I wrote the lyrics and melody for Getaway Plan, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Song Title: Getaway Plan

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Getaway Plan

Verse 1:
Everybody with their heads
buried in their phones
working working for a life
made of bills and loans

Take me to an island
oh so far away
settle down on the beach
for permanent vacay

Live every minute
like its happy hour
plant little seeds of love
and let them flower

Gotta find a way to run
while we still can...
my getaway plan

Verse 2:
I wanna get lost
in the palm trees
take a lazy nap
feel the summer breeze

Tradin' stress for a drink
a pink umbrella
fun n laughter in the air
keep ya chill and mellow

Live every minute
like its happy hour
plant little seeds of love
and let them flower

Gotta find a way to run
while we still can...
my getaway plan


Reviews of Getaway Plan (song score: 7.6 out of 10) from the Reverbnation.com Crowd Review service:

  • I like the way the song begins, and transitions into the vocalist singing. The lyrics are true to life, I like that. It has a good storyline.
  • Had a soft, mellow beat about it. The vocals weren't too loud or soft, they were just right for the song.
  • A relaxing ballad performed by a male singer that has a raspy voice and the guitar rythem works nicely to balance his voice. This would be ideal for a cafe or lounge.
  • Although there's a pleasant sound to the guy's singing, he's a little weak in the tone. The music is nice and relaxing and the lyrics really paint a picture that you can envision.
  • I felt like he was singing faster than the backing track. It did not sound like it matched up. Not very mainstream. Probably would not listen to this song again. The lyrics were good and the title matched well.
  • I like the way this song makes me feel while I listen to it. The lyrics are so good and the instrumentals just make me feel like I can be at ease and just plain relax.
  • I liked the drums of the song as well as the vocals of the song. I think the song has a good potential and can be a good song with some improvements.
  • I love the way this song makes me feel like chilling, immediately. The lyrics are just super laid back and easy to listen to and easy to envision as well.
  • I LOVE this song. He reminds me of a simpler era, like John Denver. This song just has everything. Great lyrics (amazing lyrics, actually), perfect accompaniment, and his vocals are so soothing. This is the kind of song that I can listen to no matter what mood I am in.
  • I loved the guitar sound on this song, some great tone with those arpeggios. Although pleasant enough, and well crafted, it did not have that strong a melody, would not seek it out.
  • I really like the music to this song. The artist has good vocals and I also like the lyrics to the song. The sound quality of the song is also very good.
  • Love the words and positive upbeat message. Fun music that got my toe to a tappin! Makes me want to take a vacation and play this song!
  • Nice beat to start with. The vocals and lyrics feel like more of a folk song than a pop song and does not match the music behind it.
  • Not bad, has a bit of a Jimmy Buffet feel to it. The vocals are sound and the lyrics fit the title well. The instrumentation is mellow and perfectly paced. No production errors, so 10 out of 10.
  • The instrumental and the vocal performance is up to par. The song is a little dated or sounds like an oldies. The song is entertaining and expected for its genre.
  • The instrumentation is very good. The lyrics are nice. The vocals are pretty good. Elliott Sheridan has such a nice, smooth voice. I would love to hear him perform more selections! This is, for sure, a ten all the way around!
  • The lyrics are really shallow and insincere. Reminds me of some bottom of the barrel Jason Mraz. The song itself is too laid back for its own good, and the backing instrumentation is just a little to sleepy. Controlling for the fact that I really don't enjoy this type of music, this is a serviceable track for the adult contemporary crowd and could possibly find success there.
  • The song was pretty mellow. I enjoyed how easygoing it was and the voice of the artist was very smooth. It was a very relaxing chilling out song.
  • This is pretty laid back. I'd compare it to Foster the People or Maroon 5. It sounds almost like Randy Newman singing, though. This definitely sounds like a filler track on a Maroon 5 album, though.
  • This song is enjoyable on several levels. The percussion is excellent and engaging. Also, the vocals are nicely executed with feeling and emotion while the guitar work is also very precise.