I wrote the lyrics and melody for I Believe, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Video by Eric Borgos and Eno Productions. Photo Credits: See the bottom of this page.
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I Believe

Verse 1:
I was there when Mr. Schindler
started on his list
and in the back of that bus
when Rosa, she got pissed

Stood proud as the walls
in Berlin slowly fell
climbed stairways to Heaven
from the gates of Hell

Drums all beat in time
for a revolution
we are the problem
and the solution

I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe

Verse 2:
You hear me in the wild
feel me in your trust
I ride on waves of light
in every one of us

I watch the ground shake
the howling winds blow
find beauty in Keats
Renoir and Van Gogh

The echoed voice of hope
for every generation
fighting for our freedom
the rebirth of a nation

I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe

As New York's shining towers
spit ashes in the air
and neighbors helped each other
and took the time to care
I was there
I was there

Once I heard an angry man
tell us he had a dream
I fade into a dying breath
and linger in a scream

I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe

I believe
I believe
I believe


Reviews of I Believe (song score: 4.9 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • The beat is seemingly catchy. The lyrics tell a story, somewhat humorous but serious. The chorus could be slightly more trendier I think. The artist has unique vocals. The song has a very nice general flow to it overall but I don't recommend it for mainstream radio play, but rather more for easy listening at home.
  • This had a great retro sound. The chords and guitar rhythm was reminiscent of Band On The Run. The vocal lyric and melody were fitting and the voice o.k. but they had to much effect on the vocal track. remix and tighten the kick drum and bass for a level rhythm section. remix with less effects on the voice and blend him more into the music to sound more uniform and fitting.
  • The country tone of the instrumental plays a medium tempo. The beat plays on for a moment before the male artist joins the track. The vocals are ok but they lack personality and the character is missed. The artist is too relaxed in his style of singing. He does sing some good lyrics that make sense but his style of singing may turn listeners off.
  • This song has a strong melody in the music. I'm not happy about the singer because he wasn't what i was expected to hear. The more i listen, the stronger he gets. There is an element to this song that is simple and classic. Good work and great composition.
  • The arrangement of the music is nice and the lyrics are decent as they have a good sound. The recording of the song is effective and the lyrics are well set about. The tone of the vocals is likable because they sound natural and are convincing to me. The music is tight and I think that the song has potential as there is quality there.
  • This song is too slow for my tastes. It seems to be a country song that I hear all the time on the radio, there is nothing really special about it that makes it stand out from what is already public. I would skip it is because I've heard stuff like this before; this is something Pasley might sing. Change the lyrics and it might become more memorable.
  • Very nice beginning! Lower your voice some however though. Lyrics are amazing! Slow down your lyrics! Do not do so much echoing in the I believe part. Makes it sound unprofessional. Add in the things I said maybe get a different singer and it will be great your lyrics are amazing.
  • The intro to this song was very good and catchy. I was eager to hear the song, but after the song started the vocals threw me off. The were very flat and had no feeling to them at all. The lyrics were good and had a good meaning. The song would be better if the vocals were done by someone else.
  • The upbeat tone of this jam instantly perks up the listener as it begins to play. The man's voice provides an interesting focal point right before the beat alone would have gone stale. This save is made possible by the intriguing lyrics that give the listener something to mull over. Because of these things, this song has potential to find commercial success.
  • The fast tempo of the music sounds the best in this record. I like the guitar sounds in this song. However this song is ok for the most part. I like the artist's voice. I also enjoy the peacefulness in this song. It sounds really mellow and the calmness this son has is really relaxing and I love this type of music with such quiet music. I wouldn't buy this track, however.
  • The intro to this song is strong but I do not like the singer. It seems like the singer was just thrown into the band. The lyrics have some punchy phrases and the vocals seem out of tune. I am not really sure of this track - I do not mind the back - in - vocals though. The guitar and drums are basic but okay.
  • Certain songs remind me of summer road trips, and this is one of them. I really liked this song and would like to hear more from this band. The singular vocal in the versus was a nice contrast to the group vocals in the chorus and overall it had a very chill, mellow feel which I liked a lot.
  • This song was not that interesting to me. The singer could improve his pitch and vocal skills. The melody was weak with no style. This is not a song that I would want to tell my friends or co workers about. Nothing is entertaining about this song. Very weird lyrics and not a song that I find tasteful to listen to.
  • Not a big fan of this song. It sounded pretty basic to me. No real stand out instruments. Some of the powerful notes the singer attempted were missed. Also, the attempt of harmonizing did not sound very good to me. The track does have potential though, needs some work though.
  • Introduction makes me want to dance. Not sure if I follow the lyrics but I like the melody and beat. I would work on the vocals sounds like they are echoeing and kind of shaky. I feel like they just put a bunch of words together kind of like a jacked up poem.
  • The intro music to this song was catchy and upbeat and had me tapping my toes along to it. I was hoping the music would get a little more developed but it stayed the same the whole way through. The lyrics were a bit tricky to understand because the vocals weren't very clear. The voice itself was pretty good. I would listen to another song by this artist.
  • I really enjoyed the music at first and thought it promised a great song to come. The lyrics are sad and boring from what I can understand. Overall just not catching my attention, seems like something from 40 years ago; old and out of date. The artist can carry a tune, but its just a monotone performance and nothing spectacular.
  • Nice guitar intro, enjoy the drums in the background as well. I'm not a big fan of the lyrics or lead male lead's voice. It almost seems like a parody song. The chorus could have saved this song, it seemed that it was building up to some big climax. Instead it was a bit of let down. I like the background but can't really get passed the lead's voice.
  • The sound quality of this recording needs some improving. The vocals are very weak and almost hesitant. The lyrics are interesting though they don't make a lot of sense. The percussion is very dull and plodding. For the strong message in the lyrics of this track a lot more energy and presence is needed in the music. The additional vocals are quite messy time wise.
  • The song starts off with a good introduction. Starts on time and not abruptly. The melody is catching and can be related to other songs in the industry. The rhythm runs well with the tempo of the song. Instruments are played with excellence. The lyrics can be herd clearly and pronounced well. This artist is talented and holds a related style to there voice. Can be considered and easy listening. Holds a very positive message. The quality of the song is great. The overall quality of the song is ok. This song I feel could be put into the category of a christian bands. Great song to be herd on the radio and may hold a future in other aspects.

