lyrics and feels me with a lot of emotions. I absolutely love the acoustics of the song.
  • This song is very soothing. The vocal on this track is extremely pure. The instrumental has a very mellow and soft tone. This song makes me really want to connect with the singer of this song. There are many relating thoughts and ideas in my mind. This is clearly religious music and I'd listen to this song alone in deep thought. There's not much better a song to just listen to and allow to sooth you. I give this song an awesome 8/10.
  • The acoustic at the beginning was amazing! As the vocalist came in, he was a little pitchy and his voice is a little choppy. Lyrically, the piece is beautiful, and so are the harmonies. This song is well recorded and has a strong structure accompanied by beautiful music. I feel like it will be very well known at some point in time.
  • It has a very soft feel to it, and its the type of music you can fall asleep to. it talks about the soldiers fighting for america, and the problems children in america are facing right at this very moment. it also talks about higher ground and the titanic. he prays for everything that isn't going well. the beat is very nice and soft, and sounds more classical music rather than country, what i suppose the songs genre is.
  • This song is great! It's very calming and the singer is truly talented. I appreciate the soft guitar in the background. One can tell the lyrics are from the heart and mean something to the singer. The chorus is meaningful and many can connect to what he is singing.
  • Catchy smooth/soft voice start,love the back story and the rhyme start. I love the songs like this because its so just peaceful and giving. Keep up the hard and giving work/art your making for everyone here. Keep on giving bro <3 Deep asf dude peace.
  • This guy sounds like he is a religious type of singer, he is playing the guitar perfectly which matches with his voice. He talks alot of praying which is something that alot of religious based songs are about in my own opinion. He sounds like he could've been a good motavational speaker which is a good thing.
  • This song sounds like it could be a Miley Cyrus song and it could be in a movie. It has a wonderful message. The artist is talented and dedicated to help people from the words in the song. The artist also puts a lot of meaning into the lyrics. The guitar sounds great and adds a wonderful part to the song. It is a somewhat makes you think about real life.
  • Intro should be slightly longer, not much or the listener may get bored. Just a tad longer so that the vocals are more anticipated. Overall good sound. The beat is consistent which is nice for this more mellow song. The back ground vocals on the chorus should be raised a bit. Currently it sounds like someone is trying to mimick the main vocalist and is lagging behind him.
  • I like how this sounds. I like how the guitar sounds. The guitar sounds really smoothly and nice. The lyrics says to much 'pray' but, it has nice lyrics though. It sounds a little repetitive though. But other than that it is a good song and the singer has a nice voice.
  • The introduction is mellow and serene. The guitar is what stands out the most out of all the instruments. The lyrics are very religious and could be played at a religious concert. Perhaps it could be used for commercials about religious websites that advertise about refinding the lord and etc.
  • I like the calm guitar at the beginning and the older male vocals. The other voice is also great. And I like how it talks about soldiers then it gets calm again and the vocals start again then the harmony becomes better but its the same notes and maybe go a bit louder and higher or lower I you can. Maybe you can add different instrument because the guitar gets a bit boring so fix that withbmaybe a piano. Everything else is great and it doesnt repeat to much.
  • Guitar is pretty good in this song, Lyrics are amazing . Nice and soft and even all the way through, I would only listen to this song if i had to or it was in a commercial. well execution overall i can relate but this song isn't my cup of tea i can relate to the emotion and reality of the song.
  • Now, this is my type of music. I love the playing of the guitar and having a smooth vocalist. The vocalist sings along with the guitar without overpowering it. The singer makes you feel like that you connect with him. In regarding connection, I feel that the singer and its fans could relate to stories. It is very well executed.
  • I really enjoyed this man's vocals, and I also liked the words of the song. I enjoyed how he talked about how he prayed for soldiers, because I have a close connection to those on the battlefield. I liked the rhythm of the song and the guitar was very enjoyable. I did not like how this song sounded religiously biased. Either way, this song was very enjoyable and I liked it a lot. I enjoyed the lyrics and the tempo was very steady. The guitar did very well in accompaniment to this guy's voice.
