I wrote the lyrics and melody for Gone, Gone, Gone, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Gone, Gone, Gone

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Gone, Gone, Gone

Verse 1:
Shelly likes to feel the breeze
as it rushes through her hair
the evening sunlight on the lake
smell of autumn in the air

Used to dance with wolves
climb those mountains high
flowing water, beating hearts
as the stars lit up the sky

Now it's gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone, gone

Verse 2:
Ricky likes to feel the grease
and dirt under his skin
the purring of 400 horses
as he takes her for a spin

Used to race like lightning
ready, set, explode
holding steady at the wheel
always king of every road

Now it's gone, gone, gone
Gone, gone, gone

The days go rushing by
and memories start to fade
we're all just bits and pieces
of the wondrous plans we made

Savor every moment
with all you got to give
the clock it keeps on ticking
for this precious life we live

Until it's gone, gone, gone
'till it's gone, gone, gone
gone, gone, gone

'till it's gone, gone, gone
gone, gone, gone


Reviews of Gone, Gone, Gone from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (Song Rating: 7.0 out of 10):

  • When this song starts it feels really standard. Nothing different. But when the vocal starts. WOW. Be-u-ti-full!!! Great lyrics. Paints an exquisite picture. A brilliant painting of sound. I loved hearing the natural sound of the fingers sliding across the fret board. And what a great hook. Thanks for creating this song.
  • Shelly likes to feel the breeze. I like the simple sounds and tempo of this song. The song is pretty mellow in style. I do think the song seems a little flat. I think the guitar has some nice strums and the middle part of the song is showing more feeling that I was looking for. The lady singer was a nice tough in the chorus, but they should have used her throughout.
  • Really nice melodies used within this song. The acoustic guitar sounds lovely and is well recorded. The bass and drums are very simple and leave the lead instruments to take control of the song. The singer is very soft, almost breathy which works really well with the track. The song is lyrically very sad but the music is rather optimistic.
  • A nice vibrant sound that is very easy listening guides us through a story told by a really soothing male and female vocalist. the two together are a strong combination and should be used more often throughout the song. i quite like the track but wouldnt download it as its easily forgettable. as it opens up it becomes more like able but nothing more than nice. the piano is nice.
  • A medium tempo, male singer, steady drum beat, acoustic guitar and backing singer all combine (and sound great together) in this track. The lyrics hold and interesting message and are clear and easy to sing to, therefore widening the market, and making this potentially more popular. I would recommend this song.
  • The opening has a great combination of instruments that produce some great music. The tempo of the song is great. Although the singer sounds great, I do not think he is the right fit for this song. The song is light and airy, but he has a deep voice that does not fit with this song. The melody is perfect for this song.
  • I like this opening a lot actually. the guitar stands out above the other instruments by far and keep my attention. the visuals used in the lyrics and the similies make this artist writing style unique. the female back up vocals fading in and out keep the song interesting as well. although the melody is the same all the way through, this artist brings variety in the lyrics and the guitar style. good job!
  • I love the beginning with the acoustic guitar playing some notes first. And the vocals of the male singing and a little bit later on with a duet voice which makes it sound very interesting and very cool to listen to. I love the strings in the background and sudden change of notes and the lyrics so peaceful and relaxing!
