I wrote the lyrics for I Am Broken, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record a version of it for me.

Song Title: I Am Broken

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I Am Broken

Verse 1:
Sometimes hearts
are not made to last
all alone in a universe
so endlessly vast

I feed on your energy
you feed on mine
trapped in a house of glass
built under a shrine

Time, it can't erase
all the words
our lips have spoken
I'm lost
I'm dark
and I am broken

I'm lost
I'm dark
I am broken

Verse 2:
Sometimes I cry
but don't feel the pain
no signs of life
on such barren terrain

What takes me higher
is what brings me down
I still feel your touch
when you're not around

Love, takes one last breath
as it shatters
there in slow motion
I'm lost
I'm dark
and I am broken

I'm lost
I'm dark
and I am broken

Oh, I'm lost
I'm dark
and I am broken

I'm lost
I'm dark
and I am broken

Oh, I'm broken
I'm lost
I'm dark
and I am broken


Reviews of I Am Broken from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 5.1 out of 10):

  • The church bell at the beginning was a wonderful start to the piece. The line, "I feed on your energy, and you feed on mine," was very deep and well thought through. I really liked the vocals and the background music. It gave a meaning to the song.
  • Pretty dramatic percussion sounds or keyboard sounds to start the song. Maybe it was a bit of both. I like the line about the universe and being vast. The singer has a cool little voice and seems to be helped with the recording. Nothing wrong with that. The chorus is neat where he says he is lost and imagine half the world feels that way. Good story to the lyrics of this song.
  • The lyrics were fantastic to hear a lot of static to it. the melody of the music was bearable but to a point as it was very sad. the harmony began to disperse i don't know why weird. the tempo of the song hit me off like no other song.the bass was a bit loud but not to bad. the mastering was a wonderful experience.
  • The song that plays begins with an eerie bell noise but the rest of the sound is very nice to my ears. I like the guitar it's very solem and the rest of the beat just sounds authentic and raw. the vocals are form a man but his voice is just okay. I think that the lyrics are deep but I don't understand the non emotion or feeling I getting from each note. good track but needs more feeling.
  • An interesting sound, it certainly is not what I would have expected. Definitely stands out. The chorus and beat were unique for a sound like this. The lyrics were genuine and a strong point. The singer's voice was not all that different from most but the guitar and beat made up for its lack of originality, as did the lyrics. Good work.
  • The introduction to this track is intriguing, it almost sounds like something from a horror movie. This feeling dissipates when the music and the vocals come in however. The vocal performance is a little dry and needs a lot more passion and expression to get the lyrics across. The sound quality isn't up to scratch here either.
  • The beginning of the sound doesn't sound good. The music is to Loud and rocky. The singer is loud but the instruments are just way to loud. Would not recommend for a person to listen to this song in there spare time. This song is alright not all that good. Decent.
  • I really enjoy how the song starts nice and slow at the start and slowly increases to a nice medium paced beat, I don't really like the artist in this song sorry to say, because his pitch isn't quite right for this style of music and he isn't singing well, the music is really well but the singer is kind of ruining this song, I give this a rating of 5/10.
  • A deep chiming is heard. Then the song starts. What a wonder and semi upbeat melody leads the vocals into.something nice. He is unique in tone, very tuneful and on key. The song sounds good but doesn't have to potential to beba hit. It lacks a better beat and that's all it needs.
  • This song has a very strange intro and I feel like it could have opened straight into the music and skipped the little thing before that. The singer is not the best vocalist and sounds more like he is talking and not singing so much. It kind of sounds like he is reciting a poem to a background of music. The lyrics are not too creative either, I think this song is pretty boring.
