I wrote the lyrics for I Love You So Much It Hurts, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines record a version of it for me.

Song Title: I Love You So Much It Hurts

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I Love You So Much It Hurts

Verse 1:
I hear the cold wind blow
and dance among the trees
the ghosts of mother nature
that no one ever sees

All woven in a pattern
to bring me to your door
what once lay slowly dying
lives forever more

Oh, can you feel the fire
hearts beating with desire
spinning round and round and round the Earth
Just hold me tonight
I love you so much it hurts
just hold me tonight
I love you so much it hurts

Verse 2:
I hear the people talking
but I'm not really there
still drowning in your beauty
then coming up for air

Can't live another minute
in the distance of apart
we are the final brush stroke
in life's great work of art

Oh, can you feel the fire
hearts beating with desire
spinning round and round and round the Earth
Just hold me tonight
I love you so much it hurts
just hold me tonight
I love you so much it hurts

Can you feel the fire
hearts beating with desire
spinning round and round and round this Earth
Just hold me tonight
hold me tonight
just hold me tonight
I love you so much it hurts
just hold me tonight
I love you so much it hurts


Reviews of I Love You So Much It Hurts on ReverbNation.com (Song Score: 7.0 out of 10):

  • The sound of the country melody playing in the intro lays a welcome mat for listeners. This was a slow tempo country track but it has a great overall sound and some great sounds. The instrumental is just right. The vocals are perfectly released on beat. The artist puts a little love in the way he sings to listeners. The track is rich in country tones and could be a great mainstream song.
  • This song has a nice and calming rhythm in the beginning, feeding off onto the instruments that are being played making it cool. The lyrics are great and thought provoking lyrics and are also pretty lovable. The vocals could be improved and are not that great as a whole.
  • A soft acoustical melody starts this enchanting song! Whoever's playing the acoustics has got some major talent! And then comes even more talent when the lead singer starts singing with his beautiful voice! I would like to hear this song either at a faster pace or something different by this artist either way his voice is of a star! I give this song a rating of seven out of 10!
  • Such a feeling of a One Direction song at the beginning. Great vocalist with such a strong powerful rusky voice. The guitar play is amazing and is just so good with this singers voice. Great track as it goes on and sounds so good. Great work on the writing guys, keep it up.
  • The beginning of the song is too long. The vocalist has a good voice, but this song was not for him. I recommend him changing songs to something more fast paced. I might listen to this artist if he tried a different song but he did not sing very well on this one. I wouldn't listen to this particular song again because it doesn't sound good.
  • Love the instrumental start especially the guitar strum. the song is well produced and well sung as it has great vocals and has crisp sound quality. lyrics are nicely done and good words used and does not seem to repetitive like many other songs. very calmful song i would love to listen to again.
  • This song sounds sort of depressing even as it continues forward. You can hear the singers slow and sad beats in this song. It's a sad song with hardly any special rhythms in it. I find the guitar too quiet and very slow. The guitar compliments the singers vocals here and they are very positive.
  • I like the guitar in the song. The waves of energy in the song are powerful. I like the lyrics too. The song make one think a lot. Listening to this brings back old memories of the past. The future of this song is possibly a good one.
  • The melody from the acoustic guitar sounds quite sad. The vocals sound really bad and can't really sing but the lyrics that are being said are beautifully written. The back up is a lot better than the lead singer. It could do with an instrumental from a violin to enhance the chorus or something to have a change in melody.
  • Expressive melodies is something you expect when you hear the guitar so softly played. I am getting this from the singer. His voice seems to have a very distinctive link to how his vocal chords will sound all through his songs. He doesn't do anything with watered down extensive notes or chords. he has some dynamics that he uses to get his work noticed. His voice is really lovely and the words expressed with passion. I feel the connection of the words and his voice being important to him.
  • The introduction of the song has a very sweet melody and tone to it. The tone if this song revolves around happiness and love, this his apparent through the author's lyrics that are being sung in very soft words. This song does not have a very snappy feel to it, this epitomizes freedom into it.
  • This plays a nice sweet romantic song on the guitar which is very melodic and nice. The lyrics are filled with nature and artistic expressions, of the universe and the world. The singer has a great sense of style and sweet romantic tone to it. The sound has really good acoustics, like he's playing in the woods or at a campfire.
  • Very good intro with the guitar plucking technique. Very good idea to use it throughout the whole song! Easy to listen to the vibe is just so relaxing! Anyone would use this song at a wedding or. A very sweet love song to serenade your significant other. Lyrics are very well written, however, the lyrics are somewhat unclear because of the overshadowing of the instrumentals.
  • I love the flowing intro. Great talented vocal artist with a tad of the accent. Smooth lyrics and it is nicely composed with the melody. So, excellent solo. i can tell some heart was put into the making and producing this composition. Great coda, just enough instruments to support the purpose of this solo.
  • Slow ballads like this track always deserve a few listens, something I wish I could do with this song. It has a deep soulful folk rock feel, but also lyrically sounds like many modern country artists without the twang or pop star swank. It is mostly acoustic guitar and flat vocals, but the song wants for some serious production and a full band. I think this is a soloist, so I can't criticize their songwriting, only that this track could be better developed. Not a bad piece of music, but not great either.
  • Aw this song has a heart warming and creative being to the song. I like how he is using the guitar to express his feelings. I like how its a smooth beat type of music. its a nice tune to listen to when your feeling down. its a nice song to here when your alone.
  • Excellent guitar solo at the beginning of the track and this creates a soft, gentle and chilled vibe for the context of this song. The male vocals of this track fit well and there is a good combination of music compilation and vocals that compliment one another. Although the vocals fit well and I enjoy the rustic tone of the lead singer, the vocals are often weak in some places and a variation of vocal tempo would be useful in making the song more catchy and enjoyable to listen to. I am not a fan of the lyrical construction of this track, I don't feel like the lyrics do justice to the vibe of the track. The chorus is not very distincitve and better lyrics could be used here.
  • Beautiful guitar in the beginning of the song. Vocals a little flat in the beginning. Reminds me a bit of an older country song like something Garth Brooks would sing. The lyrics are a bit too repetitious for my taste though. Maybe the song could have a softer ending and trail off more gracefully. I know this is a soft love song but it could use a little more passion in the vocals expressed with crescendo in the voice.
  • The guitar has a very nice sound about it that i find very enjoyable. its playing such a nice and gentle tune. the vocalist has a super sweet voice as well that suites the way the guitar is being played. his voice expresses the lyrics very well and he can emote the feeling of the song. maybe some piano would benefit the song a lot.
  • Being an acoustic guitar player myself, I love the feel given by the fingerstyle guitar. The harmonizing vocals add a sublime touch to the song, and the piece of music brings with it a very positive and relaxing vibe. Singer has a beautiful voice, however I recommend a little more power in the chorus, with higher notes as I believe it will add more emotion to the song. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, and convey a powerful message.
  • Lovely melody i really think this kind of music was blissful. I found this man amazing he really has the vocals of a professional singer. I found the melody of this song authentic i think this is a song that will be worth hearing on the radio and on the commercials.
  • The song begins with an acoustic introduction and is accompanied by a male voice. If I could categorise the song into a genre, I would place it somewhere between acoustic and country, thanks to the instrumental and the voice of the artist. The lyrics are nothing extraordinary, if anything quite trite and repetitive, but the emotion in the artists' makes up for this.
  • A really nice start to this track. I love the guitar. The acoustic songs very bright and well recorded. The picking is immaculate and doesn't slip at any point. The vocals sound like that of a modern day country rock song. They are raw, rough and meaningful. We have a slight harmony in the background which adds a spacious effect to the initial track. The lyrics are beautiful and I loved every word.