Below is an acoustic version of I Believe by Chris Davidson:

Video by Eric Borgos and Eno Productions. Photo Credits: See the bottom of this page.
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Reviews of Chris Davidson's version of I Believe (song score: 5.6 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:
  • The song is good. I like the guitar and the chord progression to be honest. It is a good song if you ask me. I like it a lot.
  • The vocals are outstanding and the instrumentation is well preformed. The lyrics are good and rather intense. The song has an emotional impact and is rather good.
  • I do not like the sound of the singer's voice. His voice doesn't seem to match the content of the song. His notes are all over the place. The lyrics are very predictable. Overall, not good.
  • This is a great song. I love the instrumentation. The artist has a very pleasant tone and the lyrics are good as well. There is nothing that I dislike about the song.
  • Has a soft sound really nice I like the way the vocals are in this the soong writing is great I like the sounds and the lyrics nice.
  • I like this song a lot. It has a very catchy uptempo beat. The artist sings with passion and conviction. The song relaxes me and makes me feel great.
  • I'm not sure if this song is labeled correctly - it works really well as a soul/world song, much better than just a regular pop song. I don't think I'd want to hear it outside of it being acoustic.
  • I loved the guitar introduction and sounds, but vocals weren't exactly perfect, sometimes good sometimes a little amateurish. Lyrics were interesting but could use some work.
  • The guitar playing on this song seems to be very generic. I think that the singer's voice is forced and flat at points. I think that the guitar track could be a lit louder than it currently is.
  • It just honestly sounds like a song that would of been popular way back when this kind of music was the hit of the radio, its just too slow for me.
  • The track is average with horrible vocals that sound like something out of the 70's. No way this song makes it in the commercial market. Time to go back to the drawing board and rewrite some or all of the song.
  • I liked the guitar and the folk qualities of the song. The lyrics could have used more refinement to get them closer in line to professional songs of a similar nature.
  • I like the strummy guitar work here. I don't like the overly precious and repetitive lyrics, or the inconsistent quavery strain in the vocal work.
  • The guitar in the beginning sounds good. The singer of the song has an ok voice. I don't think this song sounds too professional. I would not listen to it again.
  • The acoustic guitar gives the song competent strumming melody. The lyrics in the song sound's like they are very deep. The vocals has a heartfelt expression to it.
  • I like the acoustic guitar sound at the beginning. Nice, simple chord progression. Not sure if I really love the voice of the singer, but he's singing in tune. The lyrics aren't really that great. Good balance between the guitar and vocals.
  • Very crisp and clear guitar playing. The melody is OK, but doesn't wow me. I believe is repeated too many times. The tone of the vocal is pretty solid.
  • The steady and calm nature of this song was my favorite thing about it. One thing that I disliked about this song was the vocalist, as his voice was a little bit grating to me and served as a detriment to the song.
  • I like the inspirational acoustic sound that this song has. The vocalist has a great voice, it's very peaceful. The lyrics are super spiritual and uplifting. This is a good traveling song.
  • I liked the instrumentals on this song I think the guitar sounded really pretty. I did not care for the lyrics in this song or the way they were sang by this artist.

