Song Title: How Beautiful She Is

I wrote the lyrics and melody for How Beautiful She Is, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

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How Beautiful She Is

Verse 1:
Lights dance on an astral plane
lakes ripple from drops of rain
all it takes for me is one glance
pulling me in, a mystical trance

I'm in love with her
she's got my emotions in a blur
she don't know how beautiful she is
she's so beautiful

Verse 2:
To her my thoughts I can confide
a friend forever at my side
All morning, noon, and night
she's a poem I must recite

I'm in love with her
she's got my emotions in a blur
she don't know how beautiful she is
she's so beautiful

There's a feeling inside
that just won't go away
my love for her grows
more and more every day

She's the reason I wake
and the air that I breath
when my faith is all gone
she makes me believe

I wanna spend every minute
every day every hour
with her hand in mine
I can feel the power

And as I stare and I stare
and I look at her face
the pieces of my life
all fall into place


Reviews of How Beautiful She Is from the Crowd Review service (song score: 6.6 out of 10):

  • I am def loving this one. Reminds me of the sounds like the artist Mat Kearney. Very good flow and arrangement. Loved listening to this.
  • I enjoyed the synthesizer parts and the beat. I found it to be catchy and easy to listen to. The vocal performance and lyrics seemed to fit in well with the feel of the song.
  • I like how the melody of the song eases you in gently and carries the listener on a cloud of inspiration throughout the track, making you feel 1000% brighter and happier in your day.
  • I like how the soft voice pairs with the soft words being sung. I also like how the voice intensifies as the singer begins singing about being in love.
  • I like the lyrics of this song and how pleasant it is. It is very nice and it is very cool. I like how fun it is and it's a very chill song.
  • I really enjoyed this song. It had a relaxing and light vibe to it overall which I really enjoyed. The vocal were smooth and easy and the lyrics were thoughtful and smart.
  • I think that this is a positive song and his voice is soothing and good overall I would rate this as a good song and a little bit catchy too I like it.
  • I thought the chorus was OK, reminded me of some 70's soft rock. I thought the rap didn't really work at all, sounded perfunctory, not engaging at all. Didn't have the strongest melody throughout, besides the nice chorus.
  • If only I had a shiny nickel for everyone time I listened to a song that discussed about how beautiful a particular woman was. I'd be richer than Kanye I think.
  • It was a sweet song and the guys voice is nice and pleasurable to listen too. This is the type of song you want to play live while your eating with your family.
  • It's a nice song to listen and relax to, The beginning part of the chorus sounded like the singer was slightly out of tune. However, the rest of the chorus sounded great. Some potential here.
  • Not really sure if I liked this track or not. On one hand, I thought it flowed pretty well, but on the other hand I think it needed some work.
  • Nothing about this song appeals to me. Everything about it comes off as really dated so much so that it almost comes off as a parody. I would not listen to this one again.
  • Overall I'd say this one is average. The beat and melody is good. Kind of repetitive but not bad. The vocals are average and the lyrics are just ok in my opinion. It's kind of forgettable but not horrible. It's easy to listen to if it comes on the radio but not something I'd go looking for.
  • Somber yet very easy listening tune, the lead vocalist blends his whipsers and loud voice well witht he song. I love the beat overall, very simple yet ambient as well.
  • Starts out too slow to get me into the song. The vocals are pleasant but monotone and there is nothing to hook me into the song.
  • The singer has a great voice and the instrumentation of the song compliments the lyrics very well. The song is very well written and alot of people could relate to this song. I think this will be played at weddings for many many years.
  • The vocalist does a very good job of conveying the feeling fo the song. I not to fond of the harmony, it seems to need practice. The music fits the lyrics well and is well played.
  • There is a lot of good here. I usually don't like fake drums like this but the groove here works in a very Hall and Oates way. The biggest problem here is the mix is horrible, it really messes up all that is cool here. Get a professional to listen to this and remix it for you and you'll have something great.
  • This could definitely have a place in the Dance genre. Its a bit slow for something I would prefer to listen to daily. I like that it speeds up a bit as it gets going, the vocals don't seem to give enough for the tempo though which is a touch confusing. They just sound sleepy and unfeeling. I'm not buying the story of being in love, emotions in a blur? I just wanted more from the vocals. Everything else I did enjoy. The rap at the end was cool, but honestly those vocals and so boring.
  • This has a very easy beat to it and the musicians stay in time with each other. The vocalist could be a little louder over the music. Once the background singers start it has an echo and sounds somewhat tinny.
  • This song is full of very sweet lyrics and they make me feel romance and sweetness. I really like it and it is a very nice love song.
  • This song is quite lovely, but in the chorus one of the background singers just sounds bored. It really detracts from the emotions that are put in by the other singers for the chorus. The rest of the track is very well done, however.
  • This song wasn't bad, but there wasn't anything that special or original about it. I could listen to it once but have no desire to do so more times.
  • Too slow and it has more of a country vibe than a pop or dance vibe. It's just too mellow for my tastes. The background music is bad quality as well.