  • The intro is very mysterious but interesting. When the guitar comes in it has a gritty tone. The singer has a warm nasaly tone to him. The echo that the singer has sounds too loud and overpowers the instruments in the song too much. The guitar is drowned out by the loud drum beats but you're able to hear it when it has a small melody.
  • The singer was not that entertaining to me. I think the singer could have had better vocals. The song has a good melody. I did like the structure of this song. The song could have been more balanced and more appealing. The singer needs not to repeat the lyrics so much.
  • I didn't like this song. The intro was way too long and annoying. The song is too different from any one genre to "make sense" and it was annoying to listen to. I frankly didn't like the vocals and the instrumentals didn't do much to help. The drums did keep a steady rhythm, but the guitar wasn't really doing much for the song and was more of an annoyance than anything. I won't buy the song and I'm not sure of the artist's future.
  • Song started out sounding like something off of a movie sound track. instrumentals could be used for a number of things including commercials. the vocals were alright, has a unique sound. i like the little drum tick in the back ground, gives the song a little bit of an interesting factor. not something i would probably purchase. melody is nice.
  • Ok sounds like an old clock starting off, thats knew. Very good guitar plauer starting off to. But his voice isnt the best country singing voice in the world. Also the story line is kinda stupid and it doesnt make much sense. And I can not really tell what genre of music this is either. Is it country or was some one trying to make a hip hop song but failed badly?
  • This piece has quite a dramatic introduction. Lovely musical arrangement with the guitar and the beats of the drums. There's also some electronic sounding keyboard. I could sense a lot of meaning from the lyrics. However, I think that a better singer would be more suitable for this song. There's just something about the singer's voice that doesn't quite fit for some reason.
  • This song sounds really good because all of the instruments mix so well together. The gutair and the drums blend so well together. Some things I didn't like about the song are the singer doesn't blend well with this certain genre of music. He has a good singing voice, but he will do better if he sung country or rock. Overall, the song has a really strong sound and is very outstanding.
  • Seems more like a spoken word. Sounds like a techno country mix? Not preferably something that I like. Good vocals. I wouldn't put soo much echo in it. I would maybe make this into just a country song, not a techno mix. I think it would sound better. There are good lyrics in it as well. The vocals are great.
  • I did not enjoy the opening of the song. It seemed to be too dramatic for me. The singer sounded boring to me and I did not enjoy the lyrics. When the song picked up for a second with about 30 seconds remaining, I started to enjoy the song a little bit more. I would listen to this on the radio if there was nothing else I wanted to listen to.
  • The intro i love very much. the bells are a great intro to a song like this the vocals are ok but i would only give this about a 3 star rating! The bass is OK. the drag affect really doesn't go along with his voice and the techno part should be taken out. The second voice when he said slow motion isn't a good touch. He only really said the same words over and over and at the end he said the same things over and over i didn't like that but its just my opinion.
  • this song was very relaxing. something i could see myself listening to in the car or simply just hanging out doing nothing. it was easy to enjoy the style of the vocals. and the instrumentals went along perfectly on point. very nice composition, sounds professional and clean. i would purchase this song and put it on all my playlists. something about the melody just keeps you intrigued.
  • The song starts with sounds of bell. I do not think it was a good choice, kind of sounded like horror. The artist is not experienced and need to practice singing this song more. The song is recorded but is not high quality. The lyrics are kind of weak and the melody is not attractive.
  • I enjoyed it very much. Very very much I enjoyed it. please just let me had a dollar. I don't like this kind of music though so. I am more in to techno and hardcore songs. this is not for me so show me the next song.
