I wrote the lyrics and melody for Half Empty/Half Full, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Douglas Haines to record it for me.

Song Title: Half Empty/Half Full

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Half Empty/Half Full

Verse 1:
Through every storm
you're by my side
my safety belt
on this wild ride

When I need to rest
find peace and calm
you give me hope
like a sacred psalm

All I want
all I do
there's no life
without you

Some people see any empty glass of water
they fill it up with things that might have been
but you, you only see a rainbow
shining down on the beauty that's within

Verse 2:
When lost
you give me direction
no longer stuck at
a fork in the road

Your loving smile
gives me protection
your arms
help carry the load

All I feel
all I do
I live and breath
to be with you

Some people see any empty glass of water
they fill it up with things that might have been
but you, you only see a rainbow
shining down on the beauty that's within

You, you only see the rainbows
and look to find the beauty that's within


Reviews of Half Empty/Half Full from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (Song Rating: 6.4 out of 10):

  • Love the sound of the music at the beginning. The voice is nice and smoothing. The combination of both the guitar and the voices is nice and relaxing. The message of the song is nice, and makes complete sense. The beat is nice and slow, but not dragging, nice. The singer is doing well with the beat and tone of the song.
  • The melody starts out lovely, and it sounds even more lovely with your voice. I love and appreciate the sound of your voice. And you sing with passion and emotion, and that's what makes for an excellent artist. The music is sad which is a good pair with the lyrics. This tune and the lyrics definitely goes together. This whole song is emotional. The singing, the music, and the lyrics. It's a beautiful song though with deep meaning.
  • The instrumental music at the intro to this song sounds beautiful, but the vocalists lyrics sound a little weak, and I do not find very many feeling toward the lyrics. The chorus of this song sounds like it has missing parts that could add a lot of meaning to the song if it was put together correctly. The song is a bit boring and I don't feel like it would get better with the longer the song goes on.
  • Nice acoustic sound to this song. I liked the good message of the lyrics, I think it was very spiritual and just made me feel good. i think the beat of this song was soft but very nice. I think the singers voice was very good too. He had a great tune to his voice that complemented the song really well. the recording was also very professional.
  • The axe opening for this track is very sweet and full of non-human emotion through the instrument. The melody is simple and powerful at the same time is what I'm trying to say. The male vocals on the track are not as full of emotion though and that is rather sad. I would like to hear him really give his all to the song and I feel as though he is not doing that here.
  • This song has the tune and instrumental of a Taylor Swift song. but when the singers voice comes in, the song gains a whole new folk genre vibe. The lyrics are typical for this genre, so i am not really grabbed by this song. The voice of the singer is also not that great, so im not impressed.
  • I really enjoy the guitar in this song. It sounds like something bob marley would sing and it is tasteful. It does not appeal to my ideal music taste but this song would be great for a large audience. Good song that will bring others much hope.
  • The singer has an alright voice, his delivery is very fitting with the guitar arpeggio. The lyrics aren't that great, mega downer feeling from the pen dude. But, regardless, the audio quality is decent, the mix is impressive. May your road down your music career go smooth, stay grinding.
  • He beat to this song was full of melody and really had me swaying along to the softness. The musical instruments really reflected the beat and helped create a soft smooth atmosphere which relaxed and soothed me. The vocalist had an edge to his voice which kept me on the edge of my seat. The lyrics were thought provoking and very inspiring which had me reflecting and thinking. The soft has a high potential hit because its such a soft smooth song i felt compelled and protected by the song.
  • I love pieces that start with a guitar so that automatically caught my attention. The voice sounds rusty, like the artist has not sang in a while. I do not like the tone of this voice. The lyrics are very passionate and loving. I like the music and the lyrics but the voice did not go with the song.
  • The beginning of the song sounds like a real guitar being played and I Really appreciate that since most artist now use synthizers for their music . The artist's voice has a unique sound. It's smooth and easy on the ear. It has a raw sound to it as if it was full of emotion and that he is singing from his heart. I like that a lot. The song would be classified as country and though I don't like country that much, this song is quite enjoyable.
  • Very soft open. The lyrics are uplifting and inspiring. It feels deep and meaningful for the singer. I don't love the attempt at the two part harmony it seems forced and contrived. It's unnecessary. Guitar is smooth and soothing. Vocals are paired well and the song has a good flow throughout balanced clean and timeless. The singer is getting on a personal level and being vulnerable.
  • This is one of the stranger folk songs i have heard. the instrumental takes my breath away. the lyrics are so real, you can feel the emotion in this artists voice. everyone needs to hear this song. it is beautiful. both vocalists voice work perfect.
  • His voice is alright but would be better off singing a different genre of music. And a song that picks up the pace some. And sing about something other than a girl. The lyrics are okay.overall the song is okay but could use some work.
  • Song has a huge sleep walking influence in this makes you feel like snoozing. I like how this sounds like the artist is playing his guitar doing a solo act. The best part was the chorus having a nice set of back up vocals, which was cool.
  • The moment the track started playing i liked the really chill melody, gives a chill feeling but the moment the vocal started singing i felt it in my hearth, such a beautifull voice! so calm, it brings an really chill vibe overall, the backing vocals are just perfect for giving the vocal that little bit of extra effect that makes it perfect.
  • The guitar here was very soft and gentle, the artist did an amazing job strumming the chords here. The melody here was really relaxing as well and really gave me a lot of hope! The vocalist here had a beautiful voice, it was very gentle and just made me feel at peace within my self here. I love this song.
  • This song is kind of an old country song. The lyrics are clear and not too over the top. The song in general is sweet and genuine to be soft and quiet. The tune of the guitar and the singer harmonize together perfectly. Also the effects in the song like harmonizing the singer has been done well and it used at the perfect times. Vocals are strong but suttle and they are not to loud.
  • I personally love this song. It has good meaning and the vocals are great. The acoustic sound is amazing as well as the background vocals. The lyrics are very beautiful and give off a comfortable feeling. I rate this song 9 out of 10 because it is beautiful in every way from lyrics to music.
  • This song reminds of another song i listened to before. it was very very good. The whole song of the song goes a long with the lyrics. The lyrics are very deep and able to relate with. the guitar also picks up the good vibes in the song, very good.
  • I think this is a country song because the singing and the beat of the music is calm and peaceful. This would definitely go well at a party or relaxing time because it is soothing. I also like how he sings because he has a soft voice. I would rate this sing an 8/10.
  • Starting off the song is already sounding nice and soft and the first thought that comes to my mind would be snuggling up with someone you love and holding them tight! Its just a soothing song and the lyrics are nice and uplifting which is always a plus side in my opinion! The singer has a nice voice to the rhythm and way of the guitar! Keep up the good work!
  • I like the story and the acoustics. The song itself is pretty and loving. But it isn't a song that I would want to own. If I heard it on the radio I would know it and sing along though. It is a really sweet ballad.
  • I am in love with the guitar, it sounds very organic and gentle which makes the vocals stand out in the best way possible. I feel truly happy to listen to this song. Whoever the artist is has me believing that he could actually make it to the top because this song is so beautiful and soothing. I could listen to this track all day, it has a beautiful melody and the lyrics are so heartfelt.
  • Great volume balance. The words are nice and easy to understand and the guitar just adds a nice something extra to the emotion the lyrics present. This song gives some want of self reflection and that makes me enjoy the music that much more. The words are easy to sing along with which makes it a more memorable piece, which I feel makes the music more successful.