Below is a piano version of I Love You So Much It Hurts by Frankie Simon (piano) and Matt Greco (vocals):

Reviews of the piano version of I Love You So Much It Hurts on ReverbNation.com (overall score: 6.3 out of 10):

  • When I first heard this song, I thought it was going to be a Christmas song. The combination of the artist's voice and the slow pace makes this song unappealing to me. However, you can tell that he has talent and has been trained by a professional to sing. He has definitely got real talent and has hope to make it.
  • The piano at the start sounds very classic and refined. The transition into the vocals is very smooth, and resonates a high level of emotion. The lyrics are very strong and easy to relate to, but the chorus seems a bit generic. The songwriter may want to revisit this if it is their original song -- if not, then it is understandable.
  • A lovely few counts into the track creating a very soft and relaxing rhythm. The vocals also create a very strong yet soft sound blending well with the piano. The lyrics are very beautiful and makes you connect to the track. The track really tells a story. The build of the vocals works really well, so the track doesn't become too repetitive and boring.
  • I like the vocals. The piano is really good. It just feels like the song is a story thats just not that interesting. Theres nothing that's really catchy or that makes you want to hear it again. So, its not a bad song, its not one that I would listen to again.
  • The piano playing in the introduction of the song was perfect to add to the song because of the metaphors in the lyrics to best describe the singer's problem. This brings a melancholy mood to the song because of how sad the singer is. I found this song to be amazing to listen to.
  • The lyrics are so powerful and inspirational.the songwriter is talented in many different ways i love the words because i can relate!this lovely piece of music gets to my heart and the melody has a nice hard tone to it.i give this a hard rate 10/10.
  • The lead singer sings very confident. The lyrics are really emotional and I feel just listening to this you can really touch the lyrics and understand the pain and how tough life is on the artist. He really expresses himself through this song. The lyrics have a powerful meaning behind them. This song can really grab someone. I love this song for different reasons. The piano is caringly played and it makes beautiful abstract sounds. The pattern of this song is not just real music but art.
  • Great intro to the song, with a strong deep piano instrument giving the song a good slow-paced rhytm and the melody in the background relaxing the listener and giving him that sad mood. The vocals are warm,deep and clear with a good low voice, the lyrics are sad,but heart-warming, nothing too punchy. A good deep song that can also be quite a motivation for finding the love of your life.
  • The piano sounds very full and on the foreground of the track, which is a nice way to mix this kind of song. The vocalist has a very soothing voice and the lyrics are both thought provoking and inspired. The mix is done very well, and the mastering is also very well done. It seems that all the space in this mix is occupied, which makes it sound far more professional and something that you might expect to hear in films and on television shows. I personally look forward to hearing more of what is to come from this artist in the future, and fully intend to seek out a version of this song to download in the very near future. Very well done.
  • The song has a very romantic feel to the music. The vocalist sings of the nature just so sweetly that i love listening to his voice. The feeling and emotion of warmth that the piano produce is briliantly wonderful that i would listen to it again and again. A n ecellect ompose music.
  • The beginning of the song was very slow and controlled but the piano keys were fresh and like they had thought about what they were playing. So often i hear the songs here, are careless and not well thought out in terms of the structure. The serious nature of the male vocals were there, but i do think you need to aim your voice outwards a little more.The background set of instruments were very simple, and there maybe more scope to make the song more diverse. Have confidence, and projection with the singing of the words, to really energise the song and its meaning all round.
  • The piano creates a beautiful atmosphere and feeling. The vocalist is much better in this song. This works well. the lyrics flow better. The song is quite catchy in your head. Its very beautiful feeling and meaning. Hes composed this well and thought out the words hes written.
  • Easy melodic piano opening. Lyrics start off very story telling, seems like it is a religious song, and if not could be played as one. The singer seems very passionate, although repeats the word love quite a bit of times. Song feels just a bit slow, I was expecting a tempo increase.
  • This song sounds like something that I have heard before. Like it has been done many times over. Personally, I would ad some female vocalist to this song. As far as the lead singer goes - his voice is decent. But his vocal cords are not ready yet for professional gigs. In my opinion it would be good for him to get some formal vocal training. And try putting the violin in that would help a lot.
  • I didn't really enjoy this track. The piano is pretty in the background, but it completley overshadows the vocalist. The vocasl weren't strong at all . The lyrics were average not very imaginative. The arrangement had a very ameture feel to it, nothing really to special about this tune.
  • Lovely music in the intro, the piano playing is great and played well. The vocals i am not a fan off, nor the lyrics, they sound made up on the spot, although they have meaning. i prefer r and b music, i cannot even categorise this genre of music.
  • Nice piano playing sets the mood. The musical accompaniment is fronted by good vocals, and well written lyrics with vivid imagery. The singer delivers the lyrics with feeling and clarity; he has a very professional presence and phrasing. The score consists of only piano but manages to be very effective nonetheless. The music is well composed and arranged with a fine melody and chorus; and the track is adeptly recorded, performed, and produced.
  • The piano build up is a nice introduction for the tempo of the song as it relaxes the listener and allows the vocals to enter smoothly and make the song. The male vocals used are the right pitch for the songs BPM, as the voice is; sad, slow, and steady and the piano can create an atmosphere around that. The artist has put great thought into the lyrics especially.
  • Pretty piano opening. I get the feeling this is going to be a spiritual song. Ok this guy has a decent voice. It sounds like he's going for a Ben Folds vibe with his singing and playing. The lyrics are ok but I think the pretty piano playing is a little one dimensional at the moment. It sounds like it's on a loop and this song needs more rhythmic accents. Where are the drums and string sections?
  • Nice piano to begin the song. The melody is soothing. When the singer begins, his voice is sad and nostalgic. It carries well with the piano melody. When the chorus begins the singers' voice rises and the intensity of the piano melody picks up. It is a really sad song.
  • The bass of this piece of music isnt great as its not loud enough to convey a sense of sadness.The melody and harmony added to this is soothing to listen to due to the vocalist being very strong.The lyrics are great as they give and tell a story that makes you want to listen to it more.
  • Beautiful piano start to the song, catches my ear. Lyrics are creative and make me want to listen to the lyrics. Would be nicer if sang in a female voice, as it sounds a bit too harsh. The voice makes the song sound as if there should be more instruments included, such as guitar or drums.
  • I like the piano at the start of the song. It makes me feel good inside, I also like how the piano is like an intro for the very nice male vocals. I really like the theme and rhyming of the song. I wish there were more instruments than just a piano. Maybe add a drum, bass or guitar. I give this song a 6/10.
  • You need a much more stronger base to your beat. It is too soft. One other thing is that you pates is not consistent. Your singer is singing fast than slow. He needs to find a steady paste. Last thing i feel that you should assist on doing is having an other singer sing along the side of the artist.The reason is that at times the song sounds to silent and it would help if you also had a chorus too. I would prefer a female.