  • Cool song. One of my favourite instruments is acoustic guitar and it's got one. Sounds like a mix between like acoustic, country and electric a bit. This is one of those songs that they play at the end of movies where the hero runs into the sunset and the credits start to roll. One of those loud songs that make me wanna cry. :D
  • I really like the upbeat tone that switches it up!! The 2 guitar strum intro wasn't my favorite. But, overall a nice song. I really like how the beat us upbeat, because the singer sounds rather sad while singing. The twist of the slow lyrics and upbeat background music is something I really do like, and is my favorite thing about the song.
  • I did not like this song. I found it to be quite flat, and not very catchy. This song could become big, but it would be for people who that like particular genre and i don't think it would be an "everyones" type of song. It was not my cup of tea. It was not upbeat enough for me. I did not like the background music. Something with a better, possibly faster beat would interest me more. I think the male had a good voice, but the song lyrics did not draw my attention enough, I would have changed the radio station.
  • The intro compelled me to listen farther into the song. The instrumentals first appearance was very powerful and heavy and gave off an emotional feel. The vocals and lyrics seemed to be aiming for a feel of afraid and alone. The emotions in this song are very clear and very strong on what they want to be. Definitely a good emotional song to listen to on a rainy day.
  • Kind of dark beginning. Im not a big fan!. too slow. I am not a big fan of the beat. I have the sound. I dont really like this type of music. I dont really know what else to say I just dont really like the music. Let the old people listen!
  • The music is really nice, pretty chill. I could see myself doing homework or drawing to this song. The vocals threw me off a bit at the beginning but I grew to love them. The lyrics are very deep and poetic. The chorus is very catchy and very good. Overall really good song.
  • The gong sounds in the beginning are interesting and remind me slightly of Hozier. The bass is too high, as well as the drums, and the ticking noises in the chorus seem to cut in and out at strange times. It seems to be trying to be both a country song and an electronic/dance song, perhaps pop rock. The melody is repetitive. The words are forgettable and incredibly repetitive towards the end of the song. The singer's voice is in tune, but not anything memorable either. The one guitar riff is okay, but not enough to make the song feel creative or catchy.
  • The intro is mysterious and dark. Maybe if the artist lengthened it and added some white noise such as wind or rain it would add to the dark vibe of the track. The tinny sounding lead guitar in the intro when the guitar kicks in needs to go. Takes away from the acoustic guitar too much, which is what this song needs to keep it so powerful. The drums sound like they are made by a drum machine and it sounds choppy. The fast, trap-style hi hats need to go as well, seeing as how this is a rock type song, not a trap beat.
  • A bell rings..and soon some crispy acoustic guitar lets the solemn rhythm take it's course. The vocals eloquently and softly reflect the "lost, dark and broken." Minor chords shift effortlessly while the lyrics discover the loneliness of love and it's barren recoil. This song treads a sad musical path, but the pull of sorrow has me by the horns. Songs like this just make me go a big rubbery one. Beautiful, haunting melodies thread the pain all together and by the end of it, leave me wanting to hear more.
  • This song is amazing. It made me want to bump my head. This song has great lyrics and has smooth vibe and an upbeatsound. The song made me almost cry. This song is amazing. I lived it alpt and I know that you will love it just as the same.
  • The lyrics are deep and meaningful, the rhythm is catchy, and clear. This artist clearly portrays his emotion within the music and lyrics. This song could be a great fit for a short film or TV show although the production quality isn't at its best.
  • The begining sounds like a background for a horror movie, with it's pounding distorted bell. But then the melody kicks in with a feel of some music I listened to in the 90's. The vocals are slightly haunting, and the lyrics pull me in. I quite like this song and would love to add it to my playlist I listen to while writing.