  • First off this song doesn't put me in a good mood it makes me feel really sad. Not to say that's a bad thing. I can relate to their lyrics and I can see where this guy is coming from. I'm assuming this has to be a religious song. The baseline is very appealing to listen to as well as the guitar picking. Overall this track didn't really interest me that much however. I felt that this track really falls flat for some reason it sounds like it should be a part of a soundtrack. I can't quite put my finger on it but maybe because there are many other songs like it. It just sounds like you're generic sadder song that belongs in a movie when you're main character has given up hope on all of their dreams. The lead singers voice however is very nice to listen to I really enjoy it. It sounds soft and comforting and I feel like it works well with the guitar. As for the lyrical progression it seemed fine.
  • I like your song, the rhythm is nice, and the lyrics are very powerful. It has a very nice beat. I like how you only have guitar for the instruments, instead of lots of other songs using a bunch of needless instruments. I think that the song does need some work with the loudness, and your voice cracks sometimes. I hope this helped! I rate 8/10.
  • This song is calming, serene, quiet, contemplative. I enjoyed the gentle rhythms, the subtle and soft harmonies. The lyrics were incredibly touching: deep and meaningful without any particular goal. It simply leads a feeling in the listener. The religious language is utilized in a poetic and melodic way, rather than overly elaborate, flowery or conscientious.

Below is a piano version of I Pray with piano by Frankie Simon and vocals by Matt Greco:

Reviews of the Matt Greco's version of I Pray on ReverbNation.com (song score: 5.7 out of 10):

  • I like the piano being the only background accompaniment to this beautifully written song. I'm really enjoying the emotion and depth of feeling behind the male vocalist's tone. This is a heartfelt and personal song, possibly even to the singer. I find the melody to feel original and completely complementary to the vocalist. I seriously enjoy this song from top to bottom, back to front.
  • The piano melody makes the introduction of this song very crisp. However, the vocals while good with wording are overwhelmed by the piano and smother it. The artists voice is very on key though. I decided to score this song at a 7 out of 10 because of its lack of deviation of instrumentation and annoyingly constant baseline within the song.
  • The intro is very soft and leads way to the vocals that are out of tune. I do not feel that the tone is set correctly with the tempo of the song. It is hard to appreciate the beautiful lyrics when the music is out of tune. I enjoy the voice. The body of the work is very nice and I am left with a good feeling.
  • I do like the introduction because it starts off softly and sets a peaceful atmosphere. I really feel relaxed and can sit back and think while listening to this song. The pitch of the singer isn't too high, nor too low. The music in the background flows well with the tempo and rhythm of the instruments. I really like that this song can create a picture in your mind.
  • The song begins with smooth and slow symphonies. The vocals are interesting and evenly matches the instrumental tune and pitch levels. The rhythm is choppy and needs to be increased levels of bass and treble claps. The lyrics are deep and meaningful and bring emotion. The vocalist needs to change up the high and low notes more often to add a dynamic complexion to the song.
  • First off, why is this girl's voice so soft. I can't hear a word she's saying even when i blast my speakers. The piano is too soft and i hate the lyrics. There is no contrast in this song and this song need some of that. The tempo is too slow for my liking so maybe next time they can make it a bit faster.
  • I do really enjoy this type of music. Its so relaxed and easy to enjoy and understand. The singer has a soft and gentle voice and he made me want to listen on. The song has a real intention in it and its very nice. The melody is beautiful and this is an unusual song, i will definately be downloading.
  • Very decent song. Another song I can listen to while doing relaxing activities. The lyrics are okay , very easy to hear and follow. The melody is very nice and calming , I would enjoy listening to this with some nice earphones when trying to escape the rest of the world.
  • The piano in the beginning gives a very calm feeling. The artists voice is very soft and very beautiful. I love the message in the song that the artist portrays. It's a very true reality about how we are always praying and caring about others but it can feel at times that other people arent caring as much for us and praying for us.
  • The piano playing definitely gives a credibility and realism to the song. The lyrics are very heartfelt and tell an obvious and strong message. It reminds me of a Five for Fighting song in a way. It combines musical artistry with well written lyrics. The lead singer can definitely hit the high notes.