Below is a version of How Beautiful She Is by Elliott Sheridan:

Reviews of Elliot Sheridan's version of How Beautiful She Is from the Crowd Review service (song score: 7.0 out of 10):

  • A little lite and slow to start the song. The bass was a little too lite for my taste. The vocals were ok, but maybe a little soft. More power there would be good. Just an ok song.
  • A swaying and building melody in the opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • All around decent for me, and nothing well more or less than that. Did not really speak to me musically and because of that probably would not listen to again.
  • Good song that was very balanced. I like the tone of the singer this song was relaxing and cool to listen to good lyrics.
  • I like the rhythm and beat of the song. I like the lyrics and how well they fit with the music. The vocals are nice and smooth and blend well with the music.
  • I like the vocal tone and quality of Elliott Sheridan. The lyrics in this song are not bad. This song reminds me of what you would have heard in a juke box in a country bar. Not quit ready for prime time.
  • I liked the beat of the song very much. I thought that the music was chill. I thought that the lyrics were deep and they made me contemplate on things. I liked the singer's voice.
  • I really like the combination of the singer and songwriter. The lyrics are just really sweet and nice, and the vocals are perfect. The music is great too. I want to hear more with these two.
  • I really liked how easy going this song was. I was very relaxed listening to the song. I thought that the lyrics were well written and had a lot of meaning behind them.
  • I thought the lyrics were beautiful and romantic and the music was lovely and it complimented the lyrics perfectly. I also like the voice of the singer.
  • It started out good and I thought was pretty catchy but I felt the vocals didn't match the vocals and vice versa. Needs some additional tweaks.
  • Man this bubly sound is actually good. I think the beat on this is one I'd like to produce. Good ambience and repetitive guitar that is just transcending.
  • Middle of the road, this song is not bad I was just not a fan, don't get me wrong the vocals are very good I just wasn't feeling it.
  • Not bad, but a little too sappy for my taste. Despite that, the vocals are clear and strong while the lyric fit the title. The instrumentation is decent and the production seems to be quality work.
  • This song started out pretty nice and featured some decent instrumentals. However, the singer's voice didn't really do it for me and made the song sound a little weird.
  • This song starts with a upbeat positive tone and instrumental. It makes me feel positive and want to enjoy life. I would seek more from this artist.
  • This song was very mellow and relaxing. It was easy to close my eyes and forget about the day. I would not mind hearing more. Thank you.
  • Very mellow, easy listening. It had a nice beat and good vocals. Nice song to mellow out to or do routine household tasks with.
  • Very pretty song with really nice lyrics. Very peaceful sounding. The vocals are really nice here and the instrumentaion and melody is nice. I like the melody.
  • Well this song is definitely more fitting for pop or dance genre. Maybe a bit too slow for dance music. Pretty nice song though. Very peaceful and soothing sound.

Below is an acoustic version of How Beautiful She Is by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of How Beautiful She Is from the Crowd Review service (song score: 6.6 out of 10):