Below is an acoustic version of I Am Broken by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of I Am Broken from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.4 out of 10):

  • This is awesome right from the start. Great guitar playing is heard keeping rhythm. Lyrics are beautifully sung on key. This song has potential to do well if given the chance. It has expression in each note sung. This is just wonderful. I feel I want to hear more from this artist.
  • The guitar sounds beautiful as do the lyrics. The vocals are incredibly fitting over the simple guitar instrumental. However, there is a subtle ring over the entire song and its really distracting. But I can really feel the emotion and meaning behind the lyrics with the way that the singer sings them, and I like how he added subtle vocal layers throughout the song.
  • I keep hearing the same note playing over and over with this song. The guitar isn't that special. I can't understand why it would be. I love how it shows off his vocals though. The pitch is off and tuning needs to be done with his voice. but the way he makes the harmony flow is amazing.
  • What a great beginning guitar solo but the voice comes in and ruins it because he's holding on to the word for way too long. His cut offs are the worst. The lysp in this is way too much. He can't seem to control it. I know how that feels but I don't think you should be making songs where people hear you hiss your words because your cut offs are bad.
  • Nice strong acoustic guitar entrance. Interesting vocals. The lyrics are strong. I'd like to hear some more emotion from the vocalist. The harmonies are well done. This song is a nice peaceful campfire type song. I would really like to feel what you are feeling as you sing. There are a lot of pluses to this song. It needs more heart. You have some moments flowing. Others not quite as strong.
  • There is a steady strumming pattern on this tune. The chorus features some harmonizing, with a defeated type of blues delivery. I like the stripped down style, with the quakity rhythm. the singing really carries the Song, even though it is not the most refined. there's a clear passion that the vocals put forth, which make it its own.
  • I like the guitar in the beginning. The vocals are really good and I love how they harmonize with the instrument. The lyrics are spot on and I like them. Your singing is really inspiring and I enjoyed listening to your song. You have talent, sir. 10/10.
  • The guitar instrumental was quite nicely done - the player has definitely worked on their skill. Unfortunately the song went downhill quickly when the vocals began - the recording quality of the vocals was too loud in comparison and the singer does not have a strong voice. It just didn't match the song. Lyrically it felt a bit too poetic and a bit depressing. It just didn't work.
  • The serene guitar is played until a calm male voice picks up the song. I loved the personal and deep touching lyrics. The song is nostalgic and it made me feel sad which is a downside, but it was structured nicely. This soft rock song is very slow when it comes to the tempo and never accelerates which is okay.
  • Very good opening. Draws you in like it is going to tell a story. Then when he starts sinting he kind of ruins it. He just does not sound very good. The lyrics seem off and very hard to relate to. I don't like the use of repitition in the chorus either! He seems like he is dying during this song.
  • The acoustics really stand out here as they entrenches me into the music. More passion is needed in the vocals to give the listener a better connection to the song. The song lyrics are good and well written. The verses seem to run together and need more separation. This track doesn't have much balance either which throws off the balance. Some stronger background vocals should be added as well to make this more complete.
  • The acoustic guitar ad the beginning was well done. This song was very touching. I could relate to the lyrics. The lyrics were written well. The back up singer did great at the harmony. This artist has a lot of potential for growth in the industry. I'd say he has the capability to get a great reward for his talent.
  • Intro is long and boring. The lyrics are boring and sad. The singer is not good and has no real feeling for the song. Should have solo to help with the singer and give him a rest. The background is boring and seem like not much thought went in to it. The ending is okay. Using the same words doesn't help with the move and feeling of it.
  • This sounds like country music and i do not like country music. with that being said, i like the melody and the singers voice isnt too bad. i can understand what the guy is trying to say and thats good. i like the way he plays his guitar. not too bad!
  • During the intro of this track I was reminded of some cool alternative rock melodies from the 90's. The vocals come in and are really serious, I am kind of hit or miss with how they sound: I am just not sure they work with the overall vibe of the song, which is dark and damaged. The instrumentation is sparse and minimal, and perfectly matches the desolation in the vocals. There is a certain guitar part that sticks out like a sore thumb, like a trill of some sort that doesn't fit. I was turned off by the moodiness and angst of this track but it may be what some people are looking for. I hope this guy cheers up and sees some success. Good luck.
  • Very nice guitar, nice solemn acoustic with a voice like that is classic well don man. The lyrics are very easy to make out which can be difficult while your playing guitar at the same time but you do a good job. I would definitely buy this song very nice.
  • I like the authentic sound of the song! The instrumentals are outstanding, and have a beautiful overall sound. The guitar specifically stands out to me and really acts as the backbone of the song. The vocals are great, and I really appreciate the fact that there not overproduced and robotic! The pace change within the bridge is also nice and keeps the song from getting boring!