  • I like the fact that this vocalist can hit certain high notes, and that this song has a meaningful message for the lyrics. Piano sounds nice and calm to listen. I would say that the arrangement sounds well produced. I feel that some of the vocals sounds quiet, and think the volume should be raised for vocals. I'd share this song with others because it sounds lovely.
  • This song has a unique ballad presentation almost like a Rod Stewart song. The piano and vocal works well for this track. The lyrics have meaningful value while the melody is tuneful. The musicianship is strong but the production could be a little better. It's still a better recording than the embarrassing Justin Bieber type music on the charts right now.
  • The background panino makes this song sound like a christmas song before he starts singing. I don't like how he is talking about praying because he sounds like he is talking not singing. I feel like this song goes to slow it takes to long to say a word or sentence.
  • The piano opening starts off pretty and lovely. When the artist's starts to sing, he sings with a focus and passion. I like the song's direction and the message. The lyricist wants the audience to know that everyone is being prayed for and that they are loved. I like this song based on the message and the simplicity of the message of the song.
  • The lyrics and the tone of voice of the artist who is singing are really amazing. However, I would suggest you change the rhythm of the song since it does not match the qualities necessary to make the listener concentrate on what you are actually saying.
  • I really like how the song starts out with the piano. I really like the lyrics too, as that was the first thing that I noticed. Very heartwarming words. I will be honest; it does not sound like a song professionally recorded. Nonetheless, the singers voice is very natural and fresh, if that makes sense. It is not perfect; there are small imperfections in his voice. There is a part in the song where his voice goes very high and is very loud. It hurt a bit because I was wearing headphones, so he might want to edit that part and make it less loud. The lyrics are memorable and the main message of the song stood out to me. Well done!
  • The beat is slow and seems a little off, not something i would usually listen to but he can sing. i cant really tell you what the song is about because it seems like he is singing a little soft. the piano player is good i like the beat even though it is slow and soft. maybe something i would listen to again.
  • Beautiful pianos intro, and the singer's voice isn't half bad. It has hints of Ben Folds, but a with a little more grit behind the vocals. The theme of the song's lyrics feel incredibly sanctimonious, though. It would be a good song if you don't pay attention to the lyrics, otherwise it feels like you're being talked down to.
  • I like this song. Lyrically it is a great song. The vocals are good enough but don't stand out too much, but by no means are not good. This song has a great message of Christianity and love however I can not leave out the fact that the production quality is very poor. The song would be more pleasant if the piano layer and vocals were produced in a more professional setting.
  • I don't like that the song started with such a low melondy. Yet the lyrics are smoothe and heavenly. The piano is slightly tuned and is givinig a heavier sound. The artist does have a nice voice. I like the instruments solely without the lyrics. The same far as the artist singing.I think the artist should of added a guitar player as well as sped the song up a little. But the song was very slow and sweet as well. I like that the artist took his time with pronunication.
  • I quite like the piano melody, however it's a little too repetitive, there is no real change in the beat or tune which after a while gets a little boring and doesn't keep my attention throughout. The singer has a nice voice and can carry the song well without too much of a background to back him up, however due to the softness of his voice the whole track isn't very lively.
  • The intro of this song sounds so calm and serene and when the singer starts singing it just all comes together and it sounds like pure bliss. Songs like these should be listened to more and the writers need more attention. This is my first time listening to this song so I don't know how well-known it is so my opinion of how they need more attention may be a bit askew.
  • The beginning is nice and slow, the singers ton is nice and soft and slow. The piano has a great slow, soft, and calming sound. People that like slow peaceful songs will love this song, I do not like slow songs but I do love this song already. The song put me half asleep because of how slow and soft it is to the mind.
  • The instruments sound like they could be more louder. The man singing needs to work more over his vocals and the production needs works sounds like they recorded in a playpen. Sorry but you guys need to jazz it uo a little more if you want good marketing.
  • Obviously talent in both the piano and vocal. No real complexity however in the back and forth song flow in both. I know what the next few measures are going to sound like, and the power of the artists is not strong enough in my opinion to carry that predictability without penalty of changing the station. Not lyrically strong enough in my opinion.