Below is an acoustic version of I Love You So Much It Hurts by Sarah Foord:

Below is a version of I Love You So Much It Hurts, by dyingseed:

Reviews of dyingseed's version of I Love You So Much It Hurts on ReverbNation.com (overall score: 5.6 out of 10):

  • An interesting acoustic piece, the vocals aren't something you would hear in a mainstream radio, but that doesn't make it bad. It feels like it might take a few listenings to get used to this specific style, but it is enjoyable. It sounds like a song you might listen to while on the beach or in a very scenic area. Perhaps in a movie scene where a character is contemplating his life and love while walking through a garden path.
  • I really liked this track. The vocals went well with the instrument choice. I can definitely see this being an Indie/Alternative hit. This reminds me of the Eagles, but with a more modern edge to it. The lyrics were beautifully executed in this piece. This is one of my favorite tracks I've reviewed.
  • OH GOD, I DON'T LIKE THIS SONG. IT'S WEIRD, ANNOYING, OVER DONE, NO CHANCE OF EVER BEING A GOOD SINGER SORRY. Keep your day job, you'll need it if you ever think this could be a hit. Pausing the song so I don't hear it, it's horrible and it's giving me a headache.I don't know how to write a longer review on this, it is not good. The lyrics are lame, the voice is way too stupidly dramatic. The only "good part" is the instrumentals.
  • The sounds is mellow and good for easy listening. The lyrics are relate-able and I can imagine hearing this on the radio. The vocal is not traditional, but it works with the instruments. The instruments also sound good and simple enough for the voice to shine through. It is a little bit slow, but that is good for the audience I think it is aiming for. The song overall is good.
  • A great human voice to one instrument song. The isolation of just the acoustic guitar and his voice, is perfect for people who like raw music, and soulful music in general. There is alot of expression and soul put into this song. The percussion is all in the rhythm used on the guitar and the singer, so that is out of the picture. All around a well put together song, and is perfect for calm nights.
  • "I love you so much; it hurts." It hurts to listen to this song. The male singer doesn't have the vocal ability to sing due to his lack of variety of chords in his voice. There's only one guitar playing for the musical background which isn't that great sounding due to it's playing the same chord throughout the whole song. The lyrics could be improved to such as having an explanation to why he loves whoever he does in the song. This song needs to rewritten and have more instruments or improve the guitar music playing.
  • The tune kept me interested throughout the entire song. It had a somber sound that really allowed me to sit back and think but still kept me at ease. The vocals were very interesting, though at times they sounded a bit more like whining than singing a song. The guitar sounded beautiful, especially when the chords were strung slowly so that you could hear all the strings individually. All in all a wonderful song.
  • Instantly seemed to be like a Hotel California homage/rip off. As if it took that song and then used the same formula for vocal and instrumental arrangement, but not enough diversity in both components, nor technical talent to give the song classic rock appeal. Instead comes off as old fashioned and amateur. Lyrical writing, especially the lack of any strong lyrical narrative prevents this song from having the same impact that Hotel California did. Lyrics, and in turn Vocalist, comes of as insincere are a result. Has limited pop appeal and radio potential.
  • This song is not my type of song as it sounds indie and i am not a fan. i like the lyrics though, very poetic. the guitar chords in the background are beautiful i would only suggest that the melody have maybe some sort of catchier beat, and the vocals are not the best in my opinion but alright. keep working.
  • Barf. Not my style at all. Very hippy-esque singing about the trees and elements...kind of eccentric for my liking. Acoustics were amazing though. Great job with the strum patterns. Geared towarrds the correct crowd, it would make a killing i'm sure. You can tell that the artist is very passionate though towards this subject. Which is nice to see. Could work on not sounding so nasally though. Just not really my style. Good job though!
  • The vocals are refreshing and reminiscent of 60-70's rock, but I think the song would benefit from having some additional layers. The song would be a great accoustic performance but in order to make it truly commercially viable, maybe adding background singers for some key points. just to strengthen the vocalist's impact.
  • At first the song felt to be dragging, but then it seemed to flow nicely after a couple of seconds. The singer is okay and does an exceptional job at hitting a couple of the notes. The guitar and the singer's voice feel together in the song and do not stray away from each other.
  • This song could certainly use an introduction, rather than skipping straight to the song. The vocals aren't too bad, and the lyrics are pretty good as well. Maybe if they incorporated another singer into it to change it up and capture the viewer's attention, it would have great potential. Other than that, great song!
  • I kind of like the intro music instrument part thing. the Guitar one and its matching for the beat and the person singing. the intro dude is really nice and the song reminds me and we are taking field trip to Ghost Ranch on Mexico because the song sounds so western because of the guitar and the person singing about love story. he must be talking about his love ones and the people he likes in his life. The Guitar is like the meaning because he is being depressed and he is singing it to his loved ones in his loving peaceful life. this song is really good for people's girlfriend left them and then that person is feeling sad about it. Maybe the guitar symbolizes it and the guitar sounds very peaceful and its very relaxing to hear.
  • The beginning has a guitar playing with some generic singing. The lyrics are not horrible but could use improvement. The singing is generic country sound. All this song sound is a guitar with a whiny singer singing about who knows what. I would never listen to this bland country song. Avoid this like the plague.
  • The singer does have talent but he was a little off key. I will recommend vocal lessons and a better coach. The guitar playing was actually decent too but I just think overall listening to the tempo and style that a lot of work needs to be done. I will say I hear some potential in this song but it needs to be mastered.
  • I like how this male singer style is. He sings his heart out in a very passionate way. The instrumental is simple. I don't know if he is playing guitar but if he is that's a huge bonus because that's two talents be pulled of at once. Stunning lyrics and there's emotion within them. The sound quality is clear and the male singer's volume is loud. Superb song to be honest.
  • The song began with guitar and a very well sung man. He seemed to be singing with his soul, from the way that his voice sounded. This song was a love song, which could explain why he put so much it'll singing it. Some things he said was that he loved whomever so much that it hurt. He was singing for a girl, saying that he was drowning in her beauty and that, basically, the world was nothing when she was around. It was an extremely beautiful love song.
  • The vocals immediately feel a little weak. Not the strongest singing. The guitar track is a little quiet in comparison to the singer. Singer is almost whiny. The recording is a little muddled, especially in the highs. The guitar play is on spot however. The chord progression is refreshing. The lyrics come across as quite sappy.
  • The vocals are ok. Could use some work. Seems out of tone at times. The acoustic guitar sounds great! The lyrics are well written and tell a story and flow well. This is a simple song with a simple sound. Production work sounds a bit unprofessional. Its a very rough sound and a very rough recording. Has a demo sound rather then a finished product sound to it.