  • This record is well recorded in terms of the guitar playing. The vocals might be turned up too loud in the mix. The lyrics have a degree of importance but it's mostly regular songwriting themes. The singer reminds me of an artist I can't quite put my finger on. I think the tune borders on folk and country with acoustic Americana as a base.
  • The chorus is lovely with nice harmony. I think the vocals overall are well done. The song is sung with deep emotions, which I appreciate. I really feel the intent and message of the song. This song has a beautiful melody. I love that this song is short and to the point. It doesn't go on and on in a redundant way. The musicians get in make their point and call it done, which I appreciate. Good listen.
  • The introduction had a nice guitar playing in the beginning. Right off the bat I could tell that it was going to be a good song. The vocalist has a beautiful and inspirational voice. This song defiantly hit home and It made me think of how sad my life is right now and things I need to change. Overall this is a great song to motivate people into changing their ways.
  • Maybe its because this is not my particular favorite genre of music, but this song is not for me. I feel like the guitar does not match the vocals. They seem to be from two separate songs and have been thrown together without really being matched up very well. I enjoy the male vocals a decent amount. But it sounds like a lot of the generic things being put out.
  • I think of Neil Young when I hear this. I grew up listening to it. I like the folk rock mix. I can appreciate a honest down to earth song. The lyrics are heart felt, and gets me thinking. Would like to listen to while having a beer. My Dad would love this. Would buy this album.
  • I truly believe that the song has a lot of potential. At first when I listen to the lyrics I wasn't sure and as the song progressed I believe that the lyrics did have a true formula and the song is being built around them. I don't think the song is bad and its present form but I think that it could possibly benefit from becoming a power ballad in a slightly slower format. Along with that idea would become strength with other instrumentation such as lead guitar solos and strings to accent and highlight the story the lyrics. What great potential!
  • I like the guitar. i like the voice. i like the lyrics. i like the music. i like the instumental. i like the chorus. i like the intro. the intro was too long. the outro was too short. there were a lot of problems. the chorus was too simple they didnt put that much thought into there song. the guitar music was simple and pathetic . this song was horrible.
  • I love this intro it's awesome. Vocals are so cool it sounds low and spooky. Lyrics are dope I love it. It puts me into a sad mood though, Beat sounds great and I love everything about it. The band does a fantastic job of playing.
  • The song begins with a country-like acoustic guitar. The guitar is calm and relaxing, although the chords are very similar to many other songs of the same genre. The vocalist has an amazing voice, which he seems to use to its full potential in this song. The song could even be played on commercial radio, and could be targeted towards lovers of classic music.
  • I love the guitar solo its very in sync with the whole song. The artist vocals could use a bit of work they are too out of pitch. The lyrics are humble and calming. This song makes me feel very loved and touches my heart very deeply. This song talks about love which is the most popular subject. This song does not have a melody.
  • The guitar was beautiful and sounded very professional. The song sounded like something that would be played as someone died on Grey's Anatomy or another dramatic show. The other vocals during the chorus were a nice touch and added an unexpected element. I think "I'm lost, I'm dark and I'm broken" is repeated a little too often and it makes the song sound a little too cliche.
  • This song is very soothing. The intro really drags the listener in and is very catchy. The instruments blend together perfectly with the lyrics. The vocals are strong and interesting. Overall, the song makes a clear point which is easy to understand. The artist took the time to make it perfect.
  • What really stands out to me about this song is the singer's strong command of the lyrics. When you have an acoustic song of this nature, the words sung have to mean something incredibly powerful or captivate listeners in a way that they can relate to it in some manner. With lyrics like, "I feed on your energy," listeners understand the passion the singer is talking about--like electricity between you and the person you love. The song also covers the dark truth present in relationships sometimes as well, such as vulnerability, value, and the fragility of romance in lines like "Trapped in a house of glass built under a shrine." The singer goes on to emphasize this frustration and heartbreak, which I really relate to. He sings that he is "lost," "dark," and "broken," which I think everybody has felt like at some point in their lives. His vocals are so emotive, and I can almost feel the heartbreak he's singing about just by the sound of his voice. The singer's sound is crisp, fresh, and versatile enough to be enjoyed by both indie lovers and fans of commercial radio hits. The acoustic guitar compliments the song perfectly as a ballad about lost love and broken spirits. I have no negative comments about the make-up of the track because I was really captivated by it from beginning to end. It also has a catchy hook and melody while keeping a deep meaning in the lyrics. This song would be great to listen to while relaxing at home, lost in thought, or even on a long drive through new roads.