Below is an acoustic version of I Believe by Collin Campbell:
Song Title: I Believe

Reviews of Collin Campbell's version of I Believe (song score: 5.9 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • The track opens with the sound of a guitar being plucked. I can hear the open air in the recording. The artist sounds clear but the recording has a bad feedback. The vocals are however beautiful in sound. The artist sings the perfect note with every rising vocal. The lyrics are very interesting and expresses true feelings. I like this track because it is so simple but packs a punch.
  • The beginning had me thinking a lot of talking was going to be done. But the beat dropped and I instantly liked the record. The great production and hard hitting bass iis great for the tempo and rich arrangement they use for this record. The lyrics are very straight to the point and clear. The vocals are loud and powerful very convincing. The production saved the record because the artist was very off beat and careless.
  • The song sounds like it is very sad. The guy singing i do not like. his voice is alright but i do not like the lyrics that he is singing. I do like the guitar that he is playing though. it sounds very nice in this song.
  • I like the melody of the acoustics of this song. they define what an indie country song is. the echo of the mic from the vocals might be an effect of the editing, so i won't take points off the song. but i will add points because the vocals are highly fresh and great to hear. other than that the lyric's are also good to listen to while they are being sung. 7 out of 10 overall. keep up the good work.
  • The introduction of this song was spectacular. Wow his voice is remarkable i just loved it. I felt really touched by this song it has put such emotions into my heart. I would love to hear his songs forever. He is such a magnificent artist and has such a beautiful personality.
  • Guitar sounds accoustic or maybe recorder is not very professional. Yeah the peace performed not very professionaly in terms of recording. But ... But you have a strong vigorous, energetic, voice and good skills of guittar playing. You create good lyrics, because it seems that when you sing you know very good about what you sing, and it is familiar to you. Good use of words in lyrics, talking about big, universal things. Lyrics goes out of personal area. I think that you are a good rock music performer.
  • This home demo is a bit rough and sounds a bit low quality without separation and isolation. the music is in and out of time and the voice is not very good. he has to much effect on his track and it is not very appealing. I would re record this with a drummer and bassist at a faster tempo to ensure it is in time and to make it more of a song and not just a scratch rough demo. Average songwriting and nothing to hook the listener.
  • The immediate sound of distortion is heard as soon as the track begins. The wide open and shallow sound of background noise is a minus. The artist does have a great singing voice. The lyrics are clear and spoken in a way that makes the track seem more heart felt. The guitar is the only instrument heard for the instrumental and it is lightly strummed through the track. The track is slow in tempo and made for easy listening.
  • Good start with the acoustic. Good voice and harmony together. very calming and good lyrics. Very calming and relaxing, something i would listen to at the end of the day to calm down and lay down to sleep. very good with a good voice and lyrics. It is very harmonious with the instruments and voice together.
  • A bit out of tune already. The guitar isn't played very well and that alone makes it hard for there to be balance. it sounds a little untogether. acoustic performances rely heavily on the guitar alone, so it really needs to be played well. hearing him touch the strings this way is distracting and takes away from the vocal performance. the vocals themselves are pretty decent. he has a natural tone to his voice and he is very clear in his pronunciations. a bit plain and uninspired, nothing stands out all too strongly. easily forgettable, and a little lacking in overall quality.
  • This song feels as if it has potential! Lyrics feel distant though, and its hard to hear what he's saying. Which, despite the belief that talent is everything, correct punctuation is more. And as well, the recording quality feels as if it was recorded on a phone at a live concert. The tempo is too slow, and most people are not fans of the guitar-and-singing gig anymore. Its unsure whether this singer has potential or will fade in time along with the others just like them if they continue to make songs like this.
  • The beginning of this track is the sound of a acoustic guitar. the guitar has a very sweet sound to it. it is very flat though. the strings need to be plugged into and amp. the guitar plays with no force and it needs some. the vocals are soft and do not have a feeling at all. I think the lyrics are a bit empty. the man does not add any personality to the music at all. this needs a lot of work.
  • Song sounds very good. The singer has a very nice voice. However, the singing sounds a bit murky and foggy. May be a problem with the mic. I haven't spotted any problems with the song other than that. The song repeats the phrase "I Believe" too often. Other than that, great song.
  • The scratchy guitar sound in this song gave me chills and not in a good way. Other than the scratchy guitar I enjoyed the music. The lyrics were interesting and will probably appeal to many listeners. It is definitely not a run of the mill type of song.
  • This song begins by having a very acoustic sound which is great. I thought that the artist sounds exactly like the new UK artist James Bay. I felt like this song was exrtremely enjoyable. The only problem I found in this song was that the recording did not sound professional.
  • I think this song has a very slow beat. I don't like the vocals at all. His voice is too slow and shy. I would rate this song a 1 because it doesn't have enough energy that a song requires. It's not a bad song but it is.
  • This song sounds like it is recorded in someone garage. This would be a heaps better song if the microphone was closer to the male singers mouth and the guitar wasn't echoing. The lyrics make me feel warm inside and the guitar would be something I play to my girlfriend. The echoing of the guitar die down throughout the song and I cant notice it as much. I rate this song a 6/10.
  • I like the slow tempo of this song. The acoustics have a soft and relaxed tone. The story telling song lyrics entrenches me into the music. I'd like to hear more background vocals with harmony. This song has meaning to me. A soft drum beat should be brought in for depth.
  • I dont like how the beginning sounds. It hurts my ears. The singer has a really great voice which makes the song a lot better. There could be more instruments to the song. The lyrics are well written. The song nicely prorates the mood that there trying to portray.
  • The intro has a really nice melody. The voice following after that really suits that intro. The rhythm is equally paced and good. However, the chorus needs a little work. It does not really fir the intro and the lyrics during this part is repeated with the phrase 'I believe' which I do not find particularly good.