  • That guitar is beautiful as it strums many notes of excellance out into the flowing background. The outcome of the music being this way helps out the singing. He has a sweet slower ballad vocal that is somewhat old school. I can hear that whispery vibe to his voice and it is very calming to listen to. I think the tempo is fine as it is. It is a mellow sounding musical piece with the structure seemingly all intact and pieced together accurately. I don't think it is current sounding enough to be a good investment for radio in my opinion.
  • The pitch is high but clear. I think you have a shaky rhythm and the melody is there. You have a decent timbre and the clavier is nice. You have an authentic sound here and the texture is a little soft but it can be improved. You have good lyrics that are attractive. There is a lot of accessibility in this song. You are bringing in a lot of audience to this song.
  • I like the way the beat come on it actually sounds like its for a commercial or something . I also like the lyrics and the topic. The artist voice is also pretty good. I can see me cleaning up or relaxing and sipping some wint to this song. Its great and i also like the beat.
  • The beat comes in right away with a piano and a guitar and a lovely voice man comes in with a soft, commanding, undertone. I like the chorus in the song and it all comes together good halfway through. This song contains guitars, drums, harmonies and excellent lead singer that gives me chills when I hear his voice. I approve of the song nine out of 10.
  • This had an abrupt introduction and sounded like a cut that was not very smooth. the verse section was the same as the intro and it lacked a transition drum fill. The vocals sound superimposed on the music and not mixed into the music very well. The vocals had to many effects and it was an annoying sound. The track should be remixed with less effects. You might also try to add another part or section to this one part song as it is a bit boring and lacks a great melodic or instrumental hook. Canned pop dated demo.
  • The introduction has a beautiful melody that leads into soft, deep vocals that are captivating to listen to. At times, I find the vocals a bit muffled but the music, but they are technically strong, and wonderful to listen to. The lyrics make you want to listen more, and to really get into the song. The structure is simple, but powerful and beautiful in this simplicity. There is variation in the melody and tone, which I love.
  • The lyrics are alright. Trying changing up the chord progression. Instead of using the one and five use other chords that fits the melody.The songs lyrics are ok. Songs are meant to tell a story or to describe a feeling. I needed to hear a little more emotion from the singer. The lyrics weren't clear enough.
  • I absolutly love the sound. There seems to be a western country style within the song. The vocals sound very in to sync with each other. Easy listening keeping the mind on task and alert to the message. There is a beautiful strings accompaniment that really hits the heart. This artist is truly winning me over. The song is not boring at all very enjoyable.
  • I like how the guitar and the guy's voice are pretty well balanced in this song. I also like how they add a new singer later on in the song. I think the music in the background could use a little variety - there just isn't very much in it right now, and it could be quite a bit meatier. That's the only thing that I would like to see improved in this song.
  • Introduction instrumentals are pretty tight - I personally think the chord progressions could be a lot more creative; a lot of time in the song is spent circulating around the tonic note. - Give some of the instruments in the background moving, melodic lines instead of constant sustained notes to make it sound more interesting.
  • A real pretty guitar begins this countryish slow rocker. Also the male singer has a nice voice and sounds sincere. Back up singers join him on the verse that goes "gone gone gone" help make this simple little song catchy. The singer really makes something out of it, but it's too bad he didn't have a better tune and words.
  • I like the way this song started off with the drums, and piano combinations blend together. I really like how the songs lead singer has a R & B type of voice that starts off slow, then it hits with a nice bass beat, that the back ground singers are all together, and connecting with one another threw out the entire song.