Below is a remix of I Am Broken by Caruano95.

Reviews of Caruano95's remix of I Am Broken from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 4.9 out of 10):

  • This song begins with a cool guitar strum that I enjoy very much. The drum beats are a little overdone in my opinion I think that they should be a bit more subtle and quiet. The bass line is perfect though. I think that if the drums sounded similar to the bass line that this song would be fifty percent better.
  • I was immediately attracted to this song through the introduction. The lyrics have a genuine meaning behind them and the singer sounds great throughout the verses. However it sounds like he has a little trouble hitting the higher notes in the chorus. The melody of the song is nice and smooth and the flute in the bridge of the song is a great addition.
  • The air that tips fro has a country feel to it with a r&b beat added in. this is a really odd combo but it works. the beat is made with a beat machine and the bass is very low but is still enough to carry the track. the vocals are done by this guy with a stagnate voice. all his notes sound the same and the lyrics need to have better meaning.
  • The opening instrumentals are intriguing, as well as the singers voice. The singer has a Black Keys-esque voice. The words are very touching and can be related to by the average person. The chorus was a slight let down, but the rest of the song delivers. The words are slightly basic but touching nonetheless.
  • This song was weird, and I loved that about it! The drum beat in the beginning had me questioning exactly what this song would be like, and I was ultimately surprised by the time the mysterious sounding vocals began. They mix to make a lovely electronic ballad type sound and in all, a good track.
  • A little weird how the guitar comes in and the drum part is kind of just there. Vocals do not engaged and the performance is kind of weak. I will say that the hook has promise. It just needs to be taken to another level.
  • This song has a strong vocal line and a potent melody. The beat is quite heavy and the drums are dark and serious. The lyrics are intense and overall it's a bit of a depressing sound and a down kind of song. Only listen to this if you're in the mood for it. The background music is good and it's been well written with a good tune.
  • Straight away I liked the melody, the voice was a let down, don't think the artist is a great singer, but the lyrics are good and they're personal so a lot of people could relate to this song, it's good on that sense, not my kind of music, lyrics are definitely this songs strong point, the end of the song the melody changes and it's a good transition.
  • The first few bars in this track are an interesting blend of a couple of guitar cords and a beat which, at first shows some real promise, but the track doesn't do anything with it, the beat seems to plod on through the track not varying at all and this makes the track seem very familiar by the time you reach the second verse. The leads delivery is devoid of emotion but its functional and he does change his style of delivery through the track, matching the limited keyboard support reasonably well. Lyrically however, this is not a bad track, the hook is good and the lead does edge this towards the end of the track.
  • The introduction got my attention with the unusual use of the guitar and the lyrics were interesting but the singer's voice was not powerful enough to pull them off. The lyrics do have room for slightly more originality and the mix needs to be adjusted to account for the weak voice getting lost in the background. I had high hopes at the start of the song but was quickly disappointed.
  • Reminds me of a demi lovato record. The start of the track really didn't resonate with me. The vocals sucked it felt like he was signing to his dog or something. He wasn't singing with much emotion either so that gave me a sense of he doesn't care. The lyrics were were put together though nonetheless. Production was also not well made by any means.
  • Wow i really liked the instrumental that this song had. I found his vocals amazing. I think the timbre of this song was really cool and harmonious. I found the acoustic guitar and the bells tuning here excellent. I would like to hear this piece of music on the radio because it is really sensational.
  • Great solo beats in the beginning, it really shows the feeling in your song and lyrics. i feel like your voice goes great with the lyrics and music so it was overall a great song. the intro is great and your lyrics are great the whole time. Keep up the good work!
  • The beginning or the intro of the song leads me into the song very nicely. It wasn't too fast and it wasn't too slow so it is a good introduction. The singer's vocals are strong and distinctive which is good and I also know what the singer is singing about so that is good. The background melody is really good and provides a good background to the vocals.
  • This song has a great groove and texture to it in the opening. When the vocals come in they are quite a different style than the rest of the music. It becomes very 80s-sounding once the chorus come in. This song reminds me of The Cure. I really like the sound quality of the keyboard part during the bridge.
  • I liked the slow, almost lazy sound that this song began with. I did not expect the echoing sound of the artist's voice, but it was good. It was less like singing and more like talking though which was a bit odd. The lyrics were beautiful though. I enjoyed the beat of the song although it reminded me of music from the 80's, like ballads.
  • This is a very nice song the lyrics sucked me right in they are very meaning full and deep. I enjoyed the nice mellow floating sound as the instrumental so really different and almost feels like your drifting off. This is really nice song to relax to. I usually don't go for older sounding tunes but this is up there.
  • Mysterious, intriguing, creepy. This song is not something I would seek out to listen to. That being said, this clip is a great representation of the talent. I can hear the emotion behind the lyrics. The combination of instrumentals just adds to the tone. There is an almost ethereal sound to this song. The lyrics are great. After listening, I can empathize with this song. The artist showcases his ability to connect with his audience through his music. Many people have felt this way, at least once in their lifetimes. I can see it becoming a popular song on the radio. It's one of those songs that doesn't shove itself in your face, but the song speaks for itself. Way to go!
  • I think the intro is quite slow. I can hear the acoustic guitar. The vocals are underwhelming and it doesn't sound as if he is even singing unfortunately. The lyrics however are very passionate and the use of religious imagery shows how important the person he misses is. The backing music is very eerie however it suits the tone of the song perfectly.
  • The beginning of the song is really nice I really liked the instruments in the background. the voice of the singer was really nice but It did not match the music.i really liked the lyrics but I couldn't really understand it that much. the song was really jazzy.
  • Absolutely adore the instruments and music used in this song. Wasn't too fond of the vocals but I enjoyed the lyrics. The song seemed like an old piece that had been revived and I really loved that aspect to it. I would recommend this song to many people because it isn't strictly a one genre kind of song since no part of it is overpoweringly one genre.
  • The singer does a good job beginning the song, but unfortunately, it declines soon after he begins. I don't like the way he starts to sound monotone, and I don't think it is good with the song. The beat is really great, but the lyrics sound sad. The yelling is too much. It doesn't sound good at all. Maybe add some electronic female sounds to go behind his singing.
  • The guitar part was pretty good, but just kind all over. It all really fell apart once the vocals came in. The percussion does not really make sense with the instruments, and the vocals are overpowered by the music. Also , the vocals kind of sound off key. The lyrics are well-written though, so it is not all bad. Pretty decent.