Below is an alternate version of I Believe by Chris Davidson Chris Davidson:

Reviews of the Chris Davidson's alternate version of I Believe (song score: 5.9 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • I don't like the background instruments or song's slow and mellow beat. I like the artist's vocal performance and the song's lyrics. I like the harmony with the background vocals.
  • I like the feel of the song. Didn't feel much like a pop/dance song, more like a folk/country song. The song definitely has an upbeat feel to it though.
  • I loved the mellow way the song began. The lyrics were interesting, rhyming kissed with pissed. The band was ok, nothing special. I liked the singer's gentle, sincere voice.
  • I really liked the instrumentals and beat of this song the vocal performance was pretty good the production quality was really good though I personally did not care for the lyrics
  • I'm giving this song ten stars just from hearing the first few notes of music. Now I am lowering it to six. Song is okay in a folk song sort of way.
  • Instrumentation sounded very cliche from the start. I wasn't a fan of the artist's voice either. The lyrics were interesting, however. Just not a fan of the song as a whole.
  • Just not a lot to this song from the start that I am liking as much, it just sounds like a song that is trying way too hard for me in the end
  • Male vocalist has a nice tone, yet wanders in pitch. I really like instrumentation. The tracks feel uncompressed, and hollow compared to industry standards. I would watch for making sure the pitch spot on and make sure all qualities are leveled within the independent tracks prior to final mix. Thanks so much.
  • Nice flow of music and the sound is really great I like the way the singer sings in this he is really good the title is great nice and smooth
  • Poor, poor chorus. Song could have been better with better lyrics. Brought the song down. Vocals were ok, but seemed to have been restricted by the poor lyrics.
  • The beat was good the tempo was good I loved the way it sounded and the way the music went with the vocals were done to the production it was great
  • The beginning of the song really reminds me of old CCR songs that my dad would play. The music and lyrics both bring back happy memories for me. It's a very relaxed song that still manages to convey a lot of emotion to the audience.
  • The lyrics are ok. The vocalist isn't good at all. It has an older pop feel to it. The instrumentation is simple as well which isn't to my liking.
  • The music sounds like many other songs and would contribute to commerical success. The vocalist is average and the lyrics are interesting and engaging to listen to.
  • The song is mellow in terms of melodic structure, musical beat, as well as power of singing. The lyrics seem simple and fun to listen to. The song is nice but an entire album of this may be a bit too much.
  • This does not sound like a pop or a dance song. I do not like how slow it is and how low energy the artist has. I feel like the lyrics are also uninteresting.
  • This is a really nice performance well-executed. The instrumentals are really well-done as is the beat and the lyrics. The tempo and the vocals are great as well.
  • This song is perfect, especially the instrumentation and production. The overall tone of the song is great. There is nothing that I dislike about the song.
  • This song is you typical country song. This is not bad but its not great neither. Its pretty nuts and bolts and gets the job done but nothing special. All in all not bad but not great.

Below is a dance remix version of I Believe by Ghost Produce:

Reviews of the Ghost Produce remix of I Believe (song score: 5.2 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • I like the opening, it sounds very ready to party. The artist's voice sounds weird with the autotuner. It is hard to understand him with the voice filter. I do like the beat and music however. It has a nice tempo, and a great structure to the song. All in all it is good. It is pretty catchy, and has a nice pulse.
  • Tempo of this track seems to be ever so flowing against the grain. It sounds like no other track I have heard as these harmonies do their best to get to the heart and soul of the listener. The lyrics are sung like he means them. The writer of these words had much thought given to them and not just ryhmed words. The story the singer tells through them is beautiful. The tempo and beat is something that went somewhat wrong. It is not overly interchangeable when different phases of the verses come into the song.
  • The song has too slow of a start and has a bad vocalist, cant understand what hes saying most of the time, the beat it too up beat for the lyrics that are understandable, seems to be a depressing song but with a happy beat, doesnt make any sense to me.
  • The effect on the vocals should be removed. Usually, songs sound better when the singing is plain and pure. It makes it harder to understand when you have an echo effect to it. When you say "I believe" it doesn't really fit in with the background beat so it's really off-tempo with the instruments. The beat is really good and I like how the drums make everything else quieter.
  • I feel that the tune is a very nicely compiled tune. I like the piano intro into the song. I feel that the vocalist is pretty cool and he has a pretty cool range. I feel the beat of the kick drum is awesome too and I feel that the song has a great dynamic flow. The bridge is what made the song for me.
  • The introduction begins with a stimulating sequence. Its upbeat with soft vocals. My only issue is that the artist sounds really far away. I personally do not care for the track. As it has a distorted sound. That makes it boring. The piano play is what carries the track.
  • I didn't like that the lyrics to this track were really limited. The track just keeps repeating which was not a good look for this band. The singer does not seem skilled enough to be a professional artist. This track was really weak and needs more structure.
  • I really like the techno start with the piano, but i think there could be more of a tune being played on the piano. The vocals need to be brought forward as they are hard to hear with the amount of effect on them. The different sections link well together.
  • The piano in the beginning, In my opinion, could be more fuller and with a deeper tone. There is a weird reverberation I find on the singer's voice, kinda high and long. I enjoy the chorus and song overall at the chorus. I like the build up, but the drop feels a little empty as well. Personally not the type of music I would listen to, but overall nicely done.
  • The introduction of this track very much sounds like an old nineties dance tune. The sound quality could be much sharper. The lyrics are interesting though the vocals are very murky and hard to understand. The beat is all right. There is a nice positive tone to the music of this track. There is something missing from this song though. It is too deep in the lyrics and cheap in the music.
  • The introduction is amazing, and I really like the slow and beautiful start, it makes a great impression! The following vocals are a little more on the overproduced side of things, and nothing about them is authentic. The same goes for the repetitive and boring beat. The band is very digital, and has no authentic sound or flow what so ever.
  • I want to bounce along straight away from the beginning of the song. Interesting lyrics. Catchy. Bouncy and keeps your attention. I would probably listen to this don't again. I could hear this on the radio. Driving in the car. A little bit different from other things. Chorus is interesting.
  • The beat is good,got a retro techno vile to it,the lyrics are decent enough as well & the vocalist seems decent as well. Not the best thing i`ve heard today but that does not make it bad,could see this having some potential commercially,6/10 for me!
  • The beats that was playing had me wanting to hear more of the song. Your voice glided easily along with the song. Tone and harmonies had a unique tune playing. Rhythm moved at a typical pace level. Instruments sound enthralling and I hope to see you perform this live one day.
  • The music is very nice to this song, the artist voice matches the song. The artists voice sounds like it's in back of the music so I cant hear him as well as I should. It sounds like karaoke. I don't really see this song being a big hit but that's just my opinion.
  • I like the lyrics they are not too overdone, but have depth in their simplicity. I also like how the instrumentals progress throughout the song. The bass is suprisingly strong in this song, which is a pleasant surprise. The chord progression is simple and not way out there, but it works with the song. Overall is is a good song with a meaningful message.
  • Unconventional vocals to a dance song, very echo-y and unique lyrics, but still definitely enjoyable. The vocals are akin to those of a folk song, but the beat is more like that of trance, which makes for an interesting juxtaposition. Great for easy listening or for going on a drive. The echoes and reverb in the song take you away and higher, to another place. Sounds like an indie dance song, a new genre just waiting to be explored.
  • I like the intro. the key bored sounds really awesome. but i dont the vocals they dont sound that good. i hate the auto tune it made the song sound really bad. i dont like how he keeps saying i believe. it sounds really bad i dont like it at all.
