Song Title: History of my Broken Heart

I wrote the lyrics and melody for History of my Broken Heart, but paid by Frankie Simon (piano) and Matt Greco (vocals) to perform it for me.

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History of my Broken Heart

Verse 1:
There's a piece of my soul
screaming to be heard
like the waves of an ocean
and the wings of a bird

Scarred from the battles
won't come out to play
saving all of my love
for a cold rainy day

I watch the happy couples
they walk hand in hand
as I fall through the hourglass
a tiny grain of sand

It's the history
of my broken heart
this falling in love
is tearing me apart

I can't take it anymore
just say goodbye
and close the door

Verse 2:
Once I was in love
now I keep it all in inside
when a relationship sours
a part of me dies

How do you walk away
and leave it all behind?
memories play like old movies
locked away deep in my mind

Building up the walls
do what it takes to survive
no more emotional pain
but I'm barely alive

It's the history
of my broken heart
this falling in love
is tearing me apart

I can't take it anymore
just say goodbye
and close the door

It's the history
of my broken heart
this falling in love
is tearing me apart

I can't take it anymore
just say goodbye
and close the door

just say goodbye
and close the door

just say goodbye
and close the door

just say goodbye
and close the door

Reviews of History of My Broken Heart from the Crowd Review service (overall song: 7.1 out of 10):