  • As soon as the song started I liked the peaceful vibes it was giving me. The intro was really appealing to my ear. The song reminds me of something Id sing to in the car on a sunny spring day. The lyrics are really easy to understand and to sing to. Over all its a really sweet song and Id recommend it to people. I like the slow tempo and the instrumentals especially the guitar.
  • A lovely guitarist tune at the start, with an excellent vocal sound right at the very beginning. The pitch was controlled well and the choice of lyrics made this song even better!! It has a wonderful meaning to it and feels very passionate!! Can feel the pain in the voice!! Very emotional song carefully written!! A brilliant guitarist and try talent,, this song is beautiful and I really enjoyed listening to it!
  • I really enjoyed this song all the way through, it really gave off a lot of feeling. I felt like every lyric had some meaning to it and the artist does a great job of showing that to the audience and every person who listens to this song. Every aspect of this song is just great from the guitar to the artist.
  • This song has some really nice guitar playing in it. I like the treble feel and the hidden texture pattern that slowly builds up throughout this song. I also enjoy the highs and low contrast of the singers voice throughout the main verse and the bridge to in this song. The song is a little too emotional for my taste but I like that a lot that is fine.
  • The song begins with an instrumentation of an ordinary guitar. The number is reminiscent of Bob Dylan and his folk rock genre. The song is fairly simple, with the guitar and the vocals being the only two elements of the song. This has elements of country as well. Pros: Strong lyrics that are almost poetic. Cons: Not too many except the song is kind of slow in its tempo.
  • I like the guitar in the beginning. Sounds good. The man voice s good. His words are very vivid. You can picture what he saying in your head. His voice is very soothing. The song is very happy. Something almost every female will want to hear their man say about them. The words are very soothing.
  • A light indie pop/rock tune that offers much relaxation from the smooth vocals to the acoustic guitar riff played throughout the song. However the lyrics could do with some improvements as well as the delivery of them. As the song is a bit to laid back and could cause you to drift off halfway through the song. But overall a solid indie track that will give this artist increased popularity.
  • The starting guitar tune feels very relaxed and nice. The vocals feel very heartfelt like its coming from the artist's heart. The musical instruments also sound very balanced compared to the voice. The lyrics in this song are very heart-warming original and I haven't heard many things like this. The artist is very talented and natural. He seems very relaxed singing.
  • This song's melancholy atmosphere is lightly melodious and very fitting for the lead singer's wispy voice. It nicely conveys the mystery in the lyrical themes, and the solemnity in the mood is pleasantly relaxing to listen to. I admire the romantic wording, and I would recommend this song to fans of more old-fashioned love songs with blues overtones in the style.
  • Nice cheery warm sunny day acoustic guitar opening. Folk style. The vocals could use a bit more support of emotions. The vocals are not very enticing because it just doesn't feel like you mean it. The lyrics are very beautiful. The harmonies are gorgeous. If you could sell that you mean this it is a beautiful song. This is a nice little love song. You could probably add a bit to it and it would fall in the country genre. Very well written and executed except for the lack of emotion.
  • The start of this song I noticed that there was introment of a guitar. I found that this went very well with the tone of the vocals, I then noticed well listening the guitar which was playing increased so did the tone. Further in the song I found that there was a back singer which was coming in at the vocals longer notes.
  • lovely start with inspiring acoustic guitar, then a nice gentle male voice starts.Then another voice joins, very calm and relaxing but not much change and doesn't have much of a chorus and isn't very catchy. The song towards the end gets abit boring and doesn't have much variation or texture.
  • I like the intro it had very soft guitar playing which sounded that It had allot of thought into it and it really kept the rhythm up and it was important with the song. I like your lyrics the best, they were totally unique and passionate it really had allot of passion to you especially that guitar too. I also liked how you singed very much, you were consistent and you also described allot of detail in your song, I can tell that it was a excellent song. the melody sounded very original in my opinion.
  • The guitar in the introduction really gives a nice melody to the song. The singer entered the song with confidence which helps make his lyrics believable. His voice sounds very natural, especially during the chorus. Its almost like he is really looking at the girl he is singing about. Overall the composition of the song is valuable.
  • Heartfelt guitar in the intro of this song. The male singer begins singing about his love for an unknown 'beautiful woman' and how his love keeps growing for her. Definitely an easy listening song, no drums or beat ever appears to back it up, it's only downfall. Commercially this song would be most applicable to a drama film or on the radio while working. It's also a very short song that uses the word beautiful too many times.
  • Really good folk band. Peaceful vocals I would buy this song and love to hear more from the album curious if the rest of the songs are similarly lovey dovey or not. Acoustics sounded awesome. Rhythm was upbeat and lifting would be a great song to put on for a girl whether it's a first date or 10 year anniversary for people looking for new music.
  • It is a very good example of what an acoustic song is. just simple guitar and a person singing about something important to them. the voice gives a very rough feel and the soft guitar levels it out and they make a good match. the lyrics work good with an acoustic song. I enjoyed having a very simple to listen to from time to time, instead of loud noise. its very relaxing to just listen to the guitar and the voice of the singer. this type of music doesn't get much appreciation.