Below is a version of I Love You So Much It Hurts with music by Kenny Gates and vocals by Matt Greco:

The following are reviews of the Kenny Gates/Matt Greco version of I Love You So Much It Hurts on ReverbNation.com (overall score: 4.8 out of 10):

  • The start of the song is very exciting the piano's fast tempo accomplishes this. The voice of the vocalist seems to be off key with the melody created by the piano and high hats. The words used within the lyrics i loved. I decided to rate this song at a 7 out of 10 because of its discrepancy between vocals and instruments.
  • I feel that piano invokes a certain emotion with in me that's hard to describe and this particular song does that well at the beginning. The male vocalist chiming in was almost unexpected and seemed really sudden, although I love the gritty and expressive tone he possesses. This vocalist is able to portray emotions through the lyrics he sings and that's an incredible trait to possess. I wish this were mixed slightly better. At times the vocalist is much louder than the background music and at times he's overpowered by it. Great melody to this tune. Overall I really do enjoy it.
  • I like the piano intro and the different sounds that are created to keep me interested. I love the tempo that is created and segway to the vocals. There was a little rough transition but I enjoyed it. The vocals are not in tune with the instrumentals but still compliment each other enough to interest me. Overall I enjoy this song.
  • I do like the beginning because it starts off the piano with a strong solo cover. I really like how over time, the piano fades in and out and suddenly the lead singer's voice is heard. It sounds good but could use work with the tempo. I feel like he's singing too fast and doesn't keep up with the rest of the music. The hook of the song would've been a lot better if he had matched the pitch and didn't compromise his voice.
  • The fire..... what is that suppose to mean. The songs lyrics is just dumb like honestly. The beat is terrible i can die and the melody. Well lets just say the melody is also terrible. I feel like this song was written by some monkeys thats how bad the song was. The vocals are really bad he can't harness his voice it is too high.
  • The melody is soothing and relaxing. The piano sounds are steady and perfectly performed. The instrumentals compliment this song very well. The vocals are surprisingly choppy and uneven. The vocalist needs studio work to smooth the sounds and improve the song quality. The lyrics are truthful and deeply meaningful bringing emotion to the table. The lyrics are poetic and slightly out of rhythm. The drum and piano instrumentals add a dynamic element and engages the audience directly.
  • This song gives off a very intense vibe in the beginning with the long intro of a electric piano. Sadly the mood is not consistant at all. As soon as the artist starts sings, its a totally different beat and instrument. The voice is not to great either. You have a huge build up but are sadly let down with a subpar song.
  • The instrumental is too long and boring! The vocalist doesnt have great abilities, hes more talking than singing. The words are not relatable to me and i didnt really like this track. However, the singer from the middle can reach great notes and pitches would like to know more about him.
  • First I love the way the song first comes on, the use of the piano is very, very nice. I wasn't really expecting it when he came in singing but thats not a bad thing, I enjoyed it. He has a decent signing voice that I can probably get into, I'm actually very curious about his other songs now. I love the over all beat & the lyrics, the song is pretty cool.
  • The beginning of the song has an eerie, dark feel to it. It reminds me a little bit of something Evanescence would write. The difference is there is a male singer rather than a female singer singing the song. The song obviously sounds a little more manufactured than a song from a major recording label.
  • The piano sound has a captivating as well as mesmerizing effect. There's a sense of atmospheric musical bliss. The singer has a mellow voice that works impressively for this heart felt track. It's very good songwriting with a serious lyrical message. The recording has a good chance of pushing any of the current pop garbage (except for Adele) off the radio.
  • I think that the vocalist has a nice and strong voice to share with the world. Instrumental sounds well played. I think I'd love to hear more music from this vocalist as he is amazingly talented. I feel others would love this song as well. Overall, I am impressed with this song.
  • The piano sounds like a fake piano recorded on garageband. Once the singer begins singing, you can hear small noise immediately. it is very minor, but minor things like this matter when you are trying to professionals write a song. I also had to lower my volume a bit because it sounds like is screaming during some parts. The lyrics are nothing special. This song is just nothing special. It just sounds unprofessionally made and it is corny.
  • The piano sets a gentle and calming beat and rhythm to the song, which is a great mood setting. The vocals are favourable as they are strong, yet soft and gentle, with the vocal melodies being in perfect timing and tune. I like the instrumental variety as there is very little, so it does not take away from the sentimental value of the song, yet it is simple but not boring. You can clearly hear the lyrics and understand the meaning of the song which appeals to a lot of people.
  • I automatically love the start of the song it seems really uplifting to listen to, the lyrics are really not that interesting to me to listen to me, not my type of music but the beat is really good. the voice needs a little work i would say but overall its a okay song.
  • Right off the bat, I'm a sucker for piano, so his song is right up my alley. The vocals are a bit less than stellar but the drums mixed with the bass and keyboards are phenomenal, has a hippy or religious feel to it, which is a bit jarring, and the vocals seem a bit forced.
  • I don't love the beginning because it sets a sad mood for the rest of the song. The vocals sound good, as far as in the pitch, but i feel like the mood of this song is suppose to make people feel depressed. The hook doesn't make it any better, by adding a lower quality tone to the music and contradicts the lyrics.