  • The piano in the beginning of the song was good. I did not really like the vocals of the song. It did not fit with the beat. The lyrics were really good and different. The song was enjoyable but not my favorite song. Someone who enjoys this type of music may enjoy this.
  • Love the intro at the beginning. This song has a very 80s vibe but then kicks into an awesome House/Electronic sound. The lyrics contrast well with the beat and tempo and create a really interesting effect. A fun song that leaves me feeling optimistic and happy. The group vocals sound amazing and make it even more interesting to listen to. The only thing I would say is that it is a little repetitive and lengthy and I would have liked a little more variation in the lyrics and the music in general.
  • Really love the piano and addition of a little electro beat. it kind o mixes older classic and newer music. but i defiantly think it needs a different singer. his voice is not very pleasing to listen to. but the lyrics are pretty nice. i think some it is a bit too slow for the up beat instrumental the paired it with. but all around this song is ok.
  • The music seems like a classic song but yet a bass song at the same time. The vocal seems kind of odd with the music but the voice is good. the voice is too low and the music seems to be a little higher then the voice.
  • um...the vocals were very very poorly recorded and the singer is very flat sounding and the lyrics/pace of the vocals don't match up to the beat of the music and it made me really uncomfortable and confused. I really did not like this.
  • The elements that start this melody are pretty slow and repetative but are still very interesting. the vocals dont contain to much power, which i find to be a bit of a let down. but the vocals still find harmony within this melody even though they are a bit to masked over by some of the elements. the lyrics have to be the only thing that have enough power coming from the vocalist. and teh rhythm is very intense and up beat.
  • Nice and savory intro. The lyrics are really corny and depressing.The harmony is really sad and upsetting. I like the harmony. The lyrics really spoke to me and made me a bit sad halfway through the song. The song has a great tune and the vocals are really great to listen to. I love this song.
  • Pretty good beat, good lyrics, great vocals, good chorus/hook. Could be a little better, but that's only my opinion. Has radio potential, could be used in a movie soundtrack, but could also do well as an indie/underground track. Uplifting and upbeat. Overall, the song is very good.
  • The accompaniment was extremely repetitive and really didn't change at all which was annoying. The accompaniment should be made a little more complex so as to be more fitting. This should be done in a way that will create progression and structure within the song. The vocal editing was way over done and should be toned down quite a bit. The lyrics seemed fine but the weakness of the vocal performance makes me think that the artist has no confidence in their own sound, and it makes it hard to enjoy the song.
  • The beginning of the song sounds good. The singer is hard to hear past the music though. If the singer could sing louder maybe it would sound a lot better, but this is a good song. It have a very interesting beat and the singer sounds good (from what I could hear) The only thing I would want to change is the fact that the singer is hard to hear past the music.
  • This was an exciting introduction. The introduction led really well into the song. The lyrics were kind of repetitive but they were still meaningful. This is a song I could really jam out to because the variety of instruments were really hard hitting. There is definitely a rich tone in the vocals. The lyrics are expressed with allot of emotion. I like the creativity that is shown through out the song. I believe this was a fun song for the musician to produce. There is a good balance of instruments and vocals. The mood of this song is very uplifting and inspiring. There was no overuse of digital effects. The vocal range of the artist was great. The artist did not go above and beyond and knew the limits of their voice. I don't see much room for improvement because I really did enjoy every aspect of this song from the melody to the vocals and even the ending was fantastic. I can definitely appreciate this song and hope to hear more from the artist. This song was captivating and definitely captured my attention. I could tell the artist was trying to impress and brought out a bunch of excitement within me.
  • The banal sound of the piano in the introduction is too simple. It sounds like a baby banging its hands on the piano at the nursery. The volume and tone of the piano introduction can turn a listener off. What keeps me hanging on, is the lyrics and reassuring base line. However, the percussion arrangement needs to come out more in this track and the vocal arrangement is weak at the chorus. The church choral sound, combined with the electronic beat does not flow together well. "I believe" this track has potential, but the musical arrangements need to be more harmonious.
  • Great opening and I like how the piano pops out. Vocals are okay but I do not like the eho effect of his vocals. The echoing effect makes his voice seem far away and muted in comparison to the clear instrumental portion of the song. Overall not bad but not expected to be a huge hit.
  • I was a bit surprised to enjoy this song, the intro is very enticing listeners, fast rhythm, the pitches are perfect combination to make up the jubilant felling, I think the producer has to sound a little electricity mail to the song, make it become a more modern, more novelty, and more attractive, seemingly simple melodies, catchy but the author has combined with sound mixing for great songs, taken complex blends in simple, heartwarming lyrics listeners extremely, simple musical genres but make the listener feel deeply, only one spot deviate a little bit from that record, you try thoroughly filtered to sound, but it does not affect much to this song, it is really good !