  • I loved the guitar riff in the introduction, however I was surprised to hear a male voice over such a delicate riff. His voice has a soothing quality to it and the lyrics were clearly defined, giving the song a strong overall mix. The lyrics created a positive atmosphere and the tempo change for the chorus was lovey. I would definitely recommend this song to others for a calm or casual situation or gathering.
  • I enjoyed the intro the melody is very tuneful. The vocals are very pleasing to listen to. The artist has kind warm voice. He does a masterful job of conveying the love he has for whomever he is singing about. You can feel what he is feeling. The overall performance was skillful and heart-felt.
  • This song is not edgy by any means. Its a hippy song. It sounds like a song from the 60's but unfortunately it was not reinvented it was just a copy cat. the vocals stayed in the same range the entire time. The guitar rift was nice in the beginning but it stayed the same the entire time. This song is very unoriginal and could easily put me to sleep.
  • The guitar at the beginning reminds me of Bob Dylan or Jack Johnson. The singing only further fulfills this reminder. The simplistic and raw feel is perfect and it makes me feel like I'm with friends surrounding a fire in the dark playing music and singing. There is a perfect balance of singing and instrumentals, therefore preventing either from overpowering the other aspect of the selection. I would most likely not listen to this song again though because it is far too repetitive for my liking. The repetition of "She's so beautiful" is lovely and sincere but overused.
  • The beginning guitar sounds really good. The only thing I don't like so much is that it sounds a little whiny when he is singing. And it also sounds like a country song and I don't like country. I like when he says I'm in love with her. The vocalist is pretty good but I think the lyrics are what makes this song stand out.
  • I like the guitar that was playing throughout the song. The singer who was singing sounds very sweet. I like the lyrics he has. It is so beautiful and nice to be said to a woman. You could just feel the emotions he have for her.
  • The song gives a very natural aura in the beginning. In the intro of the song, I am instantly pulled in with the guitar, as it gives a nice mellow tune. However the only problem is the vocals. The way the vocals are presented is perfect. It follows the tone of the song, hitting high and low notes. But when the lyrics are being said, they come in almost continuously without stopping messing up the flow of the guitar in the background. Despite that, this was very enjoyable to listen to.
  • His voice is so soft and quiet but very clear. Lets start with the melody of the song. The artist used very simple instruments like a guitar and piano i believe, its all very quiet and soft and sidle and sounds very nice. The lyrics are also very beautiful The artist is speaking about his love for this woman and how she is so beautiful. It is so sweet. His voice is somewhat raspy and soft and he is very calm and his lyrics are amazing. I think this artist should continue. The lyrics he sings tell a story and we need more songs like this that are about true love and respect women.
  • An instant Mumford and Sons flashback however, different as this magic is coming from a solo act and not a band. The lyrics are deep and meaningful to the extent you feel a part of this artists pain towards the subject of the song. I wish it went on for longer as you cannot get enough of this artists beautiful voice.
  • Very emotional song, definitely something my mum would listen to but nonetheless it is crafted very well and country music fans would definitely like this song as it resembles the style of Bob Dylan because of the acoustic guitar and the solo singing. Overall, it is a fairly good song, it is not something i would listen to personally but other people may enjoy it more than I did, anyone into that sort of music really.
  • The melody of this song seemed somewhat shapeless and boring. The melody doesn't change much throughout the entire song, giving it a distinct flatness. The lyrics were rather cheesy and repetitive. The voice of the artist was undermined by the bland melody and uncreative lyrics. Nothing about this song stuck out to me. This song could be improved by adding a few original lines and perhaps throwing in another instrument to add variety to the piece.
  • The music starts of really nice. The instrumentalist is amazing! The lyrics is really good and flows well with the guiter. The vocalist makes the song realistic and emotional! I so much love this. I rate the music 10 of 10 The recording was great and there is clarity in the lyrics. This music really needs to be promoted big time!! 10/10.
  • For the genre it isn't bad. The melody was easy to listen to. I could't quite feel what he was feeling but it was close. It did seem like they where trying to make more folk music. If folk music was the genre that they where going for in instrumental then they should have left the singing out. If they keep working hard at it they will succeed.
  • I think that this song was too slow and somber. It was depressing to me. The singer put a lot of emotion into the vocals, but unfortunately the lyrics were not clever at all. I could predict them before they were spoken. The rhymes were too easy. Also the lyrics were too repetitive. He said the same thing so many times that it became annoying and made the song hard to listen to. I do not think this will be a hit.
  • This is a sweet little melody. it almost reminds me of a lullaby. i think it does need pauses in certain spots. some places sound like really long sentences. the use of few instruments makes this song even more sweet, but i think maybe a few more might add to the harmony.
  • The instrumental part to this is very good. chords are nice and compliment the lyrics that are sung. Reminds me of a great song, and with these vocals, this could also make it big. The lyrics say a story that is not to repetetive or to short or long. Vocals are very nice and clear, with the ending it works great.