I wrote the lyrics and melody for God's Thumb, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: God's Thumb

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God's Thumb

Verse 1:
You feel just like starting over
those walls they keep closing in
you look around for a new way
but don't know where to begin

Don't ever give up on when your hurting
they'll be good times after the bad
look out at the world before you
see the beauty in all that you've had

These are the times
a special place
falling and falling
deep into his grace

Come on and raise your hands up
reach out and feel the love
have faith in the lord above
ohhh, can you feel his love

Verse 2:
Put yourself in the hands of the savior
move on out from under his thumb
rest your heart in the hands of your savior
and at one with yourself you'll become

These are the times
finding your place
falling and falling
deep into his grace

Come on and raise your hands up
reach out and feel the love
have faith in the lord above
ohhh, just feel his love

You gotta raise your hands up
dance now and feel the love
have faith in what's above
ohhh, can you feel the love

Come on, and feel the love
you gotta gotta feel the love
have faith in the Lord above
ohhh, feel the love


Reviews of God's Thumb from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 7.0 out of 10):
  • The song started out ok. The bass was a little too lite for my taste. The vocals were ok, but maybe a little nasally. The instrumentals were good and in tune however. Just an ok song.
  • A friendly sounding country guitar opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • Another decent performance by Elliott Sheridan. He has a good clear vocal tone which come through the instrumental accompaniment without any trouble. He does an amazing variety of songs.
  • I can't put my finger on it, but there was something about this tune that just grated on my nerves. I think it was a combo of things - the vocals, the mixing and a little bit of the tune itself.
  • I do not really like the lyrics to this song. They seem a little cheesy, and the song also has an old school 60's vibe that doesn't really jive with me and what I'd like to listen to today.
  • I like the insturments, but I don't like the song title or the song's message, since i'm not religious. The singer sounds bored with what he's singing as well, and is not very good. The melody is all right, though sounds like all his ohter songs.
  • I like the rhythm and beat of the music. The lyrics are good and fit with the music. The vocals are okay but could flow better with the music.
  • I like the voice of the singer, it has a Tom Petty quality. Everything else was fine, but unremarkable. The beat, lyrics and music were just okay. Kind of like pop elevator music, didn't make much of an impact.
  • I like this song. The lyrics are a little basic but still pretty. The music works really well with the vocals. I am not religious though so don't like the God references.
  • I love the lyrics to this song. The voice is amazing and the instruments as well. I have nothing negative to say. I'd listen to it again.
  • I really liked the nice tune that the song had, it was uplifting and cheery. However, the singer did not have a good voice at all, which took away a lot from the song.
  • I think the mood of this song was really good and positive. I like the tone of the singers voice. He makes this song so simple and easy to follow.
  • I think the music should of been a little better. I felt the snare drum could of been a little better. Seems lacking but the vocals were pretty decent.
  • I thought that the guitar playing in this song was the best part of it. I thought that it had a nice rhythm and matched up very nicely with the good vocals.
  • Not bad, a little melancholy for my taste, but still not bad. The vocals sound great and the lyrics fit the title decently. The instrumentation is well developed and the production is rock solid.
  • The whole song was laid back and relaxing. The vocals were meaningful and good. I would not mind hearing more from this artist. Thank you.
  • These lyrics are powerful. I actually needed to hear this song today. When a song makes you feel that way, it is definitely a great song. Vocals and music are great, but lyrics are the best part. I wish I could rate this higher.
  • This one is like some John Denver type of stuff. He sounds kind of like some early James Taylor too in his voice. I love the BPM of this.
  • This song makes me feel positive about life. I would listen to this song when I want to reflect on life and feel good about it. I love the singer's voice.
  • This song was very calming and a great track to listen to. I thought it helped me concentrate on the music itself and how good it was.

Below is an acoustic version of God's Thumb by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of God's Thumb on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (Song Score: 7.0 out of 10):