Below is an acoustic version of I Believe by Douglas Haines

Reviews of the Douglas Haines' acoustic guitar version of I Believe (song score: 6.2 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • The eternal concept of the singing comes to light when he sings with his emotional style in his songs all the time. The harmonies begin with the vocals being so gentle and having this almost scared and very sad style to them. I do think one day he will be known for his melodies though. He just needs to be somewhat more uptempo and cheerful although not that much. He is overly emotional and wears it on his music sleeve a bit. There is a tempo in there somewhere and he needs it to come out more.
  • The lyrics to this song are unique and intriguing. They tell an excellent story. The first change in the song sounds interesting with backup harmonics but the backups could use work as they are off key and out of pitch with the lead singer at times. This doesn't have a real catchy verse line but the hook is incredibly drawing and has potential to be a slightly above average song. The guitar sounds like it is misplayed at a small portion of the song for a second.
  • The introduction is calming and they used minor chords that enables to show peace. The voice is sweet and pleasant to the ear. His vocal quality and range was at the right timing. I can hear his tone clearly without noticing his breathing. I like the message of the lyrics.
  • Very pretty acoustic guitar starts off the song. The vocalist has a decent country voice. I really like the lyrics, they have a great deal of wit to them. The vocal harmonies really make the track. As far as arrangement goes, the song is cleverly put together. Good lyrics, production, and guitars.
  • The vocals to the artist voice was very plain and simple but other then that I thought he played the song out with some inspiring and attractive lyrics. It had a rich beat to it and the melody was creative and not so plain. I found this song very impressive and brought a lot of talented instruments into it. It have some amazing musical qualities. Great guitar solo too., it brought more of a meaningful touch to the song.
  • The guitar in the beginning was very peaceful. the vocalist sounds amazing along with the acoustic guitar. He has a nice twang to his voice, but kind of a rock twist. I wish the song was more upbeat, but since it was so slow i got to really enjoy the lyrics which were beautiful and extremely catchy. overall the song was very beautifully written.
  • This songs subtle guitar playing goes along well with the long lontes of the vocalist. The singers voice seems a bit distant frin the microphone and the backgroynd music over powers his singing at times. But this overpowering patriotic song is very moving. It sings about the american dream and beliwving in that dream. I would recommend this artist to othersbut probably not this particular song.
  • The gradual guitar intro draws in the listener, however the lyrics are slightly offensive at times. I do not think this song would sell well commercially as there is no range of voice pitches or backbeats. There is no source of BPM. The guitar becomes repetitive. A very boring song.
  • The guitar plays a nice sweet sound on the strings and just goes well with the making of this song. The lyrics are about a girl that he likes and has a crush on, and wants to get to know more of. The singer has a nice country style voice of the generation that makes you feel really good deep down inside your heart, and the strumming technique is really nice.
  • This song has a very sweet starting point and made the song very clever. The guitar was very smooth and well played, nice work bro. I love how the pitch of your voice sound, more like a high pitch. This song has some catchy lyrics written in this song, but it was also kind of boring work on it a little more.
  • A singer songwriter guitar melody and singing about the germans, and sounding like john prine at times i must say. Nice acoustic strumming with this tune throughout, and this artist sings some very nice poetic lyrics at times also. Also a nice sound for just a artist and guitar, and he sings some nice vocal harmonies as well, and this song leaves a nice taste in your mouth overall i must say as well.
  • This is very slow going and the guitar is lacking a decent performance. the lyrics are nothing for a hit song. The voice is far away and sounds very tin can. the lyric and melody are not very impressive. The singer is o.k. but remix with less effects and use less compression on the guitar. remix and try to use less effects and get a more natural realistic sound.
  • The vocalist sounds really commercial and radio ready. The vocal melody in addition to the vocals was really great. The lyrics at parts were too fast when they started their verse and it really threw me off. I don't think it would be too much to fix though. The guitar rhythm really makes it easier to find where you're at. The guitar riff was really cool though.
  • I like the artist as he has a very powerful tone to his voice and sounds effortless. The instrumental sound in the background is soothing and very comforting. I think its all in good tune and sounds very Heart felt. The lyrics are nice and have a good story line to it.
  • I like the intro when the guitar is being played. I also lole the way the singer joins in with his brilliant voice. I think that the song should be a dual and that would make it way better. This song makes me feel very relaxed from the start. Overall this song is amazing because of it is singer at the intro.
  • The acoustic guitar at the beginning gives this song a nice introduction and the singer's voice is raspy, but it fits really well with the guitar. The lyrics are sweet and heartfelt and I would recommend this to a friend who likes country. The song has a great meaning and the instrumentals are incredible, which keeps you listening and has you lured in.
  • Sounds like a love song at the start. sounds like something that would be at the beginning of a movie. the singer was a great choice as he fits the part. was out of beat by a little bit no a big deal. beat is dull and boring. great song in the end.
  • Some brilliant acoustic notes and chords are used throughout this track. It makes me feel joyful, happy, and willing to learn more. The track is quite sad however, in its own way, as there is no high pitched notes or high pitched singing present. It is a shameful portrait of someone's own problems and issues. The artist constructs these thoughts and feelings from deliberately using low, deep, and toneless notes.
  • This classical western tone is really nice in this song. The artist has a nice sexy voice, very masculine. The instrumental is nice with the pizzicato aspect. This song seems as it could be in a romantic movie, as he explains that we should all believe in ourselves and also each other. This song is one that I would listen too for relaxation.
  • The classical sound of the acoustic guitar is soft and gentle, which creates adrenaline and build up into the song. It is a fantastic introduction. The vocal has a soft and gentle voice which compliments the backing music and matches well. The rhtym is slow but perfect and original. The emotions in the lyrics make the lyrics bold and fierce.

Below is a remix of I Believe by Caruano95:

Reviews of the Caruano95's remix of I Believe (song score: 5.7 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • Great job with the instrumentation. Driving drum line. The bass was pretty uneventful. The electronics were all over the place interesting. The vocals are really lazy and uninteresting. The lyrics really need some touch up. The chorus was nice but the verses were a feeble attempt at meaning. The harmonies were ok not great. I think you should scrap this and start over. Trying to write folk lyrics with a techno type sound makes no sense.
  • I don't like the way the beat skips. It doesn't sound intentional enough to be taken seriously. The lyrics are intriguing and fairly original, and when matched with the singer voice it does the whole composition well. I would probably listen to this song on my own and would be interested in listening to more at my own will. I appreciate the fact that he uses a few cultural references as well.
  • I like the intruments being played the combine together to make a nice beat. he has a nice voice singing with the good beat. makes it all combine together and make a great song. his voice is calm and sings long with, i really love the beat its catchy and i would sing a long with this sounds like it could be on the radio as a top song.
  • I like how you started this song with a very happy tune at the beginning of the song. The tune makes me very joyful. Here is what I think of the vocals: The voice is not very engaging and some of the lyrics need to be changed a little bit. The variety of instruments in the background really adds emotion in this song.
  • This number is wonderful and really pops. The production value is amazing. It just sounds like the future. If someone were testing out a pair of bad headphones and used this song for their test, they would think those headphones were really nice. This song really delivers in the rhythm department. The rhythm section on this track is like a brick wall and nothing is stopping it. The singers voice is full of bright emotion and happiness I love it.
  • I really enjoyed this song, especially the instrumental parts and the mixing in the background. The voice of the singer and the lyrics are a bit too avant garde for my taste, but I can see lots of my friends who are into indie and new age music listening to a song like this. I really like the "bubbliness" of the background and the "techno" sounds of the track mixed with the vocals.
  • Sounds like a typically country song . A typically country singer with a heart break I don't see nothing different in this song until the chorus and the lyrics that catch my eye . The negative side is the vocals are off timing with the beat and the vocals are below pitch and below the beat . The song overall is good.
  • The electronic piano and drumbeat hooked me into the song immediately and I also enjoyed the melody part of the accompaniment comes in. The vocalists entrance was not every strong, and I felt that his performance was stale and not very energizing. The lyrics being sung are really emotional and I do not feel that the vocalist is hitting the message. The harmonies in the chorus though are really nice and add a nice musicality to the song.
  • I love the beginning, but after a few seconds there is far too much going on. All of the different sounds are very discordant, which is only made worse by the strangely echo-y vocals. The use of 'I' in the lyrics is a little bit overused. It's hard to connect emotionally to this song. The climax is hard to listen too, there's just too much going on in this song!
  • I got to admit I like the sound of this song. I like the uniqueness of it. It seems like a sad song to me, but sang with a more upbeat tempo. Not to make you too happy, and not to make you too sad. Just to make you listen and think about the lyrics and the message.
  • Nice energetic and exciting beginning to the song. The melody was very original and tuneful. I think that he can make his lyrics more interesting and tasteful. His vocals were average but not the best for a slow song. His vocals had many pitch problems and he sounded bored and laid back throughout the song. The instrumental part of the song was balanced and added more flavor to the song. The music was the only thing he had going because his vocals were very bad.
  • This song is enjoyable to listen to. The background sounds are varied and wonderful while the voice, while sounding a bit off at first, grew on me over the course of the song. There is a very good balance between sound and vocals, which I appreciate. If this song were to play on the radio, I would leave it on.
  • I like the way it starts but I don't like the lyrics at all. I don't like the voice it is off pitch . I would love it if it was a girl singing this song instead of a guy. It just doesn't good when the lyrics and the beat mix up . I love the beat . I would love to buy this song.
  • I like the introduction of the songs with its use of drums and clap machine. I enjoy the singers voice and think that it has a very unique song. The lyrics are unconventional and very intriguing. The melody of the tune is beautiful and reminds me of a warm summer day. The singer has a very pleasing and attractive voice. The lyrics and message of the song are thought provoking and really well thought out. I would love to see this group in a live concert. The song has a rich arrangement of instruments that compliment the vocal track perfectly.
  • The beginning instrumental reminds me of the Train or a band like that. I don't think the instrumentals match very well with the singing because of the fact that the instrumentals seem wayyyyy too upbeat for the mellow and sad seeming voice/ tone of the voice. It seems as if they are contradicting. But, I do like the lyrics and message of the singer and song and it was easy to understand after listening for a little.
  • I feel like the introduction of this song is very happy and there is a lot of harmony in the singers voice. I feel like this is the wrong genre overall and really makes the songs sound a bit too boring. I feel like there should be some more positivity in the song to make it more radio friendly.
  • This song starts out really strong, but it's less than unique. The tempo of the song sets it up for success. I like the vocalist too but his voice doesn't seem like it flows with the song very well. The lyrics are awesome though, very unique and powerful. The rhythm of the song is awesome but I feel like the voice is too digital.
  • Great get up and go tempo. The singer sings with a purpose and a push! The song touches the heart on more than one rhythm. The song has meaning and talent. the voice is young and tender and will go places. i love the pitch levels he can reach! The song is varied and natural on the verge. The keyboard is expression and rich. The artist has much to give. i expect more from the chorus; it is a bit thin and foggy.I would recommend this song to my friends. The artist sings with sentiment. The song is cut clean and on point.
  • Nice upbeat intro with great balance. As far as the artist the pitch is a little off scratchy & pitchy. He seems to be drowned out by the beat. The lyrics are thought-provoking and informational however it doesn't go well with the music associated with it. The tone is not great either. The quality of the production seems to be poor as if it's was recorded at home or a low scale studio. The artist should try working on mixing the proper beat with the lyrics that he is producing.
  • The beginning is really nice and cheerful. The lyrics are very poetic but I don't really understand the meaning of what your trying to sing. You a bit off key but I can tell your trying and you have talent but please, I understand that your trying to give us a positive message but, WHAT POSITIVE MESSAGE?
  • Your voice was not very clear and the tunes were being played so slow I could barely hear anything at all. The tone and harmonies need to have a more reliable tune that everyone can follow. Rhythm was moving very swiftly. I think you are doing a incredible job with your music. Just show more dedication.
  • Not bad of a song. I mean I'm not all that about this kind of music but it wasn't to bad. I don't hate it or love it. I'm just in the neutral about this one. I mean its just the same guitar beat their is no build up and the voice can't be understood at all.
  • The beat is really nice and not to harsh! The voice is slightly auto tuned but not to much it's nice! i also like the lyrics they are really nice it's a really nice to pair these all together! sometimes the voice is a little off though.
  • AWESOME beginning! the singers voice is a little throw off but still listenable. i like the instrumentals along with the organ and choirs. i think this would be good for a reliogious event of sorts, i could see myself listening to this song i church or a long car ride! overall a great song! i give this song a rate of 9 our of 10.
  • Loved the overall beat and vibe to this song. The lyrics also make this a good feeling song, and I loved the message this has. This is definitely a feel good song. The vocals itself I feel are a little too loud for the back track, they almost feel disconnected because they are a little too overpowering for the backtrack.

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