  • The begging of the song makes it sound like it is going to tell a story. I think it took to long the get into the vocal part. I don't like how once the male vocal started to sing they changed the background music. I think he should practice his vocal skills he is to high pitch.
  • I am not very fond of this song. The progression is okay but the vocals are pretty weak and I feel like the words could be a lot better and there are a lot of lyrical clichés. I can't leave out the overall production of this song. I'm sorry but its downright terrible. The vocals start to get too loud in some parts and the overall quality of the instrumentation is poor.
  • Very smooth i like it. Very nice beat to it very slow. I just think there should be a bit more background instruments when he is singing instead of just the drums. although its good singing and i really like the music and the beat but i think i like it this way but i just want some beat or music or song.
  • The piano led to a very dramatic beginning. The vocals completely destroyed my first impression. The higher pitched voice didn't quite fit the soundtrack behind it. It sounds very raw and maybe even slightly under produced. it didn't work for me. The cheesy lyrics didn't help its case either. The whole needs to be completely changed around to be ever played on radio.
  • The singer has a nice voice at points. The lyrics could have a better flow to them. The instrumentation doesn't sound finished. I think with better equipment and some voice lessons the singer could do well but as is there's too many missed high notes and the midi instrumentation makes it sound dated.
  • The music and styles of this song are interesting and unique. The intro to the song is way to long and the transition between the intro and the first verse is not very smooth. The vocal part also fades out during the high notes and it can be hard to hear at parts. This voice is not the best fit for this kind of song. I like how this combines the fast and upbeat of the drums with the slow bass backgrounds. It creates a really unique and interesting combination.
  • The piano in the very beginning was very inticing and a great introduction for this song. Unfortunately once the lyrics begin, there seemed to be a very big disconnect. The lyrics do not match the tempo of the song. Also the artist is very sharp and flat in several instances such as the first chorus and the second verse.
  • The base guitar is very deep, I like the beat of the drums. I love how loud his voice is, its not to loud but it is at a perfect volume. I like how he sings slow and then he will speed up. This song gives me mixed emotion, which is not bad.
  • Electric keyboard a little too strong and muddled in my opinion, much too stark a contrast to the clear and invigorating piano, which I enjoyed. Don't feel a strong connection from the vocals to the subject matter of the music. Song really loses traction for me at about 25 seconds remaining. Just falls apart, then back to mismatched singer in my opinion.
  • Amazing piano intro. It sounds very dramatic and deep and it makes me want to keep listening. Quality is perfect. You have a good voice but you should try to record the vocals again because they are not powerful enough. The chorus is not catchy enough. Instrumentation could be better.
  • The piano that's playing in the beginning of the song was really good and calm. when the beat actually came in with the artist voice I say it was kinda nice. I like the beat for the most part. I like the kinda mix they have going on in the song. But for the most part I think the song wasn't all so bad it was a nice calm little tune.
  • The beginning to end of constant piano playing. The beat is very soft and mellow with beautiful melody's. The duet sounds interesting with her voice loud. I am liking the song with amazement. I hope they do another duet together that was interesting. I am giving it kudos.
  • Calm piano introduction. Notes lack creativity, they're somewhat repetitive at the start. The beat is very relaxing and steady. The song seems like a love song with little meaning and not much creative content when it comes back to the words. The instruments, low piano, guitar, and high piano, go back and forth.
  • Love the start of this song. Its soft and smoothing. The heavy metal sound is not of my liking but the song is okay. I love the sound of the singer voice. The way the artist drops the instruments and sing over them is awesome. The artist really surprises you with this touching song. The base line is beautiful in this song. The artist did a great job with this one . Good job i never would of expected the song to be so secret and relaxing. Yet being so vile and remarkable. Also the drummer did their thang and yes sir carried on.
  • The intro was a little lengthy I kept expecting words but they weren't coming. Then when they did I'm getting a 90s feel. I do not think it is a bad song. The first versus for sure give a 90s vibe but the chorus picks up which has a much more current sound I think.I think you only really hear the singers talent in the chorus the other versus lack a little umph. I think the singer has a lovely sounding voice I just wish you heard move of it in the other versus. It builds towards the end and I think it sounds great.
  • I like the way the lyrics are written, good use of words and rhymes. However I feel the singing is dis jointed from the background like they were recorded differently. Sadly it just makes the whole song sound a little amateur and not very professional. I do like the end where the song slows down and there is just one piano beat being played, it's a nice way to end the song.
  • Introduction music captured my interest. The composition is well done. I like the lyrics. A cover artist might prove to be a good relationship to invest in. Not all song writers make good singing performers. An old fashion acoustic guitar could add greatly to the overall sound. On that note why not lay down a few key moments on the violin?
  • A great intro, tracks bumps, overall soothing and won't hurt you're ears. voice is good but is annoying at some points when mixed with the music, also has some meaning to it and may be relatable. Not bad for a song and background can be used for presentations because it has a great intro and slowly becomes sort of into the dubsteb genre! not bad!
  • Very relaxing, makes you want to sleep or just be happy. Also very instrumental. Great vocal skills and very easy to enjoy. Great music, again very relaxing, and I loved it. From deep in the human soul, loved the beat, and very great piano skills. Also loved how it was slow at first then it really kicks up. Loved it!!