Below is a different version of Gone, Gone, Gone, by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of Douglas Haines' version of Gone, Gone, Gone from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (Song Rating: 6.3 out of 10):

  • The guitars in this track are slow but effective. This recording is not the best quality but it works just about adequately. The lyrics are very artistic and there are great images in there. The harmony of the vocals is simple but works well. The main vocals are not memorable but they work for this dark and sad song.
  • I love the melodic tune because it shows your compassion towards music. Your vocal melody is very high and concentrated. Rhythm moved delicately and kept the song at simple pace, Instruments sound very peaceful. I never stopped liking the song. I hope to hear this on the radio and in commercials.
  • The artist's song has a nice introduction. is relaxing chill and entertaining i could see this being played at a restaurant. The rhythm is nice it seems like it has a western country kinda style. I would give this a 6/10 ranking. It motivates me to live.
  • This has a lovely vibe to the harmonies that I am hearing played by some wonderful musician who knows his musical instrument. There is a slower attitude to the easy going harmonies. There is a laid back gentle style of pitch to his voice. I like the whole hearted delightful worded partition of this song. It is breathtaking as he sings without much of an effort. He has that special quality to the melodies that tel me he would be very emotionally connected to the listeners if there was a chance he would get to be famous at all. Ballad with not much tempo or beat, however the lightest rhythm is in the guitar though.
  • The song sounds so uplifting and the instrumentation is very beautiful. the artist does not have a good voice though. he almost seems off beat and there is not even a beat lol. I feel his lyrics but i do not feel his style of his point of view and where he planned on taking this song. overall the production is excellent but the song just does not fit his voice.
  • The intro really gives this song the nicest picture ever. just the intro made me like this song even on the first few seconds. his voice is going at a perfect speed with the instruments behind it. his is controlling the pace of the song fully. the rhythm of this song is very romantic. and like there is nothing else to be improved about this song.
  • This is a pretty interesting song, but the lyrics are a little bit too cliche cowboy. The harmonies are very smooth over the guitar though. I like the barebones feel. It really captures the mood of the piece nicely. Overall, this is a pretty solid acoustic track, but nothing to write home about.
  • This song features an introduction that is quite sad and somber. The vocals that follow are deep and meaningful, accompanied by a guitar that is very well played. The structure of the song is complex but simple enough to not confused the listener. Overall this song is excellent.
  • The beginning of the song was really calming. The vocals of the artist were not as unique as I wanted it to be though and he sounded kind of average although the lyrics he was singing was beautiful. The chorus was also kind of slow in my opinion and the song could have been a little darker. It just needs to show more emotion and the singer needs to practice his vocals.
  • The sad guitar sounds sad as it is a sad guitar. I think it needs a good singer who is a singer that is good and he is sad so he is a sad good singer. He also knows how to blend the gutiar and his vocals and harmony with his backup singer. Very nice mix of music and lyrics.
  • The song recording itself is an amateur style one that does not give the artist the best tone quality, therefore, it is not something I would expect to hear on the radio if that is a specific critique wondered; probably wasn't. The style of the song as a somber low tone of strumming guitar, slow tempo is captured well enough, it has strong character overall. I cannot say there was anything done in the instrument playing to amaze or draw attention, but there is a time and mood for songs such as this and it fits the bill adequately. I think country music fans, those more into retro country, should find this arrangement appealing. Also, if you ever listen to one of Slipknots slow ballad songs, they sound similar to this style, interestingly enough. The singing fits the mood of the music and his voice worked for me. The lyrics are solid enough, though I cannot say I was feeling the need to truly pay attention to any story element or enticed to want to come back and listen to the song again. If this were amped up and produced in a studio with even more depth and haunting tones to the melody the "gone gone," may just be a nice hook though for repeat listens.
  • The beat is very ravishing and more still rhythmic. The lyrics of the song are lovely and some what heavenly. The melody is very weak and discordant. The pitch is vibrant and has very short choruses. The singer's voice is very gutteral and warm. The song seems well put together and skilful. The lyrics of the car are easy to understand and enjoy.
  • The way the guitar strings sound are so good. the skill level for the instrumental has to be very high. the artist has a soft spoken voice about a love story. the story seems very sad and touching. the thought of this song bring memories and helps me connect with them more. overall the track is very attractive to today's youth.
  • This song was very depressing. I like the tone of the singer. Great song if your feel down. The song is somewhat appealing but has a lot of sadness to it. The song could possibly be in a movie or in a commercial. I like that the singer did not rush the song. The song was good and has a lot of potential. Nice melody.
  • I love how it starts, with a slow guitar riff and simple melody. His voice is chilling and brings a shiver over me. It is chilling and sad, it makes me miss people i have lost in the past. The lyrics are heart-felt, deep and thought-provoking. I really love the vocals, they make the song stand out. The instrumental accompaniments are well balanced, engaging and atmospheric. This is a beautiful track.
  • Jim Croce comes to my mind as I hear this vocalist. The guitar plays a beautiful sadness that is conveyed through the lyrics and the vocalist. The song is hauntingly familiar and sounds like a 70's folk ballad. The crispness in the voice of the vocalist makes it easy to understand his sadness.
  • You have demonstrated skills in your singing. You have the voice that can go mainstream, but honestly the instrumental style didn't bring out your voice the way it should have. You definitely succeeded with your voice, but you didn't succeed with the beat of the music because the style doesn't fit. But the melody is sensual, and the lyrics were delivered in an inspiring way with many details.
  • I like the guitar melody in the beginning of the song. It is very peaceful. The lyrics are nice and poetic. I like the song and its meaning. It sounds a bit country but I think that is just his voice. The lyrical aspect of the sing is what draws me in but I'm not fully satisfied with the delivery.
  • Nice soothing voice the artist has with great vocals. Enjoyed the lyrics and the sound of the guitar playing. Would listen to this track very well put together by the artist. I liked it has a story like kind of song with a low and soft volume that fit good with the guitar.
  • The acoustic element was a nice touch instead of singing it sounded as if he was talking. The singing voice given was awful. Made me think of the days I sat waiting for my dad to pick me up and he didn't show up. I grew sadder as the song continued to play. The words had depth though I could tell that the writer had a story that they wanted to tell. The guitar added some soul to it as well.