  • The piano in the beginning is very soothing and calming. Good voice but you are not exercising it fully. Good quality although your voice got kind of drowned in the instruments. You could maybe add some backup vocals and make it more catchy. This is beautiful but you need more.
  • The music is good. The singing is not bad the lyrics are interesting. The song talks about praying but it is not overly religious I do not think. The song has a nice tune it is not my taste of music. The singer has talent that is for sure. However, the content is not what I personally would listen to but it has a nice sound.
  • I kind of like the song. But I just think that its to quite. I like the piano in the background I think it goes really well will this song. I really like how this singer sounds in this song. But like I said I think it is a little to quite for my liking. In general the only thing I suggest is to up the sound a little, because my volume should not have to go higher that 14.
  • This is not for commercial success. The beat is monotone and doesn't offer any excitement. Of course the words are very important, however, it isn't catchy. This track induces lethargy. I am certainly not one to be negative when it comes to religious songs. I am an avid listener of gospel/christian music. Those who listen to religious songs aren't boring people. This could be a youtube video with its fair share of views, This track is better saved for praise and worship service at church on Sunday morning. This isn't something to which I would elect to listen.
  • The recording is very poor. The song is way too simplistic and old fashioned. It is difficult to judge the vocals due to the recording quality. The vocals are cliche. The tune is very unimpressive and i do not see it getting improved even if the recording was perfect.
  • The intro is slow, soft and lethargic. The piano melody is nice and smooth. The singers voice mixes well with the beat of the piano. He sang clear, on key and slow. I did not think this song was memorable but the lyrics did have meaning and the singer did sing with some feeling. I would not want to hear this song because it was boring and would put anyone to sleep. The singer needs to be more engaging and entertaining.

Below is an acoustic version of I Pray by Collin Campbell:

Reviews of the Collin Campbell version of I Pray on ReverbNation.com (song score: 6.9 out of 10):

  • The acoustic guitar was one of the affects i loved about this song. However, it sounded like this song was written and played in a tunnel; that i hated. The lyrics were well written and i liked them. i decided to give this song a score of 6 out of 10 because of the fact that it sounds as though it is being played out of a tunnel.
  • The song has a soothing and relaxing element behind the instrumentals. The guitar solo is very well played and sounds very professional. The vocals are interesting but lack energy and strength. The rhythm and beat are in perfect sync and add an intriguing element to the song. The lyrics are very moving and the lyrics possess a deep and truthful meaning that expresses emotion. The vocals improve further in the song and touch the heart with a dynamic complexion. The artists singing engages the audience effectively.
  • The introduction to this song was slow and smooth. The vocalist had a slightly low and croaky voice but this worked well with the acoustic instrumentals. The lyrics contained a story and gave me mixed emotions of mostly sadness. This song was about remembering those who did good and helping others. Its genre was either country or slow rock, either way it was a sad but good song.
  • I liked the vocabulary used in this song. I also like how this was all acoustic. This song has a great message and painted a great picture with just the use of words. The only recommendation I have is watching tone and pitch while singing. Also, the deep notes in the second verse should be changed. It seemed like a struggle to reach those notes.
  • The rhythm of this song sounds poor as I've heard better. I think that the vocalist has a nice and smooth voice, but I feel that it's too safe for this song. I would want this vocalist to push his limits and make this song stand out. I love to hear more of his voice.
  • The lyrics seem a little too goody goody, sweet but they don't feel very sincere. The guitar is nice you can tell the singer is playing it himself which shows talent and thats nice. He has a nice voice but it's a bit unforgettable. I wouldn't want to listen to this more than a couple times.
  • I like the guitar in this song a lot. It is smooth and goes very well the mans voice. The intro is really nice. I would download this very fast. I love the message that the guy is putting out. Many people could relate to this song and I love that he is very real with his words.
  • Quiet intro with nice guitar melody. the singers voice matched his melody. this song has a deep meaning to it and I liked it. his voice is very likeable because everything was understandable. this song should be more popular, it has great potential! this was not rushed. Top quality music recording. ver enjoyable to the ears.