Below is a remix of I Am Broken by Green Raver.

Reviews of Green Raver's remix of I Am Broken from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 4.3 out of 10):

  • This song has a lot of character to it and I enjoy that very much. The way that the smooth and distortion filled bass groove fills up my headphones is really nice and entertaining. I enjoy that way that this song grooves and has a very straightforward beat to it. This is a great song and I like it very much.
  • I love the way the chords and the church bell in the introduction work together. The timing of the church bell is perfect. However, the singer really throws this song off. The lyrics coincide well with the music but the singer's voice sounds stressed throughout the entire chorus. Another thing about this song is that the entire thing is repetitive. Try adding or changing the words around a bit.
  • The record has a electro sound to it at the intro of the song. the way the keyboard is playing makes me feel like i'm in a video game. the beat has a bass to it that is not powerful enough. the lyrics are very weird and I guess talk about a relationship that is demolishing and leaves the two parties lost and broken. the track is just very sad and the singer is a dude with a annoying voice.
  • The electronic sounding instrumentals are extremely irritating, and the introduction is an 8-count too long. This song seems to be a remixed song. Although the instrumentals are slightly irritating, I prefer this remixed version to the original version. The words are so easily related to, and the remixed version fits better with the chorus, because there are not many words in the chorus.
  • The synth at the start of this track is quite a random sound but I like the contrast between that and the start of the vocals. There's a mysterious feel to this track. The vocals are quite serious but this song has real gravity which I like. The beat is rick steady all the way through but it's a powerful number.
  • Not keen on the techno sound to this song, but admire the efforts, the voice is equally disappointing, this is not my kind of music what so ever, some of the lyrics are good though, some I could connect to but couldn't connect to the whole song, however I feel the emotion the artist is feeling so he does have something special about him.
  • The first few keyboard notes give this track a bit of a dramatic start, though the note used do not give the track an upbeat feeling. This does set up the rather sombre track well though, the slow beat is not bad, it works for the track well as its a little muted which merges well in electro pop style with the melody, this at first seems very stayed but it gets better as the track progresses and I quite liked it by the end. Also the vocals get you as they go on, the hook is highly effect, the vocals remind me a little of early Human League stuff, as does the style of the track.
  • The introduction reminded me of a cheap 80's sci fi / horror B movie. This theme seemed to be intentionally mirrored throughout the lyrics. While a good beat was established under the lyrics. the lyrics themselves were slightly cliched for my tastes. I prefer original material. This song bored me and it's simplicity was frustrating. I'm not even really sure which genre this would fall into.
  • I did not mind the sound effects at the start of this track. I found the melody of this track really cool. The lyrics of this track were really lovely. It is true time does move pretty fast. I would like to hear this track on the commercials.
  • I loved the beat and echoing sounds that this song started with. There was too much editing of the artist's voice though. I did like the how there was an echo of a female singer's voice behind the male singers voice each time he sang. It gave a really cool essence to the song. The lyrics were very intense.
  • I think the intro sounds very futuristic. It has a nice electronic sound to it. IT isn't too fast either. Again, I think the vocals are very underwhelming but the lyrics are very passionate. The use of darkness and his lack of sight show how important the person he is missing is. I think overall the backing track is eerie and that suits the song well.