  • Instantly, I enjoyed the piano's melody. I also feel that the artist has a good voice for a song that is mainly piano based. I somewhat like the chorus but there is something that is not there. At least when I hear it first. It seems like one of those songs that needs to be played a few times for me to actually like it.
  • Beautiful piano melody and plays very nicely with the vocals and does not rush or slow down. A relaxing song with a good message. This song is a good song and definitely would be a good seller for its genre! The piano melody stays steady and the vocal notes fit within the melody. It feels comfortable and right and it is a very well done song.
  • The piano is so well played! I love the composure of the notes, it is a beautiful little melody. The singer has a soft, and yet very rich, voice, which works with this powerfully deep piano music. I feel like, even though I have never heard this song before this, I immediately fell in love with it.
  • The intro starts off with the stunning sound of the piano. This is a nice classical song. The lead singer has a nice compassionate tone of voice. He has a very loud and strong tone. The lyrics are about love, and hard rough times. The lead singer is very focused on this song. The two instruments played in this song hit every note and sounds perfect.
  • Overall, good intro with the piano, however parts of the piano intro seem a little disconnected, for there are many pauses and changes to the cadence. The singer 's voice being introduced into the song sounded rather abrupt, and could use a smoother transition. Other than that, fantastic song.
  • Nice vocals. The lyrics are very complex and the tempo never really picks up but I thought it would after the intro. The piano was good. The chorus was not catchy enough to keep me invested in the story. The song is not bad but I would not go out of my way to listen to it again.
  • With the upbeat style from the piano opening things well, the intro is perhaps a bar too long, though the warming tones of the leads delivery of the lyrics are worth the short wait, he has an underlying power in his voice that makes it carry so well, but at the same time he has a way of giving the lyrics a human touch, not just going through the motions. Not drums, no guitar, just man and piano, and a good result.
  • The piano starts of with a beautiful rhythm to the track, which gives it a very musical feel to the track, as does the added vocals. The males vocals are very strong yet soft. Its a very effective track by being so simple with just the sound of the voice and piano combining together creating a beautiful innocent sound.
  • I think there was nothing more great about this song than the metaphorical lyrics that was sung by the artist. Referring nature to the emotions of the singer was amazing work and it immediately made me adore the song. I implore others to listen to more of the singer's work.
  • The melody is on going and up lifting.the lyrics are inspiration and powerful!in my own opinion i would listen to this because the sing writer is very talented in many different ways,also the words really get to heart and i can relate.i give this a hard rate 10/10!
  • The intro is quite good with a well-sharped melody and a good piano work adding a nice slow rhytm to the song. The voice of the singer is also a strong point with low,deep vocals, the lyrics are a bit genetic, usual love story, but the piano in the song gives it such a good,deep feeling that listening to the song is a pleasure for the ears.
  • Great mix of the piano and vocals. This has a nice blend in between folk writing and a pop rock piano piece. Seems like something that Billy Joel or someone along these lines would compose, and it is performed very well. The song is meaningful and it is something that demands the listener to stop what they are doing and pay attention to what the vocalist is trying to convey. Seems at times the vocals peak out, which is something that could require another look at the post production individual tracks. This could allow a better consideration for these spots, and make it all appealing to the ear throughout the entire track. All in all, the piano was full sounding, which is hard to do throughout post production at times for the head space required to utilize the instrument to the fullest. With a little work on the vocal track itself, this could be a very popular song.
  • The song has excellent piano playing in the beginning. As the singer sings the beautiful words of the lyrics, it brings great joy and a breeze of happiness. I love the feel the music brings with the fluent and clear voice of the singer. The tune of the piano is just the one instrument yet the voice is so beautiful that the music is great.
  • A really nice opening to the song with the piano keys, laid out nicely and didn't sound too overpowering either.I thought the beautiful tone and style of the male vocalist was definitely heard, but he did come across a little unconfident. I thought you needed to sharpen the delivery of the words from the beginning to really drive the song's meaning forward.I thought the basic piano keys however could of been expanded on to really improve the song.
  • Brilliant piano player. Such finesse and fluidity. Not sure on the vocals they don't quite fit in. I feel like this is a practice. He has a good voice just needs to work on it bit more. Work on his range. I love piano though.
  • The intro is very nice. Vocals are great! The lyrics have a lot of meaning and are very well written. The piano adds to this beautiful song. You can tell all of the feeling put into this song through the singers' voice. The piano defiantly adds to the vocals and lyrics to this song.
  • I like this track a nice mellow tune. The piano is very pretty and I really enjoyed the tone of the vocalist , very nice voice with a little grit to it. This track was very enjoyable , however I think this would have been a completley solid track if the vocals were over an acoustic guitar.
  • First ten seconds give off a very gospel-esque feel. The piano is quite solid, can definitely stand the test of time. The lyrics are full of storytelling, I can feel the passion from the singer. Song is very well-written. I would recommend turning up the lyrics, and taking the piano down just a notch to ensure the lyrics are well heard.
  • The piano playing is nice. But I don't think that the singing part goes with the musical part. First off, his singing overpowers the musical part. It just doesn't sound quite right to me. Maybe he can lighten his voice some or add another instrument to the mix. And this song is almost accapella style, therefor, the emphasis is on the artist voice. I urge him to work with a vocal coach. I can hear some potential in his voice.
  • The track begins with some enticing piano playing, It is succeeded by agreeable vocals that are pleasing in their tone and pitch. The track consists of vocals and piano only. The vocalist does sing well and has an attractive, mellow, angst tinged tone. The lyrics are well written and have an interesting theme about the; History of his broken heart. Overall it is a well written, recorded, and performed song.
  • The piano intro is great. It is a classic way to start a song, The male vocals coming in show the artist used a lot of thought through this song and shows great feeling in his work. The tempo changes are great. They keep interest throughout the song. the BPM is at a steady pace which is easy to hear.
  • Beginning sounds nice, i like the piano. The lyrics are pretty nice they sound meaningful. You can tell the song is about love and being in love. Melodies flow together, but he doesn't sound to great with those low notes. Enjoyable song though. I would find this artist and check some of his other music.

Below is an acoustic version of History of My Broken Heart by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the Douglas Haines version of History of My Broken Heart (overall song: 6.5 out of 10) from the Crowd Review service:

  • It sounds very classical and nice and the guy that's singing the song sounds very nice and passionate, the lyrics are great and I would listen to this song of I was feeling down one day great song, it sounds like a song about love and romance, and heartbreak, great song, i would rate it 8 out of 10 because for me it's a great song.
  • I really like the guitar music, it's so gentle and delicate. The lyrics are cute and romantic, although he isn't the greatest folk singer I've heard. I can't decide if the song is happy or sad, maybe it's just emotional in general. I would listen to this to relax.
  • I enjoy this song because I find it truly relatable. This song sounds perfect for a cold lonely day. Especially walking alone in a park on a cold fall morning. Although the lyrics make the artist sound like he has given up on love the sweet notes of the guitar make me hopeful that the artist will eventually love again. A bittersweet end to a lovely song.
  • Before I even heard the singer's voice I knew that the song was about freedom and love. The playing of the guitar by the artist did that in the opening seconds of the song, which is essential for keeping a listener from changing the song; it is very important to me when the topic of the song is explained to me within the first few seconds, and this song did that. I'm not a huge fan of country music, but I love this song for it's vulnerability. The singer's voices are also excellent in this song.
  • The starting melody is nice and cheery, and very content sounding. Your voice is nice and suits this genre of music very well. It sounds rough around the edges, but that just makes the track more endearing. Your lyrics are poetic in nature, and add a lot of potential to this track. This is really impressive work. Great production, very catchy, this song has a lot of potential.
  • Great song, but lacking in certain things. The intro felt like its was never there, like the song just begin right intro the main verse. The tune of the song was average as the same acoustic guitar chords are boring need more various change up. The artist singing need more energy no driving to keep the listener wanting more. The drone out singing will bore the listener. Add more creative thing to the song to give a more nature sound effect as the song already sound close to that . The solo unplugged sound for this song gives unique chemistry to enjoy, but its not for everyone.
  • The nice slow tempo is nice and relaxing and is also quite comforting. I like how the singing comes in quite quickly but maybe they should hold off for a little while longer, so that the instrumental and guitar at the beginning has longer to play on its own. The overlapping of the voices is interesting and gives the song a bit of a change which is needed. The song needs more work on the melody and it possibly needs a change in tempo or for something extra to happen.
  • The vocals are ups and downs and the bass is good. I's very soft and really recomforting. His voice matches with the song, i pretty enjoy listening to it. The lyrics are poetrical and we hear how he feels, sadness... and emotionnally broken because of love.
  • Guitar is something that is structured well, the steady rythm and beat of it is proof of it there. I like the way his voice is really so easy on your mind, and makes you feel at ease with him as an artist. His heart break style is something that comes into play in almost every song of his, but it sounds like he does well with those. His harmonies are really pretty and soothing as far as melodies and harmonies. He dwells on the lost love he has quite often as far as his songs go and they end up sounding somewhat sad. The emotions are really there a lot.
  • This tune is soothing and ultimately quite moving. The lyrics do match the tune and really set the scene in the listeners imagination. This type of music isn't really what I would listen to, however, if I listened to it more often I believe I could enjoy it more.
  • Another gorgeous guitar opening. The guitar player is very talented. He holds the listeners attention. Again the vocalist is off key, has an unappealing voice and has no business as a lead singer. This would be a great folk song sung by someone else. Beautiful lyrics. Beautiful music. Great harmonizing. No emotion in the words. The singer doesn't support or convey the message with his vocals. Great song. Horrible performer.
  • Broken chords allow the music to flow. Singers voice is in tone with the song. Lyrics tell a story so allows the listener to connect. The song sounds bare as the guitar is the only instrument which means it is like a skeleton with no substance. After a while the song gets boring.