  • Soft acoustic guitar strumming to begin the song. The vocals are pretty. They have a raw feel to them, filled with emotion that reflect the moving lyrics. Shows a great deal of range that matches the melody. Love the chorus- it's really beautiful with a kind of sadness about it. With everything included, I would probably put this in the country catergory, even though it is a religious song.
  • The intro was a little short, and the vocals came too fast. The singer was clear in the way that he was singing. The lyrics also seemed quite meaningful. THe chorus captured my attention as i liked the melody and rhythm. It was a very uplifting piece of music.
  • I like the opening of the song. the voice is predictable I would add a deep echo tint to the voice to give it a little deeper. I like the tune and the guitar arrangement. Very powerful lyrics and great rhythm in the tune. I think feels a bit out of fashion we need more than the message is required the originality.
  • The beginning of the song it is slow and beautiful but as the vocals come in, you can feel the emotion and care he put into his lyrics. It almost feels like he was writing this for someone special that he had in mind and he really cares about that person.
  • The male artist on this track had a very wholesome voice. It sounded great. He was passionate and confident with his performance. His guitar playing was great. I enjoyed his voice in the different ranges. He is an awesome singer, a natural talent. I enjoyed the lyrical content. They were powerful words.
  • Overall this song is well balanced. The introduction has good timing and the lyrics have a clear meaning and it seems like the singer is singing from the heart. His lyrics seem believable and that he has actually experienced the things that he is speaking of. This is a pleasant song to listen to any day of the week.
  • Nice relaxing guitar sound in the beginning. Rich, raw, and unaltered voice, very nice. Has an obvious meaning and you can tell the lyrics mean a lot to the singer. Would do well for religious audiences and is well written. Do not see much to change, good work.
  • The guitar is beautiful played and in time great. The tone of the guitar is also very warm and draws me in. The vocals are authentic and passionate with a nice twangy accent. The chorus is great as it is layered with a great reverby vocals. The song serves it's purpose well lyrically and sends out a positive message of faith and love.
  • This song's cajoling, light tempo is delicate and soothing, and it readily matches the blithe setting of the vocals in a pleasant contrast that balances out the mood. I suggest the singer practice more to broaden his vocal range and better control it so that it sounds less gruff and uncontrolled. Aside from that, the themes are very soothing and uplifting, and I would love to recommend this song for its positive messages.
  • So this song sounds pretty interesting in the beginning I think that there is a really nice & rich country theme to this song the lyrics are also really nice, I also like how this is s Christan song. Now as for the singing artist I think that this singer has some nice rich lyrics, & a nice rhythm in his song I think this is peaceful.
  • The acoustic guitar is being played so nice and I like how it remains at the same melody for a little while to set up the song. The singer's voice is soft and I love how his voice matches the music. The singer is singing with so much love that he puts so much meaning in what he sings. The music and the singer's voice both put out a sweet and sad tone together and I love it.
  • I really enjoy how slow and relaxing and calming the beat of the song is. the vocals depict such meaning and soul. the vocals are so beautiful i loved his voice. he really stands out to me. i also really love the lyrics they are really meaningful and relatable. the song is very symbolic. absolutely beautiful.
  • The guitar chords have a very old fashioned and classic tune to them. The vocalist has a different voice but it is very attractive. His range of notes shows a lot of talent. Although the song has a lot of references to Christianity, it is well composed on its own and not cheesy. It sounds very genuine and thoughtful. This song would appeal to many people despite the obvious target audience.
  • Guitar part is decent and quite complex but the vocals need something else. Maybe a little bit more smokiness and soul? Just a thought. Chorus is good, but the the harmonies to be tightened up a bit. main thing is that I love finally hearing something that has optimism and fatih. ;)
  • I got a very Phillip Phillips vibe from the beginning. The vocalist was calm and collected and cool. The lyrics were something to listen to; very soothing and meaningful. This would make a nice gospel track on an alternative Christian radio on Pandora. The instrument quality was quite beautiful and gave to the over all vibe that was given in this track.
  • That is a nice strum with harmonic tones from the guitar player. When I hear singers like this, I always think they are a solo artist. The singer sings with good feeling and emotion. Of course, the lyrics seems to be religious in nature and most songs like this are. The problem is when people believe in something else. The sound and lyrics are pretty though.
  • I really liked this track! The chord progression is awesome and kept me interested throughout the entire track. I like the guitar picking and I also really like this artist's voice. The tone is very rich and folky and I would definitely love to hear more from this artist.
  • This song as kind of sad. It sounds like a mix of country and soul music. The male voice was not very good but okay. I think this songs lyics were not the best. The voice in this song sounds like cold train. This was a okay song.
  • Nice guitare intro... sweet and relaxing.. love the guy voice... it makes me obvious...i feel calm and good.. nice accoustic sound.. i like the lyrics, no swear word and good sound for a family... its a genuinely sound.. the guy has talent, i can feel the emotion into his voice.
  • The acoustic guitar is very nice. The singer has a good sound, very interesting, I think he has a unique tone, I believe that the reverb should be turned down just a bit, sounds a bit too processed for a song that is a singer and a guitar. Lyrics have a great message.