I wrote the lyrics and melody for I Need A Hug Today, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: I Need A Hug Today

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I Need A Hug Today

Verse 1:
A midnight candle flickers
under a cross
the sinners they get saved
and, I'm still lost

The sun won't shine
The birds won't sing
stare at my phone
but it don't ring

Sometimes a weary heart
just won't come out to play
Oh, I need a hug today

Verse 2:
Fly too close to the sun
and you get burned
old scars stay as reminders
of, lessons learned

The moon won't smile
the birds won't sing
I check my phone
but it don't ring

Sometimes a weary heart
just won't come out to play
Oh, I need a hug today

Sometimes a weary heart
just won't come out to play
Oh, I need a hug today

----------------------------- -----------------------------

Reviews of I Need A Hug Today (song score: 7.2 out of 10) from the Reverbnation.com Crowd Review service:

  • I like the instrumentation very much. The lyrics are very good! I like the vocals. They are very soft and pleasing. This is a good song. It's not the best I've heard, but it is still very good. I enjoyed listening to it today.
  • I like the name of the song and it brings out emotions in me. Good singing. The production quality as well as the quality of the sound are both good.
  • I liked the nice and mellow quality to the song. The melody was very peaceful, calm, and calm. I liked the singer's smooth delivery, and the sad lyrics.
  • I don't like the style of this music, it is weirdly too relaxing and the lyrics are lame. "stare at my phone, but it don't ring" ugh. It is also way too sad for me right now.
  • I thought the song was good however it sounds like it should be part of a children's music and not so much Pop / Dance as the vocals are very soft and remind me of kindergarten songs for learning concepts.
  • Instrumentals sounded good overall. Sound quality was good. Vocals were good and I really liked the main melody but the arrangement was average. I liked the tempo and lyrics.
  • Not a bad song, sounds a bit more Country than Pop/Dance. The vocals are good and the lyrics seem well developed. The instrumentation is solid and the production is sound.
  • I'm not a fan of this artist's voice - sorry. The title makes me think of a children's sing-along show. If that's what they are going for - nailed it!
  • The chorus was catchy while still being emotive and I enjoyed that a lot. The singer is good and never off-key. I found the song pretty and memorable.
  • The melody was awesome on this track and it led to more enjoyable listening experiences. The harmony of the various elements came into form around the middle portion of the song and continued from there.
  • The music to this song is very nice. I also like the lyrics to this song very much. The sound quality of the song is really good. The artist did a decent job on this song.
  • The music was very good but the vocals sounded a little rough in some parts. Especially the opening vocals. Sounded find during the choruses though.
  • The song is fun loving. The artist song is very soothing and expected for this genre. I like how the artist pronounces the lyrics. The song is very cute or heartwarming. I like to listen to this again.
  • The vocals are kind of weird, and it sounds like the singer has a bit of a lisp and it is a bit distracting. His voice is a little odd and the vocals need to be tuned down a little to let the guitar shine more.
  • This song has great production , and I liked the lyrics I would definitely recommend this song to all of my family and to all of my friends, this song is excellent.
  • This song is made for the late 60's early 70's. It's so dorky it's appealing, and I actually want to give him a hug. It has a very nice, simple melody that is catchy enough that I was singing along. I miss this type of songwriting.
  • This song is nice to hear and it sounds very relaxing, I love how the voice of the artist sounds with this music, it seems to fit very well and be met well. The words are very sweet and I love the kind of song this is. The visual words are my favorite.
  • This song was cool , I thought the lyrics were awesome , I would definitely recommend this song to all of my family and to all of my friends.