Below is a version of I Love You So Much It Hurts by Chris Davidson:

Below are reviews of Chris Davidson's version of I Love You So Much It Hurts on ReverbNation.com (overall score: 5.0 out of 10):

  • This is a bit slow going in tempo and nothing really hooks me in. The vocals are thin and have too much effects and the beat is thin. You need m,ore presence in the beat and bass line.The melody and lyric are o.k. but the slow tempo drags. rerecord at a faster tempo and get a fatter beat and bass line to build the foundation and add a groove. Cool tune but lacking in mix and performance.
  • From their violin chord harp. that the bagpipe tempo cymbals. position on organ guitar oboe. early in violin guitar clarinet, churchyard; and bassoon chords mandolin, both to banjo ukulele bassoon to five saxophone tuba saxophone, at that harp ukulele harpsichord. man has vibraphone melodies tambourine. a terrible guitar bass acoustic clung to saxophone vocals violin were the vibraphone vocals melodies, it which tambourine trumpet viola with curly trombone.
  • I love the clarity in the vocals as it enhanced the audibility in the contents, instrumental should come up a bit more as vocals are loud which makes the song imbalance, although singer have a superb voice and they performed astonishingly, the expression in their voice makes the song intense. Great song but the rhythm isn't that exciting and the slow tempo makes the song a bit boring.
  • Very strange song. I think the singer needs more work in the studio. This track was not appealing. I didn't like the tone of the artist or the direction that this song was going in. This song lacks style. Not a song that should be on the radio. Very poor lyrics and weak tone. This song is not creative and needs balance.
  • Initial the chords are Sci-Fi like and broad in harmony. The dated sound production is weak and needs more shaping and molding mix wise. The digital effects on the vocals need to be turned down a little so i can appreciate the tonality of the vocalist natural tone. There are some interesting chords used in passing on this arrangements performance. You need a better studio recording and mix to present this mysterious and somber composition. Very passionate and elegant, you have the potential to win with this track.
  • I really liked this song because of the soft melody that it creates by using the instruments. The lyrics explain the melody of the song and together add a peaceful and soft effect to the song that it needs. This song is very relaxing and calming to listen to as well.
  • The unity of the introduction was very nice, multiple instruments and electronic sounds blending together for a seamless background to the vocals. I really wish the vocalist hadn't had an echo effect applied to them, though. I think the singing was pretty nice, and the lyrics were interesting, but the echo was distracting. The chorus was an improvement on the verses, because the harmony was very interesting and there was a cool effect with words blending into each other. I don't really know how to describe it, but it was cool. I might listen to this song on my own.
  • I like the organ sample. pacing is good. tempo could be a hair slower. his voice is pretty good. maybe not so much echo. lyrics are good. i'm not sure about the melody. it was alright at first but now its just irritating. there's nothing really driving the song. the bass guitar is sort of keeping time with the drums, but the singer is going to his own time.
  • This song sounds very unique and unconventional in the way it has chosen to present the vocals to this track. the singer sings in quite a distinctly, quirky manner. he even goes off key and out of tune at times, but it seems deliberate to convey his painful emotions. in fact, this pain is emulated by the enhancements used, and it does physically hurt the ears. the melody itself is very simply used and do nothing more but provide a tuneful, slow movement for the song.
  • The origin point of this song was unique and something i do not feel I've heard in music very often. The sound effects added during the chorus were super cool and I like how the melody slowed down, and got faster at parts through out the song. That changed the beat up a little.
  • Good start. bad beat, doesn't make me want to listen to the song over and over that's what makes a song good or not. bad lyrics, hes just complaining about his leaving girlfriend or wife. but he has a very nice voice. he just needs to make a song that doesnt sound like hes complaining. he gets a 5/10.
  • The overall song is nice to listen to. The guitar tempo fits well and it goes on beat. The singing is pretty good and its very similar to other songs of this genre. I like the overall feel of this song and the lyrics are pretty generic for a broken heart type of song. The singer sounds full of despair and overall does a good job at creating a song about heart break.
  • The sound is atmospheric and hazy. The beat that tops it is perfect for the emotion. It's a very etheric and mysterious spunding song which is popular right now. It has a deep night sound and a vibe of noir and romance. I love the vibe and the production. The vocal echo is a great touch. I think it's great and lots of people would listen to this.
  • Immediately caught those synthesizers from the beginning - cool ! What a beautiful voice the lead singer has. I feel that there is something sort of sad and gloomy in this song. Definitely written and sang straight from the heart. Helps to build that connection to a listener like me, as I can feel that he really means what he says. I could probably use this as a soundtrack to some of those heartache moments of mine... I feel like these guys can translate true emotions into a song, maybe they could make a more positive, romantic-feel tune, too? You know that feeling when you first start seeing someone, (and before it all goes wrong, haha.)
  • When I first started listening to this song I didn't like it. The instrumental is nice. I like the synths that run through the track, the hi hat percussion in the background really works with the track. The problem laid with the vocals, they seemed weak and they swallowed up by the track. As the song continued the artist seemed to grow into the song and really owned it by the end. I don't if this song will instantly resonates with its audience but it will grow on them or it would definitely make a good movie soundtrack.
  • The synth intro creates and atmosphere that the vocal rhythm does not work in. Some parts of the synth are interesting, the bulk of it isn't though. The beat goes great with the song though. My only problem with this song is the vocals: they do not harmonize well with the song and the timbre of the voice isn't great or unique.
  • To be honest I do not like such performance from that artists. The most important thing for me is quality of the song and style. Both of them are on very law level. May be if the artist will improve his version i will appreciate it on 6, because i like his words. It seems for me , that there is sense. May be not everyone can find it,but for me another..My last verdict is do not listen that music.
  • The song is okay because the changes in tempo are cool. The rhythm is easy to vibe to, but the echoes are distracting. The vocalist has a story to tell, which is clearly obvious. However, I think this song would be better if I didn't have discordant notes. When the song reaches the bridge, I definitely could sense the vocalist's passionate heart.
  • Pads are very lush and create a dreamy atmosphere to the song. Vocals also add to the atmosphere. BPM is persistent throughout the track, so that is good. Drums are elementary and simple, which are good. Lyrics are meaningful and interesting. Song is beautiful, sounds like it was mastered in a studio.
  • I really like the intro with just the amazing beat playing. One thing i noticed in the song was that the harmonica was played in places where it really shouldn't have been, sometimes it just sounded like it was there to make noise. The rest of the instrumentals were done satisfactory and they worked well together, exponentially the drums. This song was amazing!