  • Again a new Neil Diamond is on the horizon. This is really pleasant clear lyric driven acoustic guitar songwriting. Quite moving, good choice of words. I highly recommend this performer, and would be happy to hear more although hopefully with occasional variations in the chords, or an additional instrument. Otherwise, lovely!!
  • I liked the melody of the acoustic guitar, it sounded really nice. I felt quite calm listening to the male vocalist singing, it worked well with only having a guitar and voice, as it kept the melody together nicely in the song. I felt quite engaged listening to this song, and although it wasn't very catchy, it had a nice laid back feel to the sound.
  • In this song there is an interesting high sound to the guitar playing. The man's singing is emotional and professional, excellently conveying his words. He sings about the history of his broken heart yet does not sound trite. He really sings these words and all the others in ways that a lesser singer could not.
  • Great guitar intro. It reminds me of the Beatles or another great band. The vocalist does an excellent job blending with this soft and quiet sound created by the guitarist. I really like the lyrics and the use of the metaphors throughout. It has a nice calming effect as you listen to the song. The sadness throughout the song is really felt and it gives a great emotion to the song.
  • I can see how this sounds amazing to me, the singer just goes right in and flows with the great melody in the background. The guitar kind of playing in the back gives the song a great taste I would say. I think a way to improve this song would be adding some drums action in the background, not too loud but just to give it a more powerful taste and i think it would sound better.
  • I like the start to this song, it starts quick and there is not messing around. The backing beat used is very timid and sits at a very nice tone throughout the song whereas the vocals by the artist complement the song extremely well too! the only criticism i have of the song is the backing track does come across a little bit repetitive. Out of 10 i will rate 5.
  • The music is simple in this tune. It is created by the sound of soft guitar playing. The words to this tune make you stop and listen as the singer with the crystal clear voice tells a story. I can tell a lot of thought and feeling went into this piece. It's done well.
  • Affable fingerpicked acoustic guitar is matched with a cry to be heard delivered poetically from a sage sounding folk troubadour. This is hardly a new or novel approach for soft and organic music, but the artist acquits himself with an earnest tone and lots of achey singing. This song is quite stark with just a harmony vocal as adornment. There are passages that cry out for a lusher arrangement like strings or even a violin or cello. All in all, its pretty and melancholy but certainly would benefit from a richer sonic palette.
  • The artist uses a classic style of fingerpicking on the guitar. The song needs at least one more country element, a slow banjo would sound good with this tune.The song has a soft structure. The harmonies are perfect. The artist has a soft vocal that is appealing and well suited to the atmosphere of the song. This song would need more than just guitar and vocal and would be great for a country station.
  • This sounds like quite a sad track from how it's played and sung. I think the music is consistent and strong but it needs more instruments. The music sounds dull and uninteresting as it plays the same melody throughout. I think it could also do with a change vocally as the back ups aren't heard enough only in the chorus.
  • The song starts off with a rhythmic and passionate tone. I feel the need to listen more. The singer has a warm and heartfelt voice. The lyrics are meaningful because it sounds like a true story but also it something that many people can relate to. The simplicity of the song is what makes it good. The slow guitar fade out in the end is really good because it leaves you on the note that 'you should say goodbye and close the door.' The song is very professional and the singer has some great potential.
  • This song sounds very sorrowful, but yet has a very pleasant sound. I enjoyed every second of it, and would love to see it on a movie. The elderly generations would especially love this song, but the younger generations would also love it. The male vocalist puts a perfect amount of emotion in this song, while still maintaining a very on-key, well-supported tone.