  • The guitar starting off sounds pretty bad, and this singer really don't sound that good. It sounds as if this song was recorded in a basement opposed to being recorded in a studio. I'm sure if the sounds was mastered that this track would sound totally different, because the lyrics are really good.
  • First thing that pulled me into this song was his voice, I love the little raspyness that it has and the tone. His lyrics are okay, very cute and catchy. I love the guitar play and the entire background. I also enjoy the pitch of his voice. This song also goes very well with this time of year. I will definitely recommend this song and this artists to a friend that I know would really be into it.
  • The instrumental plays a lone guitar through the beginning of the track as the artist sings. The vocals are really nice in sound but a bit deep and seem to be low in volume. The guitar is not played that well. The lyrics are very uplifting. I love the impact of the words that the artist speaks. The track has a very humble sound but there are some sounds that need to be corrected.
  • The singer's voice is a growl. The guitar is also faded which I don't like. It sounds like a very sad song. The singer is trying too hard. It is painful to listen to. The lyrics are meaningful, but seem as though they are only put their to make the song a 'meaningful' song.
  • The instrument at the beginning is great. Voice is so amazing!! I absolutely love the lyrics and the emotion in the voice. Everything about this song is perfect. The tone and melody of the music go together so perfect. Best song I have heard in forever. would not change a thing. Would buy this and any other song from this artist!!
  • Sounds like Stone temple pilots unplugged. I like that. I would say keep it up. The lyrics are cool. This is aspire and uplifting. thanks for the thoughts to those people out there. the sound is good. the guitar. The message is really cool and i like the message of praying. no one does that anymore. only a few march to the beat of that drummer.
  • Very good tempo, the bass is very nice too. the person playing the guitar killed it, he shredded the guitar. the person playing the guitar killed it. very nice. the person playing the guitar killed it. the track is very mellow, and the tempo is just right.
  • The guitar sounds nice. I am not sure about the vocals. I do not think the vocals do the sounds or lyrics any justice. I like the message of the song, the lyrics are very meaningful. It is good to hear a song that has a message. The guitar helps to make the lyrics stand out.
  • Love the guitar at the start, and the acoustic vibe of the song. the singers voice is amazing - love the tone and huskiness of it could imagine this being used in the back of a tv show in a sombre moment really really love this.
  • This song sounds like a good soundtrack for a movie. i really like the sound of the singers voice. it is a very calming and emotional song. i like this song a lot and generally want to hear more of the song and this artist. i would listen to this song in my free time and would love to see it in a movie.
  • Slow, This song starts off very slow. The acoustic guitar is very nice. I really love this song because of it's moving lyrics. This song could be improved by being a little quicker and maybe adding a set of drums too. But I understand that this vocalist put effort in this song. I really love this song. The chorus is just beautiful and really can bring a tear to the eye. Great job :)
  • The beat is good for a sad song at the beginning. The singer has a good rhythm with his guitar. The song has emotion which makes it even better. It has a good track for an acoustic song which would be really good. the lyrics are impactful and even will hit some people in their heart. very well written song.
  • The music that is used fits well with the lyrics and the vocalist voice. The song itself isn't that great. I think this song should be speed up and more up beat. The lyrics could definitely be put to a little bit faster music and still be as affective. This song has so much meaning behind the lyrics. Through the lyrics there is so much feeling in the way he sing.
  • The guitar intro is nice and meaningful. The voice has a nice gritty and raspy quality to it. The lyrics are easy to make out. The instrumental melody is melodious and pleasant to hear. The lyrics are meaningful and the chorus is very catchy. This song has a lot of commercial potential. The instrumental melody is simple yet strong and structured well.
  • It started off like a minimalist country song with a rough voiced individual doing lead. The lyrics were touching and I really liked the overall emotion and thoughtfulness it provoked. It seemed empty at times. Adding background instruments or some backup vocals could give it a nice full sound. Even just adding another guitar player would probably be good enough.