Below is a remix of Chris Davidson's version of I Love You So Much It Hurts, by Caruano95:

Here are the reviews for the remix on ReverbNation.com (overall score: 5.7 out of 10):

  • The intro is the perfect length before the vocals start. I'm getting a peaceful vibe from this song even though Im having trouble understanding the vocals. I really have no idea what is being said at all but I like the timbre of the singers voice and I enjoyed the intro.
  • I like the calmness of the intro to this song. I do not like the echos of the voice of the singer. The beat is very nice, but I do not think this song fits this performers voice correctly. It overpowers the music itself. I would have much rather enjoyed this song without his voice, to be honest. The beat is better than the singers voice.
  • This song is a bit too solemn and lackluster in emotion, though it has a nice smoky wispiness to the singer's evocative style of singing. I prefer more energizing music with more complexity in the musical arrangement. The beat in this track is too contrasting to the vocals and repetitive to listen to. It distracts from the lyrics, and I think more tranquil music would be a better fit.
  • The only way to describe the beginning of the song is "trippy". Im not a fan of the vocals. the vocalist doesnt seem to have much range. He also seems to have used an auto tune so to me that says he is not a very talented vocalist. The lyrics have a lot of emotion. Its obviously a love song but i find it to be sad maybe a break up song. The chorus is not very good. The song is not catchy by any means. Its very boring.
  • The start is kinda cool. Nice music, just reduce the echo from the start. The lyrics are amazing! Flows well with the beat, I love the song, the jazz fits in well. I love this music pretty well, it rocks. Just reduce the echo from start, and you are good to go! Kudos 9 of 10.
  • This song begins slowly with a haunting melody. The music appears to be presented in a bit of a dreary manner and evokes feelings of a somber mood. One is reminded of a drug addict who is slowly coming off of a high and the guilt is setting in. Another analogy might be that of an individual who is going through the stages of grief with the slow instrumentation of the background organ. This would appear to be a good interpretation because the singer mentions that he "loves you so much it hurts."
  • Lovely piano opening for the introduction and follows smoothly with the beats into the main body of the song!! Love the soft mellow tones presented beautifully with the right vocals and sounds !! Great guitar sounds in the back !! Blends in well !! My recommendation would be to make this song a little bit faster with more beats as it can feel abit slow at times.
  • This song gives off a very chill feeling from the beginning. That's exactly what this song was a chill song and a great song to just sit back relax and listen to. I really enjoyed from the start till it ended, it was a really cool song to listen to.
  • This song is all over the place with boring vocals and a mediocre beat. Lacks energy for a dance influenced tune which would want people in clubs to want the DJ to skip this track. This track feels like it has just been rushed. The only redeeming factor I can think of is that it has some improvements as the song progresses towards the end rescuing it from getting a very low score.
  • This song has a really nice ambiance to it. I really like the sound of the sampled keyboard. The breezy sound of this sound effect covered tracks sounds really nice and clean! I enjoy this songs percussion and drum section to. The fade in voices and melody change really make a turn for the best in this semi-drippy number. The song is lovable and has a lot of love in it.
  • I like the intro. I like the mans voice. Sounds good. The song sounds dreamy especially with the echoing of the singers voice. The fading in and out of his voice getting high and low is also nice and makes it feel more dreamy. I like the words talking about love. I can hear this song being played in an upscale bar uptown somewhere.
  • Really interesting introduction and the lyrics sounded intriguing but occasionally they were quite hard to hear, often getting lost in the mix or drowned out in the echo effect. Though this is not a style i would normally listen to, i enjoyed the novelty of it despite being unsure of which situation I would be tempted to play it in.
  • I like the soft relaxing intro I think that's a great way to start off the song, because you started off real smooth. The intro also had good beat and rhythm patterns which grabbed my attention to this song. I also like your vocals too they sounded very soft and sometimes they were high pitch and that made the song a little different style. you have a strong rhythm throughout the whole song I think that it was the most important part of the song because it was loud and not a big problem. I also liked how you started off relaxed and just chilled in the beginning, and you continued to sing liked that through the whole song.
  • The vocal sounds very unique but it sounds a little unclear. The beats seem to overpower the main melody making the melody plain. The artist seems awkward in this song. The musical accompaniments however sound very full. It's a decent song but could use some work.
  • It would be nice if we heard some other melody than the one that keeps playing over and over. kind of spice it up a little bit. it's a good song, he has a good voice, but the music sounds a little repetitive. i'm not sure if that's what they are trying to pull off or not.
  • The introduction to this music was a very slow build up. Shortly after playing I noticed that the vocals began slow, and then shortly after the power increased within there voices. The instrumentals in the background increased with the vocals, which gave them more off a build up well the music slowed down, then built back up. From listening more I realised that there were diffrent tones and melodys within the music.
  • Starts off with a very classical feel which i love, then a eco voice comes. A soft beat with the eco voice continues. Its ok not very inspiring as the song goes on, has some bass which is quite nice. The mans voice is ok but sometimes doesn't fit in with the instruments.