Below is a version of History of My Broken Heart by Chris Davidson:

Reviews of Chris Davidson's version of History of My Broken Heart (overall song: 4.6 out of 10) from the Crowd Review service:

  • I love the beat of this song the piano is playing very nice. the artist and the lyrics are awesome. This is a great love song. I would listen to this song again, and again. Just amazing song vocals are just on point. I can hearing this song playing on any radio station in American.
  • An okay intro to start off although the instruments were very well played. When the singer came on the track it was hard to hear since the music seemed to be louder than the lyrics making hard to understand the words. After getting over that, you can tell the singer is talented. The rhythm isn't forced but is just allowed to flow in a beautiful way. The melody has such a great sound. I fell like the upbeat that happened took a while to start and should have been place earlier in the song. The words then seemed to get even more muffled by the now even louder drum. There weren't really any dynamics included. The song is okay but I don't really think ill be hearing it on the radio anytime soon.
  • Pinao in the beginning. Not very good quality. this could be improved upon in many ways. You need to work on your notes, dude. You voice is kinda way off. The music is in one note and hes in another. You could add another instrament and take out the crud in the middle and stop reapeating yourself. What is that? Computer generated music is ruining todays music. This is just not good :( :(
  • Theres a reason my soul is screaming to recur like the wave, air from the skies, watch the happy couple. see you say good bye you closed the door. great breaking down of the music. the artist cloud reduce the bass and increase the voice over a little more for clearer penetration of the music. rat and eight. all elements are good. just the voice over fix needed.
  • Very sad song. Feels like you need to give him a hug. But the music is really catchy and it pickups halfway through the song. It would have been a better song if the lyrics weren't to the song because it really doesn't match. No matter how ghostly the backing vocals sounds like. The music is good but the lyrics are meh.
  • It's a slow start, but I don't like the song. The artist sounds like terrible, and the clarity of is voice is way off. The melody wasn't good but it's better then the singer. If this an old song I don't know how it got radio time, unless the DJ was bribed. And if it isn't an old song, destroy it, cause it's horrible. I rate this a 2.
  • Oooh a nice calming tune at the beginning, it sounds dreamy. Vocals add to the dreamy effect, especially. Almost sounds like a lullaby. The only thing i'd have to say is that the vocals kind of sound a bit funky sometimes, the chorus isnt that great sounding though. kinda falls awkwardly toward the end.
  • I like it but you don't really need the echo in the background also in the beginning you wasn't really on beat. Your intro was really long , I thought that's how the whole song was going to be. You could've added more lyrics. You used some really good metaphors. The beat was alright.
  • Not my cup of tea at all. I found myself staring at the timer waiting for it to go down to zero so I could move onto the next song. I found the voices of the singers to be annoying and grating on my nerves and disliked the overall sound of the song.
  • This song was too boring! The beginning was really nice but then it got really weird when the vocals came it. I didn't like the use of "pads" in the background. After the beat started I started to like the song. The song was great but I just didn't like the beginning. I felt like it took too long to get to the real melody of the song. And it was really short. It could've been longer.
  • Balancing blend of the harmonies and melodies make this tune something light and ballady. This artist is really a sensitive type with the mellow energies attacking the tempo and beat right away with the sweet gentle intentions it needs to get in touch with it by. There is a theme to this one that explains the heartbreak of the day. This is probably for the Valentine's Day. This is for people who have just broken up or therefore should break up. The slowness of the singer has a nice ring to his chords but something distracts me from the sound of the quality of it all. It seems really unfortunate that his voice really seems to be too slow and mellow. Nothing is exciting or really keeping my interest. The sound is kind of angelic too at times with the singer as if he is floating on a cloud, but where is he headed to? It is a questionable tune with some good moments. i was just not thoroughly impressed is all. The stricture seemed to be okay and not mesmerizing. I was just bored with most of the tune.
  • I love the way this emotional ballad stars off with a soothing instrumental melody. The lyrics are very relatable and greatly expressed by the empathetic vocals. The only part I do not like about this song is the echo on the vocals. It sounds distracting and out of place. I think a more basic style would be more fitting for this song. Everything else sounds good, and I would recommend this song to anyone who likes love song with a sad, melancholy overtone.
  • The music on this track has a slow vibe that is somewhat boring. It has a classic music arrangement that is easy going. The recording isn't as great as one would expect. However it is a tune that really throws the song off. The recording and the vocals makes you not want to listen. It is a tune that can use some work.
  • The melody on the beginning is so heart calming. The voice is so nice and willingly giving forgiveness. It really prove that there are good song still out there to be coming. The lyrics was not as meaningful as i thought if would. I think this song need some organize to do . The sound is all over the place has no specific goals. It needs a leader to lead this team.
  • Really calm, safistcated piece of music opens this track up and it's carried on throughout the song. The vocals appear pretty quickly and to be honest they were awful and really failed to give me and feeling towards them at all with the male vocalist having a really dull and boring voice. The lyrics kinda have the same affect and did not interest me at all. The music is smooth and well produced, but it's just not enough to save what I think is a poor track overall.
  • I have to start off with mentioning the vocals which is really distinctive and warm. It might need a few expressive lyrics but overall it is quite edgy and raw. The smooth soft start is deep and meaningful it isn't plain or pretentious nor cheesy its all the opposite. I really like the plain varied full and rich engagement this song offers. ALthough it is a bit obscure.
  • Good rhythm for those who like the slow moving vocals. There is much to like from the lyrics to the composition of the instruments that go well together. His vocal work does not need any change as he hits all notes perfectly. The tempo is on the medium side so not a tune you can go too wild on but it sure will please any ears.
  • While I am eating my cookies I am listening this interesting song with sweet instrumental arrangements. The voices of those guys singing are unclear, no positive, not enjoyable and unprofessional. They are not artists, they are common people who are trying to disturb people with this terrible audio. I do not like this song.
  • The song seems Very bad, The intro seems dull, The singer's voice sounds dulled out, This Type of music is not my favourite, I dislike the singer's voice and style, The piano used seems very out of time and inconsistent with the singer, the drum beat has a good rhythm however doesn't fit the song, Overall I find this song bad.
  • This song is very calm, peaceful, and clear. The vocals are nice, the singer is clear, interesting, and creative. The lyrics are weird how the singer puts his words together. The song is still good though. The instrumental is different, it has an original sound. It is imaginative, creative, amusing, solid, full and engaging.