  • Love the intro. guitar starts slow and the raspy vocals are a perfect combination for the guitar. Think the sound quality is pretty poor don't know whether that is due to low budget recording material or what. Lyrics are extremely powerful though. Truly a touching song and I think with the right equipment this could be massive in this world. need more people like this in our world.
  • Guitar at the beginning is a very slow beat and it leads up to the voice of the lead singer well. I like the chorus because it is mostly the lead singer and not too many instruments behind him. Great song. I would add a little more piano to the intro and make it a little longer before the lyrics come in. I would really like a female vocal added to the chorus to make the pitch higher. Maybe speed up the chorus, and make the tempo faster. I think this song could be improved by a female vocalist, a faster tempo, and a slow soft ending with a fade out.
  • The guitar at the beginning is very melodic and nostalgic at the same time. In my opinion is really beautiful. The words are uplifting and inspiring. Lyrics match well with the chords. To make this song better, it would be good to include a voice that can do the harmony (at least for the chorus part or something like that). Also adding drums and violins would not be a bad idea all because it would add a more dramatic effect to the lyrics.
  • Not really my style of music. This artist reminds me of chris daughtry. Overall, I really enjoyed this song and it was very soothing and relaxing. I would prefer a little more upbeat, but the tone was amazing. I think if the tempo changed a little more than it would be more exciting. Other than that, I enjoyed it.
  • Now I'm going to be honest here. This song isn't really my style at all. But it was not bad at all. Nice acoustics and everything. Especially if you wrote this by yourself. You also have a nice voice. Not something i would listen to but keep working on the music man.
  • The thing about a song with slow guitar playing is that just because it sounds somber and calm doesn't mean it's going to be a good song. In this song is the perfect example, the guy singing the song kind of has a rusty sound to his tone of voice. He sounds like he's a teenager singing in his moms basement.
  • This song starts of pretty slow and the singer sounds very sad and depressed. I could see this being a good song to listen to when you have had a bad day and need to wallow in the feeling. I like how the words have an uplifting message and try to speak of how things will get better. This song is a great contradiction between a sad melody and uplifting message. I really think that when people really sit down and listen to the message they will be pleased with what they find in this song.
  • This song wants to hit the listener at the heart. The artist mentions all of the people he would pray for as to give hope for those who needs its. However, at the same time he thinks to himself "Who will pray for me?", referring to feelings of loneliness. The tone in his voice matches the lyrics well, and the slow strums of the acoustic guitar give a good background to compliment the vocals.
  • The acoustic guitar could definitely benefit from being touched up in post processing, and the vocals seemed like they were recorded with a bad microphone. The lyrics were definitely very appealing and if the rest of the song was touched up the rest of the song would be much more enjoyable. I personally enjoyed the "feel" of the song.
  • I liked the beat and rhythm, it was very slow and peaceful. I would listen to him again. The instrumentals really reflected the emotion in the vocals and vice versa. It was calm, and I would listen to it on a regular basis. Sounded very indie, soft rock modern. He has a beautiful voice, and the instrumental talent is very sensible. I enjoyed the softness of the piece in general. The fluidity and beauty was really captured in the short amount of time. I see this artist as talented, I would definitely love to go them live. I would suggest maybe working on the stabilizing of their vocals, they did sound slightly shaky. But the tone was very strong and stable. I loved the depth in his voice, and the guitar reflected the feeling and passion he portrayed through his voice. It made me feel relaxed and almost safe, in a bitter sweet way. His voice gave me the chills, and reflected his personality. I see him as a caring individual with pain and a good connection between his heart and soul. Its hard to find genuineness in this industry but I think all together this combination of Vocals and instrumentals provides that, and empowers the listener.
  • Not a fan... I'm not religious so the "hopeless sinners and non-believers" fire-and-brimstone mentality was a little alienating and always comes across as condescending in my opinion. Main reason I'm not into religious music at all. Melodically and musically this person seems talented; the song had a nice melody and great instrumentals. Just can't handle the force feeding individual beliefs to others. Can't see this being something I would listen to voluntarily or ever becoming a massive hit outside of super-religious circles. Live and let live, no need for all that judgment!