  • Feels a little robotic and stiff in the beginning. By the time the song was 40 seconds in it was getting boring. I didn't enjoy this piece. It sounded more like talking with music behind it and the voice and music just didn't work together well enough. Overall, not a really outstanding piece I would bother listening to again.
  • The beginning seems very calming and soft something to fall asleep too. the drums add a good touch to it. the echoing gives it a ghostish feel to it which makes it seem soft. the piano/organ in the back is very nice and gives a old texture to it making it seem vintage. the beats and instrumentals of this song are really nice and go together very well. I also really like the lyrics to this song. makes me really want to fall asleep. very peaceful song.
  • Spa style synthesizer opening in the song. The echo on the vocals was a bit distracting. The drum line does not match the style of the song. The bass is overpowering to the point that it is all you hear. The vocals are frequently off key. The whole thing sounds very monotonous and sluggish like you are playing through mud. The synthesizer organ effect of crescendo decrescendo is distracting. There are too many things going on at once.
  • I wanted to like this song it has a pleasant intro. The instrumentals are technically proficient. However the song has some problems. It is overly digitized. At times the vocals, instrumental pieces, and digital enhancements blend together, each one fighting to over power the other. To the listener it just sounds like a jumbled mess. The artist's voice is enjoyable to listen to but at times because of the lyrics it leans a bit toward melodramatic.
  • The chords in the introduction of the song sound very rich. The tone of the song is nice and even and the melody has an imaginative flow. The delivery of the lyrics are a little off. Instead of crying out in the song try just letting the words flow. That way the song will sound more genuine.
  • Pretty good track. Its very chilled and I enjoyed listening to it, it is a very emotional track, and therefor provokes thought which you do not find in many songs nowadays. However the build in the intro had me expecting some sort of bass-drop because of the electro style it began with. but i did enjoy it nonetheless.
  • A dreamy slow introduction to the song. Very nice to listen to. The singer has a warm distinctive heartfelt voice. The melody is very tuneful and melodious. I like the lyrics which are very interesting. The track is very deep and meaningful. Sounds very creative and experienced. I like the background instruments, and it has a good rhythm. A very well organised track with good potential to do very well. A good easy listening song that I enjoyed listening to. A great performance from a very talented band.
  • The beginning music reminded me of the start of "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons due to the very dystopian movie feel. I am once again overjoyed to hear such a unique voice. The harmonizing is also an amazing touch. This song reminds me of the good old days when I would ride in my grandfather's BMW with the top up and the wind blowing. We would listen to the Moody Blues with the bass blaring and the smooth voices of the Moody Blues carrying us down the road. The vocals not only remind me of the Moody Blues but also the 80's slightly due to the style of harmonizing and the part where they say "spinning round and round" and etc in the background. I love the eighties feel so much! "Can you feel the fire?" is probably my favorite line in addition to the other line I mentioned. The instrumentals in the background is perfect. The light smooth drum beat and other simple additions keep the focus on the singer.
  • This song is slow starting however once the vocals start its mysterious and mellow. This song is easy listening and enjoyable. The passion hidden within the artists voice is so strong you will feel connected with the song, never wanting it to end. However, when the song does end replay it and be drawn in again by the catchy rhythm and magic of the artists voice. Each time you listen to this song guaranteed you will discover new depths each time.
  • I like the starting of this song as it sound very relaxing and almost feels like I'm floating on a cloud. The slow tempo of how he's talking doesn't go with the beat of the song as it is more faster than the beat of the speed that he is talking. This instruments in the background are not in beat with each other as one instrument is playing as totally different rhythm to another instrument and thoughts instruments are drums and key board. I don't understand what the singer is saying as the tempo of the music in the background is to loud and his voice doesn't really sour the song that he is singing.
  • This song gives a very nice laid back tune and mellow feel to it. In the intro, im not sure what device is producing the trance sounds, but it is absolutely peaceful. When the vocals keep in, the match they match the nice mellow tune the song gives, enhancing the echo effects the vocals produce. Towards the climax of the song, we still see a nice focus on the peaceful tune as the instruments don't become too overbearing to listen to. This is a very nice peaceful song.
  • Although this song has a strong beat it creates a slow romantic feel. It explores the emotions of a man remembering his ex. The vocalist has a strong, soulful voice that create emotion that the listening readily feels. He uses his vocals to create a sense emotion that you can relate to easily. If it is a heart tugging slow song you are after this one is really quite good.
  • I have no idea what this song is about, and maybe because it's hard to like the beat. The singer sounds like he is in the bathroom with all the echoing in the background. Hey probably is a really good singer but to much auto tune drowns out the vocalist. The only upside is the catchy beat in the background. And k do like when he says in the chorus I love you so much it hurts.
  • This sound track is very soothing.Beautiful vocals . Amazing drum and bass .My type of music.This is the type of music that i would workout to and suggest at a club.Purely a great piece music and i can see something in this musician that this will hit number one.You could use this as a time lapse background music.Something that i would buy of of itunes.To whoever made this please make more music i really really love your music and i hope you go mainstream.