  • Ok I'm not sure about the intro of this song but it gets better around the 30 second mark. The singing on this track is pretty good but the lyrics are dark and a bit depressing. The production is good though, I really like the tempo of it. This track would sound good with different lyrics over it. I would not download the song but I would try and find the instrumental.
  • Very cool keyboards introduce this song and similar to another song I heard, I'd like to hear that tasty vocal come in a little quicker. That being said, the vocalist did a great job when he showed up and I enjoyed the unique quality of his vocal. The arrangement of the keyboard was solidly put together and the rhythm was subdued by a solid foundation for the vocals and keyboards to guide this song.
  • I found the lyrics to this song were a bit to heavy metal, and didint really expresso a good melody or even a good rhythm. this is not really my favourite taste of music but i would call this song horrible, the vocals were okay, and the instrumental was just fine.
  • This song has an interesting beat. It's not slow but it's also not fast. The lyrics are a bit akward. But still kind of cool. The drums go good together with the guitar. I'm not a fan of this song. It should be a bit faster to get a happy feeling. This song makes you get a sad feeling which we don't want. For example "I'm lost, I'm broken."
  • The opening of the song to synth may turn audiences not immediately drawn to synth away before giving the song an actual chance. The male's and female's voices compliment each other very nicely and there is a good balance between the two voices and the backing track. Although the lyrics are nothing exceptional, they are not embarrassingly bad. The steady slow electric tempo is somewhat reminiscent of an electric rain.
  • The music that i can hear is a string effect at the beginning, this stayed like that for a little which I found uninterested due to the tone staying the same. Well the voices started I realised that the vocals were to slow for the beat behind them. Although the pitch of the vocals were in good tone I didn't think that the music was to powerful.
  • I thought the introduction was a bit on the dull side, not much of a positive impact for the song. The vocals are a bit depressing. The lyrics of the song i did not feel any connection to, the whole song has a rather down and depressing feeling to it. The melody of the song does not have any change to it in the song which really makes me feel sad.
  • The beat is very impressive! It has a slow rock turn to it! The artist has poor vocal skills! The voice is nice, but the way the artist comes off he has lack of passion! There seems like he lost his vocal and lyrical drive during song! But the jamming instrumental is great.
  • This song sounds like Joy Division in 2015. This has to do with the electronic music and the quality of the vocals. The beat and the main melodic line in the instrumental part are really fun. The lyrics seem to fit the rest of the music. I really enjoyed this song and I would listen to it again.
  • The electronic instruments at the beginning make for a good intro the to the song so that is a good start to the song. The singer's lyrics are thought-provoking and heart-warming. The singer himself is not that good like his voice is not very strong and is a little weird. I understand the lyrics very well and get the singer's point so the only bad thing about the song is the singer's voice but other than that the song is good.
  • I like the beginning beat of the song, and how the singer has what sounds like a female backup. It is repetitive and should have more to it than it does. I enjoy the pulsing beat to the song- it makes me want to nod my head to the beat of it. The song left me bored and expecting more from the lyrics. The beat was great though.
  • Really enjoyed the instruments and sense of techno used in this song and really loved the lyrics. They weren't overpowering in the sense that they demand you to see how the artist is broken but they depict it in a calm fashion. Personally, I wasn't a big fan of the vocals but they were still fairly good.
  • This is an awesome song I love the beat and the lyrics are good as well. This is one of those songs that would be playing in the movies during the make out or kissing part. I kind of want to listen to the song again because it reminds me of my favorite movie.